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Aries Full Moon

11 Oct

conflagrationThis Aries Full Moon is full of action and excitement, situations can turn on a dime so be ready.  This phase also brings a high point to events set in motion earlier in the year at the New Moon in Aries.  Aries is a sign that’s all about you as an individual- me, myself and I, your will and your efforts made in your own interests.

Mars, the ruler of this Full Moon sits across the sky in Libra.  Aggressive Mars is a bit uncomfortable here, disturbing Libra’s even- temperedness.  Mars here wants to tip the scales and knock you off the fence.  Libra’s weighing, deliberating and vacillating is boring to impatient Mars and he insists you pick a side, take action and get on with it already.    In fact, the Sabian symbol for the degree of this Full Moon is, “a pugilist entering the ring”  and it would appear that you’re more than willing to use your muscle and might, ruffle some feathers or make or break a deal if it favors your own affairs.  You may not be looking for a fight, but you certainly won’t back down from one either. Things could get heated.

Jupiter in Sagittarius connects favorably to the Full Moon firing up the fervor assisting forward movement and progress, bringing many opportunities for growth and development.  You’re moved by honesty, understanding and universal laws, acting on what you believe to be right.

The Full Moon takes a jab from Pluto in Capricorn, having recently turned to direct motion, activating the ongoing process of deconstruction and dismantling along with reconstruction and renewal.  This has been years in the making and this period can carry peak moments in the way in which you conduct or carry yourself and keep on.   You’re ready to give a push back to eliminate resistance and what stands in your way, even if it comes from within.

Also keeping you on your toes is Uranus in Taurus clashing with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra.  Relationships or finances can be very unstable now.  Connections made now can be full of passion and intensity catching you by surprise.  It will be difficult to maintain any type of neutrality or feign disinterest now.   There could even be sudden splits or having it out about something that’s been a bone of contention.  The gloves are off and it’s on!



On another level, agreements and arrangements made or broken can shift costs, prices, markets, currency stability, changing what something is worth or what you’re willing to pay for it,  perhaps sending shockwaves through the marketplace affecting earnings, wages, banking, lending, loans, mortgages, credit, debts, savings and wealth.   Be prosperous.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Aries New Moon

3 Apr

Open-DoorThe New Moon in Aries April 5th begins a new cycle of initiation and action.  Mars, the ruler of Aries is now in Gemini you may be thinking and acting quicker, on the move and able to multi-task.  Get up and get going – walking, running or bike riding are good ways to use the energy.

Mars also connects with Chiron and Vesta in Aries, providing motivation and dedication in self-healing, being vigilant in your new routines. You could feel energized, like you’re on the threshold of something new, access granted with keys in hand as you’re ready to enter this new phase.  Alternatively, there could be security a breach or loophole. Vesta is also associated with sexual complexes and topics involving new ways of healing or dealing with these matters could come up now.

Saturn in Capricorn throws a dig at the New Moon reminding you to slow down, focus on essentials, concentrate on what’s important, be disciplined and define goals.

Mercury and Neptune are still closely connected so the details may be a bit fuzzy but soon you will begin to put form to visionary plans for the long term when Mercury contacts Saturn in just a few short days on the 7th.

April 10th   Jupiter in Sagittarius will retrograde April 10th through August 11th this is a time for growth and development from within, and an inner search for meaning and truth.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon!

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Aries Full Moon

24 Sep

full moon mountainsThe Full Moon September 24th in the early degrees of Aries highlights your approach to matters, the way you set things in motion and assert yourself, how you  act in your own interests and stand up for yourself or stand out in your individuality. You could also see a turning point to matters launched at the Aries New Moon back in April.

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 Mars in Aquarius is the ruler of this Full Moon and connects favorably, energizing this Full Moon. Mars and Uranus continue their clash which perfected for the third time this year on the 18th; keeping things changeable, unpredictable, exciting or volatile.  There could be independent actions, sudden moves, changes of direction, initiating friendships, joining a team or leading a group with common goals and interests; acting on long range visions for the future.  Things seem to want to move along quickly.

This period brings a feeling of wanting to make changes and break free, to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want – but task master Saturn is in a challenging angle to this Full Moon calling for adulting, accountability and facing limitations.  Vesta is also closely connected to Saturn, further emphasizing firm commitments, focus and dedication to your goals. Responsibilities, obligations, time, delays and scheduling crunches can put a damper on what you want to do, slowing things down and forcing you to focus on what you need to do.

The Libra Sun across the sky from the Full Aries Moon always requires a balance and to find the middle way.

Chiron and Hygeia are also closely connected to this Full Moon bringing matters of health, healing, hygiene, self-healing and alternative healing into the spotlight.  The contact with Saturn and Vesta suggests slow-downs and setbacks requiring disciplined health routines and making modifications to bring things into alignment.

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Aries Full Moon

4 Oct

Harvest-MoonYou might be feeling the Full Moon Fever as emotions could get heated now and you may be quick to react at this Full Moon in Aries.  Aries is a doer and wants to get going; it’s aggressive, warrior energy and doesn’t wait around for direction, it just acts.  If things don’t move forward fast enough, you’re likely to get frustrated, lose patience and your temper.

The Sabian Symbol for this Aries Full Moon is: “a bomb that failed to go off and is safely contained” 

Keep this in mind.  Breathe.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, a sign of new beginnings; you may see a turning point in something that you started back in late March when the Moon was New in Aries.

Mercury is close to the Libra Sun across the sky from this Full Moon and there may be polite conversations, diplomatic talks, negotiations, contracts and agreements that may go against how you personally feel.  You may not be in the mood to compromise even when you know you should.  There’s a need for everyone to state their case and find middle ground.  Perhaps it’s just that you need to be more thoughtful and inclusive and communicate with others more or talk about your relationships and the give and take that is needed.

This emotionally impulsive Full Moon also receives a blow from Pluto in Capricorn.  You may be pushing forward toward your goals, eliminating obstacles and limitations, working through a powerful resistance with intensity and passion some might say obsession.  Maybe you are trying to break a consolidation of power or want to undermine authority or do away with a higher up or someone in a leadership position. Be careful that you don’t run into struggles for dominance, power or even violence.  It will be a challenge to navigate the reformation of frameworks, structures, policies, rules and authority as things are still new and raw.

Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon in Aries and is linked together with Venus in Virgo.  You may be making moves at prioritizing, organizing and ordering your finances, relationships and agreements to make things more workable.  Though Mars and Venus are the Cosmic Lovers, and they don’t link up like this every day, Venus isn’t quite comfortable in Virgo, and becomes more critical of loved ones and scrutinizing in dealings and contacts.  Venus can assess what needs doing and appreciate and enjoy the process of making order from chaos.

Maybe you’re being evaluated at work, or there is a situation involving relationships with co-workers, perhaps you’re collaborating on a project or enlisting the help of others.  Maybe you’ve started a new routine or diet to bring balance to your health, especially digestion, assimilation and how you deal with stress.  There could be new practices, programs and procedures that we are encouraged to make into habits that are more helpful and efficient so that things run more smoothly.

Moves are now made toward productivity and value; toward getting the most from your output but don’t expect it to come so easily right now as you get snagged by Saturn in Sagittarius. This slows the progress by putting considerable obstacles in your path while responsibilities and obligations are on the rise. This can be very humbling as it tests your faith and limits your opportunities.  Focus and concentration are called for. Saturn in Sagittarius does not allow for shortcuts; Saturn says do it again and again until you get it right.  There is a challenge to face things with maturity and discipline as you will be held accountable. At the same time, you’re gaining experience, expertise, professionalism and building character.  There could also be an authority figure like a parent or boss that poses a challenge to your usefulness or effectiveness and criticizes your efforts and worth.  This also goes for matters relating to health as you will need to show discipline and cut out excesses in your attempts to correct imbalances.

The Libra Sun, Aries Moon, Neptune in Pisces and Pallas in Taurus all connect suggesting that we face a dilemma and some tweaking is needed in a few of your unwavering strategies, tactics or methods so you can amend any past mistakes, blind spots or uncertainty and focus on balance, give and take, fairness, inclusiveness, uniting and connecting with others and peace.

Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries are still at odds suggesting that there are escalating differences, growing opposition, rebellion and revolt happening in the now.  Sometimes these things are shocking and uninvited.  These two have gone head to head all of 2017. We have seen evidence of it all year with the number of protests for a number of causes; everyone wanting to be heard, to be included and to be treated fairly.  We can also see it in the number of shocking incidents involving large groups of people.

It can be a struggle between the need to get on well with others and come to agreements that are fair for all and to promote peace and the need to assert your freedom, independence and individuality.  You need elbow room and you don’t mind throwing one now and then if need be; or perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end.   Over the past year with Jupiter transiting through Libra, our growth has come through relationships; relationships and agreements have needed to be in alignment with who we truly be.  Some relationships have had to change or end altogether or you may have had to learn how to relate differently and move beyond old patterns.  On another level, there is a new vibration and frequency that is integrating and settling in with the balance of Natural Law.

Jupiter will soon move on to Scorpio just days after this Full Moon.  More about that later.


Blessings and Good Vibes to all at this Full Moon!


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Aries New Moon

24 Mar

warrior womanWe should start to feel a definite contrast to some of the challenging Energies we’ve been dealing with these past weeks.  The last New Moon in Pisces may have been an emotional time, with unfinished business coming up or old emotions and patterns that rose to the surface to be handled once and for all.  Then we had the Virgo Full Moon which had its set of challenges as we may have only been looking at everything that was wrong and clueless as to how to handle it.  If you felt that you were at the point of surrender, worry no more as relief is on the way! This is a potent New Moon helping us to feel animated and alive.

The New Moon in Aries on March 27th is a time for sowing seeds, new beginnings and fresh starts.  Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac making this the first New Moon in the Wheel of The Year.  We now have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus all touring the sign of the Ram helping to energize and fire us up. We could feel ready to get things underway and take action or impatient to get the ball rolling.

Venus retrograde is closely linked to this New Moon putting relationships front and center. Our Goddess of beauty and love has been wearing the mask of the warrior woman lately. War paint and all! We’re willing to fight for what we want, stand up for ourselves or act in our own interests.  And we’re okay with pissing off a few people in the process if need be. During her about-face, we’ve been given the time to think about what it is that we want for ourselves, how we assert ourselves, what we want out of our relationships, how we may have given into too many compromises, how we are appreciated, loved or valued, or not, and most importantly, how we love and value ourselves.  If feeling undervalued and underappreciated, time to look at your relationship with yourself.  Start there.  Everything else is a mirror. The seeds sown at this time will be infused with this Venus energy.

Juno is at a Critical Degree in Capricorn further emphasizing partnerships especially those involving long term commitments or business.

Mars is the ruler of this Aries New Moon and is in Earthy Taurus.  This makes us motivated toward material gain and building up something tangible.

Mars in Taurus also connects positively with Neptune in Pisces and there is a lot of potential for creativity.  We can begin to take real steps and to make sustained efforts in building something that we’ve long envisioned.

Mars and Juno also have a favorable connection so we may be taking steps in establishing a business partnership or the framework of a lasting union or agreement.

The days leading up to this New Moon, Mercury the Messenger faces off with Jupiter in Libra and then links up with Uranus in Aries.  This can bring exciting conversations, unexpected news, big plans and electrifying ideas, perhaps you suddenly have an “aha” moment and see the bigger picture.  Information may be coming in quickly, perhaps requiring a change of plans or mind. Talks could also get a bit heated; maybe you hear something shocking or someone verbally attacks you, maybe you get good news out of the blue or there could be unexpected changes in documents or paperwork; this may involve agreements, legal issues, promotion, advertising or network marketing or perhaps relations with friends and people in a new and wider social circle or groups you’re involved with.

Mercury is also in favorable aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, suggesting that these insights, talks and ideas are in accord with our future goals. Mentally, we can be innovative as well as disciplined, perhaps even learning something new with technology.

Saturn in Sagittarius is still so close to the Galactic Center; the Center of our Galaxy from which Divine inspiration and guidance come forth.  Saturn manifests and materializes and this gives us a tremendous opportunity in the co-creation of our lives.  Saturn hasn’t been to this part of the Zodiac in nearly three decades so it is a big deal!   Some of us may have noticed that our manifestations are happening more quickly or perhaps we are more easily tuning into a higher guidance; this makes it very important to be mindful of what we are creating as it is our responsibility. Saturn will linger in this area as he is getting ready to retrograde on April 6th   through August 25th.  During his backtracking, we may have to review or revisit some of our goals and what success means to us, making sure everything is in alignment with our Truth. Saturn will once again connect with the Galactic Center in November, after that, Saturn won’t visit this area again until late 2046!

Just a few days after this New Moon, on March 30th, Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn for the second time.  This is one of those aspects that are shaping our current times especially with social changes and government structures. We see an increasing opposition challenging a consolidation of power and a need for a reformation of rules, policies and structures that are more fair and inclusive as well as mutually beneficial.

On a more personal level, this can mean that there are benefits and opportunities gained through others but the challenge is to tear down some of the walls we’ve build and to have faith in others.

Blessings to All at this Aries New Moon!




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Aries New Moon

6 Apr

At this New Moon in Aries, there is excitement and electricity in the air.  Things could be very unpredictable and changeable now so don’t get your sights set on any particular outcome.  There could be a few surprises in store. It could be that there is a rift with a friendship or within a group where there is a challenge to a consolidation of power or perhaps there is some type of defiance or disobedience that leads to a power struggle with an authority figure or even the removal of an authority figure.  It could also be that there are new friends or new groups that you are involved with or perhaps a group that you’re leading that stimulates the reformation of structures, the rules of the game could change or it could also be that you are exchanging with others in positions of authority or those with expertise.

This New Moon highlights the energies of the square between Uranus and Pluto.  These planets of revolution and evolution were a dominant theme throughout the years 2012-2015. Although they’re no longer in an exact mathematical degree, the changes that their influence represents will ripple throughout generations.  Many of us can look back upon the last few years and most will agree that life looks a lot different now than it did just a few years ago.  We’ve gone through an immense amount of change and growth and not all of it pleasant.  Some of it down right gut wrenching.  We have been experiencing the growing pains of an accelerated evolution and a new vibration. This Aries New Moon will highlight those areas in which you’ve been experiencing these growth spurts.  When the Moon is new in the first sign of the zodiac, we have the opportunity to make a new start, to be brave, take initiative and blaze new trails from a place of authenticity.

Saturn in Sagittarius is in a favorable aspect to this New Moon and that could be good news as it is a stabilizing influence, enabling us to use an abundance of caution.  It would be best to remain vigilant now. It could also be that duties and responsibilities are starting to weigh heavily now or maybe there is frustration, resentment or volatility at a lack of options or opportunity.  Saturn is also in retrograde motion now and we can review where we need to cut back on any excess and get real about our future.  It’s a time to reassess our goals and ambitions and what success means to us personally.  You could also examine your own internalized view and feelings on authority, even your own and where you may have given it away and put it in the hands of another.  You may also want to reflect and reconsider your feelings about your social or parental role as well as attitudes about respect or recognition.  It may be time to put an end to old and limiting beliefs and to measure these things according to your own standards.


Mars, the ruler of the Aries New Moon is currently in the degree he will turn retrograde in on April 17th through to the end of June.  During this time actions and progress are slowing and it may seem that there is little forward movement.  During Mars’ backwards motion we’ll have to reconsider where we may have over-extended ourselves or where we may have gotten in over our heads. It is also a time to re-assess the path that we’re on and if we really want what we’ve been pushing for and to review some of the beliefs that motivate us or opinions and assumptions that anger us.


Blessings to ALL at this New Moon!

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Libra Lunar Eclipse

3 Apr

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th could be a difficult one.  Luna finds herself at odds with the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto.  Although just a few weeks ago did we see the last of seven squares between these two Cosmic Heavy Weights, (they’ve been at odds since 2012!) this eclipse illuminates these energies and reminds us that we are not yet “out of the woods”. In fact, this eclipse hovers close to some of the points of the Cardinal Grand Cross of last April. So you may see remnants of issues that surfaced then. Hopefully this marks a culmination to the lessons we were to learn during these last few years of intense change.  This Eclipse falls at 14’24” Libra indicating that we need to strike a balance between self-assertion and compromise, the need to act in our own best interests vs the need to relate to another.  What can happen is hard to say especially with Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon at this time.  Expect the unexpected.  That doesn’t mean that we should be fearful.  A lot depends on where things have been heading for you during these last few years.  If you know your chart, you can check and see if you have any planets or angles within a couple degrees of 14 degrees of any Cardinal sign since those signs will feel the most stress (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).  Libra is the relationship sign but with Uranus in Aries opposite this Libra Lunar Eclipse, there is an urge to assert individuality and uniqueness; or a need to break free so cooperation, negotiations or coming to some kind of agreement could be difficult to say the least.  It could be that there is an opponent or someone or something acting counter to your interest that shows up quite suddenly and surprisingly.  Venus is the ruler of this eclipse but makes no major aspects during this time, giving the goddess of beauty, love, relationships, peace and harmony a bit of a ‘wild horse’ energy.  Jupiter is in a favorable alignment with this Eclipse which could be a protective influence or it could just make the issue larger than life.  With Jupiter involved, there could be legal issues, opportunities for travel, or even to learn something new and out of the ordinary and these opportunities and situations may come seemingly out of the blue.  There could be issues involving fairness, ethics, the law, our own personal truth, “right and wrong” as well as religious or spiritual beliefs that could also surface at this time. A good example may be the new law passed in Arkansas that allows a business to deny service to same sex couples due to religious beliefs. This is sparking much debate and outrage throughout several states.

Either way it appears this Eclipse could bring in some big changes for better or worse. At this time it is best to be flexible and open.  If you can avoid or delay major decisions, that may be best as the situation could be very changeable.

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

8 Oct

October 8, 2014

This Lunar Eclipse falls at 15’07” Aries.  This is close to the degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross which transpired back in April.  Remember the intensity of April?  I’m sure many of you do. Some of the issues that were prevalent then may resurface at this time.  It may have been difficult to find solutions or resolutions at that time and they may reach a turning point in the days surrounding this Eclipse.  It may also be that an issue or situation that popped up during last year’s October Lunar Eclipse resurfaces at this time.   Hopefully for the last time since this Eclipse is also close to the South Node, indicating things from the past and things we’re leaving behind.

Uranus the planet of surprise and unexpected happenings is closely conjunct this Eclipse so you can expect the unexpected.  In fact, this Eclipse finds itself tangled in the long standing and much talked about square between Pluto and Uranus.  Change is in the air for sure and nerves may be a bit frayed.  Relationships are also a target during this time, as Venus the love planet in her own sign Libra is opposite this eclipse and square Pluto in Capricorn.  During this time we may want to make changes in relationships, or changes are happening within our relationships regardless.  It could be that you or someone else wants to break free and eliminate the ties that bind or any responsibility or that there just needs to be an element of excitement injected, or that someone does something that comes as a surprise and we could be challenged to reform and revive a long standing or stale situation. It may be that it is a difficult balance to do what you want as an independent individual vs.  cooperating and playing nice with others.  Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio at the time of this eclipse and our thoughts may be deeply intense and we’re likely to keep those thoughts to ourselves.  Within days of the Eclipse, Mercury RE-enters Libra.  This influence may have us needing to re-evaluate or making comparisons in order to figure out what it is we need in our relationships.  Competition or opposition may also be a factor. We need to figure out how to walk that tightrope of me being me while you can still be you and how we can work to make an us.  We may be able to have these conversations in the days to come but there may be a lot of renegotiating and going back and forth.  It is also always a possibility while Mercury is retrograde that people or situations from the past re-enter our lives somehow even if only briefly.

There is also a Fire Grand Trine in the days preceding this Eclipse with Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries.  There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm with this pattern.  In fact, this Lunar Eclipse emphasizes these energies.  The actions that we take now seem to be based on our personal truth and we feel confident to initiate changes and feel that we must be true to our hearts.  We may be willing to take risks since we could have increased confidence and a belief in oneself.    We have to be careful at this time that we don’t overreach or over shoot or to promise more than we can deliver.  There is also a danger that we could try and force our opinions or point of view on others, becoming arrogant and self-righteous causing rifts with people.  It could also be at this time that there are new friends or groups that we’ve recently become involved with or perhaps there’s a cause that is close to our hearts that we feel enthusiastic and excited about.  It could be that you’re feeling fired up willing to change your approach and wanting to actively explore creative or romantic opportunities.

On the world stage, the U.S. could be in for more shocking and outrageous happenings involving military groups. It may be that the air strikes are working well to promote the popularity of angry religious fanaticism.  (The Sun in the chart of the U.S is directly affected by this Eclipse.)

Hygeia, the Goddess of Health and Hygiene is at 13’ Cancer (The degree of the U.S. Sun) and forms a Grand Cross pattern.  This can illustrate the health crises on our hands with the Deadly (Pluto) Ebola virus and also the Enterovirus D68, a respiratory virus that has several children throughout the U.S. very sick and even causing paralysis (Uranus).  The 13th degree of Cancer is considered a “critical degree” by many Astrologers stressing their importance.

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

18 Oct

This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so it is an especially powerful lunation.  This Full Moon brings a culmination or a turning point to an issue that you may have stood alone on or a project that you alone are responsible for or something that you have initiated or are the leader in.

 Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces at this Lunar Eclipse.  We need to use our powers of discrimination to sort through any fog, forgeries, falsities or illusions.  We may need to make order from chaos.  It could also be that an active agenda may run counter to the unforeseen events, wasted energies and the need to withdrawal.  This is a good aspect for creative work because not only do you have the inspiration but the willingness and drive to put the work into it.  It could also be that you have a very active dream life during this time or restless sleep or even sleepless nights.  Also, watch with alcohol and drugs.  It seems that our urge to purify takes on the addictive patterns that contribute to our own undoing but really only serve to avoid the underlying issues.  We are able to penetrate into the layers at this time.

 Mercury in Scorpio is trine Jupiter in Cancer at the time of this eclipse.  Mercury is moving very slowly now since he will begin his retrograde period on the 21st.  Since Mercury began his tour of Scorpio, our thoughts and conversations lately may have been deep, obsessive, or private.  During this time we may really turn inward – into the abyss.  With Mars in Virgo complementing this energy this is set to be a very (self) analytical time.  Scorpio is an ‘all or nothing’ type of energy.  It is very thorough and cutting to the core.  Virgo is very discriminating so everything could be up for examination and possibly on the chopping block. We may be zeroing in on why we think what we think, and say what we say and do what we do.  This process of thorough examination, discrimination and elimination is necessary in order to move beyond our comfort zone.  We may be able to have an honest talk about feelings regarding sex, money, death, insurance, divorce, occult and other taboo subjects as well.   Conversations could be brutally honest with harsh words and truths.  Try not to ruffle too many feathers or trample on too many feelings.