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Gemini Full Moon

11 Dec

perceptionThe Gemini Full Moon, the last Full Moon of the decade, transpires just after midnight at 12:12 am on December 12th (12/12) highlighting your perceptions and your slant on certain subjects.  You can expect some plot twists during this phase.  Ideas and plans you came up with in early June could reach a turning point now.  This lunation also puts the spotlight on information, communications, media, gossip and hearsay.

Mercury in Sagittarius, the ruler of this Full Moon, energizes the degree of the last New Moon, which Sabian Symbol reads, “an old owl up in a tree”. This suggests wisdom, knowledge and a bird’s eye view of the situation.  There’s an inner guidance giving you a grasp of the bigger picture.

Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Taurus connect enabling you to shift your awareness and fine tune your frequency as your senses are awakening and coming ‘online’.  This influence also suggests adjusting your mindset, broadening your consciousness and thinking more positively, even using affirmations to alter your beliefs around worth, wealth and self-worth.  Speaking your truth may feel uncomfortable, maybe it unsettles someone else when they hear what you have to say or possibly hearing another’s viewpoint takes you by surprise.  It’s a time to be open minded, explore unusual ideas and get out of your comfort zone.

On another level, there could be modifications when publishing information or news and digital content, especially if it’s opinionated, political or biased, varying the fees or rates associated with it.   This also illustrates free speech and the collective cost of any amendments or revisions to such things. Decide what it’s worth to you.

The Full Moon tangles with Venus, Saturn and Pluto all closely connected in Capricorn shifting your perspective and concentrating your focus on what is most important and those nearest and dearest to you, along with your shared values and responsibilities.  On the financial front, you may be making plans and revisions to consolidate or eliminate debts, making long range economic goals and investments, dealing with retirement plans, life insurance, wills and estates or some other type of restructuring to your financial future may be in the works for you.

The Gemini Full Moon also nudges Neptune in Pisces testing the clarity of your thinking, perhaps blurring the lines between facts and opinions or beliefs and perception.  On the other hand, it brings an understanding of the subtleties and undercurrents of your surroundings, amping up your psychic sensitivity.   Tune in.

Mercury in Sagittarius favorably connects with Chiron in Aries suggesting that speaking your Truth is an opening for healing, though it may cut like a knife.

Chiron goes direct the day of the Full Moon while continuing to be combative with Jupiter in Capricorn.  This influence has been in effect for the last several days, lasting for about ten days or so.  You could feel triggered, on edge, impatient and irritable during this phase as it tends to poke at your weak points.  Limiting beliefs seem magnified now as they are brought into the light to be confronted and healed.  You could feel pressured as fears, doubts, shoulds and oughts weigh on you.  There may be a sense of lack, of not being enough, not measuring up or that time is running out, making you feel panicked or anxious.   Notice your resistance around particular beliefs. Recognize what is unfounded, unsupported, no longer serving or not part of your Truth.  There is tremendous healing power with this influence if you’re brave enough to own it and push through.

Wait there’s more….

Closing out the last Full Moon of the decade, and thrusting us into the upcoming Eclipses, Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus align brilliantly.  These two social shapers don’t get together this way every day.  This ten-day period brings lots of surprises as well as progress, opportunity and quantifiable, constructive changes.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Gemini New Moon

1 Jun

pulling back curtainThe Gemini New Moon on June 3rd is an opening for new ideas and carrying out plans that have been on your mind or for saying things that need to be said.

“your mind is a garden for you to plant seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds”.

This can be a busy time as Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, connects with several planets over the next week or so.  You may on the go, having many conversations and exchanges with your mind engaged with news, information and some likely plot twists.

things that make you go hmmmmmmm….

This New Moon is being pressured by Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces – there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, on a deeper level.  You’re being challenged to expand your mind and look at the bigger picture. You may need to see things from another perspective, learn to listen, really listen so you hear the meaning behind the words not just so you can respond but to understand views that run counter to yours.  Your intuition may be telling you something that goes against all reason and rationale and it can feel confusing.   You may hear of things or think of things that seem so far-fetched and unbelievable or that run counter to what you perceive to be possible or truth that you’re perplexed as to how to wrap your head around it all.  There’s a lot of mind fuck mental gymnastics happening and you may be wrestling with what you think you thought you knew as your intuition, faith and logic have a run in.

Or perhaps instead, they’re all melding together beautifully bringing a sense of meaning, purpose, curiosity and interconnection.  You could learn of things or gain access to information and knowledge that has been hidden and obscured, perhaps in plain sight and finally available.  Secrets could be spoken and become known.  Use this time as an opportunity for mental frolicking and let your imagination wander as there is so much creative potential available now.

Venus in her own sign Taurus, mingles with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn during this period.  Financially, you may be stretched a bit thin and need to modify any excess, while focusing on what is essential to shrink debts and waste, perhaps reforming some of your systems, standards, frameworks and/or policies.  It may be that the costs or payments of something is overblown requiring adjustment or on the other hand, maybe your bank account gets beefed up; perhaps there are amendments in legal matters involving fixed financial agreements to release commitments, obligations or responsibilities.

On another level, this is about tweaking your beliefs about your worthiness and removing those things that are keeping you from realizing your own value.  Tear down those walls now and reach out to your comrades, acquaintances and associates – not only the ones you’re at ease with, but those that encourage you to branch out, leading to opportunities for growth and development.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Gemini Full Moon

21 Nov


The Gemini Full Moon November 22nd -23rd brings attention to your perceptions, your ways of thinking or the way you see a situation. You can expect a few truth bombs to be lobbed into your thought bubble during this period.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius sits across the sky, close to the Sun giving a broader view and more understanding, while faced with beliefs, opinions and judgments of yourself or others that provokes or upsets some of the thought patterns and mental tapes rolling in your mind.

Mars in Pisces also takes a stab at this Full Moon.  Mars has spent most of the year in Capricorn and Aquarius due to being retrograde for some time and has just recently made his way into the emotional depths of Pisces.  Mars is fiery action and assertion – and in watery Pisces, can seem to lose his way.  This phase could arouse some of your self-destructive actions, doing things that aren’t good for you, fueling feelings of futility, doubt and uncertainty, bringing awareness to your mistakes, weaknesses and blind spots.    If this happens, know that it is being brought into your awareness so that you can make corrections.

Gemini also rules communications and information, there could be news you receive that runs counter to some of your beliefs.  There may be confusion now as there are twists and turns to a story or a multifaceted issue or situation with many players or moving parts containing undercover actions or moves behind the scenes that challenges ethics, the law or your sense of right and wrong.  It may be that something just doesn’t sit well with you.

This period could also bring a culmination to some of the plans and intentions set back in mid-June at the Gemini New Moon.  News, information or something you learn could add to your growing knowledge and wisdom, broadening horizons, increasing your opportunities and exploring your options stirring your imagination and distant vision inspiring you to act on intuition and faith.  Your dreams motivate you to encompass more and fit it into your daily comings and goings and surroundings.

Siblings, in-laws and neighbors are also highlighted now.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is the ruler of this Full Moon and suggests some backtracking on your big plans for the future.  Mercury in Sagittarius is a “big picture” kind of thinker and if you’ve overlooked details, you may need to review and revise them now. Perhaps something you hear or learn has you doing an about face on some of your views and assumptions.  You know what they say when you assume.  Keep an open mind.  Mercury retrogrades from November 16th through December 6th, just in time for the holiday shopping season.  It’s not the best time to buy electronics, automobiles, appliances or anything with moving parts so save those purchases until Mercury is moving forward.

Additionally, Venus in Libra, now in forward motion as of November 16th is moving into a direct confrontation with Uranus in Aries, for the third and final time this year on November 30th.  Both are in critical degrees making this a grand finale of sorts. This brings shake-ups and break-ups to relationships and pocketbooks.  Look at September 11th -12th and October 30th – 31st to see if there is a common theme for you.

New Moon blessings and good vibes to all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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11 Jun

dualityThe Gemini New Moon June 13th is an excellent time for new ideas and plans.  Gemini is associated with the twins, underscoring duality. Time to call on your Gemini superpowers to see both sides of an issue, consider multiple perspectives, understand differing opinions and the importance of effective communications which means talking AND listening; even agreeing to disagree.  Some of Gemini’s other super powers include adaptability, diversity and variety.

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This New Moon reaches out to Neptune in Pisces possibly clouding your vision or confusing messages.  You might also be reflective or meditative now, able to receive subtle insights.

Mercury in Cancer is the ruler of the New Moon and he is busy connecting with Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn.  Mental health is high ranking with this influence. There may be depressing thoughts or serious discussions. Some of your negative thinking patterns could be revealed. This provides an opportunity to pull you out of your comfort zone by talking about your feelings triggering self-healing and offering a sense of liberation if you avoid the trap of being resistant and focusing on the negative.

This influence hints at embracing changing values with conditions you’ve become accustomed to. It also calls for being accountable for the things you say; being able to back up your words and walk your talk.  Saturn retrograde may have you redefining some of your goals and obligations while re-considering what is expected and/or socially acceptable.  The Media is also ruled over by Gemini and Mercury and may be a focal point now.  You may also see this in real-estate with fluctuating markets and established neighborhoods.  Some of your plans could also hit a snag.

Shortly after this New Moon, Venus enters Leo and gives a nudge to Uranus in Taurus creating a bit of controversy and stirring things up in your love life or pocketbook.  It could be that there’s a desire for fun and romance that provides and exciting change of pace.  If you’re feeling froggy—JUMP! Or maybe you end up spending on something lush and luxe.  Children may also enjoy doing something out of the ordinary. Maybe you feel proud of yourself or a loved one for making changes and getting out of a rut. Enjoy!

New Moon Blessings and good vibes to All!

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Gemini Full Moon

29 Nov

blow-mindThe last Full Moon of 2017 will blow your mind.

Communication is key at this Full Moon in Gemini on December 3rd.  Mercury is the ruler of this Full Moon and is stationing retrograde in Sagittarius from December 3rd through the 23rd.  When Mercury is retrograde, communications can go a bit haywire including all the electronic devices so avoid buying any at this time.  It could also be that plans are delayed, canceled or put on hold in some way.  Mercury also affects shipping and during this busy shopping season, many people order packages so perhaps they are delayed or even go missing. If you’re traveling during this period, reconfirm plans, arrangement, flights, directions, etc.

Mercury retrograde requires covering old ground.   You might even be backpedaling on some of your opinions, views or attitudes when reviewing a situation with firm honesty.

There may be some facts that come to light at this time that could go against your beliefs or your code of ethics.

This time could mark a turning point in some idea you’ve had or plans you’ve been making.

Jupiter in Scorpio also connects with this Full Moon suggesting that there’s an adjustment to your thinking after learning the core truth of some matter that’s been hidden.

Neptune in Pisces is in a challenging angle to both the Sun and the Moon during this lunation.  This creates even more confusion, misperception or misrepresentation of the facts and makes matters very fluid and changeable.  This is not a time for cryptic conversations, say exactly what you mean. What is left unsaid might be just as important.  There could also be lies, deceit, secrets, cover-ups and talks behind the scenes.  You don’t know what you don’t know or what you thought you knew.

On another level, you may have very creative or spiritualized thoughts and conversations. Perhaps you feel that you’re so in tune or magickly connected with someone that you have no need for speaking.  You could be picking up on others’ thoughts or have subtle insights like never before as words, thoughts, images and feelings come together as one. Or maybe you’re just delusional.  It may be very hard to tell the difference during this period.

Whatever the case may be, you will perceive things very differently after this Full Moon has passed. 

Mercury is also arm in arm with Saturn suggesting that our thoughts and conversations now may take on a more serious tone.  Perhaps you need to rethink an idea or reexamine plans and focus on the sticking points or to reconsider some viewpoint that now seems limited and restrictive.

Mercury and Saturn also connect with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

Mars and Uranus make an exact opposition just two days before this Full Moon on December 1st   so the impact is still strong at this lunation.  This is a very erratic and unpredictable influence and what comes up may totally catch you by surprise. This could feel exciting and liberating like an awakening of some kind or perhaps there’s an unexpected change of direction.   It could be that trying to make connections or efforts to negotiate or cooperate faces off with the need to assert your independence, individuality or sovereignty.  This could involve new friends, networks, technology or social media. On another level, there is a new frequency that may throw you off balance and you may be working to regain your stability.  Saturn in a favorable angle assists in grounding.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this last Full Moon of 2017!

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Gemini New Moon

19 May

gemini perspective

There is a lot happening in the sky these days and lots going on energetically leading up to this New Moon in Gemini on May 25th.  Gemini is a cerebral, communicative sign overseeing our perceptions and how we process information.  But Gemini is also a sign of duality; symbolized by the Twins.  It can be trickster energy using words and facts to manipulate or it can fall into excessive questioning.  This New Moon is in a critical degree and it may be that we need to adjust our dials and shift our perspective a bit to see another side to a story or situation.

Mercury the ruler of this New Moon is in Taurus and our minds may be stable and able to grasp information thoroughly.  Plans and conversations can have some substance behind them now and you may have to back up your words.  Alternatively, there could be bull headedness and stuck thoughts, heels dug in not giving ground on a point or an issue.

Neptune in Pisces connects with Mercury in Taurus, so all is not clear or someone may be bluffing.   Alternatively, this can be a creative influence laying down solid plans to a distant vision.

There is a lot of tension putting the squeeze on relationships with Venus in Aries, opposite Jupiter in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn.  Suggesting that going after our own interests or wanting to go solo conflicts with cooperative agreements and associations. There is the need to correct any deficiencies. There is powerful resistance to the threat of old ways or to a consolidation of power, and a need to remove obstacles, reform, restructure, restore, revive and renew.  It benefits us to be cooperative and inclusive, to connect and collaborate with others, if we can get over what is standing in the way and still have our own interests met in the process.

What has power over you?  Where are you resistant?

Pallas in Aries and Juno in Capricorn also make their presence known in this configuration and we may see new relationship strategies; perhaps even politically or legal mediation or with women’s groups or minority groups that fires up some of the longer term or traditional associations. Again, there is a push to recreate the framework of relationships, relationship patterns, connections or arrangements at a new level and to eliminate what stands in the way.

Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and the North Node in Leo form a fiery Grand trine in the sky at this New Moon. This time is seeded with energies that assist in creating a future path with heart, that feels authentic and is a true expression of ourselves; enabling a blending of the old with the new allowing us to make constructive changes.  There is a concentrated metamorphosis, an artful shift that is happening and we can make changes that are grounded and long standing with a nice blend of freedom and responsibility, of innovation, automation and management. We can create some room to move within the setup or systems.

Mars in Gemini is moving into an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius just days after this New Moon but you will feel it already. This is a very frustrating aspect and patience is needed.  It may be that you want to make swift progress as there are multiple pursuits but instead you’re forced to slow down, faced with increasing responsibilities and sizable obstacles.  Maybe you have something to say or are forced to speak but your words are met with a lot of resistance, rigid opinions and limited world views.  Perhaps there is too much chit chat and small talk and a lack of meaning in what is being said that is causing frustration.  It may also be that there’s reasoning and rationalizing away a point that brings to light a lack of ethics, judgment or truth.

New Moon Blessings to All!



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Gemini Full Moon

9 Dec

number-9The Full Moon in Gemini on December 13, will be the last Full Moon of 2016. There is a lot of planetary play and action with this Full Moon. It seems that many of the planets and celestial bodies want to have their say at this important time. Since the Universe does not operate on our time-line, this lunation acts as a link between the ending of one cycle into the next. It’s as if we’re walking through a corridor. This culminating cycle is palpable to many of us and we feel the conclusion of this Nine year; if our eyes are open, we’re aware that there are endings everywhere we look yet there is lots to look forward to. It appears as though we’re about to get a preview.

Gemini has dominion over our thoughts and communication and how we perceive information. Gemini also likes movement, mobility and variety, two of something or multiples; two jobs, two relationships, homes etc. After all, it’s represented by the Twins and duality is a theme. Gemini often can see both sides of an issue giving it the reputation of being superficial or two faced. When the Moon is Full in Gemini, the Sun is across the sky in Sagittarius; this is when we have to reconcile our logic and reason with our faith and beliefs; what we think with what we know or our opinions vs. fact. Gemini also rules over siblings, neighbors and the neighborhood. These are just some of the topics that are illuminated at this time.

Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon is in cautious Capricorn keeping our minds on the things that matter. Mercury is also approaching a meetup with Pluto but goes retrograde on December 19th, just one tiny degree away from being exact. This doesn’t lessen the power Pluto has to transform the structure of our thoughts, communication and perception; even our perception of time. This has us covering old ground and rethinking or re-planning some things pertaining to our role, our business or careers, our goals, how we spend and manage our time, our authority and responsibilities, our thoughts on success and achievement, our parents or our own parenting; perhaps we will need to re-write the rules on some level.

Mars in Aquarius energizes this lunation suggesting that our aims are innovative and future oriented. There is a drive for freedom and independence even for humanity as a whole. We may see changes of direction, sudden moves and/or radical actions perhaps due to unexpected information.

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all connect with this Full Moon and they’ll all be working on our perceptions and communications big time. It may be that talks, conversations or the things you hear in passing may bring something to light, it may be shocking or unexpected or come up against your own opinions or worldview or sense of right and wrong or what you thought you knew. At any rate, don’t expect your thinking to remain the same in some area, be open to alternate views and opinions and give yourself space to change your mind.
Chiron in Pisces also contacts this lunation challenging us to take another look in how we perceive some of our flaws and injured parts and to see things in a new light. We need to recognize the wisdom and strength that we’ve gained and the ways in which we’ve grown from some of our weakest moments. We are to acknowledge the lessons and meaning within these times that we experience suffering and to move beyond them. There is a lot being surrendered and let go of in these times.

There are a few major patterns emerging that will have some staying power, shaping our year ahead and for many to come. Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries will be mingling for a good bit of 2017 . We’re getting a preview here as the year draws to a close and they get closer in orb. Jupiter and Saturn are both social planets. Jupiter shows our growth while Saturn indicates our boundaries. Jupiter in Libra grows through cooperating with others, Saturn in Sagittarius increases our responsibilities and accountability. Uranus is a futuristic, revolutionary change maker, an awakener; and boy are we being shaken awake.

Shake it don’t break it baby!!!

Headz up for the Holidaze….
Christmas will be anything but typical this year…

On December 24th, Christmas Eve for many, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries have a friendly encounter. This is the first of three of these link ups between these two very different energies. There is an ease and a blending of the old and the new; traditional beliefs and new trends. We may be able to learn from our experiences and initiate changes. These changes will be constructive ones. There is a slow and cautious revolution where there is a fair exchange between freedom and responsibility. It may be that while we’ve been forced to eliminate excess, cut back, conserve and to focus, to get the meaning of an experience, that this leads up to a break through or an aha moment.

On December 25, Christmas Day and Hanukkah to many, Venus in Aquarius connects beautifully to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. This puts our money, relationships and the things we value in the spotlight.

On December 26th, Jupiter in Libra gets in on the action with an opposition to Uranus in Aries. This is also the first of three face offs between these two which adds up to a social revolution in the making. Things are changing in a BIG way. There’s an amplified buzz of excitement and enthusiasm now. It may feel like there is a new vibration, frequency, awakenings or new beginnings bringing things into alignment for many. We could also see breaks in agreements and relationships or shocking alliances. Things are extremely unpredictable and changeable.

And the men who hold high places…must be the ones to start…
to mold a new reality…
closer to the heart … closer to the heart

New Year’s Eve looks like there are adjustments to be made within our contacts and associations and healing some of our illusions, feelings of helplessness and savior/victim ways. Some may be torn between many social engagements and a need for solitude. It could also be that we are moving beyond old relationships and relationship patterns or perhaps a relationship has just ended or perhaps we don’t hang out with the old crowd anymore and that has us feeling a bit lonely or falling back into addictions or old escape routes. On New Year’s Day we have a Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This makes a foggy start to the year. Watch how much you drink and overindulge or you will be paying for it the next day. This influence may have us scratching our heads having a WTF just happened moment of confusion. You have been warned.

Happy Holidaze and Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!!!

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Gemini New Moon

31 May

gemini imageWhoa! This New Moon on June 4th has a lot going on. Be open to being open and be prepared to multi-task! We now have several planets putting their two cents in as this New Moon aligns in the Mutable Grand Cross pattern.

Here’s the break-down: Venus, the Sun and Moon link up together in the same degree of Gemini at this time. The other three planets involved in this pattern, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are slower moving and have been connecting with each other all year. We seem to be pulled in different directions simultaneously making it difficult to commit to any one in particular. This is posing a challenge and we may feel restless, scattered and lack focus. The key is to remain flexible and adaptable. There is a lot of change, movement and adjustment needed at this time in many areas of our lives. This is a contrast to the energies of the last few years where we had a lot of changes; some of those changes may have been sudden, unexpected, revolutionary, fated and irrevocable. Now, the current changes are more about making the adjustments to a new normal ; this is more of a transitional period at the end of a cycle before we begin anew. It is also a year number Nine in Numerology which symbolizes completion. The Universe is giving us the opportunity to slow down, get our ducks in a row so that we can wrap things up before moving on to the next phase.

This New Moon is in the cerebral sign Gemini. Gemini energies govern how we perceive information and communicate. At the time of this New Moon we are to sow seeds in these areas. Its as if we are being challenged now in the way that we think and speak. You may want to ask yourself what type of inner dialogue that you have going on that’s based on outdated patterns of belief that hold you back and keep you blind to the Truth.

The Universe is giving us two Full Moons in Sagittarius, the sign of the Seeker. We’ve had one already. At the last Full Moon we may have seen a turning point where our beliefs and opinions are concerned. Maybe something came to light for you. Perhaps we found ourselves questioning some of the things we thought were true, or our internal sense of right and wrong, and our judgment scale to make sure that we still feel that way…or not. Now at this Gemini New Moon we can sow our seeds so that our thinking is aligned with our Truth. If perception creates our reality, then we better get clear on what we think and believe. Right?

Mercury is the ruler of this New Moon and is now moving forward in Taurus. This may have our thoughts grounded and providing us with enough mental stability to be able to keep plodding along. Alternatively, it may be that in some areas of our lives, we are mentally stuck, spinning our wheels.

Mars the Motivator is still retrograde, now in the sign of Scorpio and making his way to a confrontation with Mercury in Taurus. This is enabling us to dive into murkier waters so we may penetrate the core of some of the darker aspects of life. The kind of things that ignite our passion or spark feelings of jealously, resentment, bitterness, hatred, violence etc. so we can try to understand where these feelings originate from, what affect it has and what we can do about it. This may allow us to recognize and let go of these things so that we can establish new patterns of reasoning.

Venus is very close to this New Moon and we may be attracting communications and interactions with others. Maybe we’re bouncing ideas off of others or need the opinion of someone older and more experienced. Perhaps we have some friendly chats with neighbors or maybe we are spending time with siblings. We may desire variety or swiftness at this time. Nothing will be happening as fast as we want and we may not be able to keep up if it did. It’s also possible that we are enjoying gossiping, small talk, or just driving around the neighborhood or close by, running errands here and there. It could also be that we are captivated by certain facts or enjoy learning something now. You may even be dealing with financial documents calling for some legal authority or advice.

Saturn Rx in Sagittarius is across the sky and has his say at this New Moon. This suggests we may have to integrate some new thoughts or facts into a limited world view or they may even go head to head with some rigid opinions. Gemini energies are a bit superficial, skimming the surface while Sagittarius wants to get at the meaning behind the words; and Saturn here demands it. Saturn has been testing our faith and our knowledge lately as well as our grasp on reality. Saturn also demands that we slow our growth, cut excess, take responsibility and to find the meaning of our experiences in ordinary every day life and to see the interconnected oneness and significance while integrating this into our thinking. This may seem to run counter to Gemini’s fickle nature and need to compartmentalize.

We may also be gaining experience, increasing our authority, stepping up with accountability or playing a bigger role; this is stimulating a need to get organized, increase efficiency, take on more in our schedules, problem solve and make improvements as is suggested by Jupiter in Virgo.  At the same time, Neptune in Pisces has us dreaming a dream and challenging us to manifest it into reality. There is a larger distant vision that we’re working toward. This requires a lot of work and step by step practical application. We just need to beware of some of our vices and bad habits or of piquing any blind spots or weak points.

This New Moon also makes a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn which suggests that we’ll be tweaking our thinking and making adjustments. Some of our limitations may have to give way to a new dialogue being written. We can rise up to the challenge and turn some of those limitations and perceived weaknesses into our strength and power.

Blessings to ALL at this New Moon!

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Gemini New Moon

16 Jun

gemini pic

This New Moon falls in the curious sign of Gemini.  While we may think of Gemini being the sign of communications, and it is but Gemini also has a changeable nature with a need for variety.  We also should not underestimate the “trickster” nature of Gemini either.  After all, it is the sign of the twins symbolizing its dual nature.  With Gemini energy, we can see both sides of an issue or look at things from more than one perspective, maybe we need to multi-task or perhaps we have many irons in the fire or several projects going on or it may be that we have several options now.

Mars is conjunct this New Moon giving some motivation, stimulation and oomph to our intentions and projects. We may want to get going now.  Especially since Gemini’s ruler Mercury has just finished his retrograde period.  It is still only one tiny degree from where he stationed direct.  We may now start feeling a quicker pace and the comings and goings or information overload.  Information or conversations could be coming and going in a hurry.  There may be a lot of errands to run, phone calls to make, or emails to respond to. There’s a hustle and bustle.  It could be that we feel as though we’re going in circles or that we’re busy but not accomplishing much.  Mercury is in unfavorable aspect to both Saturn and Neptune.  Communications could be difficult or confused.  There could be misinformation, bits of information missing or omitted or even outright deceit or lying. Gossip or hearsay could play a role now.  Neighbors, your neighborhood and community or siblings may be prominent during this time as well. It may be difficult to get your point across.  Maybe no one will listen to you or maybe you’re actually blocked in your efforts to communicate.  You may want to get going in a hurry but may be forced to slow down and wait.  This aspect with Neptune has been lingering since the Full Moon so it may be that an issue that cropped up at that time that was causing confusion or uncertainty still needs settling or clarity.

This New Moon is also square Chiron in Pisces and we may be challenged to learn how we may be blind-sided, shoot ourselves in the foot, or how we are our own worst enemy at times.

Jupiter in Leo is just days away from perfect harmony with Uranus in Aries.  These two planets don’t align in this manner often so this is a special event.  Both are in a favorable aspect to this New Moon lending the potential for chance opportunities to initiate changes.  Keep your antennae up on the days surrounding.   This has a lot to do with increasing our self-confidence and becoming more of our authentic self and vibrating at a new frequency.  While that’s the positive side, we must not push our own arrogant or self-righteous opinions or assumptions into the wider social circle or collective. Everyone has their own path to walk.

Jupiter is also in a quincunx with Chiron in Pisces suggesting that while we may be moving up and improving, that we haven’t totally dissolved our hurts from the past but we may be able to recognize and use them as lessons for our growth.  We may even be able to help another by being able to walk in their shoes or having been there done that.

NOTE:  * Saturn Rx just re-entered Scorpio on June 14th until mid September.  You can read a previous post about Saturn in Scorpio here: https://talesoflunacy.wordpress.com/?s=saturn+in+scorpio&submit=Search

Gemini Full Moon and a Headz up for the Holidaze

17 Dec

December 17 Full Moon

This Full Moon in Gemini is the last Full Moon of 2013. It may have us in a talkative and social mood. Or there may be a lot of inner chatter going on.  It could be our moods and plans may be changing rapidly as we are moving from here and there and everywhere.  It is a busy time of year so we may be running errands and sending cards and packages etc.  It may also be that a communication issue or a certain line of thought or a conversation reaches a turning point during this time.  Full Moons shed light on things so it could be that new facts or information changes plans too. 

This Full Moon in Gemini is quincunx Venus in Capricorn.  There may be changes in social schedules, get togethers and parties.  In relationships, it could mean that a ‘heart to heart talk is needed to set things right.   

On the Winter Solstice, December 21, Venus in Capricorn will turn retrograde until January 31, 2014.  At this time, we may need to re-evaluate our wants, desires, relationships and ….gulp….our finances.  Venus in Capricorn is already a ‘no-frills’ kind of energy.  She’s all business here.  The Universe seems to be giving us this opportunity right around the holiday season to get us more in touch with what and who matters.  At this time of gift giving and celebration, it will be about quality vs. quantity.  Capricorn rules time, and you may need to re-evaluate how you’re spending yours and with whom and whether or not they or it are worth it.  Capricorn also governs over our careers and during this time we may also have to re-evaluate it.  Are we doing what we love?  Is there any appreciation or compensation coming our way?  Or do we feel under-valued?  Or are we just wasting our time?  These are some of the questions we may be asking now.  Venus retrograde is also not a good time for entering into new relationships; business or otherwise unless it is with someone from your past.  With Venus retrograde, it is common to cross paths with someone from your past. 

Uranus, the radical, revolutionary of the Zodiac stations Direct today.  Uranus has been retrograde since July 17.  Whichever sector of your chart that Uranus is currently transiting is an area that we’ve wanted to change; now those changes may start to move us forward. 

Jupiter in Cancer is trine Saturn in Scorpio indicating that while we are moving beyond the past, we can take the lessons we’ve learned from it to build a solid future.  Jupiter gives the urge to wander and to grow and Saturn sets the boundaries.  When they are working harmoniously with each other as they are now, we can move forward slowly and cautiously.  With Mercury in Sagittarius also entering the mix, we’re adjusting and setting our sights on the future and making plans for it.  We may be tweaking some of our former beliefs to be more in accordance with the big ideas or lengthy conversations we’ve had lately. 

Mars in Libra is moving in closer to an opposition to Uranus in Aries.  This is a very volatile aspect and will be exact just in time for Christmas Dinner and will move in to square Pluto in time to ring in the New Year.  This makes plans and get togethers very unpredictable.  If your usual gatherings with family are a bit contentious, you could anticipate an all-out free for all.  If you have your heart set on a desired outcome, be prepared to make many changes and adjustments. With these kinds of aspects, you can ‘expect the unexpected’.  Please don’t kill the messenger as I am only trying to warn you.  It may not be as bad as that, maybe it’s a weather inconvenience that changes plans.  Maybe you are doing something differently this year than you’ve done on previous years. It could be that you’re spending these holidays with new or different groups of people such as a different side of the family or in a different location. These are just a few out of a zillion possibilities.  If it is at all possible you may want to keep things lose and light and spend a quiet evening at home or with just a few close people. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!  I’d also like to personally thank everyone that has read, subscribed, shared and supported Spellbound and Tales of Lunacy all throughout 2013!  Thank You!  And may the stars always shine upon you all