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Libra Lunar Eclipse

22 Mar

libra 1At this time of year we are trying to strike a balance between “I vs. we “and how we can negotiate and come to an agreement.  There is a need for fairness, equality and diplomacy. We want things to be even Steven.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines its light- illuminating issues surrounding our efforts at compromise, cooperation and collaboration and also how we may feel about competition.  This is the time when our efforts at autonomy faces off with the need to partner up; whether this is in the romantic or business sense.  We may see negotiations come to a head at the time of this Lunar Eclipse or it could be that an important relationship turns a corner at the time of this Full Moon.  We could also see a turning point in some creative or artistic project we’re involved in.

Mercury in Aries is opposite this full moon and it may be that tact and diplomacy are out the window. There could even be angry words, or impatience in the tone of your voice or you are quick to voice your opinion.  It may also be that you have to make quick decisions or put together a plan of action.  It is best to think before speaking.  You may have to ‘bite your tongue’ in order to keep the peace.

Mars in Sagittarius is sextile the Full Moon lending some extra energy.  Things are spirited now and we could be feeling more adventurous and pushing our luck.  It could be that we are in the pursuit of knowledge or truth or fighting for freedom or rights.  There could also be an increase in aggressiveness or someone asserting their opinions and beliefs.  On another level, we may just want to get moving and get going; get outside into nature. It’s a good time to be active, do something physical like walking, running, biking or sports.

Jupiter in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius at the time of this Full Moon suggesting that now it is time for improving our systems and techniques, perfecting our skills and expanding our knowledge of our craft in order to secure our future. Competence and efficiency are being challenged and tested.  Health and well-being can be improved now by cutting out any excesses. We’re now able to be focused, disciplined and to use good judgement. This is also a good opportunity to get organized since we’re also able to be scrutinizing now knowing what is essential. This can also be a time when the workload is piling up and the responsibilities are numerous.    This time also gives us an opportunity to move beyond limiting beliefs that may be the source of feelings of insecurity, inferiority, fears of success, etc.

Jupiter in Virgo is also still engaged in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that if we are disciplined and work hard, we can eliminate obstacles and blocks; the things that have been in our way, the things that we’ve held on to for a long time now. This could be in the form of limiting beliefs, bad habits or perhaps you’ve collected a lot of ‘junk’ over time and just need to clean out your closets.  Either way it is a good time to clean house and transform structures.

Saturn will retrograde just two days after this Eclipse so we have until August to give a once over to our accomplishments, goals or ambitions.  This backwards motion may feel as if our progress is being slowed or that we are being deliberately held back.  We may also have to re-evaluate what success means to us in our very own personal way and it may be quite different from what it means to the rest of society or what is thought of as socially acceptable. It could be that we need to take another look at our public role, parental role or reputation; or perhaps we need to review which areas of our lives where we’ll need to cut back or to show more discipline, authority or accountability.

Ceres, Chiron and the South Node are still traveling together in the same degree of Pisces at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, reminding us how we are all connected to nature, the natural world and the natural cycles. We need to get back to that and incorporate that wisdom into our everyday lives; giving our lives practical wisdom and spirituality.  Knowing our place and our role within these natural cycles and rhythms helps to give meaning to our lives.  These are important things to learn and live and equally important to teach these things to our children.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!


I am also happy to report that the DARK act and efforts to block the labeling of our food was defeated in Congress last week!  YAY!


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Libra Lunar Eclipse

14 Apr

April 15 Lunar Eclipse

April has been set up in the heavens to be a month of an enormous amount of change; with two Eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross.  It was apparent at the very beginning of the month that many people were already feeling the tension.  This doesn’t have to be all bad mind you; even changes that you want and need to make can be stressful.   It seems though, that the landscape may look dramatically different once May arrives. 

It appears that the theme of finding balance, peace, cooperation or an agreement continues at the time of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  In fact, it seems that since the end of last year that there’s been an emphasis on relationships. December of last year right into the New Year did we have Venus retrograde in Capricorn asking us what is important to us in a relationship and what things do we need to feel secure.  Also, we’ve had Mars, the planet of aggression in peace loving Libra since late last year where he’ll remain until late July.  Mars’ job here is to push for an agreement, fight for fairness, equality or cooperation. If in relationships, we normally keep a lid on things for the sake of peace, then that has been extremely difficult as of late.  On the other hand, if it happens that you are the one always imposing your will and wants then someone may have a problem with it and let you know.  These types of issues may reach a critical culmination during this time.    

Ceres is exactly conjunct this Lunar Eclipse so it may be that there are issues with the work force or labor unions coming to a head at this time.  In the news, we’ve seen the topic of ‘equal pay’ for women coming up.  Ceres also governs over the land, agriculture, nutrition and ‘Mother Earth’ so there could also be issues coming up regarding these subjects as well. Juno is also prominent at this Eclipse and again highlighting the issues of relationships.  Juno also governs over weather, climate and the environment. It would seem that at this time there is also an emphasis on our relationship to the Earth.  We need to become aware that our actions do in fact affect others and that we all need to make a commitment to work together and make radical changes.  The U.N has recently stated that climate change is indeed a fact and that there will be no one on the planet unaffected by these changes.  The Earth is part of our heritage and it is our responsibility to learn to live in harmony with it.  Child rearing and other ‘women’s’ issues also fall under the domain of Ceres.  It may be that you need to create a balance between work and raising children as so many do.  Perhaps you’ll need to strike a balance between you and your partner in regard to child rearing and responsibilities.  Or maybe you are in a labor union and talks trying to come up with an agreement in the workplace.   It seems we need to strike a balance between nurturing ourselves and others. 

At the time of this Eclipse Mercury moves to conjunct Uranus in the degree where all the action is taking place later in the month for the Cardinal Grand Cross.  It may be at this time we hear some surprising news, or possibly have an unexpected argument.  Thoughts and conversations tend to come quickly or maybe they’re erratic and scattered.  It could be that you hear from someone out of the blue or have a conversation that is unusual.  It may also be that there needs to be an honest conversation about how you feel and it is possible to break down some walls that stand between you and another.  This could be liberating but probably not without some ruffled feathers or hurt feelings first.  If you are traveling, please use caution and pay attention. 

Aries New Moon March 30

29 Mar

This New Moon in Aries is closely conjunct Uranus making things surprising, unpredictable and possibly exciting.  It certainly shouldn’t be boring and if it happens to be, than you may breathe a sigh of relief and consider yourself somewhat lucky.  This New Moon could have us wanting to ‘break free’.  On some level, in some area of life, a change is indicated or needed, though not always welcomed.  This lunation could also clue you in on what is to come in the near future when the Cardinal Grand Cross perfects later in April. (More on that to come) Many people are being challenged beyond their breaking point lately.  Please try and find your inner strength and hang in there! We are all being urged if not forced to make radical changes in our lives.  It’s not all bad though.  Some may feel a sense of excitement and exhilaration about the future. 

Juno also makes her presence felt at this New Moon and could affect our relationships with the people we’re close to.  We may sense a feeling of wanting ‘something different’ or the need to ‘break free’ or there’s some sort of a new beginning in the relationship department.  This could ruffle and rattle you or it could be a welcomed breath of fresh air. 

Mars has been retrograde in Libra upsetting the peace and the balance, pushing for cooperation, agreements and equality.  There could be fighting about things that are “not fair”.  Mars in Libra makes a trine to his Lover Venus in Aquarius, suggesting that we can push for agreements and cooperation while appreciating our differences; possibly coming up with solutions good for everyone.  In relationships, if we’ve been keeping a lid on things just for the sake of peace, it may be the time to ruffle some feathers, pose ultimatums, or possibly make a break for it altogether.  This New Moon could highlight the fact that we can’t “all just get along” but with the recent shift of the North Node into Libra, we’re going to need to learn and align ourselves with a future path of peace.

The Aries New Moon shines in the place where we go after what we want, where we start something new, or we take the initiative and dare to be bold. At this time we may also be made aware of our aggressiveness, our impetuousness, and our selfishness, and where we make thoughtless choices that are unfair to others and cause alienation. 

Full Moon in Virgo March 16

15 Mar

March 16 – Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Virgo brings a culmination or a turning point to a work project. We may be wrapping up the details and loose ends of a project. This is the time for getting clean and organized, a time for clearing the clutter and for making order from chaos.  We can get a lot of work done if we can just take it step by step, staying practical, focused and knowing what is actually possible at this time vs. knowing all that needs doing. You must know going in that it’s going to take some work before anything is pretty, perfect or running smoothly. This Full Moon may also mark a turning point in a health matter.  You may be on the mend after a hospital stay or diagnosis and hopefully on the way to better health.  This is a good time to get rid of any negative health and eating habits; to cleanse and purify.  It is also possible that an issue with a co-worker or employee comes to light at this time. 

The Moon also makes a quincunx to Mercury in Aquarius, and making plans may be difficult since our minds could be changing rapidly or there could be new information coming in requiring us to modify and make adjustments to any details, discussions or paperwork.  There may also be unusual conversations and talks that may seem to come out of nowhere.  This could include talks with people or groups that you don’t normally have to deal with and possibly resulting in needing to make adjustments within the workplace. It could also be that information received requires an adjustment to your daily routine or schedule. You may also have to use your powers of discrimination in order to weed out what is actually going on and being said and possibly have to come up with solutions that are good for everyone. 

The Nodal Axis involved at the time of this Full Moon suggests that we’ll need to be able to be accommodating and reworking our ideas of what “I” want vs. needing to cooperate with others and we could be feeling the tension.  Our actions now are closely linked to our future path with Mars so close to the North Node and with Vesta also so close, we’ll need total dedication and commitment so it’s important to weigh options and come to cooperative agreements that work for everyone involved. 

Mars and Saturn are both still Rx so this vibe of “hurry up and wait” and of quibbling and “going back and forth” permeates the atmosphere.  It may feel as though you are just ‘spinning your wheels’ wanting to get going but are hit with delays and inconveniences.  There could be a situation that seems as if it’s “not fair” or maybe you’re working hard toward an agreement or cooperation.  It may involve finances, loans, estates, insurance, taxes, and shared responsibilities.  Things aren’t likely to get going and move forward for some time so if you can make slow progress it’s better than no progress at all.  Be patient. 

Saturn is in favorable placement to this Full Moon enabling us to eliminate any obstacles, walls and roadblocks that have stood in our way or held us back.  We will be able to transform and rebuild upon a more stable foundation.  This influence helps to manifest and give form to any imaginings we may have. Just know that it’s going to take some time, patience and hard work. 

Next Month, in April, will be very ‘active’ astrologically with two eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross so just ‘sit tight’, get what you can get done now but don’t be in a hurry to make any permanent commitments and decisions. That could get you in a bind as all is not revealed just yet.  

Libra New Moon

4 Oct

This New Moon is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony and that is precisely what is difficult to come by now.  Since this particular Moon gets herself in a tangle with the ongoing square of Uranus and Pluto, this could be a very unsettling time.  We may be looking for peace, equality, agreements, justice or compromises but it won’t come easy and probably not without some surprises or reversals.  It could be that an opponent or competitor isn’t playing fair or comes out of nowhere and takes you by surprise.  Relationships could also be strained or difficult. 

Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries are in a quincunx aspect with one another at the time of this New Moon. This is their third meeting. This suggests that there is an adjustment needed between the old and the new as there have been many endings and beginnings and ‘new norms’ that we are still getting used to.  We know that there are old ways that aren’t working for us any longer but we’re still figuring out new ways that will actually work. We’re still in the process of deciding what to eliminate and what’s worth salvaging.  Uranus in Aries wants to be revolutionary and do it his way or on his own and wants it done quickly while Saturn in Scorpio is on a power trip and pulling rank saying “not so fast” being slow and very thorough.  It would work better to be able to initiate changes while eliminating the things holding us back, building trust and lasting structures that are progressive enough to move us forward.   

Mercury entered Scorpio at the end of September having our thoughts and conversations getting deep and penetrating to the core, possibly leaning toward being obsessive.  There could even be morbid thoughts, talks of death, wills, estates, insurance and contracts may be on the forefront of your mind at this time as well as financial talks where there is jointly held money or where trust is an issue.  Agreements tend to be all or nothing and it is possible there is some kind of ultimatum. Mercury meets up with the North Node within hours of this New Moon so thoughts, conversations, contracts etc hint at the path of the future.  Pay attention to these things at this time.

The New Moon is at 11’ 56” Libra and the Sabian Symbol is “Miners emerging from a mine”.  It seems we’ve been doing some digging around in the dark, to come into to the light.  It may hurt our eyes at first as we are still adjusting but if we’re lucky, maybe we’ve uncovered a few gems or something of value.