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Sagittarius New Moon

22 Nov

wise owlThe Sagittarius New Moon November 26th is an opening for growth, expansion, opportunity and success for the future.  It’s a time to honor your truth or to check in on your beliefs and assumptions and tweak them according to your changing values and tastes if need be.  Perhaps you’re seeking counsel or involved in legal matters now.  Or maybe you’re beginning an advertising or marketing campaign, promoting something meaningful to you or making a formal announcement.

Uranus in Taurus connects with this New Moon bringing both progress and instability.  You may feel a bit wonky now as you stretch yourself into unfamiliar territory, moving out of comfort zones, but at the same time, appealing to your adventurous side leaving you feeling liberated and loose.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is, “an old owl up in a tree”, hinting at wisdom and the perspective from a bird’s eye view.   Pallas is also closely connected to the New Moon reminding you of the bigger picture and nudging you to stand up for what you feel is right.

Jupiter, the ruler of this Sagittarius New Moon, is still in the last degrees of its own sign, hovering close to the Galactic Center; the Sun of our Solar system and a place where it is said that Divine Energies, knowledge and guidance come through.  Tune in.

Just days after the New Moon, on December 3rd, Jupiter will exit expansive Sagittarius where he’s spent the past year and moves along into restrictive Capricorn, bringing a major energy shift for the year ahead.  Jupiter hasn’t seen this slice of the heavens since December 2007-January 2009.  This won’t be a subtle influence and may feel as if your leash has been yanked.  Jupiter in its own sign was a phase for unearthing and discovery that felt expansive and optimistic as you went out on a limb to push your luck and see how far you could get.  Now it’s time to curb your enthusiasm and do some full-sized adulting.  Perhaps there are career advancement opportunities, or a way to put yourself in a better position; maybe you expand a business or receive a promotion, which of course brings more responsibility, limiting your freedom. Your schedule will be tighter as your calendar fills up, adding to your commitments. You may be held to a higher standard or you’re regarded accountable far and wide, perhaps even legally so.  You have loads of ambition and aim high, but you’ll have to be patient; success can be yours although it will develop over time. And in the meantime, you’ll have to demonstrate your experience, expertise and professionalism.  In some instances, you may have to take a few steps back in order to move forward or to scrap and cut some things in order to grow.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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Scorpio New Moon

25 Oct

rocky shoreThe New Moon in Scorpio October 27 is buzzing with excitement.  Change is in the air as Uranus in Taurus sits across the sky facing off with this New Moon giving it an amped up Full Moon feel. This lunation points to awakening, revelation, liberation, revolution, rebellion, evolution and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon reads, “a massive rocky shore” and things may be tough going now as you’re not sure of your footing, feeling unstable and uncertain with situations turbulent and changeable.

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Scorpio represents death, rebirth and the cycles of life.  Death in the symbolic sense, it isn’t always meant as a physical death.  We die many deaths throughout our lives as part of our growth, development and evolution.  After each transition, there comes the time of rebirth as we rise from the ashes of our past, of what once was and reinvent ourselves, continuing our path of becoming.

Would you say that you or your life is the same as just a few years ago?  Over the last several years there’s been an acceleration of growth and change that hasn’t always been pleasant, for some it’s been grueling.  Sometimes we must break down and bust open to rid the layers of the not self and see what we’re made of.

Scorpio is a sign that gets down to the core, to the nitty gritty to show the unseemly, unmentionable and the unthinkable.  During this phase, conditions feel raw and urgent as you face the shadows and darker parts, surprised at what bubbles to the surface while receiving startling revelations and aha moments of insight and clarity flooding your awareness. Your psychic sensitivities and intuition are tuned in and turned all the way up now.  It is said that the veil between worlds is thinnest this time of year and this period could attest to that.  This New Moon is pressing for change, transformation and reinvention.  Time to level-up on the evolutionary – vibrational plane.

On another level, fluctuating finances and markets are featured at this lunation which can bring any of the following – changes in earnings, commissions, royalties, costs or currencies/electronic currencies, unexpected expenses, variations or modifications of loans, debts, insurance, taxes, wills and inheritance, etc.  You could adjust, correct and overhaul your budget and bank account, maybe you’re seeking to consolidate, refinance or do a reset of some sort.  There could be loopholes to contracts or maybe you’re looking for an opening or an out.  This could also involve technology, electronics or electricity.

There’s added pressure and tension as Mars in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn clash and connect with Neptune in Pisces.  It’s a trying time that’s not easy to navigate as there are many unknowns, uncertainties and things you were not aware of coming out to be confronted. You may want to trade your behind the scenes status of invisibility and anonymity for engagement, collaboration and cooperation, but it doesn’t come easy.  You could feel blocked at any attempts at a compromise or agreement, there could be resistance to your advances or efforts to make contacts and connections or forge alliances. You want those that have substance and can stick it out for the long haul – social niceties and lip service have no place now. Patience is called for with this influence; good things come to those who wait – so they say. It’s easy to feel frustrated as if you’re getting nowhere fast, struggling for balance while faced with limitations, obstruction and resistance.  On another level, there’s anger over inequality, fighting for justice or peace, or a push back of opposition; moving against authority, policy and/or the establishment.

In addition to so much happening, Mercury, Venus and Pallas all meet in Scorpio, sitting across the sky from Vesta in Taurus, suggesting that you want involvements and discussions that plunge the depths, connections and encounters are magnetic and words are passionate and persuasive as you think and feel things deeply now.  Intuition is sharp with penetrating perceptions and an ability to cut through complications, lay everything out, shedding light on things kept locked up, shielded and protected or what’s had your unwavering dedication, commitment or allegiance.

Jupiter and Ceres meet up in Sagittarius.  Among other things, Ceres’ symbolism is associated with death, the dying process and cycles of renewal, further emphasizing the Scorpio theme; while placed in Sagittarius and connected to Jupiter, you may want to explore these topics and come to a deeper understanding of natural laws and cycles.  On another level, this hints at beliefs about self-worth, self-image, self-esteem, body image and being “enough”.

One last thing, as a friendly reminder, Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio October 31 – November 20th.  Your mind may be on critical matters and more introspective.  The usual rules of Mercury Rx apply, i.e. practice communicating clearly, don’t assume another understands what you mean, watch when sending emails, texts, letters, memos, etc. that they go to the correct party, without typos and errors.  It’s not the best time to enter into new contracts and agreements, watch signing paperwork.  Also, not the best time for buying electronics, appliances, or a vehicle.  When a planet is retrograde, it’s best to back track and cover old ground, revisit, re-imagine, re-investigate, re-examine, reconsider – you get the picture.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

Have a Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


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Libra New Moon

26 Sep

joining handsThe New Moon in Libra September 28th is an opener for negotiations, exchanges and fair deals it’s time to aim for balance and equality. Time to even it up.

Many of the planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, that were recently gathered in Virgo, have moved on to meet up in Libra; putting an emphasis on give and take in relationships and the need to assess some of your associations.

Mars and Juno hang back in Virgo a bit longer continuing to support problem solving and course correcting especially regarding your involvements and arrangements.

Chiron in Aries is across the sky from this New Moon suggesting that you could be healing rifts in relationships, perhaps there’s an upset that needs to be resolved, or loopholes in agreements.  Maybe you’re on the mend and working to regain your center.

Uranus in Taurus contacts the Libra New Moon, which may bring a few surprises to your affairs or finances.  You could see fluctuating or unexpected costs, payments, earnings or commissions altering balances and accounts. You can shift your single focused-ness or what you thought is a sure thing, by considering alternatives. A collaboration could help dislodge where you’ve been stuck or maybe some competition serves as a shake-up to the comfort, ease and predictability of a relationship.  It could also be that the appeal of independence needs tweaking to compliment the contrast and compromises of coupledom.

On another level, you could feel wobbly or woozy as irregularities, abnormalities or anomalies affect stability and equanimity.  This also brings the need for adjustments to balance the throat charka or thyroid into the picture.  There’s a need for correction and regulation.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra New Moon connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces encouraging you to trade in your aloneness or anonymity and reach out to your broader social contacts to team up, collaborate and cooperate.  It’s a good time to bounce ideas off others, brainstorm and compare views and opinions.  You want to deal with people that are upright and worthy and to have meaningful exchanges that promote progress and advancement.  Alternatively, you may be required to shift of your ideals and expectations of others.  Maybe you disengage or disconnect from comrades and companions.  Perhaps you’re being deceived or deluding yourself, it’s ok to have faith but not blindly so, but Jupiter in Sagittarius helps you deal with the truth for what it is and not what you wish it to be.  It’s important to pay attention to what people show you of themselves.  It may be that what you’re shown is somehow a reflection of your own beliefs, doubts and uncertainties.

Additionally, you could deal with legal agreements, negotiations or mediation.  It’s possible there are amendments and adjustments to contracts, collaborations or deals compromising them perhaps to nullify or invalidate it.

Just a couple days after the New Moon, Venus tangles with Pluto in Capricorn bringing some tension and ruffling feathers in your dealings with shared responsibilities, boundaries and trust which could change the status quo but you should be able to get through what’s standing in your way of peaceful co-existence.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Virgo New Moon

28 Aug

puzzle piecesThe Virgo New Moon August 30th is time to roll up your sleeves and get down to the nitty gritty.  Several planets are now gathered in Virgo – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno, putting an emphasis on work, productivity and efficiency.

Virgo is good at assessing a situation, knowing what needs doing and how to go about doing it.  You’re hyper-focused on what’s workable, doable and practical as your mind is methodical and analytical pouring over specifics and sorting things out.  This period favors problem solving, organizing, ordering and systematizing. You can break down a situation to its finer points and parts along with the steps needed to make things run along smoothly.

There may be an emphasis on your skills, services or your craft now; perhaps you introduce something new which gets you noticed.  Maybe you’re open to learning new skills or seeking new employment or hiring employees, an apprentice, helper or handyman, maybe you’re one yourself.

Health and healing matters are also in the realm of Virgo and with so much planetary power in this sector of the sky, these topics call your attention now.  Perhaps you’re on the mend or in therapy.   This phase is promising for embarking on new diet and fitness routines, for detox and purification or for finding the right healer, doctor or protocol.  The theme of healing is further presented with the presence of Chiron in Aries, Ceres in Sagittarius and Hygiea in Gemini influencing this New Moon, suggesting that there are alterations and adjustments in this healing phase linking body, mind and spirit – applying alternative healing practices and modalities, energy healing, body work, eating the right foods, herbs, supplements and getting out into natural surroundings.

Mars closely connected to this New Moon gives loads of get up and go to your plans and projects.  We haven’t had Mars’ oomph in this slice of the heavens for nearly two years! You’re now aiming for improvement and course correction, feeling nothing short of perfection will do.

Uranus in Taurus connects with Mars, the New Moon and the rest of the gang now positioned in Virgo, energizing and progressing things along quickly, perhaps quite suddenly.  It will be an eventful time possibly bringing a few shockwaves to your system but you’re able to easily make changes, get unstuck and fast forward.  These shifts will be unmistakable, clear, constructive and practical, becoming the new normal.

Saturn in Capricorn contacts the crowd in Virgo helping you to narrow your focus so you concentrate only on the essentials, zoning in on your goals, being vigilant, disciplined, discerning and realistic, classifying things by usefulness or functionality, enabling you to get down to the bare bones and discarding anything irrelevant or unimportant.

This period is optimal for getting your shit together by clearing the clutter and organizing, creating healthy habits and routines or systemizing and streamlining processes and procedures perhaps involving technology or automation. This also means clearing your mind of blocks, habits and programs that have outlived their usefulness or associations and situations no longer sound or suitable.  The Universe has your back, so changes happen almost effortlessly while providing the strength to stick it out for the long haul.

New Moon Blessings and Healing Vibes to ALL!

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Leo New Moon

30 Jul

Inner ChildThe New Moon in Leo on July 31st is the second New Moon held this month, sometimes referred to as a Black Moon, like the second Full Moon within a month is referred to as a Blue Moon.

When the Sun and Moon join in Leo, it’s time to commence those things close to your heart, those things that stir your passion and make you feel vital and alive.  Your universe may revolve around kids, creativity, fun and entertainment right now.  Perhaps a pastime or hobby captures your heart or maybe you’re centered on your skills, abilities, gifts and talents at the moment.

I personally enjoy Leo season, in my part of the world, it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. 

Venus is closely connected to this New Moon sweetening the pot and bringing pleasure, gratification, indulgence and recreation; you’re also inclined to spend on these things now.  This period could be highly romantic and creative too.

Uranus in Taurus zings Venus and the New Moon in Leo shaking up money matters or matters of the heart, lifting you out of comfort zones, rocking stability and dislodging what’s been stuck, daring you to take risks and act with authentic abandon.  You can expect a few surprises.  You’re in the mood for something different, possibly acting out of character as your senses have awakened, your tastes may have changed and a desire for the uncommon or unusual grabs your attention now.

On another level, changing wages rouses your self-indulgence and the appeal of the finer things or perhaps unexpected expenses or fluctuating costs tests your love of luxury.  Maybe you spend on a high-ticket item or on concert tickets, an art exhibit, theater or a vacation.

Mars and Juno also meet in Leo sparking the start of a passionate partnership, a creative collaboration or reinvigorating an existing relationship.

Chiron in Aries connects with the Leo New Moon and Venus bringing a favorable time to begin self- healing; healing the inner child, healing your heart’s hurts by loving and accepting one’s authentic creator-self, as you are. Take a moment and think about all the things you love about YOU.  What are you good at? What do you have a knack for? What makes you feel special?  Or proud of yourself?  It’s so easy to pick out what’s not enough – surely you spend enough time on that so just give yourself a minute. It’s not just okay to show yourself some love- it’s necessary.

Alternative healing modalities now aid working with the heart chakra, solar plexus or throat chakra or perhaps you experience heart palpitations or chest flutters and spasms or thyroid changes, fluctuations with weight and/or metabolism during this period.

Mercury begins to move forward in Cancer at this lunation – giving a green light for personal plans and tender talks.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Solar Eclipse in Cancer

1 Jul

clown tearsThe upcoming Cancer New Moon July 2nd is a Total Solar Eclipse.  Eclipses are significant in Astrology.  They’re like powerful portals of energy that propel life forward by shifting your trajectory and altering your path.  This can seem like a single incident, happenstance or perhaps a series of events that seem to put you right where you need to be.  This Eclipse is very close to the future oriented North Node suggesting that you’re about to land in a place that feels right at home.

“I’m on my way.  I’m on my way.  Home sweet home”

The Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse degree is, “a clown making grimaces” implying that masks are dropping as you express your emotions.

Cancer is the sign of home, family, feelings, moods and emotions and a solar eclipse is a powerful New Moon that sets the tone for the year ahead.  There could be new developments within these areas, perhaps starting new traditions and making new memories.

Across the sky, Saturn sits sternly, sharing the same degree with the South Node in Capricorn—representing what has once been the standard, the establishment, the old guard. Fears, doubts and uncertainties could have you clinging to status quo.  Now it’s time to learn what’s proved to be a reliable model or framework and to let go of what’s limiting and restrictive so that you can foster what feels right.

The pressure builds through July 9th.  A situation may call for striking a balance in caring for and looking after others while setting some boundaries and rules.   Perhaps obligations or scheduling crunches are weighing on you. There could be a culmination to goals set in the beginning of the year, especially those dealing with property, land, building or structuring business.

Mars enters Leo for the first time in nearly two years, firing up your feelings, sparking your spontaneity and encouraging your enthusiasm.  You may be pushing your luck, taking chances and operating from deep within your heart of hearts.

Mars and Mercury move closer to another meetup; this time in Leo, as Mercury pauses before backtracking for the rest of the month while extending the effects of their encounter.  You may want to act on creative plans, perhaps those that were put on the backburner for whatever reason.  During this period, you could revisit old favorites and pastimes. It’s possible you reconnect with childhood friends, long forgotten passions and even former flames.  You want involvement and participation, to play with ideas, to entertain or be entertained and to do things that make you feel vibrant and alive.  It’s as if something’s awakening your heart and mind as you’re feeling pleased with your mental musings. Alternatively, you could have heated conversations and strong words that may be full of hot air, bragging or self-importance.  Additionally, you could be enjoying time with children or children’s activities, playmates, teaching and learning may also play a role now.

Venus enters Cancer just one day after the Eclipse and you may enjoy being with your closest loved ones, entertaining at home, or even spending money on decorating and design, making your home more comfortable and beautiful.   Real estate prices and home values may be important now.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces all connect with the Nodal axis, shaping the future for generations to come.  This influence suggests altering beliefs and widening your views as there is no room for limitation based on your fears and doubts, there is more opportunity and possibility than you can imagine.


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Gemini New Moon

1 Jun

pulling back curtainThe Gemini New Moon on June 3rd is an opening for new ideas and carrying out plans that have been on your mind or for saying things that need to be said.

“your mind is a garden for you to plant seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds”.

This can be a busy time as Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, connects with several planets over the next week or so.  You may on the go, having many conversations and exchanges with your mind engaged with news, information and some likely plot twists.

things that make you go hmmmmmmm….

This New Moon is being pressured by Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces – there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, on a deeper level.  You’re being challenged to expand your mind and look at the bigger picture. You may need to see things from another perspective, learn to listen, really listen so you hear the meaning behind the words not just so you can respond but to understand views that run counter to yours.  Your intuition may be telling you something that goes against all reason and rationale and it can feel confusing.   You may hear of things or think of things that seem so far-fetched and unbelievable or that run counter to what you perceive to be possible or truth that you’re perplexed as to how to wrap your head around it all.  There’s a lot of mind fuck mental gymnastics happening and you may be wrestling with what you think you thought you knew as your intuition, faith and logic have a run in.

Or perhaps instead, they’re all melding together beautifully bringing a sense of meaning, purpose, curiosity and interconnection.  You could learn of things or gain access to information and knowledge that has been hidden and obscured, perhaps in plain sight and finally available.  Secrets could be spoken and become known.  Use this time as an opportunity for mental frolicking and let your imagination wander as there is so much creative potential available now.

Venus in her own sign Taurus, mingles with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn during this period.  Financially, you may be stretched a bit thin and need to modify any excess, while focusing on what is essential to shrink debts and waste, perhaps reforming some of your systems, standards, frameworks and/or policies.  It may be that the costs or payments of something is overblown requiring adjustment or on the other hand, maybe your bank account gets beefed up; perhaps there are amendments in legal matters involving fixed financial agreements to release commitments, obligations or responsibilities.

On another level, this is about tweaking your beliefs about your worthiness and removing those things that are keeping you from realizing your own value.  Tear down those walls now and reach out to your comrades, acquaintances and associates – not only the ones you’re at ease with, but those that encourage you to branch out, leading to opportunities for growth and development.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Taurus New Moon

3 May

gardenThe Taurus New Moon May 4th is time for sowing seeds of sustenance and satisfaction in money matters and the material world, appreciating all that you have and what is yet to come as you persist in laying the groundwork in some area of your life.

Saturn in Capricorn gives a nod to the New Moon aiding in defining goals and establishing your position.  This also lends a hand in your ability to be disciplined, focus on essentials and to keep on keepin’ on.

Neptune in Pisces adds some sparkle to the hard-nosed sensibility of these influences serving to keep you inspired.

Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini are in Mutual Reception during the first week of May; put simply, they’re getting on well and reinforcing their energies bringing lots of mental stimulation and activity, calls, talks, news and messages.

Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius face off at this New Moon bringing a culmination of efforts that began when these two met in Scorpio back in January 2018.  This could involve marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns along with broadcasting, media and publishing.

It could be that your efforts to communicate are met with resistance insisting you shift perspective a bit or alter your messaging to remove reservations or hesitation. Legal issues and/or documents may also come to light now.

It could be that a thought-provoking message is being pushed, requiring an open mind; there can be harsh words and forceful opinions where you’re faced with deeper truths and understanding. It may be that what’s being said runs counter to what you believe or to your inner knowing; ethics may come into question. Who’s right and who’s wrong?  There’s lots going on in your headspace – profound thoughts,  wanting to act on ideas and interests, expand your worldview or to speak your truth which some may refuse to accept, calling for resigning to do away with old fears, doubts, limitations, boundaries or restrictions once and for all, before restoring support, rebuilding trust or renewing your position.

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn want to have their say too.  This influence that’s been in progress, operating in the background, illustrates the breakdown, dismantling and deconstruction/reconstruction of many structures and systems in place for a long time – we’re talking lifetimes of limiting reality constructs.

Pallas in Libra and Ceres in Sagittarius nudge this New Moon posing a bit of a catch; suggesting shifting beliefs about self-worth and self-acceptance and attempting to reconcile that with what’s being reflected back to you from others by how well you get on with them, how they treat you or make you feel.

On another level, it may bring up situations involving the law, justice or ethics or being a warrior for truth and equality.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde for the next several months; pointing to the process of growth, development and a search for meaning as an inside job based on your personal truth, measuring things by your own standards and being accountable and solely responsible for your role and your own internal evolution.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!!


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Aries New Moon

3 Apr

Open-DoorThe New Moon in Aries April 5th begins a new cycle of initiation and action.  Mars, the ruler of Aries is now in Gemini you may be thinking and acting quicker, on the move and able to multi-task.  Get up and get going – walking, running or bike riding are good ways to use the energy.

Mars also connects with Chiron and Vesta in Aries, providing motivation and dedication in self-healing, being vigilant in your new routines. You could feel energized, like you’re on the threshold of something new, access granted with keys in hand as you’re ready to enter this new phase.  Alternatively, there could be security a breach or loophole. Vesta is also associated with sexual complexes and topics involving new ways of healing or dealing with these matters could come up now.

Saturn in Capricorn throws a dig at the New Moon reminding you to slow down, focus on essentials, concentrate on what’s important, be disciplined and define goals.

Mercury and Neptune are still closely connected so the details may be a bit fuzzy but soon you will begin to put form to visionary plans for the long term when Mercury contacts Saturn in just a few short days on the 7th.

April 10th   Jupiter in Sagittarius will retrograde April 10th through August 11th this is a time for growth and development from within, and an inner search for meaning and truth.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon!

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Pisces New Moon

4 Mar

high tideThe New Moon in Pisces March 6th can be a time of inspired imagination and creativity as Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is closely connected to this lunation.

Emotions and psychic sensitivity are finely tuned now which can feel enchanting and magical or confused and delusional.

Water may also play a major role at this time, bringing any of the following into focus – oceans, marine life, flooding, leaks, the availability or quality of water, as well as oil or other liquids; also, Fukashima.

Just one day prior to the New Moon, Mercury retrogrades in Pisces March 5th – 28th clouding your mind and you may be back-pedaling on conversations, information and news, revisiting old stories and reflecting.

The New Moon brings considerable Cosmic shifts not experienced in quite some time as Uranus enters Taurus.

Uranus hasn’t been in these parts since 1942 other than the brief stint from May- November 2018 and remains through April of 2026. This is a longer influence, shaping a generation as events occur over time.  As with any transit, there are always several levels of manifestation.  Uranus is an erratic influence while Taurus is unwavering so these are two very different energies which will get you out of your comfort zone.  This influence can awaken the senses or alter who or what attracts you as your tastes may change.  You could experience changes with the throat, throat chakra, thyroid or voice as well as fluctuations in weight. You may awaken to your own worth stimulating your earnings and wealth.  You could see changes in earnings, fluctuating finances, unexpected costs, market instability and/or currency changes.

Additional topics that may arise involving the cost of electricity, tech or internet security, air travel, space or geoengineering.

On another level, the new frequency experienced the past few years is being grounded into Gaia.  We can see it manifesting as Earth anomalies and geological changes.  Remember all the volcanic activity last year while Uranus dipped into Taurus? 

Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn connect favorably to the New moon lending some Earthy stability and discipline in unsettling times while sustained efforts in pursuit of your visionary goals have potential for lasting results.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to All!


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