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Capricorn Full Moon

25 Jun

full-moon accountableThe Capricorn Full Moon on June 28th is arm in arm with task master Saturn, highlighting your duties, obligations and limitations.  Saturn is also the ruler of this Full Moon; time for adulting and putting on your big girl (or boy) pants.  Career related matters could come to a head now.  You may be called to account or need to demonstrate your competence. How do you show up? Measure up?  Own up? Or meet the test?  Perhaps you’re being recognized for your accomplishments, expertise or experience. Alternatively, you may be dealing with time management and scheduling or with establishing business, management or parenting structures, frameworks, guidelines, rules, regulations, boundaries and restrictions.  Saturn is retrograde, so you may be redefining your goals, achievements or position, or reconsidering your commitments.

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Uranus in Taurus sends favorable vibes to this Full Moon adding zing.  Old standards shift with changing values.  This will be evident on several levels– from inconsistent feelings and desires or unreliable associations to unexpected costs and fluctuating markets.

Just days before the Full Moon, June 26th Mars retrogrades in Aquarius, until August 27th.  This means there’s covering old ground in some of the new directions you’ve taken or new networks you’re involved with.  This also hints at a simmering anger within the larger collective, groups of civil unrest fighting for a cause important to them.  Additionally, this period is not an appropriate time to have surgery.

Mars Rx in Aquarius is poking the Sun in Cancer; changes of direction, new networks or groups or causes you’ve recently gotten involved with leads you to come out of your shell or conversely, makes you want to retreat. This influence also suggests some fine tuning regarding a focus on race and the simmering anger in the collective.

It is important to note:  At this point of the year we really start to feel a slow down as several planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde and not operating in their full capacity.  Keep this in mind as it will be difficult to make progress for the next several weeks. Expect a summer slow-down.

The Sun – Saturn showdown on the 27th adds to the slow down.  This brings a sobering or depressing vibe or feeling ‘up against it’ with timelines or schedules, or a clash between your personal and career lives.  You may have to strike a balance between caring and controlling.

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Full Moon Blessings and good vibes to All!

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Capricorn New Moon

10 Jan

goal-setting-mountainJanuary 16th is the first New Moon of 2018 and the time for setting intentions and long-term goals.  Don’t worry if you didn’t yet make any resolutions for the New Year, this New Moon is the perfect time to do it.

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This New Moon in serious Capricorn is at a critical degree making it an extra important, all business, goal oriented New Moon.

Saturn is the ruler of this New Moon and has recently entered his own sign of Capricorn and will stay there until 2020.  This shift in energy makes 2018 a game changer and a time for defining goals, establishing schemes, structures and systems, a time for forming foundations and frameworks and for setting standards, schedules and timelines.

Venus sits very close to this New Moon suggesting the importance of lasting associations and how obligations and responsibilities to others help shape your life.  A relationship that begins now has a good chance of making it for the long haul.  Commitment is key at this New Moon and you may be drawn to people that are older now or perhaps you appreciate their experience on some matter. This is also an appropriate time to establish boundaries within your relationships or agreements if that has been an issue for you.  Venus also rules over money and worth, so this is a wonderful time for launching new business objectives, financial goals and commitments or long-term investments.  You may be curbing your spending or spending only on things that are essential or appreciate over time or where you would value lasting results.

Mars in Scorpio makes a favorable connection to this New Moon and Venus in Capricorn suggesting that there’s an intense force pushing you to transform the structure of your relationships, agreements and/or your finances.  This may come about by trying to eliminate excess and consolidate debt or cut spending. Or it could be that you want to connect at a deeper level and solidify your important associations.

Uranus in Aries contacts this New Moon in a stressful angle instigating change and challenging the establishment.  Ambitions, aims and financial objectives could incite inconsistent or erratic behavior or perhaps you’re initiating changes and doing things differently.  You could see shake-ups, breaks-ups, break-throughs or interruptions where love and money are concerned.  This could involve new friends, groups, networks and/or technology.

Jupiter in Scorpio connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is a very potent aspect that perfects just one day prior to this New Moon so this energy is very much a part of this lunation. This time implies that you can transform beliefs and opinions, change your views and eliminate what holds you back or stands in your way.  Some relationships could experience a growing closeness and trust as walls and resistance come down. This is also an opportunity to get at the core truth, expose what’s been hidden, peel away the layers and do a thorough exploration or investigation that has the potential to reform structures and policies and change the rules where power and authority and the abuse of such things are concerned.  Additionally, changing guidelines and procedures could bring potential for tax or insurance benefits, extending a loan, improved lending programs or increased resources and revenue.

We’ll see this aspect two more times this year; in April and again in September so pay attention to what takes place during this time.

Chiron in Pisces also connects with this New Moon and Venus in Capricorn and with Mars in Scorpio suggesting that this pressing metamorphosis easily enables you to relinquish any feelings of shame, deficiency, defeat, weakness or loss. This can serve as a turning point, so these experiences now become sources of strength.

Blessings and Good vibes to ALL at this first and powerful New Moon of the year!

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Capricorn Full Moon

6 Jul

brick wallThis powerful Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9th could be a game changer with emotions churning and bubbling up.   Capricorn is known for being reserved, cautious and conservative but Pluto is just one degree away from our lovely Luna, boosting the ferment and intensity.  Reform is in the air and you may feel very passionate or even obsessed about some goal or objective.

Mars is across the sky, close to the Sun in Cancer rousing the protective and defensive nature of the Crab energies, perhaps driving emotional reactions or impulses to the surface like lava from a volcano.  Mars and Pluto had their face off already on July 2nd, but now the illumination of the Full Moon brings this to an emotional head.

We could see power struggles or a confrontation with a powerful resistance.  Notice your own resistance and what or who has stood in your way or where you feel limited.  Someone or something may bump up against your boundaries and there could be bruised feelings.  You may now take pains to tear down walls, eliminate obstacles and transform structures.  It may be that you need to bring together actions on the domestic front with the reformation, revival or even termination of your career or status.  Maybe there is commotion at home and you must strike a balance between family vs. career, your personal life and your public life, perhaps with changing your schedule, rules or policies or sharing in responsibilities.  Maybe you are doing demolition and/or remodeling in the home and transforming actual structures or it could be that you need to find a happy medium between nurturing and discipline.

Saturn in Sagittarius is the ruler of this Full Moon and in a tense aspect with Mars in Cancer.  These two don’t play well together. This suggests that adjustments need to be made in how you operate. You might have to use an abundance of caution, restraint, discipline and maturity and reel in some of your gut reactions and impulses.  Habitual actions give way to wisdom and experience.  On another level, it could be that there’s a shifting of some limiting beliefs, stirring up memories and patterning.  You can also do some tweaking and create new habits with nurturing, caretaking, discipline or duties; perhaps with food or parenting.   It may also be that you want to make some moves with property but first have some sizeable stumbling blocks to accommodate.

Mercury in Leo connects favorably with Venus in Gemini, and hearts and minds are aligned. Speaking from the heart brings words of friendship, appreciation, allegiance or agreement.  Maybe you have a heart to heart about your relationship or maybe you receive a love letter, maybe someone says something nice to you or about you.  This can also be a fertile influence for collaborating on creative ideas.  Kids may also play a role.

Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces are still tangling in their tense aspect, implying the need for tweaking your beliefs and ideals; especially where relationships are concerned.  Some course correction is needed to avoid mistakes and improve cooperation.  This can also be a very spiritual influence.

Uranus in Aries connects favorably with the North Node and Vesta in Leo having you feeling fired up and inspired to initiate changes and commit to a path with heart while vowing authenticity.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!



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Capricorn Full Moon

1 Jul

capricorn pic

This Full Moon in Capricorn can mark a turning point with our goals, ambitions and accomplishments.  We can also examine our attitudes toward respect and recognition. It is a time of year when we are trying to maintain a balance between our home and private life and family and our public life or career.  It is a time when our duties and responsibilities are in the spotlight and a measure of our competence in successfully (or not) completing any tasks or reaching our goals.  At this time we may have someone to answer to or perhaps we are called to account.  We may have more dealings with people in authority like bosses, parents, especially fathers, or your own role as a parent or an authority of some kind and also with the aging or elderly.

There is a tremendous amount of power with this Full Moon.  Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are strongly connected to this Full Moon and facing off with one another.  This Full Moon is also at the Mars-Pluto midpoint further emphasizing the force and power for constructive or destructive purposes.  Use this power wisely! 

There seems to be action on the home front or with property matters that could help eliminate any roadblocks. We may be making moves restructuring our foundations or our roles and making sure they’re secure so that we have a solid basis.  It may also be that we need to restructure our time and schedules, and how we manage things too.  Saturn is the ruler of this Full Moon and currently backtracking in the last degree of Scorpio. There is still some unfinished business that we need to tend to in regard to our shared responsibilities and goals, joint resources, funds or finances.  We may be trying to obtain a mortgage or consolidating debts, settling insurance claims, divorce settlements or lawsuits; filing taxes or handling wills and estates.  Issues involving the conservation of our resources, especially ground water, recycling and renewable resources could be highlighted.  Also situations involving the cycles of life, death, rebirth, reproductive issues or surgeries could become important now.

Emotions could be on high and passions ignited at this Full Moon. There could be family feuds or just a general moody agitation and peevishness that could reach a climax at this time.  Perhaps someone butts into your personal business and crosses your boundaries.  Any anger or resentment rooted in the past could be brought to light and erupt now. Power struggles could ensue and things could get downright explosive!  Speaking of explosive, since this is Independence Day Weekend here in the U.S., you may want to use extra caution when lighting off fireworks.  Just saying. 

This Full Moon is also sextile Neptune in Pisces lending the potential to materialize and give form to some of our dreams and ideals.  At this time, we may at least be laying the foundation for a more far off vision.

Venus and Jupiter meet in a lovely conjunction in Leo at this Full Moon and there could be some pyrotechnics in the love department.  These two planets are known as being the beneficent planets of the Universe. It would appear “lucky” for love or money but there is a “catch”.  One of the only down sides of a combination like this is “too much of a good thing”.  This seems to be the case since both planets aspect Chiron in Pisces.  If we are willing to take a gamble in matters of love and relationships, we may have an opportunity to gain wisdom and learn from some of our past hurts and mistakes.  Or we may find ourselves unconsciously repeating them.  Some truth about a relationship(s) may come to light by “chance”.  This influence can also suggest that over-consumption for luxury or fun needs to give way due to spending and living beyond means.  The financial situation in Greece can reflect this but here in the U.S, we’re just as guilty of it.  This influence may also make us aware of the things that actually matter. We may be reminded of how this over consumption, or over spending and always wanting more really stems from us all wanting to escape the void.  It exists in all of us yet most are only vaguely aware of it and when we catch a glimpse, we quickly Band-Aid it anyway. It is also that thing that links us all together and makes it part of our human condition.  Instead of an increasing desire for more, might we simply try practicing self-love and having faith and being and doing things that are heart centered and in our own truth? That is the key to escaping that void.  Easier said than done.

Blessings to All at this Full Moon

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Winter Solstice New Moon

19 Dec


The New Moon on December 21st falls at 0 degrees of cautious, conservative Capricorn. This is the Last New Moon of 2014 and it comes with a sobering influence. It falls on the Winter Solstice and Yule, marking the longest night. It also comes just a few days after the latest spat between Uranus and Pluto which has been shaking us up since 2012. At this time, many planets are in the sign of the Goat.  Mercury, keeping our thoughts and minds on the things that matter, Venus, having us conserving our money and appreciating persons and things of quality rather than quantity and perhaps enjoying traditions.  Venus is also very close to Pluto and square Uranus at the time of this New Moon and it is possible we are changing our value structure and perhaps quite suddenly.  It could be that finances are unstable or that the market in general is very unpredictable now.  Venus also rules over relationships so perhaps it is in this area that you experience changes and excitement to say the least.  Vesta is also in Capricorn keeping us dedicated, disciplined and focused.  We are serious about commitments now.  In fact, we can start our resolutions for 2015 at this New Moon instead of waiting until January.

There is even more big planetary news helping to further emphasize this theme of conservative cautiousness. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will move out of Scorpio’s murky depths where he’s been since October 2012, (you can read about Saturn in Scorpio) http://www.spellboundreading.net/blog/2013/07/13/Saturn-in-Scorpio.aspx and into expansive Sagittarius.  Your world may seem a bit smaller with this influence.  Saturn in Sagittarius automatically tells us to curb our enthusiasm. We may be required to pull back wherever we’ve overextended ourselves.  If you’ve over committed yourself or promised more than you can deliver, you’ll have to pull back and prioritize.  Whatever section of our chart Saturn visits is where we are forced to slow down, concentrate, focus and ‘get real’.  It may seem that we have limited opportunity during this time but it is really a time of consolidation.  Saturn in Sagittarius can have us working very hard for our future goals and we may be able to manifest some of them during this period.  We just can’t rely only on luck or faith at this time, we’ll have to put the time and effort in. Shortcuts are not permitted at this time.  During Saturn’s trek through Sagittarius, our optimism could take a beating and faith could be tested.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t pass the test but that we’ll have to work hard to prove it’s something worthwhile and enduring. It may also be that the things that you believed to be true for you may be in for a bit of an overhaul.  Now, you will start to form opinions based on experiences rather than assumptions.  You can now gain the wisdom of experience.  It may also be that we learn our lessons and are focused in the areas of Religion, Legal issues, long distance travel, higher education, or publishing all of which fall under the domain of Sagittarius.

Sag’s ruler Jupiter, has been in fellow fire sign Leo since July providing creative or romantic opportunities and perhaps has us even pushing our luck and taking risks.  Saturn comes along into Sagittarius and helps to temper that energy, enabling us to slow down and to make the most out of any of these opportunities that come our way so that we may have real and solid gains as well as gaining experience at this time.

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Enjoy this New Moon and Happy Holidaze to all!

New Year and a New Moon

30 Dec

New Year’s New Moon

It is typical that during this time of the year we are resolving to be a better version of ourselves than we had been in the previous year; the time of year that we are committing to some new path in some manner or where we are restricting ourselves in some way.  This is no surprise since the Sun is in Competent Capricorn during this time of year.  Capricorn energies test us to handle responsibility, to be accountable and ambitious; to be mature and able to manage things effectively while showing the disciplined side of ourselves.  It is no surprise that this is the time of year that we feel compelled to set goals for the New Year and prove ourselves to ourselves.  This year we are also blessed with a New Moon on our New Year.  This is a rare occasion and hasn’t happened in nearly two decades.  New Moons are a time for New Beginnings and ‘planting our seeds’ or ‘setting our intentions’ so we can expect a little more ‘oomph’ to what we are putting out there into the Universe.  The thing about this particular lunation is that it is highlighting and setting off a pattern which will pretty much dominate much of the first half of 2014.  The theme for the year.  This lunation will be tangled into the long standing and much talked about square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars in Libra also plays a role here while Jupiter in Cancer is also on his way to the table. These four planets will gather in perfect mathematical alignment in April and form a Cardinal Grand Cross.  What happens now hints at what is to come the days surrounding April 23-24.  This energy could have everyone feeling on edge.  In 2013 we’ve witnessed and experienced a tremendous amount of change and adjustment and it seems that 2014 continues along those lines.  The Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel this the most.  You may be one of these signs reading this and already aware of all the changes that are and have been taking place lately.  Hang in there!

This New Moon is closely conjunct Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn keeping our mood and our minds on the side of serious and intense.  It’s a feeling of “do or die”.  We may feel a passion for some goal we want to achieve, or maybe we feel that we have something important to say; with Mars in Libra also having his say it might be difficult to get your point across, or someone may oppose or criticize you. There could be arguments.  Or if you’re lucky, maybe someone of importance or influence wants to collaborate with you on some new project. Things may come out of nowhere and take you by surprise.  Respect given or received may also be an important issue right now.  It may be that you want respect and recognition from powerful people or a superior or maybe it’s a mutual respect you want or to just be taken seriously.  Maybe there is anger over inequality or someone not ‘playing fair’.  You might want to ruffle some feathers or someone could do it to you.  Ambitions and career, parents, older people and authority figures play a role now.  Talking about shared responsibilities, especially financial, can also upset the peace and can suddenly turn into arguments; or maybe you’re working hard and pushing for some kind of compromise or agreement.

I think money and spending will be a big topic in 2014.  Well, isn’t it always?  Venus in Capricorn is also retrograde during this time so it is a time to ‘get real’ where finances are concerned, cut back, take responsibility, evaluate our spending vs. earning, consolidate, and find out what is really important and of value to you.  Venus will turn direct at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 31.  This is the same degree where this Cardinal Grand Cross will take place in April.  You could again note the events around January 27- February 2.  Especially where money or relationships are concerned.  Venus will remain in Capricorn until March 6.  Venus in Capricorn isn’t very showy although she does like nice things, antiques and things of quality and value.  Venus is very practical and Earthy in Capricorn and can slowly build up things that are meant to last.  Whether this is your bank account, career, reputation, relationships etc., you must be willing to put in the time and the effort.

Venus is also the sign of beauty and in Capricorn, it made me think of ‘aging beauty’ or slowing the aging process or just blocking it all together if it were possible (I wish).  Growing older is a fact of life and something that has been on my mind recently with a milestone birthday just around the corner.  At the time of this New Moon it is a good time to review your beauty regimen especially where skin and teeth are concerned.  Venus Rx is not a good time to do anything drastic or to do cosmetic surgery.  Perhaps it is a time to appreciate our marks of experience.  Shopping at this time, you may find yourself attracted to more conservative items, or something that is classically styled that is never out of fashion or it could be that you are in need of career clothing or perhaps you are interested in items that may be more “age appropriate”.  You also may spend more money than you anticipated so it may be best to wait until at least the first of February, after Venus is direct.  This way, you can make sure you actually like what you bought and got it at a good price.

2014 may also bring us new laws or legal action having to do with security and technology; breaches within technology and the internet, especially with big money and banking, credit and data.  The situation with Target stores’ security breach with the credit data of their customers comes to mind.  Perhaps there will be other examples and instances that bring issues like this to light. There may be new rules and regulations, assuming responsibility or coming to judgment about who is responsible.   This could also extend to the Real Estate market, home buying and mortgages.  The improvement and growth of the market may be challenged by new changes, policies, rules and regulations with lending and mortgages.

On a more inner or spiritual note, 2014’s dominant pattern could be prompting us to initiate involvement and act peacefully, move beyond the past conditioning and former prejudices and assumptions in order to find our personal truth; our internal sense of right and wrong and to make new and exciting changes in our lives while restoring our faith and trust through these shared experiences.

Gemini Full Moon and a Headz up for the Holidaze

17 Dec

December 17 Full Moon

This Full Moon in Gemini is the last Full Moon of 2013. It may have us in a talkative and social mood. Or there may be a lot of inner chatter going on.  It could be our moods and plans may be changing rapidly as we are moving from here and there and everywhere.  It is a busy time of year so we may be running errands and sending cards and packages etc.  It may also be that a communication issue or a certain line of thought or a conversation reaches a turning point during this time.  Full Moons shed light on things so it could be that new facts or information changes plans too. 

This Full Moon in Gemini is quincunx Venus in Capricorn.  There may be changes in social schedules, get togethers and parties.  In relationships, it could mean that a ‘heart to heart talk is needed to set things right.   

On the Winter Solstice, December 21, Venus in Capricorn will turn retrograde until January 31, 2014.  At this time, we may need to re-evaluate our wants, desires, relationships and ….gulp….our finances.  Venus in Capricorn is already a ‘no-frills’ kind of energy.  She’s all business here.  The Universe seems to be giving us this opportunity right around the holiday season to get us more in touch with what and who matters.  At this time of gift giving and celebration, it will be about quality vs. quantity.  Capricorn rules time, and you may need to re-evaluate how you’re spending yours and with whom and whether or not they or it are worth it.  Capricorn also governs over our careers and during this time we may also have to re-evaluate it.  Are we doing what we love?  Is there any appreciation or compensation coming our way?  Or do we feel under-valued?  Or are we just wasting our time?  These are some of the questions we may be asking now.  Venus retrograde is also not a good time for entering into new relationships; business or otherwise unless it is with someone from your past.  With Venus retrograde, it is common to cross paths with someone from your past. 

Uranus, the radical, revolutionary of the Zodiac stations Direct today.  Uranus has been retrograde since July 17.  Whichever sector of your chart that Uranus is currently transiting is an area that we’ve wanted to change; now those changes may start to move us forward. 

Jupiter in Cancer is trine Saturn in Scorpio indicating that while we are moving beyond the past, we can take the lessons we’ve learned from it to build a solid future.  Jupiter gives the urge to wander and to grow and Saturn sets the boundaries.  When they are working harmoniously with each other as they are now, we can move forward slowly and cautiously.  With Mercury in Sagittarius also entering the mix, we’re adjusting and setting our sights on the future and making plans for it.  We may be tweaking some of our former beliefs to be more in accordance with the big ideas or lengthy conversations we’ve had lately. 

Mars in Libra is moving in closer to an opposition to Uranus in Aries.  This is a very volatile aspect and will be exact just in time for Christmas Dinner and will move in to square Pluto in time to ring in the New Year.  This makes plans and get togethers very unpredictable.  If your usual gatherings with family are a bit contentious, you could anticipate an all-out free for all.  If you have your heart set on a desired outcome, be prepared to make many changes and adjustments. With these kinds of aspects, you can ‘expect the unexpected’.  Please don’t kill the messenger as I am only trying to warn you.  It may not be as bad as that, maybe it’s a weather inconvenience that changes plans.  Maybe you are doing something differently this year than you’ve done on previous years. It could be that you’re spending these holidays with new or different groups of people such as a different side of the family or in a different location. These are just a few out of a zillion possibilities.  If it is at all possible you may want to keep things lose and light and spend a quiet evening at home or with just a few close people. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!  I’d also like to personally thank everyone that has read, subscribed, shared and supported Spellbound and Tales of Lunacy all throughout 2013!  Thank You!  And may the stars always shine upon you all

Venus enters Capricorn

5 Nov

Venus entered Capricorn at 3:43 am EST this morning where she’ll remain for an extended stay until March 6.  At this time we may have to be content to get along with less.  We need to be realistic about money and financial matters.  Money seems to come in slower or we are working harder for it and spending it conservatively and cautiously. This is also going to set the tone for the holiday shopping season.  It may also be that we’re slowly building up something of value and putting our time into something worthwhile.  Relationships at this time take on a more serious or mature tone. If you enter a new relationship at this time it may have some staying power though it may not be overly demonstrative or romantic but one you can count on.  No rose colored glasses here.  This will be a relationship rooted in the real world. It may be with an older or more mature person or even a person in authority such as a boss or superior.  It could also be that you become aware of the responsibility you have toward a loved one.  If it’s not a personal relationship, then possibly a favorable business relationship or you may have to agree to some sort of commitment.