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Scorpio Full Moon

5 May

behind the veilThe Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th may have you in a stormy mood, feeling emotionally turbulent and unsettled as this lunation brings a turning point to the process of transformation and restoration.  It’s a bit of a messy make-over eh?

Mercury’s close connection to the Taurus Sun may have you going back and forth between being of sound mind, focusing on the material and being an emotional wreck.

This phase can push your (in)security buttons, financially and emotionally; while you focus on things like income, resources, support and sustenance.  The emphasis will be on wealth, banks, borrowing, credit, debts, mortgages, taxes, insurance, wills and estates.

On another level, your thoughts circle around relationships, self-worth and worthiness, physical and sensual appeal and attractiveness, love and affection, sexual passion and deep connection, intimacy, closeness and sharing.

Neptune in Pisces favorably connects to the Full Moon providing inspiration and the perfect escape from thinking about money or matters of life, death and survival.  Just breathe.  Do something creative. Meditate.  Be near water.

This influence also lends a hand in tuning into the realms of the spiritual, intuitive and mysterious as sensitivities will be heightened, creating a vibe that feels out of this world.

Scorpio is wrapped in intensity, complexity, vulnerability and things deep, dark, hidden and unspeakable.  This phase sheds light on matters kept secret, suppressed, covered or concealed involving things like power, control, corruption, abuse, violence, lust, envy, and all kinds of wickedness that dwells in Scorpio’s realms.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, has recently gone retrograde in Capricorn for the next five months suggesting that there’s an unearthing of things deep below and buried, even the resurfacing of an old passion, along with an inner restoration, reset and revival that’s underway.

Many of the beliefs you’ve held, behaviors or measures you’ve organized and built your life around may be put to the test or done away with altogether if found to be invalid or no longer necessary to who you’re becoming.  Others may be reinforced because, over time, its proven to be so and you know what you know. And that’s ok.  Don’t be afraid to reassess – it’s the perfect time to do so! In just a few days we have a slow-down in the sky as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn turn retrograde and cover old ground.

Venus is retrograde in Gemini from May 12th through June 25th– a time for reconnecting, getting in touch and exchanging thoughts and ideas.  During this period, old friends and lovers could make an appearance, or it may be that a familiar situation arises.  It may be time to re-assess some of your associations.  Traditionally, it’s not a favorable time to begin relationships or to get married but I’ve seen some make it work.  It’s also not the best time for shopping or changing your looks by doing a dramatic make-over with your hairstyle, cosmetic surgery, etc., the results may not be what you had in mind.  Maintenance is ok though. I can see people eager to catch up and flocking to their stylists after being quarantined for weeks.

Jupiter in Capricorn Retrograde May 14th through September 12th  and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius – Capricorn May 10th through September 29th – during this phase, review your beliefs and assumptions, check your preconceptions, judgements, viewpoints and philosophies about success and achievement, authority and rules, limitations and restrictions; take another look at social standards and norms, redefine your goals, acknowledge your resistance and  re-establish your position. Don’t be afraid to change old paradigms and belief structures so that it aligns with the model for your future.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


Taurus New Moon

22 Apr

rainbowMuch is happening in our Universe these days and I hope this finds you well…

The Taurus New Moon April 22nd opens us to gratitude and appreciation.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon reads, “a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”, and that sounds good to me!  Rainbows need rain, coming after the storm, with the sun’s illumination reflecting and refracting light’s brilliant shades. Things may begin to suddenly look brighter.  Yay!

Taurus is an Earth sign so get outside, get your hands dirty in the garden and connect and ground with Mother Earth whenever and wherever you can.  It’s good for the Soul and also helps build your immunity!

Taurus is also a financial sign governing money, values and possessions – earthly goods, while the New Moon is the time for new starts and planting your intention out into the universe.  You may surprise yourself in what you’re able to manifest.

Uranus is closely connected to this New Moon, so surprises are quite likely. The atmosphere is buzzing with restless excitement and uncertainty.  You may see changes to your earnings and spending, market instability, volatility, alterations to prices and costs of goods and products such as beef, dairy, energy and oil or to the value of currencies.

Stickler Saturn in Aquarius takes a stab at this New Moon bringing slowdowns and delays in moving forward or resistance to the latest guidelines for establishing a new normal.  Some stand out subjects involve the assured security of science and technology, irregular models and the cost of freedom encouraged by a progressive agenda. On the other hand, there’s love of liberty and independence inspiring the establishment of communities of responsible citizens and movements for sovereignty providing power to the people.

On another level, senses are awakening, coming online as Earth frequencies incite timeline shifts.

Venus in Gemini is the ruler of this lunation, connecting with Mars in Aquarius– this influence is very social and perhaps a bit restless.  This influence craves connections, conversations, mobility and variety.  You want to get out and about and gather with others although it may still have to be through technology for the time being.  You may want to initiate friendships, claim your free expression, to speak with others while favorable words and ideas move the masses or offer a change of direction.

Jupiter and Pluto continue their close connection in Capricorn, which was exact on April 4th.  This is a powerful pairing that doesn’t happen every day, in fact this comes around about every thirteen years. This influence speaks of significant changes to the structure of our society.  There is a major overhaul and restoration underway on several fronts simultaneously.

On the same day, April 4th, there was a global meditation resulting in a spike in the Schumann Resonance, the vibration, frequency or heartbeat of the Earth, for a full 24 hours, demonstrating the power of intention and the inherent power of Humanity.

It’s important to recognize that as certain realities are dismantled and deconstructed, and the restoration process ensues, to be mindful of the new reality/timeline that we’re choosing to collectively co-create presently.  We all have a role to play.  Every moment presents choice, while templates and timelines are shifting. So, know that while times are uncertain, do not be full of fear.  While everyone has their moments, know that these are indeed vital and exciting times that we’re living in. There is opportunity in adversity.  If we’re honest, most would agree that life pre-plannedemic was full of flaws.  Focus on what you’re for – not against.  What if now you’re able to choose what is worthy of returning to normal and what should be scrapped and/or recreated at a new level?   What would you choose?  Now would be the time to put intention into the things you value, to those people, places or things that you love and appreciate, and what it is that you admire, find beautiful and on what foundation or what fundamentals your life is built upon.

For the moment, all planets are moving forward until April 25th when Pluto retrogrades bringing an internal evolution, inner renewal and revival of infrastructure for the next five months.  Mid-May begins a turnaround as three more planets cover old ground; Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius retrograde in the weeks and months to follow.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

Taurus Super Moon

12 Nov


The Moon is full in the sign of the Bull on November 14th and it is a Super Moon, one we haven’t seen the likes of in nearly 70 years! It will be big and bright and shining a lot of light, illuminating dark places. Both Taurus and Scorpio are signs that deal with security; emotional and material security. We must reconcile which things we are to hold on to and what we need to let go of. Situations dealing with what we’re comfortable with, what or who we trust, issues of life and death, who we love, our possessions, resources, finances and the things that we value will come up now. We may see a turning point in some area that we’ve been plodding along in or a project that we’ve been building up. Taurus is an Earth sign and is also associated with gratitude, Gaia and her resources; these things are highlighted now. During this time of year, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. honoring Earth’s abundance and the things that we’re thankful for.
Uranus is connecting with this lunation suggesting that there are changes and adjustments to be made. This may inject an element of surprise and unpredictability which may not be welcomed as some of our security buttons are being pushed; perhaps even a security breach or a breach of trust. Alternatively, there could be a shake up to a situation that’s been stuck and stagnant. It may also involve new groups, new friends or new technology. This influence can threaten something stable or energize a stale situation. Obviously, this may cause some discomfort even when these changes are the very thing we’ve wanted and needed.
Venus, the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is in conservative Capricorn. This has us feeling cautious in matters of love and money. We value things of substance or things that are traditional and that stand the test of time. We’re willing to invest in the long term now. We are not into frivolous spending or casual relationships right now. We can also be made aware of the responsibilities that we have to our loved ones and how some of these important relationships help to shape our lives.
At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury and Juno conjunct in Sagittarius connecting with Mars in Aquarius; again, highlighting the importance of meaningful relationships. This may mean that speaking our truth and engaging in honest conversations in regards to relationships, partnerships and agreements has potential to create spontaneous actions, unexpected moves or a show of independence. Expanding our perception and making future plans could also mean a change of direction.
Neptune is conjunct the South Node in Pisces suggesting that we are letting go of old illusions, mistakes, blind spots and escape routes. This is an emotional process.
Chiron in Pisces also connects favorably with this lunation providing some compassionate healing and to ease our suffering a bit.
Jupiter is moving in to contact Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s ruler. This is a positive interchange and stabilizing influence. These two social planets will be in close proximity into 2017. We can be cautiously optimistic and able to work on opportunities for growth. There could be are career opportunities or opportunities for advancement that also comes with responsibility. We may need to evaluate options and make long range decisions. This also suggests that we are more conservative and cautious, cutting back, narrowing our options -also in regard to our associations and agreements. It also points to our growing responsibility to conserve and to increase the balance and even it up.

Jupiter in Libra is also closing in on a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an important aspect that doesn’t happen often. We’ll see these two go at it again in the coming months. This is one of the major shapers and /or players of 2017.

Jupiter is a social planet dealing with subjects like our world view, opinions, beliefs, religion, sense of right and wrong and the Law. Libra deals with fairness and equality and balance. Pluto is a slower moving, generational planet and a force that pushes for evolution and brings forth powerful transformations in whatever it comes into contact with; Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and represents the structure and framework of our society, the rules, authority and what is considered to be socially acceptable. These energies squaring off will challenge and transform some of these areas and change the social fabric within our society for generations. We must be mindful and try to take the high road, to be fair and inclusive and to co-create a world that we all want to live in.

We’re being faced with a challenge to reform structures and even out the playing field. Jupiter in Libra asks that we have faith in others and to give them a fair shake without labels and with more tolerance. The flip side of that is that we can become overly judgmental or excessively moral and righteous. Follow the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated! It’s pretty simple. This is the right thing to do as one human being to another and deep down we we know this to be true.

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn wants us to have fair dealings that are mutually beneficial; there is an increasing opposition that challenges a consolidation of power and dares a destruction to things that may seem to have been set in stone and a reformation, a new framework upon which we build our lives and our society. Faith in others, tolerance and an increase in peace and harmony can stimulate the rebuilding of structures, rules, policies, etc. We need agreements and rules we can all live with and must be able to see things from another side, or to seek alternatives.

On another level, we can experience growth and opportunity through our associations and we’re able to outgrow and move beyond other relationships or patterns of relating. Our contact with others can increase now and we can be pushed to eliminate any blocks or resistance. The relationships and agreements we enter into now have the power to change our lives for better or worse.

Jupiter in Libra is also a very creative influence and pitted with Pluto in Capricorn, we could be rehabbing, recycling and up-cycling. We want to improve and refine, turning trash to treasure and making shit shine.

New Moon Blessings to ALL and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Scorpio New Moon

26 Oct


Scorpio is the sign associated with the mysteries and cycles of life, death and rebirth. We can easily see the living proof of this symbolism looking out our windows this time of year in this part of the world. The falling leaves from the trees that will once again be born anew come spring.

Must be the Season of the Witch…

All things having to do with magick, the occult, spirits, ghosts, psychic experiences and abilities are also in the realm of Scorpio. Scorpio needs to peer into, through, behind and underneath the surface of things; to research and get to the very core of the matter. It is very fitting that we celebrate Samhain and Halloween at this time of year when the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest. Even the recognizable symbol of Halloween, the jack o’lantern illustrates that we are merely a vessel for the light. This New Moon may seem extra magickal or other worldly as it connects with Neptune in Pisces and falls so close to Samhain.
Scorpio is a water sign, which governs over the emotional realm but the waters of the Scorpion are anything but placid. Churning, choppy and murky is more like it. Scorpio also has dominion over some of our darker qualities such as passion, lust, control, obsession, manipulation, power, anger, rage and jealousy and things that are considered taboo.

Come on baby Don’t fear the Reaper…

Where we find this lunation in our own charts is where we are likely to experience some of these matters or some sort of ending or transformation in our lives. This is the area of our lives where we may need to hit the reset button. You may have to ask yourself questions like: What am I passionate about? Who am I at the very core of my soul? What fills me with rage? What am I trying to control? What in my life needs “die”? What needs to be resurrected? This is a New Moon that is urging us to learn to give up control, let go and go with the flow.

Mercury is conjunct this New Moon in Scorpio and our thoughts and conversations can become deep and complicated. We could find ourselves questioning the deeper mysteries of life or discussions about death, spirituality, psychic experiences, visions, dreams, other worldly things, etc. We could be researching and observing these things. The more we question, the deeper we go, we discover an endless ocean of mystery.

On another level, we could be handling details or paperwork dealing with insurance, wills, estates, taxes, loans, mortgages or joint finances/ventures or even divorce. Words can be used to manipulate and with Neptune in the mix, all is not clear. You could be misinformed, or there could be information missing or omitted or someone is outright trying to manipulate and deceive.

Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra are also connecting in a tense aspect and they’ll do this a couple more times in the coming months. These two planets have much in common in the way of our ideals, beliefs, faith, intuition and spirituality. We may need to do some tweaking in these areas especially where it concerns our relationships and other people.

It could be that you’re dazzled by someone or you’ve projected an image onto someone that isn’t the truth of who they are and there is a call to move beyond a particular relationship or a relationship pattern. Maybe you have fallen victim or have been taken advantage of, ignored or overlooked and recognize some of the major compromises that are needed to make relationships or agreements work. Maybe you’re on the short end of the stick and fed up or you’re the one doing the taking and the other person has had enough. Jupiter in Libra seeks to balance things out. Perhaps you are feeling disenchanted, disappointed or disillusioned by some associations and feel the need to move on. It may be that in order to grow in relationships you have to let go of past mistakes or illusions and learn to accept people as they truly are. Jupiter in Libra wants relationships that are genuine, meaningful, honest and authentic and Neptune in Pisces begs us to surrender our illusions.

Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius further emphasizes that we want meaning in our relationships and associations that stand the test of time. We’re not in the mood for hollow connections now. In fact, we may be overly cautious or serious in matters of love. We may also feel conservative in regard to money also or perhaps only spending on things that increase in value over time or perhaps it is that we value time, knowledge and expertise.
Samhain Blessings & Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!


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Scorpio Full Moon

19 Apr

This Full Moon on April 22 may have the intense energy of a roller coaster ride especially where love and money is concerned.  At this time of year when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is full in Scorpio, our security needs are front and center. This is the time when we will also need to strike a balance between our need for accumulation and consumption with our need to release and relinquish or recycle. This seems very fitting with this Full Moon falling on Earth Day.  Matters of life and death and the things that are important to us may be brought to light at this time. 

Financial matters could also turn a corner now.  It may have to do with taxes, estates, wills, loans, insurance settlements, credit, commission or compensation of some kind.

Both the modern and ancient rulers of Scorpio have gone retrograde just one day apart from each other; Mars in Sagittarius on April 17th and Pluto in Capricorn on the 18th.  During their back track we’ll be covering old ground when it comes to any of those matters above but also to our motivations and our deepest yearnings.  We’ll have to conclude one way or the other if our motivations fall in alignment with our true being; at the depth of our core.  We’ll have to be honest about if what we’ve been aiming for is in accordance with who we are.  We’ll need to know that it feels right and if it’s something we truly believe in in order for it to be part our future direction.  We may have to restructure some of our goals and ambitions. It may also be that we’re restructuring or revisiting matters related to retirement, insurance, wills etc. Perhaps we need revive or resurrect something from our past.  We may also be revisiting a situation that brings up feelings of or about intimacy, trust, intensity, passion, lust or anger, violence, revenge, power, and control; it may be some of the darker or more taboo aspects of life.  Pluto and Scorpio energies have a depth and raw intensity about them; all or nothing.

Surgery is not recommended while Mars or Pluto are retrograde.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus finds herself in the fray between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn all week long.  We could find that finances and relationships are unstable, unreliable and unpredictable at this time.  There may be changing values, income or possessions that brings a need to conserve our resources or consolidating debts.  There could be breaks or changes with agreements; upsetting the peace, comfort and stability.  Relationships could start or end quite suddenly or maybe there is an unusual or exciting quality to the association.  Perhaps there are new friendships or people you get together with for a common cause.  This also shows people coming together for a common cause to challenge an established power.  We can clearly see this in the current American politics.  It could be that there are competitive relationships or a break in a relationship or perhaps just need some space and/or independence.


Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!


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Friday the 13th Full Moon

12 Jun

Friday the 13th Full Moon in Sagittarius

This Sagittarius Full moon may have us feeling a bit adventurous or maybe we feel the need for some freedom or room to roam, perhaps we want to travel and explore or learn something new but we’ll have to move out of our comfort zone if we’re to fulfill any wanderlust we may feel at this time. It could also be that we have learned of an opportunity or a truth that requires that we modify our former assumptions or opinions. 

At this full moon, it is also possible that we could be turning a corner in regard to a legal issue, or an advertising, publishing or promotional campaign possibly requiring us to modify our niche; to do things a bit out of our ‘norm’; and to adjust the way that we’ve always done things.  We have been being urged by Jupiter in Cancer for the last year to come out of our shells and to move beyond conditioned responses and habitual patterns, and to stop being so overly protective or insecure. 

Jupiter in Cancer may have also put real estate, property, home and family matters in the forefront for the past year.  Whether you were buying or selling, remodeling and expanding or even growing your family, Jupiter has been broadening our horizons on the domestic scene for nearly a year now.  Jupiter will move out of Cancer in mid-July not to return for twelve years. 

Jupiter is the ruler of this Sag Moon and in quincunx aspect requiring our beliefs, assumptions or opinions from the past to be modified with our faith in the future and to live with our current truth.

Mars in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn at the time of this Full Moon.  This is not an easy aspect and in some extreme cases could produce violence.  Mars has been in Libra since the beginning of 2014 and the planet of action isn’t all that comfortable in the sign of Peace and harmony.  We’ve all been feeling that tension for a while now.  It may be that you were feeling that you were spinning wheels trying to come to some kind of agreement or decision, and you may have felt that you were getting nowhere.  It could be that you or someone else (like an opponent) has been trying to upset the peace, or force a confrontation.  There may have been a lot of things to be considered, options to be weighed, decisions needing to be made but things seemed stalled or ‘up in the air’.  It may also be that you need to initiate contact, cooperation or collaboration with another to help eliminate some of the things that seem to hold you back. 

Mars is now in direct motion and will soon cross the degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross that peaked back in late April.  If you felt extreme tension then, this issue could surface again.   It could also be that there is a break in an agreement or a breach of contract that is challenging something that may have seemed guaranteed and set in stone, there could be a violation of trust or ethics, or the power and control of some authority may be challenged or there’s an upset to a consolidation of power.  Perhaps it is financial such as a commitment of resources like a loan or mortgage.  In fact, issues regarding joint finances or resources, shared responsibilities, insurance claims and policies, inheritances and estates, taxes and even divorce or divorce settlements may be important at this time. 

Saturn in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus are also in an opposition at the time of this Full Moon.  This is not a very fun aspect either as it pits comfort, pleasure and security against duty, obligation and responsibility.  Boo.  It may also be that what we attract or desire runs counter to our commitments or to the reality of our resources.  This could be felt in our love lives and relationships or in our wallets. We may also want to recognize our consumption vs. conservation where our resources are concerned even natural resources like water.  It is possible to make the most from this aspect if you are willing to work to build something up in the long term and delay gratification. 

Chiron, The Wounded Healer is also very important at this time and in a favorable aspect to Saturn and Venus (to the exact degree and minute!).  It could be that if you can’t get what you want at this time, then it may affect your sense of self-worth.  Or it may be that a psychological button is pushed causing the need to refine and reform our value systems, beliefs and structures that we’ve built our lives upon.  It is also possible that Chiron’s presence here acts as a bridge to materialize that which we desire at this time. 

Blessings and good Vibes to All on this very rare and special Friday the 13th Full Moon

January 15 Full Moon in Cancer

15 Jan

This first Full Moon of the New Year may have us a bit more moody and emotional than usual, especially in regard to relationships and money.  This Full moon is in Cancer and Cancer is the natural ruler of the Moon itself.   Both govern the feelings and emotions, the Home, the Mother and the past. 

The Love planets Mars in Libra and Venus Rx in Capricorn are experiencing some friction at this time and Jupiter in Cancer is there to make it an even bigger deal. There could be anger over something that is ‘not fair’ and we might feel we’re ready to upset the peace.  Jupiter in Cancer stresses the importance of being honest about how we feel which may threaten the security of old ways or it may help to eliminate any obstacles that may be preventing an ‘even playing field’.  This may have to do with boundaries either crossed or walls built up in relationships.  We may also need to deal with the issue of what we need to feel secure and if it is worth it.  Money issues also come to a head at this time too and could be at the root of the issue.  Joint finances, estates, retirement plans, insurance, properties, etc. are all highlighted at this time. 

Ceres also makes her presence known at this Full Moon bringing issues about parenting and child care into the spotlight.  It could be that you may need to balance nurturing vs. discipline, or it is possible you’re trying to balance home vs. career, or maybe there are even mother vs. father; single parent and custody issues.  Ceres could also shine a light on women’s issues such as pregnancy and menopause.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing since we need a little friction at times to get things going and to make a move or to make it happen.  If you’ve wanted to grow your family, this Cancer Full moon could be as good a time as any to give it a go.  What have you got to lose by trying? Ceres also has to do with our family ties, our sense of belonging and clan membership and it could be that this is also contributing to some of the relationship woes you may be experiencing. 

Ceres does also correspond to the work force and agriculture so these types of issues may also come to light at this time.  Stories in the news have talked of employment equality as well as a major cereal (Ceres) company no longer using GMO products.

Mercury in Aquarius is in a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries and we may be able to come up with new ideas.  Thoughts may be coming and going quickly or a conversation or piece of correspondence may surprise you.  It may be that we have unusual conversations possibly having to do with our freedom and independence; or it is possible that we can come up with solutions that are good for everyone. 

Saturn is supportive of this Cancer Full Moon and may mark the completion of some lesson or test.  And it may have to do with joint finances, shared responsibilities, closeness, intimacy, sex and also about conserving our resources.  Whether we’ve passed or failed remains to be seen I suppose.  But it is at least a bit of a stabilizing influence. 


New Year and a New Moon

30 Dec

New Year’s New Moon

It is typical that during this time of the year we are resolving to be a better version of ourselves than we had been in the previous year; the time of year that we are committing to some new path in some manner or where we are restricting ourselves in some way.  This is no surprise since the Sun is in Competent Capricorn during this time of year.  Capricorn energies test us to handle responsibility, to be accountable and ambitious; to be mature and able to manage things effectively while showing the disciplined side of ourselves.  It is no surprise that this is the time of year that we feel compelled to set goals for the New Year and prove ourselves to ourselves.  This year we are also blessed with a New Moon on our New Year.  This is a rare occasion and hasn’t happened in nearly two decades.  New Moons are a time for New Beginnings and ‘planting our seeds’ or ‘setting our intentions’ so we can expect a little more ‘oomph’ to what we are putting out there into the Universe.  The thing about this particular lunation is that it is highlighting and setting off a pattern which will pretty much dominate much of the first half of 2014.  The theme for the year.  This lunation will be tangled into the long standing and much talked about square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars in Libra also plays a role here while Jupiter in Cancer is also on his way to the table. These four planets will gather in perfect mathematical alignment in April and form a Cardinal Grand Cross.  What happens now hints at what is to come the days surrounding April 23-24.  This energy could have everyone feeling on edge.  In 2013 we’ve witnessed and experienced a tremendous amount of change and adjustment and it seems that 2014 continues along those lines.  The Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel this the most.  You may be one of these signs reading this and already aware of all the changes that are and have been taking place lately.  Hang in there!

This New Moon is closely conjunct Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn keeping our mood and our minds on the side of serious and intense.  It’s a feeling of “do or die”.  We may feel a passion for some goal we want to achieve, or maybe we feel that we have something important to say; with Mars in Libra also having his say it might be difficult to get your point across, or someone may oppose or criticize you. There could be arguments.  Or if you’re lucky, maybe someone of importance or influence wants to collaborate with you on some new project. Things may come out of nowhere and take you by surprise.  Respect given or received may also be an important issue right now.  It may be that you want respect and recognition from powerful people or a superior or maybe it’s a mutual respect you want or to just be taken seriously.  Maybe there is anger over inequality or someone not ‘playing fair’.  You might want to ruffle some feathers or someone could do it to you.  Ambitions and career, parents, older people and authority figures play a role now.  Talking about shared responsibilities, especially financial, can also upset the peace and can suddenly turn into arguments; or maybe you’re working hard and pushing for some kind of compromise or agreement.

I think money and spending will be a big topic in 2014.  Well, isn’t it always?  Venus in Capricorn is also retrograde during this time so it is a time to ‘get real’ where finances are concerned, cut back, take responsibility, evaluate our spending vs. earning, consolidate, and find out what is really important and of value to you.  Venus will turn direct at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 31.  This is the same degree where this Cardinal Grand Cross will take place in April.  You could again note the events around January 27- February 2.  Especially where money or relationships are concerned.  Venus will remain in Capricorn until March 6.  Venus in Capricorn isn’t very showy although she does like nice things, antiques and things of quality and value.  Venus is very practical and Earthy in Capricorn and can slowly build up things that are meant to last.  Whether this is your bank account, career, reputation, relationships etc., you must be willing to put in the time and the effort.

Venus is also the sign of beauty and in Capricorn, it made me think of ‘aging beauty’ or slowing the aging process or just blocking it all together if it were possible (I wish).  Growing older is a fact of life and something that has been on my mind recently with a milestone birthday just around the corner.  At the time of this New Moon it is a good time to review your beauty regimen especially where skin and teeth are concerned.  Venus Rx is not a good time to do anything drastic or to do cosmetic surgery.  Perhaps it is a time to appreciate our marks of experience.  Shopping at this time, you may find yourself attracted to more conservative items, or something that is classically styled that is never out of fashion or it could be that you are in need of career clothing or perhaps you are interested in items that may be more “age appropriate”.  You also may spend more money than you anticipated so it may be best to wait until at least the first of February, after Venus is direct.  This way, you can make sure you actually like what you bought and got it at a good price.

2014 may also bring us new laws or legal action having to do with security and technology; breaches within technology and the internet, especially with big money and banking, credit and data.  The situation with Target stores’ security breach with the credit data of their customers comes to mind.  Perhaps there will be other examples and instances that bring issues like this to light. There may be new rules and regulations, assuming responsibility or coming to judgment about who is responsible.   This could also extend to the Real Estate market, home buying and mortgages.  The improvement and growth of the market may be challenged by new changes, policies, rules and regulations with lending and mortgages.

On a more inner or spiritual note, 2014’s dominant pattern could be prompting us to initiate involvement and act peacefully, move beyond the past conditioning and former prejudices and assumptions in order to find our personal truth; our internal sense of right and wrong and to make new and exciting changes in our lives while restoring our faith and trust through these shared experiences.

Full Moon in Taurus

17 Nov

This Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus.  This Full Moon illuminates values, money, finances and the things that provide us with the feelings of security and stability.  It may also highlight issues of self-worth or a lack of.  Please do not judge your worth or the worth of another by how deep the pockets are.  You may feel that you are lacking, or worse yet, feeling worthless.  Try being grateful with an attitude of gratitude for the things you do have.  Some of us possess gifts that are beyond material measure.  At this time we can decide what is really of value to us.  Taurus is a sensual sign so we can take time to appreciate our senses.  Take time to stop and smell the roses, listen to an amazing piece of music, get a massage, create your own work of art, get up and dance or sing and relish in the beauty of just being

Venus, planet of beauty and love is also the ruler of Taurus and she’s recently gotten herself tangled in the Uranus/Pluto square.  During this time, it may be that we’re experiencing our ‘soul growth’ in the realm of relationships, love and money.  It could be that relationships are revitalized or overhauled with an injection of excitement or electricity, maybe someone needs to change things up or needs more freedom and space or maybe a relationship ends altogether.  It may happen to be that a new relationship catches you off guard with an unexpected intensity.  It’s also possible that there is a resurrection of a relationship from long ago or with an older person that comes as a surprise. On an inner level, it could be that there’s an awakening stimulating a deep love and appreciation for our responsibilities and commitments; where we willingly and gratefully accept them. We can also experience those changes in our income (or lack of it); it may be changes that we initiate ourselves or something that happens out of the blue. 

At this time, we can put an end to any feelings of complacency, laziness, overindulgence and the need for acquisition or greed as well as putting to rest the fear of being a “have not”.  At this full moon, with the Taurus/ Scorpio polarity highlighted, we may be able to release what keeps us stuck if we can appreciate our ‘dark side’.  We all have one.  That which is hidden controls us but it doesn’t need to.  Take the lessons learned and build something of value. Honestly face things for what they really were and allow ourselves to be reborn and renewed.

Venus Caught in the Crossfire

11 Jun

June 11-12

Venus, the Goddess of Love tangles in the tense and ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto.  This could upset relationships as family values and our desire for the familiar, comfort and protection or our sense of belonging is confronted by the elimination of things that were long standing or that seemed permanent and set in stone. Whether viewed as something of security or an obstacle, we are challenged to take risks and initiate changes.  Vesta in Cancer is also in quincunx to Juno in Aquarius and it may be that although we are devoted to home and family and hold these things sacred we must acclimate to any shake ups or unrest in relationships.  Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces perfect their trine aspect indicating that although these are constructive changes we’re going through that we may be left feeling disillusioned, lost or confused for the time being. If you’re not feeling this in your love life, look to your pocketbook for these unsettling changes.