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Aquarius New Moon

20 Jan

freedomJanuary 24th is the first New Moon of 2020 and of the decade ahead, in Aquarius, the sign of friends and future trends.  Change is in the air and it can feel exciting and unsettling as situations move along quickly, fluctuating minute by minute making things very unpredictable.

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Aquarius cares about its fellow (HU)man and community, known as the humanitarian, joining with others for a common goal, co-creating the collective experience.   After all, we’re all in this together right? This New Moon may mark an opening to new friendships or to your involvement in some organization, association, community, committee or network and it may include technology.

Uranus in Taurus, the ruler of this New Moon pokes at this lunation bringing upsets and surprises.  There could be fluctuating finances and markets, changing costs or unexpected expenses that sparks uneasiness, turbulence, instigating shifts.

Both Aquarius and Uranus are associated with things like change, freedom, individuality, independence, revolution, rebellion, movements, groups and causes.  It is easy to see the unrest and uprising in different areas across the globe and the common thread that ties them together.

On another level, we’re dealing with vibration and frequency changes and galactic and cosmic happenings.  There’s a leveling up in an evolutionary way and with that, the experience of some growing pains.  Even Mama Gaia is quaking and shaking, while the Schumann Resonance is spiking off the charts- it’s clear that something is going on.  You may even feel it within your body, as if you’re vibrating or maybe you have twitching, shakes or spasms.  It’s possible, as certain senses come online now, it activates a mass awakening or revelation of some sort.

Chiron in Aries connects with this New Moon, hinting at the emergence of liberation, release and emancipation from whatever has had a hold on you so that healing can commence.

Mercury in Aquarius connects with Mars in Sagittarius while Mars nudges Venus and Neptune in Pisces.  There’s a lot of mental stimulation and creative imagination with this influence.  Calls and conversations are lively, news and information may be coming and going, with opinions or views being pushed. Aiming for truth, you could quickly change your mind, or say something that creates controversy, questioning what one wants to believe, piercing a beautiful illusion, but all is not clear yet.  You may feel adventurous, brave and courageous enough to pursue your dreams and desires, or possibly you’re moved to explore and understand shadowy, unexplained things going on behind the scenes or the allures and enticements and the things that lures one to their own ruin.

Alternatively, you may be doing a marketing push or advertising campaign promoting exciting, out of the box ideas that elicit benefits that are on a more subtle level.  Perhaps you’re taking up a new class or study of subjects that are puzzling and peculiar.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn continue their close connection and their process of dismantling, destruction, deconstruction, reconstruction and renewal on several fronts.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Aquarius Full Moon

13 Aug

cogsThe Full Moon August 15th is in Aquarius but there’s a planet party across the heavens in Leo with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno converging bringing lots of oomph to a sign known for drama and theatrics, which could produce quite a show and spectacle.  There’s focus on fun, creativity, love affairs and passion and the freedom for acting with confidence and authenticity, while taking chances playing the game of life. It’s like the whole world is a stage with many actors, each with a unique and special role contributing to the co-creation of the larger collective society.  The Aquarius Full Moon could bring a few well- meaning playmates or an appreciative audience your way.

Children and children’s matters may need extra attention now. 

Some of your hopes, wishes and visions for the future that were set into motion or changes that you made in early February at the Aquarius New Moon may reach a high point now.  This could involve your friends, peers, networks, community, groups you share common goals and interests with or technology and social media.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus is associated with humanity and the collective as well as freedom, liberty, independence, revolution, rebellion and revolt; topics around these themes may be emphasized now.

Both the Sun and Venus in Leo sit directly across the sky from this Full Moon highlighting passionate partnerships, creative collaborations along with projects and matters that are close to your heart.  This may include hobbies or a cause or movement that’s important to you, perhaps you champion a children’s cause or organization.   This could also bring attention to money matters.

Pluto in Capricorn also connects with the Sun and Venus in Leo signaling shifting and doing away with stumbling blocks, resistance, fears and doubts that keep you from love, centeredness and connection.  Additionally, you could be fine tuning some of your creations by reforming models, templates and frameworks or restoring, revamping, recycling, upcycling or giving it a make-over and staging it.

Uranus Rx in Taurus, the ruler of this Full Moon, nudges Mercury in Leo inspiring inventive and original concepts in your mind.  Conversations are stimulating but focus could be difficult as you’re jumping from one thought to the next, perhaps you keep changing your mind.  You could receive surprising information or exciting news.  Markets and finances may fluctuate sparking speculative plans and ideas.  You could see changes in costs for entertainment items, toys, games, electronics, etc.

Chiron in Aries also connects with Mercury bringing healing words spoken from the heart, though some tears may be shed.  Affirmations for self- love, self-worth, self-acceptance and confidence or writing a love song or letter could be means of healing now.  Other experiences could include out of the ordinary sense perceptions and changes or spontaneous healings.

The energies begin to shift just a few days after the Full Moon as your aims at fun and leisure move to rolling up your sleeves and getting things sorted as Mars enters Virgo on the 18th.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon.


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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

23 Jul

change and uncertaintyThe Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27th will keep you on your toes.  The change factor is cranked up now and this may have you feeling unsettled or anxious at the uncertainty and unpredictability.  Give yourself some space the days surrounding this Eclipse.

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Eclipses are noteworthy events in astrology and can give the impression that matters are moving quickly and being propelled forward.  A single incident or chain of events could have you changing course.  A situation may reach a turning point or conclusion, or something is revealed and brought to light.

It is possible that some of the seeds planted at the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse back in February may start to bear fruit now.

This lunation may bring matters to a head concerning some of your far-off goals. Situations involving friends, groups, causes, communities, networks and technology will be highlighted now.  Aquarius is a sign that has an interest in humankind and wants to create solutions that are a win win for everyone involved.  New trends may reach defining moments and milestones.

Mars Rx and the South Node are very closely connected to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, bringing the past to light.  A time for reviewing past actions, or unexpressed anger or hostility.  You may have to do an about-face and regroup on some of the new directions you’ve taken recently.

Just one day ahead of the Lunar Eclipse, Mercury in Leo also turns retrograde on the 26th, adding to the slowdown in the sky and the need to cover old ground.  Reconsider and rediscover what’s in your heart, why you do what you do; talk to your inner child and see what warms you. Maybe you revisit some creative pastime or reconnect with childhood friends.  Of course, the typical rules of retrograde Mercury apply, like not buying electronics, vehicles, appliances or signing documents and communicate as clearly as you can.

Uranus in Taurus is the ruler of this Eclipse and sends a jab to the Leo Sun and Moon and Mars Rx in Aquarius generating excitement and volatility.  This is an impulsive, spontaneous and unstable influence. There’s a charge in the atmosphere, a simmering unrest like the feeling of a ticking time bomb. Be careful driving, using machinery, tools and sharp objects or working with electricity.  On another level, you may have sudden break throughs or aha moments of genius and inspiration.  There are sudden moves and changes of direction that get you out of your comfort zone.  Additionally, there may be unexpected expenses, pricing changes and fluctuating markets.  There could also be technological breaks or a breach in security.

Mars and Uranus had a confrontation back on May 16th.  Think back to the days surrounding and see if a theme is revealed for you. Events that took place then may be relevant to what is happening now.

Chiron in Aries connects with the Sun in Leo and the Moon, Mars Rx, and the South Node in Aquarius symbolic of the simmering unrest over things from long long ago, a group memory, perhaps even from lifetimes ago; hinting to a collective arousal and awakening leading us into unfamiliar territory. Everyone, in your own individual way, is experiencing this within and around you.  Some may be taken by surprise or irritated and incensed. This stirring of Humanity reminds us of infinite potential; that we can be more and do better by recognizing your creator-self, your inner essence and radiance and to follow a path with heart.  This influence may assist in healing the past while at the same time, bringing a sense of being at the threshold of something new.

The axis of Leo and Aquarius wants integration and reconciliation of one’s individual nature and talents contributed and reflected upon that of the larger society.

Uranus, the ruler of this Lunar Eclipse also makes a favorable connection to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn providing a bit of a stabilizing influence amidst rapidly changing circumstances. This suggests that the changes happening are constructive even if it doesn’t seem so. There’s a merging of the old and the new, focus on the essential, on what’s relevant, discard the rest and get down to the bare bones of a situation, altering and shifting outmoded frameworks, structures, paradigms, templates, forms, rules, policies and guidelines. You don’t have to scrap everything, just what’s proven no longer sustainable and rework it, so things are more doable.  Use this time to reconsider what’s socially acceptable or to redefine your goals and standards and to measure things on your own terms.   You don’t have to follow the crowd or seek approval, be true to you.  As old models shift and merge with fluctuating feelings and changing desires, tastes and values you’re able to make alterations without giving up essentials and things of importance, able to be firm in your position without being too rigid.

Markets, costs and pricing fluctuations and instability is also included here.

Venus in Virgo connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn favoring reforming structures and schedules and getting organized; getting things like form and function or time management and productivity to join forces.  Now you can oil your machine and initiate the necessary changes on several levels, whether this is your business, your work or your everyday world like your schedule, chores, your health routines, regimens, diet and exercise.  Introduce adjustments, corrections and improvements and get out of comfort zones.  An appropriate time to clear out closets and cupboards and give a once over to your processes, procedures and systems to make things run more efficiently. You could hire and train employees, an apprentice or assistant now.  You may hire a handyman, make cosmetic improvements and transform or reform your space.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Aquarius Solar Eclipse

9 Feb

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15th, will be anything but boring.   Things may feel exciting, fast paced, unpredictable and accelerated.

Eclipses are noteworthy events in astrology and can give the impression that matters are moving quickly and being propelled forward.  There may be an incident or chain of events that changes up your path.  A Solar Eclipse is like an amped up New Moon and a time for new beginnings that can have lasting effects throughout the year.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is no different.  Look to your personal chart to see where this is happening in your life.

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Aquarius is a futuristic sign pointing to the latest trends.  It is also the sign of the humanitarian, the visionary and the sign where groups of like minded come together for a common cause to affect change.

At this time, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the asteroid Goddess Juno are all closely connected in Aquarius.

Mercury so closely linked to this Eclipse makes communication a key factor now.  News, information and conversations are fast tracked; coming and going quickly with twists and turns. There could be bombshell revelations. Something you hear could take you by surprise or unsettle you; maybe you have an unexpected exchange or visitor or a situation involving your neighbors or siblings. Your mind might be future focused with innovative ideas and plans, thinking outside the box or you could change your mind about something or perhaps there’s a change of plans.  You could have sudden thoughts and inspiration, insight or altered perceptions coming in like flashes of lightening.  It may be difficult to keep track of it all.

Juno being so prominent at this Eclipse puts an emphasis on relationships; more specifically, communication in relationships. Aquarius is the sign of the larger collective, community, brotherly (and sisterly) love and platonic relationships.  This influence suggests the freedom to relate, share, connect, communicate and to be emotionally responsive to others in a meaningful way.  Some could experience changes in their relationships or in ways of connecting; there could be new friends and associations or group relations. There may be a need to assert independence or leadership or a need for some elbow room in relationships. There could also be a need for relationship counseling or even separation in some cases.

Uranus in Aries is the ruler of this Solar Eclipse influencing a collective awakening, a movement of new ways of thinking and sensing, for being visionary, forward thinking, progressive and trail blazing.

Uranus connects favorably to the Eclipse energies. This is a time for break-through moments and changes put in play. There may be swift moves, unexpected actions, abnormal activity or changes of direction, perhaps due to new or unexpected information. This can involve new friends, networks, groups, causes, technology or automation.

Jupiter in Scorpio tangles with this Eclipse, Mercury and Juno, spurring you to go deeper, peel back layers, get to the core of a matter or the rot at the center, do a thorough exploration or investigation, enhance closeness, have faith and develop trust in your own knowing and inner guidance.

Mars in Sagittarius is closely connected to asteroid Goddess, Vesta which gets a nudge from Neptune in Pisces implying the impetus is to unlock the truth and push beyond what’s been hidden, veiled or covered up.  You may be striving to live your Truth and grow beyond masks and illusions and discover some closely guarded secrets.  There may be a commitment to some belief, even a core belief that may activate a false front.  It could be that you or someone you know may be trying to force opinions, drive a point, assert a belief, push propaganda or actively promote something that encounters doubt, disillusionment, confusion or skepticism because it seems too illusory, imagined and unattainable.  It could be that trying to go too far too fast may cause you to lose your way or meander about. On another level this may suggest actively exploring subjects and lifestyles dealing with faith, spirituality, nature and mysteries.  Outdoor activity in natural surroundings near water can be most helpful.

Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces have a favorable exchange.   There is a lot of creative promise with this influence suggesting the potential to manifest, materialize and draw to you the things you’ve only imagined and envisioned.  There’s the possibility and probability of tangible results, something or someone could appear in the flesh and may be even better than you’ve dreamed.     It could be that you’re establishing the structures and frameworks of a business, an actual building structure or forming schemes, policies, procedures, rules, guidelines, schedules or timelines that compliment, appreciate or assist in your distant vision. Alternatively, this influence aids in recognizing self- imposed limitations and blocks regarding self-worth, worth and wealth.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon Solar Eclipse!


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Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

2 Aug

eclipse hawksThe Full Moon on August 7th is a Lunar Eclipse.  Eclipses are not only a site to behold in the sky if you’re lucky enough to catch it, in Astrology, they’re a big deal and they can affect us on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes.  Eclipses have a way of accelerating events.  It’s the way the Universe gets us on track.  Sometimes in a dramatic fashion by bringing something to an end.  If that happens, it is to make room for what’s to come. Energies are heightened and there’s a bit of excitement with a lot of cosmic static in the air during eclipse time. Some may feel the pull of this lunation strongly; especially those with planets or sensitive points in 14-17 degrees of the fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio.  A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon but this is an extra powerful Full Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius is a futuristic, humanitarian sign; a sign of brotherhood, sisterhood and friendships. It’s your social scene, supporters, networks and common causes.  You could now see any of those areas turn a corner now.  It may be that some of the things seeded at the New Moon back in late January have started to bear fruit now.  This may also involve science, technology and/or automation.

Mars the motivator is close to the Leo Sun and opposite the Moon at this Eclipse and we could see some creative initiatives or impulses coming to a head.  Mars in fellow fire sign Leo could have you acting on impulse, feeling fierce and feisty; nudging and egging you on to be your own creative, authentic, expressive self, standing out in a crowd.  It is time to do things differently, to be experimental, think outside the box and set a new trend or at least get in touch with future trends. What is your knack or special talent that you can offer up and inject into the collective?  It’s time to get co-creating!

At this point in the year, all the outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are now retrograde.  There is some collective backtracking to be done with our structures and systems, our innovations and break throughs, our spirituality and visions, our power and cycles of renewal.

The good news is that expansive Jupiter in Libra makes a favorable aspect to this Eclipse and you could increase your contacts and connections or improve relationships.  Now is the time for relationships that are in alignment and there could be opportunities through others or from collaborating and cooperating.  It could also be that you’ve outgrown certain associations or relationship patterns that no longer serve you; some of them are no longer in alignment with who you are becoming.

The other big news is that Jupiter in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn.  These two have gone at it throughout 2017 bringing momentous changes with it. The exact aspects were November 24th, 2016, March 30th, 2017 and August 5th, 2017. This suggests a growing opposition and need to even out the playing field that’s daring a consolidation of power or a potent resistance.  Over the course of the last several years, there’s been a break down in many of the structures within our lives; careers, status, marriages, goals, ambitions, parents and parenting, schedules and time just to name a few. This has been quite the process for many people; some may have had to cast out some demons and eliminate obstacles.  Now it’s a period of reform and renewal, and the challenge is to be inclusive and fair while being in alignment with your Truth.  No more one-sided deals; it’s even Steven or nothing at all these days. In fact, the imbalance has often become so great that it’s undeniable and unable to be ignored. If you’re experiencing that in your personal life, notice your own resistance.

Neptune in Pisces is also sending vibes to this Eclipse suggesting that there may be some tweaking needed to will and direct some of your creative visions.  It could also be that there’s something that’s been obscured, overlooked or unnoticed that now gets your attention and is brought to light.

Mercury in Virgo is across the sky from nebulous Neptune in Pisces so thinking may not be clear, or there’s information missing or omitted; you don’t have all the facts.  Mercury will soon retrograde from August 12 through September 5th.   There may be backtracking and going over details, or needing to go over the finer points and plans of some distant vision.  As always, Mercury Rx is the time to review, revisit and reconsider and in Virgo, it may have to do with diet, health, your daily routine and chores or perhaps with your job, skills, and co-workers.  It’s a great time to re-organize and revamp.

Good Vibes to All at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!



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Aquarius New Moon

25 Jan

bald-eagleThis is the first New Moon of 2017 and it’s in futuristic, unconventional Aquarius. Changes and new beginnings are in the air. After the tension and heightened emotions of this past Full Moon, we could use a bit of Aquarius’ emotional detachment. All planets are in direct motion now which is a rare occurrence and suggests we are moving forward. Aquarius is a sign associated with humanitarian causes and efforts and doing things that creates a win/win for the good of the collective.
The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 8 degrees 41 minutes Aquarius reads:
” A flag turning into an Eagle”, this symbol speaks of freedom and of unveiling truth.
Uranus, the Awakener and the Liberator is in charge of this New Moon and continues to connect with Saturn in Sagittarius and oppose Jupiter in Libra. These energies will interact with each other and dominate most of the upcoming year. Here we see big changes on the social and collective level. Many of the changes are happening fast and they’re unconventional, unprecedented and frankly, unpredictable. The thing about change is that change scares people even when we know that that is exactly what is needed; and there is a lot of fear these days. There are new groups or movements that are all about doing things differently and changing directions (Uranus in Aries) but we also see a growing opposition to some of these changes as well as a need for more inclusiveness, tolerance and fair dealings (Jupiter in Libra). Saturn in Sagittarius is in favorable aspect to both of the opposing planets, helping to ensure that the changes that are happening are more constructive, viable, realistic and long lasting, while insisting on more accountability, discipline and cutting out excess.
There has been a great awakening, and we’re being forced to pay attention, to be accountable and to share in the growing responsibilities in co-creating a world and a reality we all wish to live in, moving beyond fear and scarcity, a world that we can all thrive in, a world where we all matter.
Pluto in Capricorn is still not far away; the crumbling of our structures and the decay of our systems that we’ve witnessed in the last several years, will now begin to turn to recovery and reformation.
Chiron in Pisces is also in the mix here. This suggests that there is a challenge or a block to our old escape routes, or the old way of doing things that doesn’t usually work out or in fact, even works against us. The way through seems unclear and obstructed. We seem to be learning from our experiences and mistakes or there is a growing need to.
There are several celestial bodies gathered in watery Pisces now; the South Node, Pallas, Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars in the last degree. This puts a lot of energy into the subtle realms and dream time experiences. This also puts a focus on water and liquids; DAPL and the keystone pipelines come to mind.
Juno is close to the Galactic Center, this is the Center of our galaxy, the Sun of our Sun from which higher consciousness and wisdom pours through. See what (or who) speaks to you during this time and don’t blow off your intuition. Perhaps the Universe sends you a Divine Match. This can also suggest we need to partner up with the Universe and co-conspire with LIFE and get down to business! We all can have a unique role to play, a contribution to make as well as a claim at stake. The symbolism of Juno is also associated with ‘giving away power’ and we may get clued in on where we’ve done just that. There are certain shared beliefs that form our reality and we have an opportunity to make some changes in order to bring our goals and aspirations more into alignment with our beliefs and the truth of who we are.
We can really feel it these days when something is not a vibrational match.
Saturn, the ruler of our 3D reality, is not far off from the Galactic Center either and will soon make contact for the first time since 1988. We could receive wisdom and guidance or blessings and rewards from the center of the galaxy. We may now be able to give form to our divinity, prophetic visions, beliefs, our guiding wisdom, higher authority or something that we just know to be true. We may now get our proof.
Mars is just hours away from entering his own sign of Aries for the first time in two years. This starts a whole new cycle of initiative and action. We are motivated to move! Where are your aims and efforts?
Venus in Pisces is quincunx Jupiter in Libra and square Saturn in Sagittarius. This puts a squeeze and a strain on relationships and money; telling us that we need to cut back and use more discipline and to make some adjustments in our dealings with others in order to be fair. In money matters there could be money missing, or dollars slipping through your fingers and a need for a better accounting of where it’s going.
In love, we may desire the intangible and impossible or maybe someone that is unavailable perhaps you desire a more spiritual union or in love with an image but with a square from Saturn in Sag, there’s a big dose of reality and a need to do some tweaking within our unions so that we are on more equal footing. It may also be that we have to outgrow or move beyond certain relationships, relationship patterns or patterns of co-dependency. This may mean that we may have to sacrifice something that we love or want and handle things with more maturity.
Blessings to All at this New Moon!

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Aquarius Full Moon- A Blue Moon

29 Jul


The time of the Aquarius Full Moon is the time to reconcile our need to feel special and our need to be an individual with the needs of the collective.  It is our time to use our special gifts or talents for the good of all and to create a win win situation.  At this time we may see a turning point or a culmination in the areas having to do with our social purpose and our social circles, our friends, and groups that we belong to or have a common link with.  Aquarius is known for being a humanitarian sign and we can ask ourselves at this time, what our contribution is to the betterment of the larger society.  Aquarius is a sign having to do with changes and new things.  We may see a turning point in some of the changes that have been stirring and our discontent may now turn to excitement about how some of these changes will shape our future.  This Full Moon is special. It’s a Blue Moon.  Things are changing and coming to a head now as we head toward September’s Eclipses.

The Asteroid Ceres makes her presence known at this rare Blue Moon. 

Ceres Rx in Aquarius is quincunx Venus Rx in Virgo at the time of this Full Moon. Venus re-enters Leo shortly after the Full Moon transpires. We may have a desire to purify now which could have us changing our diet, nutrition and exercise routines.  Food related disorders/illnesses or cures can come to light at this time.  Also any women’s issues such as gyno issues or hormonal symptoms could also be food related and therefore corrected or improved by altering the diet using phytotherapy or adding herbal supplements as an example.  Eat your medicine!  Body image also falls under the domain of Ceres and with Venus retrograding in the earliest degree of Virgo, we may desire beautiful perfection and be quite critical of ourselves or others when the ideal image is not lived up to.  The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Full Moon reads, “Beautifully gowned wax figures”.  We may need to learn to accept being perfectly imperfect.  Venus will retrace her steps through Leo, and we may have to re-evaluate what or who we consider to be beautiful or a Glam God or Goddess.  Perhaps we can fall in love with ourselves and appreciate the gifts and talents that we do have and to know our own value without the need for perfection or comparison.

Neptune in Pisces is also in aspect to the Leo Sun now, helping us to modify some of our ideal images with the essence of our personality.

Child care, child rearing and early education also fall into the hands of Ceres and Leo is a sign that is also associated with children so these issues may become more prominent now.  We may need to make adjustments with young children now.  Perhaps we are preparing them for school.  We may also have to reinstruct them and their values and make some changes.  The lessons may include teaching them that they’re not the only ones and the importance of their role within a larger group, how to participate and to wait your turn as well as make your contribution.  It may also be a good time to learn to appreciate and even enjoy our chores and routines and get some satisfaction from them.  We can learn to feel rewarded just from having a sense of accomplishment and success from our efforts. That is the prize. 

Ceres also has rulership over employment and the work force so there may also be some adjustments in work and employment situations and the money earned or paid and the value of work done or services provided.  Especially highlighted will be professions dealing with food and nutrition such as cooks, servers or even farmers and farm to table establishments, nutritionists, caretakers and caring professions such as child care, or hospice workers as well as counselors just to name a few.

Jupiter in Leo is square Saturn Rx in Scorpio at the time of this Blue Moon. Our opportunities for fun and enjoyment may be challenged due to limited resources or wanting to conserve some of our resources, or perhaps due to deadlines, schedules, duties and responsibilities.  There is hard work ahead but we know we can do it.  We have opportunities for creating and materializing our future now and our growth at this time is more concentrated and focused.  Our sense of enthusiasm for risk and adventure may be met with cautiousness.  It may also be a time where growth in our confidence is stimulated by reforming and resurrecting our discipline.  It is a time to dig deep, find what you are made of at your core, and get in touch with your grit and determination in order to act on or take advantage of chance opportunities.

Full Blue Moon Blessings to All!!!

August 20 Full Moon in Aquarius

20 Aug

The Full Moon August 20 is at 28’11 Aquarius where the Sabian Symbol is “A butterfly emerging from the chrysalis”. 

At the time of this Full Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter is closing in on a square to Uranus.  Uranus is the ruler of this Aquarius Full Moon and upping the ante on the unexpected factor.  This is also somewhat of an ‘astrological blue moon’ since this is the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter entered the ‘zone’ of the much talked about Uranus/ Pluto square back on August 7th where Jupiter opposed Pluto.  Jupiter increases everything it touches so it’s been magnifying the unstable and volatile nature of this energy pattern.  The Volcanic eruption in Japan on Sunday is an example of this energy and it was also said to be the highest volcanic plume ever recorded for this volcano.  We see the influence of Jupiter in the mix amplifying the volatility.  We can even see this with the escalating violence and upheaval in Egypt in the last couple of weeks.  The powerful energies of these outer planets define and shape a generation. What this means to you will depend largely on your own natal chart.  You could ask yourself where you may have experienced sudden changes and upheaval in your own life. What seems to be cropping up in your own life? Things might get crazy at this Full Moon. It is possible that things come to a head at this Full Moon while leading to the emergence of something new as the Sabian Symbol suggests.   Though these upcoming changes are unsettling, in many cases they are needed and even welcomed. 

This Full Moon makes an opposition to a Mercury/Ceres conjunction in Leo where communicating creative thoughts and ideas create self-esteem and self- worth.  We have a need to nurture and take pride in our creative side.  Children and children’s issues in regard to learning and education are highlighted at this time as well. It could be that you are registering your child in school for the first time, or your child could be changing schools, or there could be a change at the school or with the school itself.  For example: a new principal, new teacher or faculty, or a new location due to a school closing, etc.  Since it is now “back to school” time, we’ll encounter these issues as usual during this time but it’s becoming more apparent that our educational system is yet another crumbling structure within our society.  The Uranus/Pluto square in effect until 2015 is showing us what doesn’t and isn’t working any longer and where changes need to be implemented, often by force since on some levels we’re refusing to budge.