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Aquarius New Moon

20 Jan

freedomJanuary 24th is the first New Moon of 2020 and of the decade ahead, in Aquarius, the sign of friends and future trends.  Change is in the air and it can feel exciting and unsettling as situations move along quickly, fluctuating minute by minute making things very unpredictable.

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Aquarius cares about its fellow (HU)man and community, known as the humanitarian, joining with others for a common goal, co-creating the collective experience.   After all, we’re all in this together right? This New Moon may mark an opening to new friendships or to your involvement in some organization, association, community, committee or network and it may include technology.

Uranus in Taurus, the ruler of this New Moon pokes at this lunation bringing upsets and surprises.  There could be fluctuating finances and markets, changing costs or unexpected expenses that sparks uneasiness, turbulence, instigating shifts.

Both Aquarius and Uranus are associated with things like change, freedom, individuality, independence, revolution, rebellion, movements, groups and causes.  It is easy to see the unrest and uprising in different areas across the globe and the common thread that ties them together.

On another level, we’re dealing with vibration and frequency changes and galactic and cosmic happenings.  There’s a leveling up in an evolutionary way and with that, the experience of some growing pains.  Even Mama Gaia is quaking and shaking, while the Schumann Resonance is spiking off the charts- it’s clear that something is going on.  You may even feel it within your body, as if you’re vibrating or maybe you have twitching, shakes or spasms.  It’s possible, as certain senses come online now, it activates a mass awakening or revelation of some sort.

Chiron in Aries connects with this New Moon, hinting at the emergence of liberation, release and emancipation from whatever has had a hold on you so that healing can commence.

Mercury in Aquarius connects with Mars in Sagittarius while Mars nudges Venus and Neptune in Pisces.  There’s a lot of mental stimulation and creative imagination with this influence.  Calls and conversations are lively, news and information may be coming and going, with opinions or views being pushed. Aiming for truth, you could quickly change your mind, or say something that creates controversy, questioning what one wants to believe, piercing a beautiful illusion, but all is not clear yet.  You may feel adventurous, brave and courageous enough to pursue your dreams and desires, or possibly you’re moved to explore and understand shadowy, unexplained things going on behind the scenes or the allures and enticements and the things that lures one to their own ruin.

Alternatively, you may be doing a marketing push or advertising campaign promoting exciting, out of the box ideas that elicit benefits that are on a more subtle level.  Perhaps you’re taking up a new class or study of subjects that are puzzling and peculiar.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn continue their close connection and their process of dismantling, destruction, deconstruction, reconstruction and renewal on several fronts.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Scorpio New Moon

25 Oct

rocky shoreThe New Moon in Scorpio October 27 is buzzing with excitement.  Change is in the air as Uranus in Taurus sits across the sky facing off with this New Moon giving it an amped up Full Moon feel. This lunation points to awakening, revelation, liberation, revolution, rebellion, evolution and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon reads, “a massive rocky shore” and things may be tough going now as you’re not sure of your footing, feeling unstable and uncertain with situations turbulent and changeable.

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Scorpio represents death, rebirth and the cycles of life.  Death in the symbolic sense, it isn’t always meant as a physical death.  We die many deaths throughout our lives as part of our growth, development and evolution.  After each transition, there comes the time of rebirth as we rise from the ashes of our past, of what once was and reinvent ourselves, continuing our path of becoming.

Would you say that you or your life is the same as just a few years ago?  Over the last several years there’s been an acceleration of growth and change that hasn’t always been pleasant, for some it’s been grueling.  Sometimes we must break down and bust open to rid the layers of the not self and see what we’re made of.

Scorpio is a sign that gets down to the core, to the nitty gritty to show the unseemly, unmentionable and the unthinkable.  During this phase, conditions feel raw and urgent as you face the shadows and darker parts, surprised at what bubbles to the surface while receiving startling revelations and aha moments of insight and clarity flooding your awareness. Your psychic sensitivities and intuition are tuned in and turned all the way up now.  It is said that the veil between worlds is thinnest this time of year and this period could attest to that.  This New Moon is pressing for change, transformation and reinvention.  Time to level-up on the evolutionary – vibrational plane.

On another level, fluctuating finances and markets are featured at this lunation which can bring any of the following – changes in earnings, commissions, royalties, costs or currencies/electronic currencies, unexpected expenses, variations or modifications of loans, debts, insurance, taxes, wills and inheritance, etc.  You could adjust, correct and overhaul your budget and bank account, maybe you’re seeking to consolidate, refinance or do a reset of some sort.  There could be loopholes to contracts or maybe you’re looking for an opening or an out.  This could also involve technology, electronics or electricity.

There’s added pressure and tension as Mars in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn clash and connect with Neptune in Pisces.  It’s a trying time that’s not easy to navigate as there are many unknowns, uncertainties and things you were not aware of coming out to be confronted. You may want to trade your behind the scenes status of invisibility and anonymity for engagement, collaboration and cooperation, but it doesn’t come easy.  You could feel blocked at any attempts at a compromise or agreement, there could be resistance to your advances or efforts to make contacts and connections or forge alliances. You want those that have substance and can stick it out for the long haul – social niceties and lip service have no place now. Patience is called for with this influence; good things come to those who wait – so they say. It’s easy to feel frustrated as if you’re getting nowhere fast, struggling for balance while faced with limitations, obstruction and resistance.  On another level, there’s anger over inequality, fighting for justice or peace, or a push back of opposition; moving against authority, policy and/or the establishment.

In addition to so much happening, Mercury, Venus and Pallas all meet in Scorpio, sitting across the sky from Vesta in Taurus, suggesting that you want involvements and discussions that plunge the depths, connections and encounters are magnetic and words are passionate and persuasive as you think and feel things deeply now.  Intuition is sharp with penetrating perceptions and an ability to cut through complications, lay everything out, shedding light on things kept locked up, shielded and protected or what’s had your unwavering dedication, commitment or allegiance.

Jupiter and Ceres meet up in Sagittarius.  Among other things, Ceres’ symbolism is associated with death, the dying process and cycles of renewal, further emphasizing the Scorpio theme; while placed in Sagittarius and connected to Jupiter, you may want to explore these topics and come to a deeper understanding of natural laws and cycles.  On another level, this hints at beliefs about self-worth, self-image, self-esteem, body image and being “enough”.

One last thing, as a friendly reminder, Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio October 31 – November 20th.  Your mind may be on critical matters and more introspective.  The usual rules of Mercury Rx apply, i.e. practice communicating clearly, don’t assume another understands what you mean, watch when sending emails, texts, letters, memos, etc. that they go to the correct party, without typos and errors.  It’s not the best time to enter into new contracts and agreements, watch signing paperwork.  Also, not the best time for buying electronics, appliances, or a vehicle.  When a planet is retrograde, it’s best to back track and cover old ground, revisit, re-imagine, re-investigate, re-examine, reconsider – you get the picture.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

Have a Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


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January 15 Full Moon in Cancer

15 Jan

This first Full Moon of the New Year may have us a bit more moody and emotional than usual, especially in regard to relationships and money.  This Full moon is in Cancer and Cancer is the natural ruler of the Moon itself.   Both govern the feelings and emotions, the Home, the Mother and the past. 

The Love planets Mars in Libra and Venus Rx in Capricorn are experiencing some friction at this time and Jupiter in Cancer is there to make it an even bigger deal. There could be anger over something that is ‘not fair’ and we might feel we’re ready to upset the peace.  Jupiter in Cancer stresses the importance of being honest about how we feel which may threaten the security of old ways or it may help to eliminate any obstacles that may be preventing an ‘even playing field’.  This may have to do with boundaries either crossed or walls built up in relationships.  We may also need to deal with the issue of what we need to feel secure and if it is worth it.  Money issues also come to a head at this time too and could be at the root of the issue.  Joint finances, estates, retirement plans, insurance, properties, etc. are all highlighted at this time. 

Ceres also makes her presence known at this Full Moon bringing issues about parenting and child care into the spotlight.  It could be that you may need to balance nurturing vs. discipline, or it is possible you’re trying to balance home vs. career, or maybe there are even mother vs. father; single parent and custody issues.  Ceres could also shine a light on women’s issues such as pregnancy and menopause.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing since we need a little friction at times to get things going and to make a move or to make it happen.  If you’ve wanted to grow your family, this Cancer Full moon could be as good a time as any to give it a go.  What have you got to lose by trying? Ceres also has to do with our family ties, our sense of belonging and clan membership and it could be that this is also contributing to some of the relationship woes you may be experiencing. 

Ceres does also correspond to the work force and agriculture so these types of issues may also come to light at this time.  Stories in the news have talked of employment equality as well as a major cereal (Ceres) company no longer using GMO products.

Mercury in Aquarius is in a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries and we may be able to come up with new ideas.  Thoughts may be coming and going quickly or a conversation or piece of correspondence may surprise you.  It may be that we have unusual conversations possibly having to do with our freedom and independence; or it is possible that we can come up with solutions that are good for everyone. 

Saturn is supportive of this Cancer Full Moon and may mark the completion of some lesson or test.  And it may have to do with joint finances, shared responsibilities, closeness, intimacy, sex and also about conserving our resources.  Whether we’ve passed or failed remains to be seen I suppose.  But it is at least a bit of a stabilizing influence. 


The Grand Sextile

27 Jul

Grand Sextile pattern a.k.a. The Star of David.  It’s called that because it forms a six pointed star in the sky or on paper when looking at an astrology chart. Though you won’t be able to look up to the heavens and see it.  This is a rare configuration and it involves seven planets of the ten used in Astrology:  Mars/Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune (water) and The Moon, Venus and Pluto (Earth).  Because the planets involved are in the elements of Water and Earth, it is thought to be the return of feminine wisdom and healing energies to the earth.  Let’s hope so! This is a difficult configuration to predict events with as it gives a lot of creative potential but requires us to make the effort.  This pattern is often linked with the Jewish people and it is said that King David had this configuration in his birth chart.  According to ancient Hebrew astrologers it is considered to be a most “auspicious time”.  It is also said that the energy flow of this pattern creates a ‘vortex’.  It is also linked with the heart chakra.  In Sacred Geometry, The Star Tetrahedron (a three dimensional Star of David) is the pattern of the etheric light grid that surrounds each human being. This grid is called the Merkaba and symbolizes “as above so below”; the combination of Spirit and Matter.

Mer  =   light    Ka  =  spirit     ba  =   body

This pattern consists of two grand trines and three oppositions. A grand trine is a triangle that has an easy continuous flow of energy.  The three oppositions are what power this configuration.  Let’s try and break it down:

The first Grand Trine or triangle that helps to make up this pattern was formed by July 17 and by the 20th Mars entered the picture.  This was the Water Grand Trine.  Mars/Jupiter in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces.  Pushing for improvement from the ground up in order to remove obstacles that aid in our own undoing.


The Next Grand Trine consists of the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn.  This is the Earth Grand Trine. Emotional comfort/the comforts of home, practical relationships or finances, and shared responsibilities. 

The first opposition in this pattern is on the 26th with Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces.  Things can hardly get more glamorous, romantic or spiritual than when Venus and Neptune are in contact with each other.  But Venus is in discriminating Virgo which is not her favorite place to be, but it does lend a bit of ‘practical magick’.  We can appreciate the finer points of a vague dream.  You may even be able to recall vivid details of your dreams over the next few nights. Give attention and care to the details when visualizing your dream. If you can dream it you can create it. This can also be a very creative time good for art, music, crafts, and spirituality.  It could also be a time when we are carefully assessing relationships or finances to see how it measures up against our fantasies/dreams/ideals.  How far off from reality have we been? How useful is or isn’t what we’ve been imagining?  In our assessment, we may find the places, things or people that trip us up or have been blindsided by. We can use the discernment of Venus in Virgo to see what needs to be done. Saturn is in favorable position to both Neptune and Venus enabling manifestation.  He can help us to restructure our lives to be more practical, productive and more live-able.   

The next opposition is that of Mars conjunct Jupiter opposite Pluto on July 27th.  There is a tremendous amount of raw power with this aspect so you must be careful as violence and anger could be indicated.  At its best, it is initiating big changes, especially on the domestic scene.  It may be that your family is expanding or maybe you are literally expanding a home or want to. Maybe you’re buying or improving a property in some way.  We may be expanding, improving and restructuring on many levels.  It could be that you are also restructuring your schedule or how you spend your time or how you balance the home vs. career. This could also involve legal issues or rights, joint finances and shared responsibilities, taxes, insurance, loans, wills and estates.    This aspect could also involve power struggles, fighting or defending of beliefs or legal rights against authority, the rules or the powers that be.  There is a drive to assert one’s truth and get to the very bottom of things. 

The Last but not least opposition is that of the Moon to Saturn.  This occurs on the 29th and helps to complete the Star of David formation.  Although this is already a powerful configuration with an enormous amount of energy, the energy of the Moon cannot be underestimated as she seems to always set things in motion.  The Moon in aspect to Saturn brings a very sobering mood.  It could be that what we need to feel emotionally secure or grounded is confronted by changing structures. The good thing is that the Moon is in Taurus, an Earth sign, and a place she likes to be to further help to ground us and our intentions.  The Sun is also square to Saturn intensifying the tension and pressure.  We could possibly feel heavy hearted or that our vitality feels dampened or maybe it’s just time to act like a mature adult and accept certain responsibilities and duties and even shared financial ones.  It’s also interesting to take notice of the Sabian Symbol of the Sun on this day that the Star of David is completed: “The constellations in the night sky”.  This further repeats the theme of ‘as above so below’



May 25 Lunar Eclipse

25 May

May 25 Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 4’ 08” Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is the sign of the Sage, the seeker, the adventurer on a quest for Truth.  It also governs over religion, faith, foreign matters and higher education, as well as publishing and legal matters.  There may be an ending or turning point in regard to any of those matters. Because this eclipse is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is the ruler of this eclipse. Jupiter has been in his opposite sign of Gemini for all of 2013 and a good bit of 2012 too. This Eclipse is a kind of a ‘farewell’ party in his honor from the cosmos as Jupiter will leave Gemini in mid June. During Jupiter’s stay in Gemini, we’ve had some time to think about our beliefs, faith, religion, life’s philosophy; we’ve been questioning assumptions, prejudices and our worldview.  The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity was receiving eclipses since 2010, and accelerating us along this path of growth in consciousness and allowing us to encompass other viewpoints or to be tolerant of other viewpoints and beliefs at the very least.  It could be a time of discovery while learning our own personal truth and adjusting our lives accordingly in this process. 

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at this eclipse is “an old owl up in a tree”.  The owl symbolizes wisdom, mystery, transition (since it’s associated with death and death is a transition), messages, secrets and clairvoyance. The owl is able to see things that are hidden, its nocturnal and has the ability to see in the dark and most people are afraid of the dark; it is a place that we fear.  But a Full Moon is bright and brings illumination and this one is especially bright since it is a “Super Moon” making it at least 17,000 miles closer than usual to Earth.  It may light up certain dark crevices and shed light on things that have been hidden from us. 

This Full Moon is challenged by Neptune making things highly sensitized or emotional. This could also be a very spiritual or creative time. Neptune rules water and the ocean.  Since this is a Full Moon, tides could be even higher with potential for flooding.  Also marine life like dolphins and whales could be brought to our attention for some reason.  The Sabian symbol for Neptune is “officers on dress parade”   and it might be that we are able to see through certain illusions and cover ups and “the right image” that is presented before us. We may have to have faith in our own truth and discard certain illusions that have been the cause of our own undoing.  The biggest illusion being that of separateness.

 Mercury, The Messenger and Venus, the Lover meet up in Gemini at this eclipse joining our hearts and minds and having us enjoying conversations and socializing.  Jupiter is close by too possibly making it a big event with a lot of people such as a wedding or graduation.    It is a holiday weekend here in the U.S. and the kickoff to the summer season so maybe you are enjoying a BBQ or vacationing. Watch with alcohol.  Alcohol and ‘altered states’ of consciousness fall under the domain of Neptune who is very prominent at this Eclipse. 


In the News:   A bridge in Washington State collapses plunging cars into the water.  And military misconduct as officers are accused of secretly spying on cadets and taking pictures while they were undressing.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

8 May

Its Eclipse time and change is in the air. There was much we had to get to the core of lately, and extract any decay or ‘non-essentials’.  Something may have met its end. Don’t worry!  We need to make room for the new!  Several of the personal planets have just had it out with Saturn enabling us to see what needed to go and give us the strength and stamina to move mountains and get the job done. Saturn may have also had us feeling blocked, delayed or frustrated for whatever reason or it could be that there was an issue with a parent, boss or authority figure or even with you as the parent or authority.  Maybe we have been working very hard lately for long term goals or results with little appreciation or compensation. While all of this hard work wasn’t so immediately gratifying, we should start seeing the results or reaping some rewards soon enough.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in the fertile sign of Taurus will see to the growth of the new seeds we are planting. Taurus is an Earth sign and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love. We may literally be getting our hands in the earth and planting seeds. It’s the perfect time to spend in natural surrounds and revel in Mother Nature.  With Pallas in such close aspect, it is very favorable for healing Mother Earth as well as beautifying the landscape.   Pallas in Taurus could also highlight issues with plant based medicine, as well as healing through touch and massage.  We’ll also be getting some help from Mars and Mercury at this Eclipse. While they met up on the 7th-8th,    having our thoughts and actions  in sync on practical matters,  getting things done and ‘handling the baggage’ as indicated by the Sabian Symbol.  At this time, we are concerned with how we are making our lives more secure and enjoyable, our relationships more relate-able and our surroundings more beautiful.  Taurus is a material sign and wants to be comfortable and to have a quality of life, not just earn a paycheck.  This eclipse could help us to come up with practical plans that are bound to last.  Taurus carries on and is unwavering and solid but also slow to move and doesn’t want to give anything up or change easily (that includes possessions, relationships, ideas etc.). With the help of Mercury keeping our ideas grounded, they able to take form as Mars gives us the energy to push on, keep at it and ‘make it happen’.  A Solar Eclipse indicates new beginnings but the South Node is close to this eclipse which is karmic and rooted in the past.  The Scorpio Lunar eclipse on April 25 was about letting go and it could be that we are made aware of what ruts we get stuck in and why.  And we may actually be able to do something about it!  Finally!  We may be able to shake lose what mental ruts or thought patterns that seemed to be permanent and go on forever.  We may be able to use some of our practical gifts, talents or lessons from the past to make something new that we like and that will last as well as provide us with more comfort, security and enjoyment.   We could even be transforming old structures or recycling and making something new (and pretty!).    Pluto and Ceres also go head to head at this eclipse possibly providing a turning point with obsessions and intensity in regard to parenting, child rearing, family / clan issues; parent/child complexes – especially with issues of attachment and separation  and ‘mother love’ vs. self-love as well as issues of nurturing and nutrition. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 19’31” Taurus.  The Sabian Symbol is “Wisps of clouds, like wings are streaming across the sky”.   We are able to see things from a higher perspective and have become aware of where we may need to change course.  Pallas is in the same degree as this eclipse giving us a broader perspective, enabling us to get the bigger picture, she further helps us in problem solving, trouble shooting and planning.  It seems that after the removal of the decay, we are left with very fertile ground at this eclipse.  Whatever we do now seems to be practical, sustaining and long lasting so make sure it is what you want!