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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

23 Jul

change and uncertaintyThe Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27th will keep you on your toes.  The change factor is cranked up now and this may have you feeling unsettled or anxious at the uncertainty and unpredictability.  Give yourself some space the days surrounding this Eclipse.

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Eclipses are noteworthy events in astrology and can give the impression that matters are moving quickly and being propelled forward.  A single incident or chain of events could have you changing course.  A situation may reach a turning point or conclusion, or something is revealed and brought to light.

It is possible that some of the seeds planted at the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse back in February may start to bear fruit now.

This lunation may bring matters to a head concerning some of your far-off goals. Situations involving friends, groups, causes, communities, networks and technology will be highlighted now.  Aquarius is a sign that has an interest in humankind and wants to create solutions that are a win win for everyone involved.  New trends may reach defining moments and milestones.

Mars Rx and the South Node are very closely connected to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, bringing the past to light.  A time for reviewing past actions, or unexpressed anger or hostility.  You may have to do an about-face and regroup on some of the new directions you’ve taken recently.

Just one day ahead of the Lunar Eclipse, Mercury in Leo also turns retrograde on the 26th, adding to the slowdown in the sky and the need to cover old ground.  Reconsider and rediscover what’s in your heart, why you do what you do; talk to your inner child and see what warms you. Maybe you revisit some creative pastime or reconnect with childhood friends.  Of course, the typical rules of retrograde Mercury apply, like not buying electronics, vehicles, appliances or signing documents and communicate as clearly as you can.

Uranus in Taurus is the ruler of this Eclipse and sends a jab to the Leo Sun and Moon and Mars Rx in Aquarius generating excitement and volatility.  This is an impulsive, spontaneous and unstable influence. There’s a charge in the atmosphere, a simmering unrest like the feeling of a ticking time bomb. Be careful driving, using machinery, tools and sharp objects or working with electricity.  On another level, you may have sudden break throughs or aha moments of genius and inspiration.  There are sudden moves and changes of direction that get you out of your comfort zone.  Additionally, there may be unexpected expenses, pricing changes and fluctuating markets.  There could also be technological breaks or a breach in security.

Mars and Uranus had a confrontation back on May 16th.  Think back to the days surrounding and see if a theme is revealed for you. Events that took place then may be relevant to what is happening now.

Chiron in Aries connects with the Sun in Leo and the Moon, Mars Rx, and the South Node in Aquarius symbolic of the simmering unrest over things from long long ago, a group memory, perhaps even from lifetimes ago; hinting to a collective arousal and awakening leading us into unfamiliar territory. Everyone, in your own individual way, is experiencing this within and around you.  Some may be taken by surprise or irritated and incensed. This stirring of Humanity reminds us of infinite potential; that we can be more and do better by recognizing your creator-self, your inner essence and radiance and to follow a path with heart.  This influence may assist in healing the past while at the same time, bringing a sense of being at the threshold of something new.

The axis of Leo and Aquarius wants integration and reconciliation of one’s individual nature and talents contributed and reflected upon that of the larger society.

Uranus, the ruler of this Lunar Eclipse also makes a favorable connection to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn providing a bit of a stabilizing influence amidst rapidly changing circumstances. This suggests that the changes happening are constructive even if it doesn’t seem so. There’s a merging of the old and the new, focus on the essential, on what’s relevant, discard the rest and get down to the bare bones of a situation, altering and shifting outmoded frameworks, structures, paradigms, templates, forms, rules, policies and guidelines. You don’t have to scrap everything, just what’s proven no longer sustainable and rework it, so things are more doable.  Use this time to reconsider what’s socially acceptable or to redefine your goals and standards and to measure things on your own terms.   You don’t have to follow the crowd or seek approval, be true to you.  As old models shift and merge with fluctuating feelings and changing desires, tastes and values you’re able to make alterations without giving up essentials and things of importance, able to be firm in your position without being too rigid.

Markets, costs and pricing fluctuations and instability is also included here.

Venus in Virgo connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn favoring reforming structures and schedules and getting organized; getting things like form and function or time management and productivity to join forces.  Now you can oil your machine and initiate the necessary changes on several levels, whether this is your business, your work or your everyday world like your schedule, chores, your health routines, regimens, diet and exercise.  Introduce adjustments, corrections and improvements and get out of comfort zones.  An appropriate time to clear out closets and cupboards and give a once over to your processes, procedures and systems to make things run more efficiently. You could hire and train employees, an apprentice or assistant now.  You may hire a handyman, make cosmetic improvements and transform or reform your space.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Taurus New Moon

10 May

surpriseThe days surrounding the New Moon on May 15th feel full of excitement and astonishment.  This very special New Moon in Taurus heralds some of the biggest cosmic news in years.

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Taurus is the sign of values, money, possessions, comfort and security.  It’s the part of the chart where we can count on sustained efforts, stability, continuity and predictability.  It may even show where you’ve been stuck.  All of that is going to change as your comfort zones are about to get rocked like never before.  Most of us haven’t experienced this transit in our lifetime. Uranus is taking his last breath in Aries before moving into Taurus for the first time since the years 1934-1942.  Uranus will work his ground-breaking magick in Taurus through 2026. Uranus is known as the awakener and branded as being revolutionary, unpredictable, erratic, out of the box and eccentric.  Uranus in Taurus makes the predictable unpredictable, teaching us that the only thing constant is change.

Taurus is a financial sign, so this influence brings changes, fluctuations and instability within the markets.  There could be unexpected gains and/or losses.  This could bring changes in banking and currency; particularly electronic banking and electronic currency.  The value, worth or cost of something you own or something that you want to buy could suddenly change, there could be changes in the costs or value of electricity too.  You could alter your feelings of self-worth and prosperity consciousness resulting in changes in your earning capacity. Perhaps you experience a financial revolution, this could even spell financial freedom for some.

Taurus is an Earth sign and this influence can bring changes in Gaia herself.  There could be geological changes, inconsistencies, variabilities, anomalies, abnormalities or disruptions, rumblings, vibrations, frequency and/or earthquakes. Hawaii is already experiencing this while Uranus is in the last degree of Aries.

Taurus also rules over the five senses and you could undergo an awakening or electrifying of the senses accompanied with this influence.  You may also experience changes in the throat, throat chakra, even your voice; also, the thyroid and thymus or there could be fluctuations in weight.

Taurus is ruled over by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.  This influence may alter your feelings of fondness. Perhaps you experience changes in how you show your affection or appreciation.  Maybe your values or your tastes have changed or will change over this period of time. Do you still want or like the things you used to?   Maybe you have an awakened appreciation for beauty, love, art and creativity.  Perhaps you get zapped by a lightning bolt of love or inspired by feelings of gratitude and abundance. Stay open to change. Everything is possible.

Although Uranus in Taurus is a longer lasting influence, the Universe kicks it into gear with a nudge and a jolt that may produce some shock and awe situations.

Mars is also at the very last degree of Capricorn and poised to enter Aquarius just hours after this New Moon, amplifying the edgy uncertainty.  Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will be in an antagonistic mood.  This is a very volatile and erratic combination generating surprises, astonishment or disbelief.  There could be changes of direction, sudden moves, erratic behavior or unexpected shifts.  There could even be anger, rebellion, revolt and revolution or progressive movements and/or militant groups.  The last time Mars entered Aquarius was back in November of 2016; election night in the U.S., which was a stunner to several, sparking revolt and protests across the country.  On another level, take care when driving, using sharp objects or tools and with fire or electricity.  Alternatively, you could become involved in new groups, networks or friendships that are exciting or different and provide stimulation and a change of pace or rattle and unsettle you somewhat, perhaps involving the internet, technology, a technological break-through, internet security or the cost of these things.

The Taurus New Moon also connects favorably with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting tangible steps to reforming structures, frameworks, status quo, policies, rules, business, authority and/or management.  Some of your realizations and attainments may become evident now.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is in a tense aspect with the North Node in Leo, suggesting that there are modifications to be made as you re-define your goals, priorities and things of importance and get into alignment with what’s in your heart.

Blessings, good vibes, abundance and gratitude to all at this extraordinary New Moon!

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Cancer Full Moon

11 Jan

cancer-crabThe first Full Moon of the year is in the sign of the Crab. This may be an emotional Full Moon having some wanting to retreat into their shells. This lunation forms a Cardinal Grand Cross which creates a lot of tension and pressure, feeling as if you’re being pulled in four different directions and not able to accomplish much.

We all need a little shelter… just a little helper…to get us by…

The other planets involved in this pattern are Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, and Pluto is not far from the Sun in Capricorn. This implies that big changes are happening and they’re happening fast, leaving us with a sense of insecurity; perhaps feeling that the things that are familiar, safe, traditional or stable are being threatened. Alternatively, it can be exhilarating and exciting as some things that may have been lingering too long and are in need of some excitement.
This is the time of year when we need to balance our domestic, private, home and family life with our lives out there in the world but now we also have the added pressure from Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This makes things very unpredictable. We could see a number of things coming to light that may be quite surprising and shocking. What comes up may even instigate our sense of fairness and right and wrong or aggravate our moral code. This may involve family situations or private matters as well as situations involving our reputations, careers, parents, bosses and some of our goals and achievements. We could see breaks in relationships or even sudden or unusual alliances and associations. We could also see agreements made and/or broken at this time. On another level, there is a new vibration that is bringing things into alignment which could bring sudden eruptions, outbreaks or ruptures within the body and/or the need to extract something.
Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius connect with this emotional Moon requiring the need for some tweaking concerning our maturity, accountability, partnerships, agreements and long term commitments. There seems to be a need for more adulting. There may also be shared beliefs and working closely with another toward building something up. It may also be that we can turn to our long term and committed relationships or our partner as a source of comfort and stability amid all of these rapid changes and uncertainty. Alternatively, it could also be that it is our committed relationships or our actual partner that these changes are affecting. There may be a need to be on more equal footing and to have more give and take or to collaborate, cooperate and include others which takes one’s need to assert their individuality, independence and have it their way head on.
Chiron in Pisces also connects with this Cancer Full Moon perhaps creating a sense of homesickness or nostalgia for what used to be as we’re flooded with images and memories as well as some tears. It would be good for the soul to go and be in or near water now. There is a need to cleanse and let go. Be careful of trying to drown our sorrows in alcohol, drugs or food. It’s as if we’re all looking for an escape, a loophole or a way out or through.

There are places I’ll remember all my life… though some have changed
some forever not for better…some have gone and some remain
all these places have their moments…

Another manifestation of this energy exchange involving Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces connected with this lunation is that it could bring issues related to domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse or incest into the spotlight at this Full Moon. Situations dealing with victimization and abuse of authority and power may also come up now. We could also see topics involving the rights,laws, protection and security of such victims.
2016 was a year number Nine in Numerology marking the completion of a cycle and it was undeniably in our face all year. There was much that came up from the past, many situations that met their demise and whole ways of life that came to a conclusion. Now we have a year number One; this is very fertile ground to begin anew. We can choose what moves on into our new beginning and what gets left behind for good. Right now, we also have a lot of planets and points gathering in Pisces suggesting that there is still some unfinished business to take care of and all is not as it seems. Things are not exactly clear and there may be hidden motivations or your intentions may not be clear. Relationships and agreements can also be a bit fuzzy or too idealistic. Mercury is now direct and in the last degree of Sagittarius at this Full Moon, enabling us to get a broad overview of a situation before re-entering Capricorn just a short time later where we can start to make more concrete plans.
Blessings to YOU and your family at this Full Moon!

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Gemini Full Moon

9 Dec

number-9The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13, will be the last Full Moon of 2016. There is a lot of planetary play and action with this Full Moon. It seems that many of the planets and celestial bodies want to have their say at this important time. Since the Universe does not operate on our time-line, this lunation acts as a link between the ending of one cycle into the next. It’s as if we’re walking through a corridor. This culminating cycle is palpable to many of us and we feel the conclusion of this Nine year; if our eyes are open, we’re aware that there are endings everywhere we look yet there is lots to look forward to. It appears as though we’re about to get a preview.

Gemini has dominion over our thoughts and communication and how we perceive information. Gemini also likes movement, mobility and variety, two of something or multiples; two jobs, two relationships, homes etc. After all, it’s represented by the Twins and duality is a theme. Gemini often can see both sides of an issue giving it the reputation of being superficial or two faced. When the Moon is Full in Gemini, the Sun is across the sky in Sagittarius; this is when we have to reconcile our logic and reason with our faith and beliefs; what we think with what we know or our opinions vs. fact. Gemini also rules over siblings, neighbors and the neighborhood. These are just some of the topics that are illuminated at this time.

Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon is in cautious Capricorn keeping our minds on the things that matter. Mercury is also approaching a meetup with Pluto but goes retrograde on December 19th, just one tiny degree away from being exact. This doesn’t lessen the power Pluto has to transform the structure of our thoughts, communication and perception; even our perception of time. This has us covering old ground and rethinking or re-planning some things pertaining to our role, our business or careers, our goals, how we spend and manage our time, our authority and responsibilities, our thoughts on success and achievement, our parents or our own parenting; perhaps we will need to re-write the rules on some level.

Mars in Aquarius energizes this lunation suggesting that our aims are innovative and future oriented. There is a drive for freedom and independence even for humanity as a whole. We may see changes of direction, sudden moves and/or radical actions perhaps due to unexpected information.

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all connect with this Full Moon and they’ll all be working on our perceptions and communications big time. It may be that talks, conversations or the things you hear in passing may bring something to light, it may be shocking or unexpected or come up against your own opinions or worldview or sense of right and wrong or what you thought you knew. At any rate, don’t expect your thinking to remain the same in some area, be open to alternate views and opinions and give yourself space to change your mind.
Chiron in Pisces also contacts this lunation challenging us to take another look in how we perceive some of our flaws and injured parts and to see things in a new light. We need to recognize the wisdom and strength that we’ve gained and the ways in which we’ve grown from some of our weakest moments. We are to acknowledge the lessons and meaning within these times that we experience suffering and to move beyond them. There is a lot being surrendered and let go of in these times.

There are a few major patterns emerging that will have some staying power, shaping our year ahead and for many to come. Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries will be mingling for a good bit of 2017 . We’re getting a preview here as the year draws to a close and they get closer in orb. Jupiter and Saturn are both social planets. Jupiter shows our growth while Saturn indicates our boundaries. Jupiter in Libra grows through cooperating with others, Saturn in Sagittarius increases our responsibilities and accountability. Uranus is a futuristic, revolutionary change maker, an awakener; and boy are we being shaken awake.

Shake it don’t break it baby!!!

Headz up for the Holidaze….
Christmas will be anything but typical this year…

On December 24th, Christmas Eve for many, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries have a friendly encounter. This is the first of three of these link ups between these two very different energies. There is an ease and a blending of the old and the new; traditional beliefs and new trends. We may be able to learn from our experiences and initiate changes. These changes will be constructive ones. There is a slow and cautious revolution where there is a fair exchange between freedom and responsibility. It may be that while we’ve been forced to eliminate excess, cut back, conserve and to focus, to get the meaning of an experience, that this leads up to a break through or an aha moment.

On December 25, Christmas Day and Hanukkah to many, Venus in Aquarius connects beautifully to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. This puts our money, relationships and the things we value in the spotlight.

On December 26th, Jupiter in Libra gets in on the action with an opposition to Uranus in Aries. This is also the first of three face offs between these two which adds up to a social revolution in the making. Things are changing in a BIG way. There’s an amplified buzz of excitement and enthusiasm now. It may feel like there is a new vibration, frequency, awakenings or new beginnings bringing things into alignment for many. We could also see breaks in agreements and relationships or shocking alliances. Things are extremely unpredictable and changeable.

And the men who hold high places…must be the ones to start…
to mold a new reality…
closer to the heart … closer to the heart

New Year’s Eve looks like there are adjustments to be made within our contacts and associations and healing some of our illusions, feelings of helplessness and savior/victim ways. Some may be torn between many social engagements and a need for solitude. It could also be that we are moving beyond old relationships and relationship patterns or perhaps a relationship has just ended or perhaps we don’t hang out with the old crowd anymore and that has us feeling a bit lonely or falling back into addictions or old escape routes. On New Year’s Day we have a Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This makes a foggy start to the year. Watch how much you drink and overindulge or you will be paying for it the next day. This influence may have us scratching our heads having a WTF just happened moment of confusion. You have been warned.

Happy Holidaze and Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!!!

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