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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

23 Jul

change and uncertaintyThe Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27th will keep you on your toes.  The change factor is cranked up now and this may have you feeling unsettled or anxious at the uncertainty and unpredictability.  Give yourself some space the days surrounding this Eclipse.

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Eclipses are noteworthy events in astrology and can give the impression that matters are moving quickly and being propelled forward.  A single incident or chain of events could have you changing course.  A situation may reach a turning point or conclusion, or something is revealed and brought to light.

It is possible that some of the seeds planted at the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse back in February may start to bear fruit now.

This lunation may bring matters to a head concerning some of your far-off goals. Situations involving friends, groups, causes, communities, networks and technology will be highlighted now.  Aquarius is a sign that has an interest in humankind and wants to create solutions that are a win win for everyone involved.  New trends may reach defining moments and milestones.

Mars Rx and the South Node are very closely connected to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, bringing the past to light.  A time for reviewing past actions, or unexpressed anger or hostility.  You may have to do an about-face and regroup on some of the new directions you’ve taken recently.

Just one day ahead of the Lunar Eclipse, Mercury in Leo also turns retrograde on the 26th, adding to the slowdown in the sky and the need to cover old ground.  Reconsider and rediscover what’s in your heart, why you do what you do; talk to your inner child and see what warms you. Maybe you revisit some creative pastime or reconnect with childhood friends.  Of course, the typical rules of retrograde Mercury apply, like not buying electronics, vehicles, appliances or signing documents and communicate as clearly as you can.

Uranus in Taurus is the ruler of this Eclipse and sends a jab to the Leo Sun and Moon and Mars Rx in Aquarius generating excitement and volatility.  This is an impulsive, spontaneous and unstable influence. There’s a charge in the atmosphere, a simmering unrest like the feeling of a ticking time bomb. Be careful driving, using machinery, tools and sharp objects or working with electricity.  On another level, you may have sudden break throughs or aha moments of genius and inspiration.  There are sudden moves and changes of direction that get you out of your comfort zone.  Additionally, there may be unexpected expenses, pricing changes and fluctuating markets.  There could also be technological breaks or a breach in security.

Mars and Uranus had a confrontation back on May 16th.  Think back to the days surrounding and see if a theme is revealed for you. Events that took place then may be relevant to what is happening now.

Chiron in Aries connects with the Sun in Leo and the Moon, Mars Rx, and the South Node in Aquarius symbolic of the simmering unrest over things from long long ago, a group memory, perhaps even from lifetimes ago; hinting to a collective arousal and awakening leading us into unfamiliar territory. Everyone, in your own individual way, is experiencing this within and around you.  Some may be taken by surprise or irritated and incensed. This stirring of Humanity reminds us of infinite potential; that we can be more and do better by recognizing your creator-self, your inner essence and radiance and to follow a path with heart.  This influence may assist in healing the past while at the same time, bringing a sense of being at the threshold of something new.

The axis of Leo and Aquarius wants integration and reconciliation of one’s individual nature and talents contributed and reflected upon that of the larger society.

Uranus, the ruler of this Lunar Eclipse also makes a favorable connection to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn providing a bit of a stabilizing influence amidst rapidly changing circumstances. This suggests that the changes happening are constructive even if it doesn’t seem so. There’s a merging of the old and the new, focus on the essential, on what’s relevant, discard the rest and get down to the bare bones of a situation, altering and shifting outmoded frameworks, structures, paradigms, templates, forms, rules, policies and guidelines. You don’t have to scrap everything, just what’s proven no longer sustainable and rework it, so things are more doable.  Use this time to reconsider what’s socially acceptable or to redefine your goals and standards and to measure things on your own terms.   You don’t have to follow the crowd or seek approval, be true to you.  As old models shift and merge with fluctuating feelings and changing desires, tastes and values you’re able to make alterations without giving up essentials and things of importance, able to be firm in your position without being too rigid.

Markets, costs and pricing fluctuations and instability is also included here.

Venus in Virgo connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn favoring reforming structures and schedules and getting organized; getting things like form and function or time management and productivity to join forces.  Now you can oil your machine and initiate the necessary changes on several levels, whether this is your business, your work or your everyday world like your schedule, chores, your health routines, regimens, diet and exercise.  Introduce adjustments, corrections and improvements and get out of comfort zones.  An appropriate time to clear out closets and cupboards and give a once over to your processes, procedures and systems to make things run more efficiently. You could hire and train employees, an apprentice or assistant now.  You may hire a handyman, make cosmetic improvements and transform or reform your space.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

29 Jan

projected imageThe first month of 2018 ends with a rare and powerful celestial event; a Blue Moon- Super Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse.  A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur within a single month; a Super Moon is when the Moon is closer to Earth and appears larger in the sky and a Lunar Eclipse is always a significant occurrence in Astrology.

Eclipses have a way of speeding up and accelerating events, activities and goings on; perhaps even changing the trajectory or course you were on through some incident or a series of happenings.  Don’t fear; this is one way that the Universe puts us on path. There is often a hint of the unexpected where Eclipses are concerned, emotions could be amplified so it is best to give yourself some space if you can.

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This time could mark a turning point in any creative endeavors or affairs of the heart that were put into motion at the Leo New Moon in July or even the Great American Total Solar Eclipse back in August.

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo brings to light many attributes of the Lion; being confident, proud and big hearted, showing courage, leadership and follow through.  Beware of being an arrogant braggart, showing off too much or displaying a sense of entitlement.

The North Node so close to this Lunar Eclipse points to the path with heart.  Follow it.  This period brings attention to your Creator-Self.

There is a lot of Energy building in Aquarius, across the sky from the Moon.  This suggests the desire for change, awakening, revelation and inspiration.

Asteroid Goddess Ceres makes the closest aspect to the Moon.  Her prominence suggests the need to nurture your inner child, your creative genius and your inner essence.  Pay attention to the things that give you joy, make you feel special and warm you. Nourish your gifts and talents. Be proud of yourself. Accept yourself.  Know your worth.

Neptune is also in a tense aspect with the Moon suggesting fine-tuning of one’s self-image and that its time to surrender the masks and illusions and trade them for authenticity.  Release those feelings of doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, inadequacy, anxiety, of being flawed, weak, abandoned or not enough and the things that keep you from love and from loving and fully expressing yourself and living your potential. This is also about body image, unrealistic ideals and being comfortable and confident with who you are, in your own right, in your own skin without the need for the approval of others.  CVS recently decided to ban photo retouching in their ad campaigns as just one manifestation of these energies.

Children and children’s issues are also front and center at this Lunar Eclipse.  Coupled with Ceres, this could illuminate matters involving child rearing and parenting, single parenting, custody, early education, child care, teachers or perhaps the arts in school or even meditation in classrooms. Maybe there is a child in your life that is feeling invisible these days and needs some extra attention.

This influence can also shed light on the need for making amends, alterations and corrections in situations involving the victimization of children. Especially things that are overlooked, ignored, secret or behind the scenes or if someone is turning a blind eye to and/or being complicit in inappropriate situations whether this is in Hollywood, the church, the Olympics or any other organized sports or schools.

Additionally, Ceres is also about family ties, feeling a sense of belonging and finding your tribe. This suggests that you should find yourself in the company of those that allow, accept and encourage you to be your most radiant, authentic self.  It is time to contribute and give your gifts and to know your place within a larger community.

On another level, this is tied to getting in touch with the natural energies of the Earth and the Solar energies.  Some could experience shifts and adjustments in the heart chakra or chest area or changes in sunlight that yields adaptations and modifications in the projection of images. Spend some time outside in natural sunlight and charge your batteries if you can.

Blessings and Good Vibes to All at this Super Blue Moon Eclipse!

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Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

2 Aug

eclipse hawksThe Full Moon on August 7th is a Lunar Eclipse.  Eclipses are not only a site to behold in the sky if you’re lucky enough to catch it, in Astrology, they’re a big deal and they can affect us on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes.  Eclipses have a way of accelerating events.  It’s the way the Universe gets us on track.  Sometimes in a dramatic fashion by bringing something to an end.  If that happens, it is to make room for what’s to come. Energies are heightened and there’s a bit of excitement with a lot of cosmic static in the air during eclipse time. Some may feel the pull of this lunation strongly; especially those with planets or sensitive points in 14-17 degrees of the fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio.  A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon but this is an extra powerful Full Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius is a futuristic, humanitarian sign; a sign of brotherhood, sisterhood and friendships. It’s your social scene, supporters, networks and common causes.  You could now see any of those areas turn a corner now.  It may be that some of the things seeded at the New Moon back in late January have started to bear fruit now.  This may also involve science, technology and/or automation.

Mars the motivator is close to the Leo Sun and opposite the Moon at this Eclipse and we could see some creative initiatives or impulses coming to a head.  Mars in fellow fire sign Leo could have you acting on impulse, feeling fierce and feisty; nudging and egging you on to be your own creative, authentic, expressive self, standing out in a crowd.  It is time to do things differently, to be experimental, think outside the box and set a new trend or at least get in touch with future trends. What is your knack or special talent that you can offer up and inject into the collective?  It’s time to get co-creating!

At this point in the year, all the outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are now retrograde.  There is some collective backtracking to be done with our structures and systems, our innovations and break throughs, our spirituality and visions, our power and cycles of renewal.

The good news is that expansive Jupiter in Libra makes a favorable aspect to this Eclipse and you could increase your contacts and connections or improve relationships.  Now is the time for relationships that are in alignment and there could be opportunities through others or from collaborating and cooperating.  It could also be that you’ve outgrown certain associations or relationship patterns that no longer serve you; some of them are no longer in alignment with who you are becoming.

The other big news is that Jupiter in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn.  These two have gone at it throughout 2017 bringing momentous changes with it. The exact aspects were November 24th, 2016, March 30th, 2017 and August 5th, 2017. This suggests a growing opposition and need to even out the playing field that’s daring a consolidation of power or a potent resistance.  Over the course of the last several years, there’s been a break down in many of the structures within our lives; careers, status, marriages, goals, ambitions, parents and parenting, schedules and time just to name a few. This has been quite the process for many people; some may have had to cast out some demons and eliminate obstacles.  Now it’s a period of reform and renewal, and the challenge is to be inclusive and fair while being in alignment with your Truth.  No more one-sided deals; it’s even Steven or nothing at all these days. In fact, the imbalance has often become so great that it’s undeniable and unable to be ignored. If you’re experiencing that in your personal life, notice your own resistance.

Neptune in Pisces is also sending vibes to this Eclipse suggesting that there may be some tweaking needed to will and direct some of your creative visions.  It could also be that there’s something that’s been obscured, overlooked or unnoticed that now gets your attention and is brought to light.

Mercury in Virgo is across the sky from nebulous Neptune in Pisces so thinking may not be clear, or there’s information missing or omitted; you don’t have all the facts.  Mercury will soon retrograde from August 12 through September 5th.   There may be backtracking and going over details, or needing to go over the finer points and plans of some distant vision.  As always, Mercury Rx is the time to review, revisit and reconsider and in Virgo, it may have to do with diet, health, your daily routine and chores or perhaps with your job, skills, and co-workers.  It’s a great time to re-organize and revamp.

Good Vibes to All at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!



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Libra Lunar Eclipse

22 Mar

libra 1At this time of year we are trying to strike a balance between “I vs. we “and how we can negotiate and come to an agreement.  There is a need for fairness, equality and diplomacy. We want things to be even Steven.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines its light- illuminating issues surrounding our efforts at compromise, cooperation and collaboration and also how we may feel about competition.  This is the time when our efforts at autonomy faces off with the need to partner up; whether this is in the romantic or business sense.  We may see negotiations come to a head at the time of this Lunar Eclipse or it could be that an important relationship turns a corner at the time of this Full Moon.  We could also see a turning point in some creative or artistic project we’re involved in.

Mercury in Aries is opposite this full moon and it may be that tact and diplomacy are out the window. There could even be angry words, or impatience in the tone of your voice or you are quick to voice your opinion.  It may also be that you have to make quick decisions or put together a plan of action.  It is best to think before speaking.  You may have to ‘bite your tongue’ in order to keep the peace.

Mars in Sagittarius is sextile the Full Moon lending some extra energy.  Things are spirited now and we could be feeling more adventurous and pushing our luck.  It could be that we are in the pursuit of knowledge or truth or fighting for freedom or rights.  There could also be an increase in aggressiveness or someone asserting their opinions and beliefs.  On another level, we may just want to get moving and get going; get outside into nature. It’s a good time to be active, do something physical like walking, running, biking or sports.

Jupiter in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius at the time of this Full Moon suggesting that now it is time for improving our systems and techniques, perfecting our skills and expanding our knowledge of our craft in order to secure our future. Competence and efficiency are being challenged and tested.  Health and well-being can be improved now by cutting out any excesses. We’re now able to be focused, disciplined and to use good judgement. This is also a good opportunity to get organized since we’re also able to be scrutinizing now knowing what is essential. This can also be a time when the workload is piling up and the responsibilities are numerous.    This time also gives us an opportunity to move beyond limiting beliefs that may be the source of feelings of insecurity, inferiority, fears of success, etc.

Jupiter in Virgo is also still engaged in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that if we are disciplined and work hard, we can eliminate obstacles and blocks; the things that have been in our way, the things that we’ve held on to for a long time now. This could be in the form of limiting beliefs, bad habits or perhaps you’ve collected a lot of ‘junk’ over time and just need to clean out your closets.  Either way it is a good time to clean house and transform structures.

Saturn will retrograde just two days after this Eclipse so we have until August to give a once over to our accomplishments, goals or ambitions.  This backwards motion may feel as if our progress is being slowed or that we are being deliberately held back.  We may also have to re-evaluate what success means to us in our very own personal way and it may be quite different from what it means to the rest of society or what is thought of as socially acceptable. It could be that we need to take another look at our public role, parental role or reputation; or perhaps we need to review which areas of our lives where we’ll need to cut back or to show more discipline, authority or accountability.

Ceres, Chiron and the South Node are still traveling together in the same degree of Pisces at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, reminding us how we are all connected to nature, the natural world and the natural cycles. We need to get back to that and incorporate that wisdom into our everyday lives; giving our lives practical wisdom and spirituality.  Knowing our place and our role within these natural cycles and rhythms helps to give meaning to our lives.  These are important things to learn and live and equally important to teach these things to our children.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!


I am also happy to report that the DARK act and efforts to block the labeling of our food was defeated in Congress last week!  YAY!


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Libra Lunar Eclipse

3 Apr

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th could be a difficult one.  Luna finds herself at odds with the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto.  Although just a few weeks ago did we see the last of seven squares between these two Cosmic Heavy Weights, (they’ve been at odds since 2012!) this eclipse illuminates these energies and reminds us that we are not yet “out of the woods”. In fact, this eclipse hovers close to some of the points of the Cardinal Grand Cross of last April. So you may see remnants of issues that surfaced then. Hopefully this marks a culmination to the lessons we were to learn during these last few years of intense change.  This Eclipse falls at 14’24” Libra indicating that we need to strike a balance between self-assertion and compromise, the need to act in our own best interests vs the need to relate to another.  What can happen is hard to say especially with Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon at this time.  Expect the unexpected.  That doesn’t mean that we should be fearful.  A lot depends on where things have been heading for you during these last few years.  If you know your chart, you can check and see if you have any planets or angles within a couple degrees of 14 degrees of any Cardinal sign since those signs will feel the most stress (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).  Libra is the relationship sign but with Uranus in Aries opposite this Libra Lunar Eclipse, there is an urge to assert individuality and uniqueness; or a need to break free so cooperation, negotiations or coming to some kind of agreement could be difficult to say the least.  It could be that there is an opponent or someone or something acting counter to your interest that shows up quite suddenly and surprisingly.  Venus is the ruler of this eclipse but makes no major aspects during this time, giving the goddess of beauty, love, relationships, peace and harmony a bit of a ‘wild horse’ energy.  Jupiter is in a favorable alignment with this Eclipse which could be a protective influence or it could just make the issue larger than life.  With Jupiter involved, there could be legal issues, opportunities for travel, or even to learn something new and out of the ordinary and these opportunities and situations may come seemingly out of the blue.  There could be issues involving fairness, ethics, the law, our own personal truth, “right and wrong” as well as religious or spiritual beliefs that could also surface at this time. A good example may be the new law passed in Arkansas that allows a business to deny service to same sex couples due to religious beliefs. This is sparking much debate and outrage throughout several states.

Either way it appears this Eclipse could bring in some big changes for better or worse. At this time it is best to be flexible and open.  If you can avoid or delay major decisions, that may be best as the situation could be very changeable.

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

8 Oct

October 8, 2014

This Lunar Eclipse falls at 15’07” Aries.  This is close to the degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross which transpired back in April.  Remember the intensity of April?  I’m sure many of you do. Some of the issues that were prevalent then may resurface at this time.  It may have been difficult to find solutions or resolutions at that time and they may reach a turning point in the days surrounding this Eclipse.  It may also be that an issue or situation that popped up during last year’s October Lunar Eclipse resurfaces at this time.   Hopefully for the last time since this Eclipse is also close to the South Node, indicating things from the past and things we’re leaving behind.

Uranus the planet of surprise and unexpected happenings is closely conjunct this Eclipse so you can expect the unexpected.  In fact, this Eclipse finds itself tangled in the long standing and much talked about square between Pluto and Uranus.  Change is in the air for sure and nerves may be a bit frayed.  Relationships are also a target during this time, as Venus the love planet in her own sign Libra is opposite this eclipse and square Pluto in Capricorn.  During this time we may want to make changes in relationships, or changes are happening within our relationships regardless.  It could be that you or someone else wants to break free and eliminate the ties that bind or any responsibility or that there just needs to be an element of excitement injected, or that someone does something that comes as a surprise and we could be challenged to reform and revive a long standing or stale situation. It may be that it is a difficult balance to do what you want as an independent individual vs.  cooperating and playing nice with others.  Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio at the time of this eclipse and our thoughts may be deeply intense and we’re likely to keep those thoughts to ourselves.  Within days of the Eclipse, Mercury RE-enters Libra.  This influence may have us needing to re-evaluate or making comparisons in order to figure out what it is we need in our relationships.  Competition or opposition may also be a factor. We need to figure out how to walk that tightrope of me being me while you can still be you and how we can work to make an us.  We may be able to have these conversations in the days to come but there may be a lot of renegotiating and going back and forth.  It is also always a possibility while Mercury is retrograde that people or situations from the past re-enter our lives somehow even if only briefly.

There is also a Fire Grand Trine in the days preceding this Eclipse with Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries.  There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm with this pattern.  In fact, this Lunar Eclipse emphasizes these energies.  The actions that we take now seem to be based on our personal truth and we feel confident to initiate changes and feel that we must be true to our hearts.  We may be willing to take risks since we could have increased confidence and a belief in oneself.    We have to be careful at this time that we don’t overreach or over shoot or to promise more than we can deliver.  There is also a danger that we could try and force our opinions or point of view on others, becoming arrogant and self-righteous causing rifts with people.  It could also be at this time that there are new friends or groups that we’ve recently become involved with or perhaps there’s a cause that is close to our hearts that we feel enthusiastic and excited about.  It could be that you’re feeling fired up willing to change your approach and wanting to actively explore creative or romantic opportunities.

On the world stage, the U.S. could be in for more shocking and outrageous happenings involving military groups. It may be that the air strikes are working well to promote the popularity of angry religious fanaticism.  (The Sun in the chart of the U.S is directly affected by this Eclipse.)

Hygeia, the Goddess of Health and Hygiene is at 13’ Cancer (The degree of the U.S. Sun) and forms a Grand Cross pattern.  This can illustrate the health crises on our hands with the Deadly (Pluto) Ebola virus and also the Enterovirus D68, a respiratory virus that has several children throughout the U.S. very sick and even causing paralysis (Uranus).  The 13th degree of Cancer is considered a “critical degree” by many Astrologers stressing their importance.

Libra Lunar Eclipse

14 Apr

April 15 Lunar Eclipse

April has been set up in the heavens to be a month of an enormous amount of change; with two Eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross.  It was apparent at the very beginning of the month that many people were already feeling the tension.  This doesn’t have to be all bad mind you; even changes that you want and need to make can be stressful.   It seems though, that the landscape may look dramatically different once May arrives. 

It appears that the theme of finding balance, peace, cooperation or an agreement continues at the time of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  In fact, it seems that since the end of last year that there’s been an emphasis on relationships. December of last year right into the New Year did we have Venus retrograde in Capricorn asking us what is important to us in a relationship and what things do we need to feel secure.  Also, we’ve had Mars, the planet of aggression in peace loving Libra since late last year where he’ll remain until late July.  Mars’ job here is to push for an agreement, fight for fairness, equality or cooperation. If in relationships, we normally keep a lid on things for the sake of peace, then that has been extremely difficult as of late.  On the other hand, if it happens that you are the one always imposing your will and wants then someone may have a problem with it and let you know.  These types of issues may reach a critical culmination during this time.    

Ceres is exactly conjunct this Lunar Eclipse so it may be that there are issues with the work force or labor unions coming to a head at this time.  In the news, we’ve seen the topic of ‘equal pay’ for women coming up.  Ceres also governs over the land, agriculture, nutrition and ‘Mother Earth’ so there could also be issues coming up regarding these subjects as well. Juno is also prominent at this Eclipse and again highlighting the issues of relationships.  Juno also governs over weather, climate and the environment. It would seem that at this time there is also an emphasis on our relationship to the Earth.  We need to become aware that our actions do in fact affect others and that we all need to make a commitment to work together and make radical changes.  The U.N has recently stated that climate change is indeed a fact and that there will be no one on the planet unaffected by these changes.  The Earth is part of our heritage and it is our responsibility to learn to live in harmony with it.  Child rearing and other ‘women’s’ issues also fall under the domain of Ceres.  It may be that you need to create a balance between work and raising children as so many do.  Perhaps you’ll need to strike a balance between you and your partner in regard to child rearing and responsibilities.  Or maybe you are in a labor union and talks trying to come up with an agreement in the workplace.   It seems we need to strike a balance between nurturing ourselves and others. 

At the time of this Eclipse Mercury moves to conjunct Uranus in the degree where all the action is taking place later in the month for the Cardinal Grand Cross.  It may be at this time we hear some surprising news, or possibly have an unexpected argument.  Thoughts and conversations tend to come quickly or maybe they’re erratic and scattered.  It could be that you hear from someone out of the blue or have a conversation that is unusual.  It may also be that there needs to be an honest conversation about how you feel and it is possible to break down some walls that stand between you and another.  This could be liberating but probably not without some ruffled feathers or hurt feelings first.  If you are traveling, please use caution and pay attention. 

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

18 Oct

This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so it is an especially powerful lunation.  This Full Moon brings a culmination or a turning point to an issue that you may have stood alone on or a project that you alone are responsible for or something that you have initiated or are the leader in.

 Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces at this Lunar Eclipse.  We need to use our powers of discrimination to sort through any fog, forgeries, falsities or illusions.  We may need to make order from chaos.  It could also be that an active agenda may run counter to the unforeseen events, wasted energies and the need to withdrawal.  This is a good aspect for creative work because not only do you have the inspiration but the willingness and drive to put the work into it.  It could also be that you have a very active dream life during this time or restless sleep or even sleepless nights.  Also, watch with alcohol and drugs.  It seems that our urge to purify takes on the addictive patterns that contribute to our own undoing but really only serve to avoid the underlying issues.  We are able to penetrate into the layers at this time.

 Mercury in Scorpio is trine Jupiter in Cancer at the time of this eclipse.  Mercury is moving very slowly now since he will begin his retrograde period on the 21st.  Since Mercury began his tour of Scorpio, our thoughts and conversations lately may have been deep, obsessive, or private.  During this time we may really turn inward – into the abyss.  With Mars in Virgo complementing this energy this is set to be a very (self) analytical time.  Scorpio is an ‘all or nothing’ type of energy.  It is very thorough and cutting to the core.  Virgo is very discriminating so everything could be up for examination and possibly on the chopping block. We may be zeroing in on why we think what we think, and say what we say and do what we do.  This process of thorough examination, discrimination and elimination is necessary in order to move beyond our comfort zone.  We may be able to have an honest talk about feelings regarding sex, money, death, insurance, divorce, occult and other taboo subjects as well.   Conversations could be brutally honest with harsh words and truths.  Try not to ruffle too many feathers or trample on too many feelings. 

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

8 May

Its Eclipse time and change is in the air. There was much we had to get to the core of lately, and extract any decay or ‘non-essentials’.  Something may have met its end. Don’t worry!  We need to make room for the new!  Several of the personal planets have just had it out with Saturn enabling us to see what needed to go and give us the strength and stamina to move mountains and get the job done. Saturn may have also had us feeling blocked, delayed or frustrated for whatever reason or it could be that there was an issue with a parent, boss or authority figure or even with you as the parent or authority.  Maybe we have been working very hard lately for long term goals or results with little appreciation or compensation. While all of this hard work wasn’t so immediately gratifying, we should start seeing the results or reaping some rewards soon enough.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in the fertile sign of Taurus will see to the growth of the new seeds we are planting. Taurus is an Earth sign and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love. We may literally be getting our hands in the earth and planting seeds. It’s the perfect time to spend in natural surrounds and revel in Mother Nature.  With Pallas in such close aspect, it is very favorable for healing Mother Earth as well as beautifying the landscape.   Pallas in Taurus could also highlight issues with plant based medicine, as well as healing through touch and massage.  We’ll also be getting some help from Mars and Mercury at this Eclipse. While they met up on the 7th-8th,    having our thoughts and actions  in sync on practical matters,  getting things done and ‘handling the baggage’ as indicated by the Sabian Symbol.  At this time, we are concerned with how we are making our lives more secure and enjoyable, our relationships more relate-able and our surroundings more beautiful.  Taurus is a material sign and wants to be comfortable and to have a quality of life, not just earn a paycheck.  This eclipse could help us to come up with practical plans that are bound to last.  Taurus carries on and is unwavering and solid but also slow to move and doesn’t want to give anything up or change easily (that includes possessions, relationships, ideas etc.). With the help of Mercury keeping our ideas grounded, they able to take form as Mars gives us the energy to push on, keep at it and ‘make it happen’.  A Solar Eclipse indicates new beginnings but the South Node is close to this eclipse which is karmic and rooted in the past.  The Scorpio Lunar eclipse on April 25 was about letting go and it could be that we are made aware of what ruts we get stuck in and why.  And we may actually be able to do something about it!  Finally!  We may be able to shake lose what mental ruts or thought patterns that seemed to be permanent and go on forever.  We may be able to use some of our practical gifts, talents or lessons from the past to make something new that we like and that will last as well as provide us with more comfort, security and enjoyment.   We could even be transforming old structures or recycling and making something new (and pretty!).    Pluto and Ceres also go head to head at this eclipse possibly providing a turning point with obsessions and intensity in regard to parenting, child rearing, family / clan issues; parent/child complexes – especially with issues of attachment and separation  and ‘mother love’ vs. self-love as well as issues of nurturing and nutrition. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 19’31” Taurus.  The Sabian Symbol is “Wisps of clouds, like wings are streaming across the sky”.   We are able to see things from a higher perspective and have become aware of where we may need to change course.  Pallas is in the same degree as this eclipse giving us a broader perspective, enabling us to get the bigger picture, she further helps us in problem solving, trouble shooting and planning.  It seems that after the removal of the decay, we are left with very fertile ground at this eclipse.  Whatever we do now seems to be practical, sustaining and long lasting so make sure it is what you want!