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Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

16 Jan

blood moonThe Full Moon in Leo on January 21st is a rare and powerful Super Moon – Blood Moon- Total Lunar Eclipse.  It will be visible on the East Coast of the U.S so get outside Sunday night around 10:30 pm EST and look up!

Eclipses are a big deal in astrology- like potent waves of energy – seeming to have the effect of moving things forward rapidly by some catalyst event or moment or a chain of events that changes up your path a bit.

The Cosmic weather starts heating up by the 18th rendering an eventful and wild weekend leading up to the eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse in the very beginning of Leo highlights children, creativity and the things that fill you with joy, passion and pride.   Your talents, gifts and abilities could be in the spotlight now. Or the focus may be on matters of the heart or anyone and anything that’s the center of your Universe.  Creative projects could also reach a turning point now.  Leo is also known for drama, theatrics and entertainment and this period may bring quite a show.

Uranus in the very last degree of Aries sends a jab to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse bringing in some excitement and a few surprises.

You may have flashes of inspiration spurring an artistic project, you could hit it off with a new comrade or find a cause that inspires and warms you.   There’s the urge to break free and act with spontaneous, authentic self-expression.  You may surprise someone- even yourself- with your bold genius.

This is a North Node Eclipse pointing toward the future. The Nodes are in critical degrees adding extra emphasis. In fact, several planets are in critical degrees at this Eclipse.

Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius connect with Mars in Aries filling the atmosphere with passion and enthusiasm. There’s a desire for adventure and exploration, you want to include more into your life, willing to take a risk to go further than you have before, and you have all the gusto to get you there.

Sparks could fly in the love department and there may be many opportunities you want to act on.  This looks like a “whole lotta love” as Someone or something could really appeal to your liking in a big way, capturing your attention so that you quickly make your play.  Leo rules over love and romance.

On another level, this could come in the form of financial opportunities that you want to act quickly on as it looks like it could be a lot of money.  Leo also rules over gambling, speculation, lucky breaks and taking a chance.

The caveat here is Stickler Saturn has a say in this and cautions you to slow down or there may be stumbling blocks causing frustrations and delays.  Patience.

Neptune also gets in the mix clouding things so use the delays to see if it’s the real deal or too good to be true.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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