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Leo New Moon

30 Jul

Inner ChildThe New Moon in Leo on July 31st is the second New Moon held this month, sometimes referred to as a Black Moon, like the second Full Moon within a month is referred to as a Blue Moon.

When the Sun and Moon join in Leo, it’s time to commence those things close to your heart, those things that stir your passion and make you feel vital and alive.  Your universe may revolve around kids, creativity, fun and entertainment right now.  Perhaps a pastime or hobby captures your heart or maybe you’re centered on your skills, abilities, gifts and talents at the moment.

I personally enjoy Leo season, in my part of the world, it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. 

Venus is closely connected to this New Moon sweetening the pot and bringing pleasure, gratification, indulgence and recreation; you’re also inclined to spend on these things now.  This period could be highly romantic and creative too.

Uranus in Taurus zings Venus and the New Moon in Leo shaking up money matters or matters of the heart, lifting you out of comfort zones, rocking stability and dislodging what’s been stuck, daring you to take risks and act with authentic abandon.  You can expect a few surprises.  You’re in the mood for something different, possibly acting out of character as your senses have awakened, your tastes may have changed and a desire for the uncommon or unusual grabs your attention now.

On another level, changing wages rouses your self-indulgence and the appeal of the finer things or perhaps unexpected expenses or fluctuating costs tests your love of luxury.  Maybe you spend on a high-ticket item or on concert tickets, an art exhibit, theater or a vacation.

Mars and Juno also meet in Leo sparking the start of a passionate partnership, a creative collaboration or reinvigorating an existing relationship.

Chiron in Aries connects with the Leo New Moon and Venus bringing a favorable time to begin self- healing; healing the inner child, healing your heart’s hurts by loving and accepting one’s authentic creator-self, as you are. Take a moment and think about all the things you love about YOU.  What are you good at? What do you have a knack for? What makes you feel special?  Or proud of yourself?  It’s so easy to pick out what’s not enough – surely you spend enough time on that so just give yourself a minute. It’s not just okay to show yourself some love- it’s necessary.

Alternative healing modalities now aid working with the heart chakra, solar plexus or throat chakra or perhaps you experience heart palpitations or chest flutters and spasms or thyroid changes, fluctuations with weight and/or metabolism during this period.

Mercury begins to move forward in Cancer at this lunation – giving a green light for personal plans and tender talks.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

16 Jan

blood moonThe Full Moon in Leo on January 21st is a rare and powerful Super Moon – Blood Moon- Total Lunar Eclipse.  It will be visible on the East Coast of the U.S so get outside Sunday night around 10:30 pm EST and look up!

Eclipses are a big deal in astrology- like potent waves of energy – seeming to have the effect of moving things forward rapidly by some catalyst event or moment or a chain of events that changes up your path a bit.

The Cosmic weather starts heating up by the 18th rendering an eventful and wild weekend leading up to the eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse in the very beginning of Leo highlights children, creativity and the things that fill you with joy, passion and pride.   Your talents, gifts and abilities could be in the spotlight now. Or the focus may be on matters of the heart or anyone and anything that’s the center of your Universe.  Creative projects could also reach a turning point now.  Leo is also known for drama, theatrics and entertainment and this period may bring quite a show.

Uranus in the very last degree of Aries sends a jab to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse bringing in some excitement and a few surprises.

You may have flashes of inspiration spurring an artistic project, you could hit it off with a new comrade or find a cause that inspires and warms you.   There’s the urge to break free and act with spontaneous, authentic self-expression.  You may surprise someone- even yourself- with your bold genius.

This is a North Node Eclipse pointing toward the future. The Nodes are in critical degrees adding extra emphasis. In fact, several planets are in critical degrees at this Eclipse.

Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius connect with Mars in Aries filling the atmosphere with passion and enthusiasm. There’s a desire for adventure and exploration, you want to include more into your life, willing to take a risk to go further than you have before, and you have all the gusto to get you there.

Sparks could fly in the love department and there may be many opportunities you want to act on.  This looks like a “whole lotta love” as Someone or something could really appeal to your liking in a big way, capturing your attention so that you quickly make your play.  Leo rules over love and romance.

On another level, this could come in the form of financial opportunities that you want to act quickly on as it looks like it could be a lot of money.  Leo also rules over gambling, speculation, lucky breaks and taking a chance.

The caveat here is Stickler Saturn has a say in this and cautions you to slow down or there may be stumbling blocks causing frustrations and delays.  Patience.

Neptune also gets in the mix clouding things so use the delays to see if it’s the real deal or too good to be true.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Leo Solar Eclipse

8 Aug

inner childThe Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse August 11th is a rare third eclipse- the final one of 2018 – a gift from the universe offering an opening for getting in touch with your creator self and playing with your inner child sensing the things that make you feel alive and vital, the things close to your heart at the very essence of your being, the things you’re passionate about that make life worth living.

Acquaint yourself with you.  Welcome – Self – Love – Radiance.

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Asteroid Goddess, Pallas is closely connected to this Eclipse emphasizing one’s magickal will and using natural laws to manifest reality.   With this influence, you’re able to gather your confidence, courage, self-esteem and assurance, armed and aware of the potential that lies within you.  You got this.

Children may also be front and center at this Eclipse, coupled with Pallas, suggesting political activism, child advocates and laws for the protection and defense of children.

Mercury Rx is also closely connected with the Eclipse pointing out the power of thoughts, words and affirmations to create.  Re-create your story.

This is such a powerfully creative time.  Everything is possible.

Jupiter in Scorpio nudges Mercury and you may seek the deeper meaning of a colorful conversation, trusting in your own higher guidance despite what’s being said.  There may be lofty ideas or speculative dialogue stirring an in-depth investigation; questioning and uncovering deeper truths.  Speaking from the heart brings about a growing closeness and trust.

Neptune in Pisces touches the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pallas in Leo suggesting that fine tuning your visualization and imagination can bring forth creative offspring.  It seems limitless to what is possible.  Alternatively, ideas or information can seem really dramatic, staged, unreal, unclear or covered up.

Pluto in Capricorn also touches the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pallas in Leo suggesting some necessary tweaking by doing away with resistance, outmoded methods and what’s been in the way of expressing yourself, your true nature, talents and abilities and radiating your inner essence.  Get rid of whatever dulls your sparkle or dims your shine.  Never let your fear decide your fate.    

Venus in Libra tangles with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn and suggests fine tuning your relationships, associations, agreements or compromises as the price you pay, financially, emotionally, spiritually or what it’s worth to you wavers, encouraging the establishment of boundaries and firm commitments or owning authority, responsibilities or your role in some matter.   Additionally, there are adjustments to be made to costs and earning to be more fair, equal and reciprocal which challenges long standing pledges, obligations or limitations.

Just one day after the Eclipse, Mars Rx leaves Aquarius and heads back into Capricorn.  During this phase, you may be retracing some steps in the pursuit of your goals, being responsible for your actions, re-defining your goals, initiating schemes, frameworks, timelines, schedules, boundaries, restrictions, rules and policies.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

29 Jan

projected imageThe first month of 2018 ends with a rare and powerful celestial event; a Blue Moon- Super Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse.  A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur within a single month; a Super Moon is when the Moon is closer to Earth and appears larger in the sky and a Lunar Eclipse is always a significant occurrence in Astrology.

Eclipses have a way of speeding up and accelerating events, activities and goings on; perhaps even changing the trajectory or course you were on through some incident or a series of happenings.  Don’t fear; this is one way that the Universe puts us on path. There is often a hint of the unexpected where Eclipses are concerned, emotions could be amplified so it is best to give yourself some space if you can.

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This time could mark a turning point in any creative endeavors or affairs of the heart that were put into motion at the Leo New Moon in July or even the Great American Total Solar Eclipse back in August.

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo brings to light many attributes of the Lion; being confident, proud and big hearted, showing courage, leadership and follow through.  Beware of being an arrogant braggart, showing off too much or displaying a sense of entitlement.

The North Node so close to this Lunar Eclipse points to the path with heart.  Follow it.  This period brings attention to your Creator-Self.

There is a lot of Energy building in Aquarius, across the sky from the Moon.  This suggests the desire for change, awakening, revelation and inspiration.

Asteroid Goddess Ceres makes the closest aspect to the Moon.  Her prominence suggests the need to nurture your inner child, your creative genius and your inner essence.  Pay attention to the things that give you joy, make you feel special and warm you. Nourish your gifts and talents. Be proud of yourself. Accept yourself.  Know your worth.

Neptune is also in a tense aspect with the Moon suggesting fine-tuning of one’s self-image and that its time to surrender the masks and illusions and trade them for authenticity.  Release those feelings of doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, inadequacy, anxiety, of being flawed, weak, abandoned or not enough and the things that keep you from love and from loving and fully expressing yourself and living your potential. This is also about body image, unrealistic ideals and being comfortable and confident with who you are, in your own right, in your own skin without the need for the approval of others.  CVS recently decided to ban photo retouching in their ad campaigns as just one manifestation of these energies.

Children and children’s issues are also front and center at this Lunar Eclipse.  Coupled with Ceres, this could illuminate matters involving child rearing and parenting, single parenting, custody, early education, child care, teachers or perhaps the arts in school or even meditation in classrooms. Maybe there is a child in your life that is feeling invisible these days and needs some extra attention.

This influence can also shed light on the need for making amends, alterations and corrections in situations involving the victimization of children. Especially things that are overlooked, ignored, secret or behind the scenes or if someone is turning a blind eye to and/or being complicit in inappropriate situations whether this is in Hollywood, the church, the Olympics or any other organized sports or schools.

Additionally, Ceres is also about family ties, feeling a sense of belonging and finding your tribe. This suggests that you should find yourself in the company of those that allow, accept and encourage you to be your most radiant, authentic self.  It is time to contribute and give your gifts and to know your place within a larger community.

On another level, this is tied to getting in touch with the natural energies of the Earth and the Solar energies.  Some could experience shifts and adjustments in the heart chakra or chest area or changes in sunlight that yields adaptations and modifications in the projection of images. Spend some time outside in natural sunlight and charge your batteries if you can.

Blessings and Good Vibes to All at this Super Blue Moon Eclipse!

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The Great American Eclipse in Leo

18 Aug

mermaid moonThe Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21st has been nicknamed, The Great American Eclipse due to the path of totality diagonally across the U.S.  It is the thought of Astrologers that the path of the eclipse is an area, geographically, that is most influenced by the eclipse energies.  This Eclipse marks a considerable time that may have some bearing on shaping the events and history of the U.S. and falls very close to a sensitive point in the chart of the U.S president.

All the world is a stage and we are all watching.

So, what does that mean to you?

Eclipses are a big deal in astrology.  Energy spikes during the weeks surrounding the eclipses; time and events seem to accelerate.  Eclipses are the Universe’s way of getting us on path.  Those with planets or points in 26-29 degrees will be activated by this Eclipse but those in the fixed signs, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio will feel this the most.

A Solar Eclipse is also a New Moon, a pumped up and powerful New Moon, a seeding time of new beginnings. It’s also a North Node Eclipse pointing the way far into our future but it’s not an isolated incident, Astrology shows us the cyclical nature of Life and the Universe and this Eclipse is also related to an Eclipse in the same degree back in August of 1998. You can reflect on your life back then and see if a similar theme presents.

The Universe is dishing out a double dose of Leo lessons; this is the second Leo New Moon in a row and it’s a Solar Eclipse.  Rawr!

The Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse degree reads, “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves, ready for rebirth in human form”.  This symbol implies that there is something coming from deep within the unconscious, taking shape, but you may not yet be totally aware of what it is.  It’s as if there’s been a pause, awaiting and expectation of something coming into being.

The Universe is schooling us on things like ego, pride, self-confidence, leadership, loyalty, follow-through and taking risks.  We’ve had a lot of the Leo energies these days giving us the opportunity to get in touch with our inner essence and our central nature. This second New Moon Solar Eclipse is a rare and powerful opportunity to co-create what it is that’s in your heart.  There may have been issues coming into awareness, getting your attention, teaching you the difference between what is truly you and yours and something that’s been assigned, labeled or inherited by family or society. These energies are prompting you to get in touch with doing the things that you’re most passionate about, that give you joy and pleasure whether or not you receive recognition or approval and to Just do you.  

Mars in Leo continues to stoke the flames of creativity, passion, drama, flash and show or perhaps even the angry inner child.  Mars has a positive link with Jupiter in Libra and connects favorably with Saturn in Sagittarius suggesting that your creative initiatives and heart felt actions can create opportunities for collaborative efforts, to improve relations or move beyond them, readily using an abundance of caution, focus, concentration, discipline and some serious honesty and maturity.  You may have gained experience and wisdom and by now you know a thing or two about a thing or two. Use that.  Saturn will turn direct just a few days after this Eclipse on August 25th and you can start to move forward on some of your goals and ambitions.

Uranus in fellow fire sign Aries is in a favorable aspect to this Eclipse and things are moving fast and changing quickly.  There is a buzz of excitement and element of surprise and unpredictability.  You may be able to liberate your creative genius or take a quantum leap in developing your talents, abilities and self-mastery.  There’s a new vibration or frequency enabling a blossoming of your personal power. You could be asserting your independence and expression of your emotions.  You might also enjoy new friends or groups centered around children, play or creativity or some other cause or movement that tugs at your heart.

The Wounded Healer, Chiron in Pisces also sends some vibes to this Eclipse suggesting a needed shift of any arrogance and self-importance to humility and compassion without minimizing yourself. It may be time to make some character adjustments surrendering those injured parts, weaknesses and mistakes.  There’s no need to let those things keep you small and from realizing your potential. These lessons help to yield a self that is more vital, warm, confident and radiant.

Ceres in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn creating a face-off between our nurturing needs, sense of belonging, nostalgia, security and things that are familiar with the trust, betrayal and/or abuse of authority and the fundamental make-over that’s been underway.  On another level, there may be matters dealing with women’s issues, child rearing and early education or our food that’s bumping heads with the powers that be or topics dealing with the workforce and rules and regulations.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Spectacular Solar Eclipse!



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Leo New Moon

21 Jul

leo heartThis is the first of two New Moons in fiery Leo.  All things Leo are in the limelight as we’re set to get a double dose of the Lion’s share. Next month, we’ll also have a Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse.  It is a BIG deal when the Universe puts so much emphasis on one sign.  Next month’s Eclipse has been nicknamed The Great American Eclipse, due to the path it takes across the U.S.  and it will play a key role in shaping the destiny of the U.S.  Leo is also the sign associated with the heart and the Universe is nudging you to get in touch with and act upon what is in your heart.

There’s a fertile atmosphere at this New Moon; romantic or artistic beginnings are in the air now.  Mars the Motivator is arm and arm with this New Moon, igniting the flames of passion and creativity. You may be ready to take inspired action and risks or perhaps there’s a moment of willful, theatrical emotional expression.  It could be that your aims are on fun and enjoyment; parties, recreation, celebrations, hobbies and vacations are in order.  It’s also an appropriate time to get in touch with your essence, your essential nature and play with your inner child. What makes you feel happy, vital and alive? What talent or knack do you have that is central to your being?  What makes you feel special? Or gets you noticed or admired? What do you take pride in? On the flip side, it’s best to beware of getting roped in to any of the negative Leo behaviors like being overly dramatic, arrogant or needing constant attention and approval thinking the Universe revolves around you.

Uranus in Aries elbows this Lunation, creating some excitement or a need to break out, do something differently or out of character.

Mercury and the North Node in Leo connect with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius (in a wider orb).  There may be brilliantly creative and innovative ideas or break through information or conversations that are stimulating and inspiring, with flashes of insight and intuition and an ability to concentrate and focus on the truth, the meaning and the larger picture and set a future course.

Venus in Gemini is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius suggesting that there may be a desire for variety or maybe you’re enjoying certain distractions that is conflicting with the need to heighten your focus, concentrate and commit. There also may be multiple relationships, contacts, associations or agreements to reconcile with the many responsibilities, growing resistance or sizable obstacles that you must face.

You may also enjoy chit chatting, news, gossiping and socializing that is met with a lack of concrete knowledge, limited world views or an obstruction of the truth.  Alternatively, you may be surprised what you can learn from an everyday exchange in conversation having wisdom, experience, guidance and meaning.

New Moon Blessings to ALL!



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Leo New Moon

2 Aug

leofirepicWe may start to feel fired up and frisky at this New Moon in fiery Leo.  The sky is lit up with some fiery energies now.  The spirit of the Lion focuses on things that are heart centered, fun and creative; the things that bring us pleasure and joy, including children and romantic encounters.  This is also the time of year to  get in touch with those things that make us special; the things that make you uniquely and authentically you; whatever talents and/or a knack for this or that that it may be.  The Lion is proud and confident; perhaps part of your life could use a boost in confidence and vitality.  On the flip side of that, although it is good to be proud, confident and full of self-esteem, we need to be mindful of turning people off by being a braggart, showoff and/or arrogant.

The New Moon in Leo gets involved in the clash between structured Saturn and nebulous Neptune that we’ve been dealing with all year.  This configuration has us testing our faith and our knowledge of what we believe reality is as well as being able to manifest some of our long held dreams and visions.

This New Moon is in a favorable aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, supporting some of our creative projects.  We could even see a completion to some of the large obstacles we may have experienced as of late.  There is still a need to increase our discipline and cut back on anything excessive or extravagant.  This theme of cutting back will continue for a while.  Saturn has been in retrograde motion for the last several months.  During this time it was necessary to consider our goals for the future as well as what success means to us personally.  Saturn will turn to direct motion in less than two weeks but is already in the degree that he’ll station in. This is giving a concentrated focus to this part of the chart and affects those that have planets or angles at or near 9 degrees of a mutable sign- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the most.

Neptune and the North Node in Pisces also connects with this Leo New Moon suggesting that releasing and surrendering some of those images, illusions, masks or ideals of the past yields a more authentic form of self-expression. Many of the things of the past that have held us back or that have contributed to our own undoing may give way to a self that is more confident and self-actualized.

Mars the Motivator has moved back into fellow fire sign Sagittarius and is now in direct motion; this gives us some momentum to push forward.  We may be feeling more adventurous wanting to get out and explore more, even if only in the mind, or we could even be traveling and vacationing.  With Mars in Sagittarius, our actions may be more future oriented, rooted in our truth or on what we now know or have recently discovered.  Alternatively, it could be that we push too far too fast or perhaps someone is being arrogant and pushy or forceful and angry in their beliefs and opinions.

We have even more fiery energies as Venus in Leo is in a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries.  We could attract attention from both lovers and friends with this aspect; some even quite unexpected.   We may also desire more good times and freedom or we may feel extra creative leading to some kind of a break through.

Finally, we also have an opposition between Juno in Scorpio and Ceres in Taurus suggesting that our relationships may be deepening and evolving, some may even be ending; and this is requiring integration as we are establishing our sense of belonging.  Jealousy and possessiveness could also play a role where our relationships are concerned.

Blessings to ALL at this New Moon!

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Leo Full Moon

24 Jan

We could see things coming to a head with matters of the heart, children or creative projects at this first Full Moon of the year.   With the Full Moon in Leo, we may be made more aware of the things that make us feel special, to feel our life pulse and to follow a path with heart.

Mercury Rx is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at the time of this Full Moon.  Our thoughts continue on subjects of importance, conversations tend to be serious.  We can have powerful and penetrating thoughts and talks now.  Some of us may be talking of death, wills, estate planning, retirement planning or even talks of divorce.  We may be going over paperwork for taxes, insurance forms, mortgage or loan documents.  Mercury is also square to Uranus in Aries so some piece of information or news that we receive may come as a surprise or be unsettling in some way and it could change everything.  On another level, we could now have a deep and penetrating perception into a situation and get to the core of any blockages and break free.

Lilith squares off this Mercury Pluto conjunction and is quincunx Chiron in Pisces.  We may have to cover old ground on some agreement to resolves a conflict that catches us off guard and trips us up.   So it may be that what we thought was settled actually isn’t.

Mars is conjunct Juno in Scorpio and trine Neptune in Pisces.  There seems to be undercover actions by someone you’re involved with in some kind of partnership or collaboration; or there is some kind of secret or unexpressed aggression, anger or jealousy, or harboring resentment.  Issues could have to do with money, sex, sharing or trust. There could be infidelity, abuse or some kind of sexual dysfunction.  The Mars-Juno conjunction also makes a quincunx to Vesta in Aries.  There is an adjustment or modification needed in order with shared commitments. Counseling may be needed in some cases.  On another level, there could be a breach in security.

Jupiter is conjunct the North Node in Virgo and it seems that truth and purity of intention are the way forward.  We may be made aware of our future path of service.

Venus is also newly in Capricorn at the time of this Full Moon making relationships serious, important and committed. It may be that our approach to relationships is cautious at this time.  Or it could be that there is a barrier or coldness within a relationship.  We are also inclined to take the same mature approach in regard to our money.  We may be inclined to cut spending and conserve our money.  Objects that we buy now tend to be more practical, lasting or a worthy investment.  We need to structure our finances and spending.  Buying clothing at this time would be best for a career wardrobe, something ‘age appropriate ‘or classic pieces that stand the test of time.

On this first Full Moon of the year in the sign of Leo, the artist, the entertainer, I can’t help but to think of some of the great, memorable and iconic entertainers of our generation.  Many of us mourn their loss together but at least their music lives on.  We’ve just lost so many in such a short time; Scott Weiland, Lemme, David Bowie, Dale Griffin and Glenn Frey.  So much of their music makes up the soundtrack of our lives or has so many memories and feelings attached to them.  I guess heaven is rockin’ out with its brand new super group.  RIP great ones.


Blessings at this Full Moon!

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Leo New Moon

11 Aug

Leo pic

This New Moon on August 14 is in fiery Leo may have us feeling fired up, playful and creative.  Venus retrograde is close to this New Moon and it may be that there are some creative longings or desires that creep up from the past.  You may have even forgotten about it because it’s been “shelved” so long. It could be one of those times when you say, “Hey I always wanted to do….” and now finally get an opportunity.  During this time we may be in the process of re-discovering or re-evaluating some of our talents, abilities and potential. It may be a time for finding your niche and what sets you apart.  In matters of the heart, we may be reconsidering what we need to feel loved or to feel special by getting in touch with ourselves at our core essence and to be able to feel valued and appreciated for just being ourselves.  When the love planet Venus backtracks in a romantic sign like Leo, you could also have encounters with old flames or relationships from the past.  Venus is also the planet of beauty but while she is retrograde, it’s not a good period to go shopping for new clothes or to change up your looks with new hairstyles or make-up.  You may not be happy with the results or maybe you would pay too much. This is definitely not a time for any cosmetic surgery.  Wait until after September 6th when Venus is in direct motion.

This New Moon is in a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries.  There’s a buzz of excitement in the air.  There seem to be new and exciting changes on the horizon. Some may be unexpected or it may seem that it’s all happening so fast.  We may feel courageous and able to break free and to be independent.  Many of us may be on high and feeling this new frequency or vibration.

With the New Moon in a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, these changes don’t come without some growing pains.  So there are adjustments needed but mostly in our attitude and confidence.  We should be ok as long as we’re not immersed in self-absorption or self-centeredness. We can’t just let our ego desires and wants or a sense of entitlement take over. Some tweaking is needed between being ostentatious or pompous and just surrendering to hopelessness and helplessness or playing victim. Try and find some middle ground. We are all in this together. It is helpful if we try to remain heart centered with the greatest good in mind.  Energy work could be very beneficial at this time in order to align or balance the heart chakra and attune it because of wounding from the past.  You can book your appointment with me.  Hint hint.

In matters of love, this could be a time when we reconsider or look back on relationships from the past and determine the role we may have played in our own wounding, or how we hurt another.  This time may be useful for learning forgiveness, for breaking free and releasing old karma.

Just days before the New Moon, on August 11th, Jupiter moved out of Leo where he’s been for the last year and into Virgo.  The last time Jupiter was in Virgo was in 2003-2004 so you can look back and see what kind of growth you experienced during that period. Jupiter will remain in Virgo for the next year.  This is a time when we can get uber organized.  We are able to break down a larger task into its smaller components now. Our attitude towards work or service can be optimistic and have us feeling generous. It is a good time to promote or advertise your services.  We can increase our efficiency and improve our techniques, procedures or craft.  During the next year, we may have a larger workload, a fuller schedule or an expanded routine.  It is a great time to also increase your exercise regimen or to start one and to improve the diet.  Overall it is a good time to recover, purify and heal the body.

New Moon in Leo

26 Jul

The Leo New Moon officially welcomes Jupiter to this creative sign. Jupiter moved into Leo on July 16th and hasn’t visited this sunny sign since August 2002- August 2003. This lunation sets the energy in motion. This Leo New Moon is conjunct Jupiter and fun is in order. Over the next year while Jupiter tours Leo, our growth can be experienced through our children, our creative self-expression and by giving recognition to our own inner child. We may be presented with creative opportunities and can even receive a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Mars also changes signs and moves into Scorpio just before the Leo New Moon, after a very long stay in Libra. All of 2014 so far! While most of 2014 may seem like a ‘lost year’ so far with very little forward movement, things will take on a different vibe. It’s possible you’ve needed to come to a decision or agreement lately or possibly pushing for cooperation or initiating contact with an important other but just kept spinning wheels or going back and forth and just couldn’t get there. It may have seemed like you took one step forward and two steps back but now with Mars in Scorpio, no more ‘up in the air’ or vacillation. Things seem more all or nothing or a do or die type of energy. At this time, we may also start to feel more vital and alive, confident and passionate with renewed vigor and energy. Hot Blooded

This New Moon is also square Mars (then Mars and Jupiter perfect their square in a few days so this influence will linger.) We could even see a mix of tempers and threats sparked by egos and opinions with this aspect so be careful not to put on too much of a show. The positive is there is an intense drive for heart centered activities, for fun and enjoyment and for things that make us feel special. During this transit we may also feel magnetic and passionate, theatrical and romantic, and daring to be a bit dramatic.