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Scorpio Full Moon

5 May

behind the veilThe Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th may have you in a stormy mood, feeling emotionally turbulent and unsettled as this lunation brings a turning point to the process of transformation and restoration.  It’s a bit of a messy make-over eh?

Mercury’s close connection to the Taurus Sun may have you going back and forth between being of sound mind, focusing on the material and being an emotional wreck.

This phase can push your (in)security buttons, financially and emotionally; while you focus on things like income, resources, support and sustenance.  The emphasis will be on wealth, banks, borrowing, credit, debts, mortgages, taxes, insurance, wills and estates.

On another level, your thoughts circle around relationships, self-worth and worthiness, physical and sensual appeal and attractiveness, love and affection, sexual passion and deep connection, intimacy, closeness and sharing.

Neptune in Pisces favorably connects to the Full Moon providing inspiration and the perfect escape from thinking about money or matters of life, death and survival.  Just breathe.  Do something creative. Meditate.  Be near water.

This influence also lends a hand in tuning into the realms of the spiritual, intuitive and mysterious as sensitivities will be heightened, creating a vibe that feels out of this world.

Scorpio is wrapped in intensity, complexity, vulnerability and things deep, dark, hidden and unspeakable.  This phase sheds light on matters kept secret, suppressed, covered or concealed involving things like power, control, corruption, abuse, violence, lust, envy, and all kinds of wickedness that dwells in Scorpio’s realms.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, has recently gone retrograde in Capricorn for the next five months suggesting that there’s an unearthing of things deep below and buried, even the resurfacing of an old passion, along with an inner restoration, reset and revival that’s underway.

Many of the beliefs you’ve held, behaviors or measures you’ve organized and built your life around may be put to the test or done away with altogether if found to be invalid or no longer necessary to who you’re becoming.  Others may be reinforced because, over time, its proven to be so and you know what you know. And that’s ok.  Don’t be afraid to reassess – it’s the perfect time to do so! In just a few days we have a slow-down in the sky as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn turn retrograde and cover old ground.

Venus is retrograde in Gemini from May 12th through June 25th– a time for reconnecting, getting in touch and exchanging thoughts and ideas.  During this period, old friends and lovers could make an appearance, or it may be that a familiar situation arises.  It may be time to re-assess some of your associations.  Traditionally, it’s not a favorable time to begin relationships or to get married but I’ve seen some make it work.  It’s also not the best time for shopping or changing your looks by doing a dramatic make-over with your hairstyle, cosmetic surgery, etc., the results may not be what you had in mind.  Maintenance is ok though. I can see people eager to catch up and flocking to their stylists after being quarantined for weeks.

Jupiter in Capricorn Retrograde May 14th through September 12th  and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius – Capricorn May 10th through September 29th – during this phase, review your beliefs and assumptions, check your preconceptions, judgements, viewpoints and philosophies about success and achievement, authority and rules, limitations and restrictions; take another look at social standards and norms, redefine your goals, acknowledge your resistance and  re-establish your position. Don’t be afraid to change old paradigms and belief structures so that it aligns with the model for your future.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


Scorpio Full Moon

15 May

rollercoaster ups and downsThe Full Moon in Scorpio May 18th will be an eventful and powerful one.  In a sign notorious for intensity, this lunation highlights the axis of security and desire.   This Full Moon will push those buttons of material and emotional security now.  It can be an unsettling time as things are unpredictable while Scorpio wants to be in full control.

Both luminaries light up the financial signs bringing money matters to a head; earnings, payments, compensation, commissions, royalties, loans, banking, taxes, insurance, estates and inheritance can be featured now.

On a more personal level, Scorpio has a depth of emotions, the dark and shadowy kind, that demands trust, sharing, support and intimacy.  Dealings with such things as power, abuse, corruption, resentment, revenge, anger, violence, vengeance, things that are unthinkable all fall under Scorpio’s realm.  These themes may be brought to light at this Full Moon.

Whichever area of your chart this Full Moon illuminates is calling for a reboot or renewal.  Discard what isn’t working, release and get yourself unstuck.

If you’ve been stumped as of late, don’t worry, the Universe has your back as Venus in her own sign Taurus, connects with Uranus serving to pry you out of your comfortably carved ruts and comfort zones.

Shake-ups and break ups in love or money matters may have you feeling flustered now.  You could be craving associates that are more stimulating, interesting and inspiring, keeping you on your toes, lively and buzzing with excitement.  Such a person(s) may well arrive on the scene now and sparks could fly.  You may want to connect with people that share your vision for the future or with a cause that is close to your heart.  Perhaps someone you thought you could count on flakes out or maybe you have some random, unexpected encounter.

Financially, things may be up-and-down, perhaps a source of income opens up or winds down suddenly, or there could be changes in payments and costs or unexpected expenses.  Markets could be unstable now.

Pluto, the ruler of this Scorpio Full Moon, is positioned in Capricorn, alongside Saturn and the South Node- This influence that’s been in progress, operating in the background, illustrates the breakdown, dismantling and deconstruction/reconstruction of many structures and systems in place for a long time – we’re talking lifetimes of limiting reality constructs.

This influence points to many of the old fears and limitations that have held you back enabling you to recognize and do away with those hang ups standing in your way.  It’s a process that’s not always pleasant.  It’s easier to allow these things than to cling to what clearly no longer holds relevance.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Scorpio Full Moon

27 Apr

rebirth_by_delawer_omar-d7ji0itAt this Full Moon in Scorpio you could see a culmination to a situation that’s experiencing a process of transformation, recovery, restoration, regeneration or rebirth.  Things can seem messy and complicated but try to think of it like the decay that becomes compost and nurtures the soil making it fertile. On another level, there may be a turning point in finances involving joint ventures, taxes, bank loans, mortgages, inheritances, insurance settlements, royalties or commissions.  This lunation can also bring to light topics that are considered taboo and unthinkable.

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Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, had a meetup with Mars in Capricorn, creating a powerful, mighty force for transformation, pushing your way in pursuit of goals and ambitions, eliminating obstacles, insistent on reforming rules, policies, guidelines, codes, structures or frameworks. There may be changes in management, even the forced removal of a higher up, perhaps you are rising in the ranks, making the climb and stepping into your power.

This aspect has been building for the last few weeks, as mentioned in my last article, and was exact on April 26th   but will still be felt for the next week or so.  Go check it out. There is a changing of the guard that’s been happening as well as a shift in culture. There’s a force to push through barriers and obstruction revealing the truth about power, abuse and corruption.  The rules are changing.  Capricorn rules over father figures and authority and represents what is considered to be socially acceptable and/or aspired to, the standard.  On the day this aspect was exact, a guilty verdict was reached for “America’s father”, Bill Cosby.  The symbolism is clearly present in this situation on many levels.

Jupiter is also in Scorpio and although a bit far from the Moon, is expansive enough to reach out to this lunation and offer up his wisdom, know you can trust in your own inner guidance.  This influence begs to cut the shit, eliminate excess and thoroughly explore or investigate and get to the nitty gritty truth of some matter.

Asteroid Pallas in Gemini sends a tense vibe to Jupiter in Scorpio suggesting an adjustment or modification is needed as you explore thoroughly and get a larger view, and the meaning behind the words. Pallas is also associated with political and social activism and defending minority groups, in Gemini, this may involve young people or perhaps even the media with deeper truths being uncovered.

Saturn retrograde in its own sign, Capricorn, makes a positive connection to this Full Moon, lending some stability in times of change.  An appropriate time to measure aspirations and accomplishments on an inner level according to what is really important and essential to your being.  Goals and standards will be re-defined during this period.  You could also reconfigure structures, forms, a business, policies, rules, schedules, timelines or terms.

Neptune in Pisces also sends positive vibes to this Full Moon heightening emotions, senses, sensitivity and creativity as well as the connection and common thread with one another, lifting the veil.  Alternatively, it adds to the illusion, image, deceit or confusion.

There may be tension or frustration at this Full Moon in Scorpio as the Sun and the Moon engage in a Grand Cross with the Nodal axis. Taurus (Sun) and Scorpio (Moon) highlight issues of security- physical, financial, emotional and psychological.  This pattern in fixed signs causes friction and difficulty making moves at all since all sides dig in their heels.   It’s hard to make any headway and may be faced with what to hold on to and what to scrap.  It’s like being at a crossroads, needing to leave certain comfort zones behind and allowing a regenerative or rebirthing process to unfold while not falling into old patterns or to what comes easy or running with the pack, nor seeking approval or attention but by confidently moving forward being authentically you and following the path with heart.  This can push many, if not ALL of your security buttons.

Asteroid Goddess Ceres is also closely connected to the North Node and this lunation, suggesting nurturing your inner child and your creator-self is the way forward.  This can also needle feelings regarding self-acceptance and fitting in and/or belonging.  On another level, this can bring to light children’s issues, early education, the arts in school, teachers and/or children’s nutrition/school lunches. It may be that a disciplined structure gives way to a more creative or inspiring environment. There could even be adjustments made to school policies and procedures regarding the comfort, safety and security of kids. Some of the energy influence associated with this aspect also harkens back to the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse earlier this year when Ceres was so prominent and nearly in the same position as she is at this lunation. Go check it out.

Chiron and Juno also pair up in zero degrees Aries- a critical degree.  This is a seeding time for relationships suggesting new beginnings and new ways of relating and doing it a bit differently than it’s been done in the past.  This may imply healing a rift in a relationship or partnership or alternatively, maybe there’s recently been a split.  Perhaps you meet a mentor or become one or you meet someone that acts as a catalyst and brings you to a new level of experience in some area.

There is lots happening at this Full Moon and there’s much more to come!  Stay tuned!

Blessings and Good Vibes at this Full Moon!

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Taurus Full Moon

2 Nov

gratitude wishThis is a powerful Full Moon that can provoke significant changes.

This Full Moon in Taurus highlights the Security Axis of the horoscope.  This means material security, financial security, emotional security and trust and just how secure you feel in your relationships.

This Full Moon will push these security buttons. This influence could be upsetting to any fixed ideas or stuck patterns.  Alternatively, it can be exciting and enlivening in changing situations that have been immoveable or jammed up for too long.  You could see a turning point to any sustained efforts at building something up.

Neptune is favorably connected to this lunation and it could also be a creative or inspired time.  There is potential to bring forth some of your visions in a tangible way.  You’re not just imagining it, you can see, feel, taste, smell or hear it as Taurus rules over the five senses and Neptune, our 6th sense and beyond.   These are working together now.  This could also involve, the voice, voices, the throat and throat chakra.

Taurus is a sign that likes to feel comfy, cozy, loved and appreciated and this lunation may draw attention to some of the ways you feel or receive these things.  Or not.  So, this period may also present situations that bring up anger, rage, abuse, resentment and jealousy; and may bare what you’re willing to risk, give up or eliminate.  Or it could be that games of control and manipulation that you or another uses to get what’s desired is revealed now.

Things may seem very unstable and unpredictable as Venus; the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is opposite Uranus in Aries.  Relationships and finances can have shake-ups and break-ups and deals and arrangements can be made or broken now.  There could also be new contacts, friends and associations out of the blue or that are different from your norm.  Financially, there could be unexpected costs or earnings. In some cases, it may be difficult to come to a compromise or cooperation as it bumps heads with a need to break free, assert your individuality and do things your own way.


I know it must sound as if I’m repeating myself here and I AM. The Universe has a repeated message for us all.  Relationships have been a dominant theme all of 2017 and the Universe wants you to have those that are fair, inclusive, equal and in alignment with who you truly BE. This means all relationships, personal and business not just that with your marriage partner or significant other.

The good news is that Saturn in Sagittarius is in a favorable aspect to both Venus and Uranus now lending stability.  This influence has been active all year and enables the blending of the new within old frameworks and structures and there’s a nice mingling of freedom and discipline and independence within the rules. There could be new friends, groups, networks and causes or modern technology and automation that can stand the test of time or becomes the new norm.  There could be an increase in responsibility, accountability, maturity, experience or expertise, or playing a larger role now that readily assists in initiating changes. On another level, there is a new vibration and frequency, new awakenings and awareness that’s allowing an expansion of your reality frameworks.   You may now realize that there is much more possible than you thought.

Ceres in Leo is also connected with this Full Moon urging you to nurture your inner child, your talents and abilities, the things that make you feel special and bring you joy and your creator self.  This influence will also bring to light matters of confidence, self- acceptance and self-worth.  On another level, child rearing and education may be highlighted now.

Another aspect that is important to note is The Chiron Saturn square which perfects again just days prior to this Full Moon.  This influence has been active all year and has not been easy at all.  If you haven’t noticed, you most likely have some bubble of Divine grace and protection and you better thank your lucky stars because this has been brutal for many people. BUT there is healing potential in the seemingly senseless suffering.  This influence has slapped some people with some harsh realities; there may have been illness, pain and loss in a very real way.

On another level there’s a struggle with limiting beliefs that aggravates a sense of overwhelm, unworthiness, not being enough, not measuring up or meeting the test. This influence brings self-sabotaging, self- undoing, feelings of victimization or being addicted, feeling a deep void or wanting to escape it all, and it goes on and on.  Events and situations from the distant past may replay in your mind needling your sore spots, weak points and vulnerabilities and it doesn’t feel too good.  This could also manifest in chronic physical ailments. Lately, life may feel like you’re moving a boulder up a mountainside with what seem to be insurmountable obstacles and limitations every step of the way, testing your faith.  Chiron is the Wounded Healer and shows where our wounds are; physical and emotional. Saturn deals with structures, and in Sagittarius, the beliefs that you’ve structured your life around.  Most go through life on a kind of auto pilot and form a life based on beliefs that often aren’t true to one’s inner essence of who you truly BE.  So, at this time of growth and growing into who you are becoming and co-creating and manifesting, you are being made of aware of these things so you can create a life that is more in alignment, authentic and honest.  Saturn is making his way back to the Galactic Center, the center of our galaxy where it is said that Divine Energy and consciousness pours through.  Keep this in mind and be mindful of your creations and manifestations as Saturn will not again visit this area for nearly three decades.

Venus will briefly tangle with these two so there may be some adjustments needing to be made in some of your relationships, agreements, arrangements as well as your money, values, finances, etc.

Lastly, Taurus also rules over gratitude and this is a perfect time to fill yourself with it.  It’s easy to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives, but this Full Moon can be an opportunity to also be grateful for some of the tougher times you’ve faced and survived. You may come to realize the meaning and larger lesson of these experiences and those weaknesses can become your strength.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon


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