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Capricorn New Moon

10 Jan

goal-setting-mountainJanuary 16th is the first New Moon of 2018 and the time for setting intentions and long-term goals.  Don’t worry if you didn’t yet make any resolutions for the New Year, this New Moon is the perfect time to do it.

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This New Moon in serious Capricorn is at a critical degree making it an extra important, all business, goal oriented New Moon.

Saturn is the ruler of this New Moon and has recently entered his own sign of Capricorn and will stay there until 2020.  This shift in energy makes 2018 a game changer and a time for defining goals, establishing schemes, structures and systems, a time for forming foundations and frameworks and for setting standards, schedules and timelines.

Venus sits very close to this New Moon suggesting the importance of lasting associations and how obligations and responsibilities to others help shape your life.  A relationship that begins now has a good chance of making it for the long haul.  Commitment is key at this New Moon and you may be drawn to people that are older now or perhaps you appreciate their experience on some matter. This is also an appropriate time to establish boundaries within your relationships or agreements if that has been an issue for you.  Venus also rules over money and worth, so this is a wonderful time for launching new business objectives, financial goals and commitments or long-term investments.  You may be curbing your spending or spending only on things that are essential or appreciate over time or where you would value lasting results.

Mars in Scorpio makes a favorable connection to this New Moon and Venus in Capricorn suggesting that there’s an intense force pushing you to transform the structure of your relationships, agreements and/or your finances.  This may come about by trying to eliminate excess and consolidate debt or cut spending. Or it could be that you want to connect at a deeper level and solidify your important associations.

Uranus in Aries contacts this New Moon in a stressful angle instigating change and challenging the establishment.  Ambitions, aims and financial objectives could incite inconsistent or erratic behavior or perhaps you’re initiating changes and doing things differently.  You could see shake-ups, breaks-ups, break-throughs or interruptions where love and money are concerned.  This could involve new friends, groups, networks and/or technology.

Jupiter in Scorpio connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is a very potent aspect that perfects just one day prior to this New Moon so this energy is very much a part of this lunation. This time implies that you can transform beliefs and opinions, change your views and eliminate what holds you back or stands in your way.  Some relationships could experience a growing closeness and trust as walls and resistance come down. This is also an opportunity to get at the core truth, expose what’s been hidden, peel away the layers and do a thorough exploration or investigation that has the potential to reform structures and policies and change the rules where power and authority and the abuse of such things are concerned.  Additionally, changing guidelines and procedures could bring potential for tax or insurance benefits, extending a loan, improved lending programs or increased resources and revenue.

We’ll see this aspect two more times this year; in April and again in September so pay attention to what takes place during this time.

Chiron in Pisces also connects with this New Moon and Venus in Capricorn and with Mars in Scorpio suggesting that this pressing metamorphosis easily enables you to relinquish any feelings of shame, deficiency, defeat, weakness or loss. This can serve as a turning point, so these experiences now become sources of strength.

Blessings and Good vibes to ALL at this first and powerful New Moon of the year!

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Mars enters Virgo

15 Oct

October 15, 2013

Mars entered Virgo early this morning and will stay until December 6.  At this time our actions and energy is geared toward productivity, efficiency, and practicality. We’ll have nearly six weeks of this energy.  We can use this time to get clean and organized, or to de-clutter. So roll up those sleeves!  Virgo is the sign of work, service and health and it is a perfect time to start a new diet or exercise routine.  At this time we could be implementing a new schedule or creating new work habits in order to get the most out of each day.  We can use our powers of discrimination to see what works and what doesn’t.  Speaking of work, try to avoid any clashes with co-workers or it could be that you are doing some kind of activity or event, working on projects and spending more time with co-workers.  Virgo is also the sign of the craftsman (woman) so you may be working on a project of that nature.  With Virgo, practice makes perfect and it could also be that you are perfecting some sort of craft or technique.  We want to feel useful at this time.  If you fell a bit short on your goals at the Virgo New Moon back in September, you can certainly catch up now.  The last time Mars visited Virgo was back in mid November of 2011 for an extended stay (due to retrograde) until early July 2012.  You may want to think back to what projects you had going on back then.