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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

3 Jun

earth chainsThe Sagittarius Full Moon June 5th is also a Lunar Eclipse.  Eclipses are a big deal in Astrology, they’re powerful energy portals giving the fated feeling of fast-tracking events into the future.  It’s the way the Universe puts us on path.  A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon, while a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon.  A lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon times ten as energies are amplified more than a typical Full Moon. Eclipses often come with a hint of drama, unexpected turns or sudden beginnings and endings so it’s best to keep your schedule flexible and your mind open during “Eclipse Season”.  Eclipses usually come in pairs a couple times a year.  This         go-around we even get a bonus third Eclipse- but hey, it’s 2020 right? Although they’re not visible everywhere, symbolically, they hold an important influence, especially over the area of the Eclipse path.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius highlights topics involving Honesty, Morality, Integrity, Judgement and doing what’s right; Also, Natural Law, and the Rule of Law. This Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius opens the energies of Sagittarius and Gemini for the next year and a half; the last time these signs were emphasized was 2010-2013.  Think back to what you were up to then and how it relates to now.    You may experience development, advancement and understanding in these areas on another level now.

This lunation could bring a turning point to events set in motion back in November last year at the Sagittarius New Moon. Perhaps you were doing an advertising or marketing campaign, a podcast or promoting a cause or a message important to you.   It’s possible that you had a court case or obtained legal counsel. More importantly, this may take place on an inner level for you, as your own personal truth and worldview, resulting from your growth, inner development, faith, belief and inner knowing takes a turn as deeper truths are revealed.

Mars in Pisces triggers this Full Moon and inquiring minds want to know. This phase may have you questioning what you hear, see, what’s being said and what you believe or choose to believe, while needing to get at the Truth, you’re now willing (or forced) to take a deeper dive at what’s going on behind the scenes or in the shadows.  A bigger picture emerges complete with storyline and dialogue.

There’s information warfare and a secret skirmish with a flood of subconscious assaults and images flung out there that challenge what you think you know, testing your perceptions and judgment.   You will need to use your discernment arriving at what is true for you.  It’s also important to be able to communicate your views without subversive tactics.

The verdict is in….

This time could test your faith, perhaps feeling you’ve lost your way, that you’re chasing illusions or that your efforts are futile or attempts fruitless.  There can be the feeling of hopelessness, a subconscious struggle, a deep pain, questioning the meaning of suffering and the Human condition, life’s existence, and God.  This period highlights an opportunity to examine your subconscious motivations helping you to arrive at another level of understanding.   This energy can also be channeled creatively and be a time for curiosity, wonder and imagination.  Your intuitive guidance together with reason and common sense may inspire a leap of faith and pursuit of a dream.

Venus Rx close to the Gemini Sun influences the Lunar Eclipse asking you to take another look at your relationships, your associates and what you find appealing and attractive.  You might also consider the mental connections you have. Do you appreciate conversations with your comrades? Do their values resonate with you? You may spend time re-evaluating what’s important to you.

Financially speaking, it may be time to re-assess or re-budget.

During this phase, you may run into old friends or lovers and people from your past.  Or perhaps a lesson, through a familiar situation or circumstance is presented, giving an opportunity to respond differently, demonstrating your growth and maturity.

Jupiter Rx in Cap is the ruler of the Full Moon maintaining a meetup with Pluto Rx, continuing the process of a major overhaul and restoration, a personal search for truth and meaning, an inner reconstruction of systems of belief, removing  obstacles, limitations, doubts and fears.

Mercury in Cancer, Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aries exchange energies during this phase, bringing a period for uncomfortable conversations that are necessary steps toward healing.  Recalling the past may trigger sore spots but can also inspire courage to move through shifting certainties.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Scorpio Full Moon

5 May

behind the veilThe Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th may have you in a stormy mood, feeling emotionally turbulent and unsettled as this lunation brings a turning point to the process of transformation and restoration.  It’s a bit of a messy make-over eh?

Mercury’s close connection to the Taurus Sun may have you going back and forth between being of sound mind, focusing on the material and being an emotional wreck.

This phase can push your (in)security buttons, financially and emotionally; while you focus on things like income, resources, support and sustenance.  The emphasis will be on wealth, banks, borrowing, credit, debts, mortgages, taxes, insurance, wills and estates.

On another level, your thoughts circle around relationships, self-worth and worthiness, physical and sensual appeal and attractiveness, love and affection, sexual passion and deep connection, intimacy, closeness and sharing.

Neptune in Pisces favorably connects to the Full Moon providing inspiration and the perfect escape from thinking about money or matters of life, death and survival.  Just breathe.  Do something creative. Meditate.  Be near water.

This influence also lends a hand in tuning into the realms of the spiritual, intuitive and mysterious as sensitivities will be heightened, creating a vibe that feels out of this world.

Scorpio is wrapped in intensity, complexity, vulnerability and things deep, dark, hidden and unspeakable.  This phase sheds light on matters kept secret, suppressed, covered or concealed involving things like power, control, corruption, abuse, violence, lust, envy, and all kinds of wickedness that dwells in Scorpio’s realms.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, has recently gone retrograde in Capricorn for the next five months suggesting that there’s an unearthing of things deep below and buried, even the resurfacing of an old passion, along with an inner restoration, reset and revival that’s underway.

Many of the beliefs you’ve held, behaviors or measures you’ve organized and built your life around may be put to the test or done away with altogether if found to be invalid or no longer necessary to who you’re becoming.  Others may be reinforced because, over time, its proven to be so and you know what you know. And that’s ok.  Don’t be afraid to reassess – it’s the perfect time to do so! In just a few days we have a slow-down in the sky as Venus, Jupiter and Saturn turn retrograde and cover old ground.

Venus is retrograde in Gemini from May 12th through June 25th– a time for reconnecting, getting in touch and exchanging thoughts and ideas.  During this period, old friends and lovers could make an appearance, or it may be that a familiar situation arises.  It may be time to re-assess some of your associations.  Traditionally, it’s not a favorable time to begin relationships or to get married but I’ve seen some make it work.  It’s also not the best time for shopping or changing your looks by doing a dramatic make-over with your hairstyle, cosmetic surgery, etc., the results may not be what you had in mind.  Maintenance is ok though. I can see people eager to catch up and flocking to their stylists after being quarantined for weeks.

Jupiter in Capricorn Retrograde May 14th through September 12th  and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius – Capricorn May 10th through September 29th – during this phase, review your beliefs and assumptions, check your preconceptions, judgements, viewpoints and philosophies about success and achievement, authority and rules, limitations and restrictions; take another look at social standards and norms, redefine your goals, acknowledge your resistance and  re-establish your position. Don’t be afraid to change old paradigms and belief structures so that it aligns with the model for your future.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


Libra Full Moon

6 Apr

scales tippedThe Libra Full Moon April 7th highlights your relationships and associations.  This lunation emphasizes going solo vs. companionship. While Libra is a social sign, wanting connection, interaction and participation, and humans are mostly social creatures, in this time of social distancing, we are all in this together – alone.

Neptune in Pisces pressures this Full Moon yielding a tipping point as unknown factors are brought out of the shadows and into the light to be dealt with before leveling off.

Venus in Gemini, ruler of this Full Moon, connects with Mars in Aquarius suggesting there’s a craving for conversation, connection, visitors, variety and mobility and in this time of distance, many are taking to technology to reach out and touch someone.  This influence offers a love of your neighbor and humanitarian efforts.

Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus clash, warning of restless energies which could prove to be unpredictable and volatile.  Use caution and care while driving, working with electricity or operating machinery.  You can expect a few shocks and surprises during this period.  You may feel like breaking free and awakening from your respite and retreat.  There could be sudden moves, a change in direction or unforeseen advances inspiring excitement in what was anticipated, expected or projected; this could also involve financial markets, earnings, costs or currencies.

Jupiter and Pluto continue their close connection in Capricorn, which was exact on April 4th.  This is a powerful pairing that doesn’t happen every day, in fact this comes around about every twelve years. This influence speaks of significant changes to the structure of our society.  There is a major overhaul and restoration underway on several fronts simultaneously.

Mercury in Pisces also connects with this powerful pairing of Jupiter and Pluto so it may not be exactly clear on where or how this is all taking place.  This influence is best for subtle perceptions and nuances so tune into that when you can.  Additional information will be revealed as Mercury moves into Aries April 11th when communications will be more direct by then.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!  Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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Leo Full Moon

7 Feb

The Leo Full Moon February 9th enlivens the ethers with energy and enthusiasm shining a light on your self- expression, creative endeavors, love affairs or matters involving children.

It’s possible that you take a project to the next level now, or maybe a talent turns attention your way. Perhaps you’re dazzled by someone or you find you have a new fan and admirer. Or a child(ren) could be your central focus of the moment. Leo likes to play and have fun so you may be looking for ways to entertain and to be entertained, enjoying pastimes or perhaps eyeing a new vacation spot.

This lunation delivers an important message from the Universe, guiding you to embrace self-love, self-acceptance and the inner child.  During this phase, you could concern yourself with such things as your likability, popularity, confidence, acceptance and approval.

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Mars in Sagittarius connects favorably with the Full Moon; although it may be cold outside, you’re feeling fired up as passions are stirred.  Your adventurousness kicks in and you’re inclined to be bold and daring, pushing your luck; ready to step out and be seen.  You could be making significant attempts to develop your gifts or to be noticed.  There could be quite a spectacle or performance while pushing and persuading one’s views, perhaps even being over the target.  Aim for honesty and be moved by a knowing and understanding from your heart enabling rapid progress.

Juno stations retrograde in Libra, linking up with the luminaries, putting an emphasis on marriage, equality and give and take in relationships.  You may be covering old ground now.  Juno is also associated with victims of sexual abuse and/or violence; while this period may bring attention to subjects of this sensitive nature.

Venus and Chiron meet up in Aries pointing to an opening for healing relationship rifts, beginning with the relationship to yourself; and being able to state and look after of your own needs.  It’s a new cycle of healing self-worth issues and of being or having enough.  Financially speaking, perhaps you’re in pursuit of an economic escape or a way to get on the other side of an issue.

Uranus in Taurus tangles with Ceres in Aquarius agitating your sense of belonging, fitting in and feeling different.  As your tastes, preferences and styles shift, you’re persuaded to create a community and clan of compatible comrades. Fostering originality and nurturing your uniqueness provokes you to get out of your comfort zone and wake up your voice.  This influence again needles the issues of self-worth and self-acceptance.

Mercury retrogrades February 16th through March 10th beginning in Pisces where you’re inclined to be reflective of the past, like watching a movie and by the time Mercury turns direct in Aquarius, you’ll have come up with an insightful new take on situations and circumstances.  Put off paperwork and purchasing any electronics or vehicles during this period.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


Gemini Full Moon

11 Dec

perceptionThe Gemini Full Moon, the last Full Moon of the decade, transpires just after midnight at 12:12 am on December 12th (12/12) highlighting your perceptions and your slant on certain subjects.  You can expect some plot twists during this phase.  Ideas and plans you came up with in early June could reach a turning point now.  This lunation also puts the spotlight on information, communications, media, gossip and hearsay.

Mercury in Sagittarius, the ruler of this Full Moon, energizes the degree of the last New Moon, which Sabian Symbol reads, “an old owl up in a tree”. This suggests wisdom, knowledge and a bird’s eye view of the situation.  There’s an inner guidance giving you a grasp of the bigger picture.

Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Taurus connect enabling you to shift your awareness and fine tune your frequency as your senses are awakening and coming ‘online’.  This influence also suggests adjusting your mindset, broadening your consciousness and thinking more positively, even using affirmations to alter your beliefs around worth, wealth and self-worth.  Speaking your truth may feel uncomfortable, maybe it unsettles someone else when they hear what you have to say or possibly hearing another’s viewpoint takes you by surprise.  It’s a time to be open minded, explore unusual ideas and get out of your comfort zone.

On another level, there could be modifications when publishing information or news and digital content, especially if it’s opinionated, political or biased, varying the fees or rates associated with it.   This also illustrates free speech and the collective cost of any amendments or revisions to such things. Decide what it’s worth to you.

The Full Moon tangles with Venus, Saturn and Pluto all closely connected in Capricorn shifting your perspective and concentrating your focus on what is most important and those nearest and dearest to you, along with your shared values and responsibilities.  On the financial front, you may be making plans and revisions to consolidate or eliminate debts, making long range economic goals and investments, dealing with retirement plans, life insurance, wills and estates or some other type of restructuring to your financial future may be in the works for you.

The Gemini Full Moon also nudges Neptune in Pisces testing the clarity of your thinking, perhaps blurring the lines between facts and opinions or beliefs and perception.  On the other hand, it brings an understanding of the subtleties and undercurrents of your surroundings, amping up your psychic sensitivity.   Tune in.

Mercury in Sagittarius favorably connects with Chiron in Aries suggesting that speaking your Truth is an opening for healing, though it may cut like a knife.

Chiron goes direct the day of the Full Moon while continuing to be combative with Jupiter in Capricorn.  This influence has been in effect for the last several days, lasting for about ten days or so.  You could feel triggered, on edge, impatient and irritable during this phase as it tends to poke at your weak points.  Limiting beliefs seem magnified now as they are brought into the light to be confronted and healed.  You could feel pressured as fears, doubts, shoulds and oughts weigh on you.  There may be a sense of lack, of not being enough, not measuring up or that time is running out, making you feel panicked or anxious.   Notice your resistance around particular beliefs. Recognize what is unfounded, unsupported, no longer serving or not part of your Truth.  There is tremendous healing power with this influence if you’re brave enough to own it and push through.

Wait there’s more….

Closing out the last Full Moon of the decade, and thrusting us into the upcoming Eclipses, Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus align brilliantly.  These two social shapers don’t get together this way every day.  This ten-day period brings lots of surprises as well as progress, opportunity and quantifiable, constructive changes.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Taurus Full Moon

11 Nov

gratitudeThe Full Moon in Taurus calls your attention toward comfort and ease, the things that make you feel good, who and what you’re attracted to and how you show love, affection and appreciation.  It’s feeling the security of having enough; enough money to surround yourself with what you find beautiful, your values and ownership, what something is worth to you, your own self-worth and gratitude for having what you have.

As much as Taurus appreciates the good life, it’s a sign also known for persistence, stamina and sustained efforts.

Vesta is closely connected to the Full Moon marking a high point to what you’ve given your strong focus and commitment to.  Your sacrifice and dedication in meeting your goals may very well bring noticeable results and evident outcomes with staying power as Saturn in Capricorn also favorably connects.

On another level, this influence brings to light matters of sexuality and sexual complexes- anything from impotence, infertility, celibacy, pornography, extra-marital affairs, and more, enabling off limits topics to be discussed.

The Scorpio Sun, across the sky, closely connects to Mercury retrograde bringing a depth of perception that is formidable and laser focused, especially as Mercury crosses the Sun just the day before the Full Moon – a rare astronomical event.  You could be reconsidering ideas or revising plans, time to take another look, re-examine and re-focus on the bare bones essentials.

Pluto in Capricorn also connects to the Full Moon enabling you to discard what isn’t working, remove what is standing in your way and to reconstruct and recreate something worthwhile that stands the test of time.

The interaction between Chiron in Aries, Juno in Libra and Uranus in Taurus puts pressure on relationships – calling for healing rifts or bridging a divide and adapting or adjusting to dislodge what has become a wedge between you and others.  Perhaps you instigate a split that’s calling for counseling.  It could be that your tastes or style has changed, what was appealing or enjoyable before, may be different now moving you to assess your partnership and relationships and to be open to connection.

On another level, this influence can bring to light matters associated with healing and victimization from sex crimes, child abuse or domestic violence.

Mars in Libra connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius suggesting that you reach out and touch someone.  You’re open to people that promote growth, positivity and understanding or that advance your possibilities and opportunities.  There’s a push for what’s fair, just, upright ethical and honorable.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is also closing in on a connection to the Galactic Center, the Sun of our solar system, a place that is said that Divine Energies pour forth with direct knowing, wisdom and guidance and Jupiter here only amplifies it.  Keep an open mind and your antenna up and listen what the Universe is telling you.  Things will move along quickly.  This roughly two-week window is a rare once in twelve-year opportunity.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Aries Full Moon

11 Oct

conflagrationThis Aries Full Moon is full of action and excitement, situations can turn on a dime so be ready.  This phase also brings a high point to events set in motion earlier in the year at the New Moon in Aries.  Aries is a sign that’s all about you as an individual- me, myself and I, your will and your efforts made in your own interests.

Mars, the ruler of this Full Moon sits across the sky in Libra.  Aggressive Mars is a bit uncomfortable here, disturbing Libra’s even- temperedness.  Mars here wants to tip the scales and knock you off the fence.  Libra’s weighing, deliberating and vacillating is boring to impatient Mars and he insists you pick a side, take action and get on with it already.    In fact, the Sabian symbol for the degree of this Full Moon is, “a pugilist entering the ring”  and it would appear that you’re more than willing to use your muscle and might, ruffle some feathers or make or break a deal if it favors your own affairs.  You may not be looking for a fight, but you certainly won’t back down from one either. Things could get heated.

Jupiter in Sagittarius connects favorably to the Full Moon firing up the fervor assisting forward movement and progress, bringing many opportunities for growth and development.  You’re moved by honesty, understanding and universal laws, acting on what you believe to be right.

The Full Moon takes a jab from Pluto in Capricorn, having recently turned to direct motion, activating the ongoing process of deconstruction and dismantling along with reconstruction and renewal.  This has been years in the making and this period can carry peak moments in the way in which you conduct or carry yourself and keep on.   You’re ready to give a push back to eliminate resistance and what stands in your way, even if it comes from within.

Also keeping you on your toes is Uranus in Taurus clashing with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra.  Relationships or finances can be very unstable now.  Connections made now can be full of passion and intensity catching you by surprise.  It will be difficult to maintain any type of neutrality or feign disinterest now.   There could even be sudden splits or having it out about something that’s been a bone of contention.  The gloves are off and it’s on!



On another level, agreements and arrangements made or broken can shift costs, prices, markets, currency stability, changing what something is worth or what you’re willing to pay for it,  perhaps sending shockwaves through the marketplace affecting earnings, wages, banking, lending, loans, mortgages, credit, debts, savings and wealth.   Be prosperous.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Pisces Full Moon

12 Sep

ocean mist

There’s magic in the air on the Pisces Full Moon September 14th.  Your sensitivity and intuition are amplified now, and experiences are at a profound level, touching the depths of your soul.

Neptune, ruler of this Full Moon is closely connected, adding to the enchantment or perhaps, bewilderment of this phase feeling as if you’re held in a haze of unreality.

Dreams and visions seeded at the Pisces New Moon in early March hit a high point now.  Water and other liquids like oil are also featured now- oceans, tides, marine life, flooding or leaks, cleaning up or the purity, quality or availability of water.  It can also be a time to detox and purify or visit a sweat lodge, sauna or float tank.

If this period leaves you perplexed, puzzled or confused, let not your heart be troubled; there is plenty of planet power across the sky as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno are still gathered in Virgo enabling you to dissect and discern matters.  Things that were hidden, obscured or secret or too confusing or complicated come to light now allowing you to get things sorted out.

Mercury and Venus share the last degree of Virgo and are set to move into Libra shortly after the Full Moon transpires.  Hearts and minds align, and you can appreciate the specifics when it comes to conversations, plans and information as you’re evaluating, pouring over material and prioritizing.  The Sabian for this degree is “Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to distractions”.  This symbol needs little explanation as the theme of getting to the nitty gritty and getting things under control continues.  Once this pairing moves into Libra, then begins negotiations and conversations and putting finishing touches to your recent toil.

As Mars and Neptune face off in a critical degree, energies are aimed at making order from chaos, cleaning up a mess, problem solving, acknowledging your mistakes, course correcting, and seeing that things are put into their proper place and all runs smoothly.  That’s what this period is about.  You’re working hard and the vastness may feel overwhelming at times, the dream too big or the vision too vague but your efforts are not futile.  Keep going.  You’re getting it together and putting the pieces in place.   The Sabian symbols read, “two girls playing with a Ouija board” and “in a huge tent, a revivalist conducts his meeting” hinting at messages from unseen worlds or unknown sources for you to make of what you will and an audience to share them with.  While the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon reads, “a man bringing down the new law from Sinai” implying that there are new models and new ways of being now.

Mars instigates the tension that’s been brewing all year long between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.  This aspect perfects the third and final time this year on September 21st.  It’s not every day that these slower moving planets connect in such a way, influencing a generation.  This is a very spiritual influence where faith, intuition and knowledge come together, sparking wonder and exploration in your search for Truth.  You want to gain a deeper understanding of things long unknown, unseen, kept in the dark and hidden from sight.  There’s a lot of uncertainty that tests your faith as well as undercurrents and things going on behind the scenes that you’re gaining awareness of as a light of Truth shines into those dark crevices, exposing the shadows and cobwebs for what they are.  You may find that Truth is stranger than fiction.

If you’re held hostage by beliefs and doubts that cause you to worry that you’ll slip-up, or be considered inadequate and inferior, the Virgo energies assist in flushing out and revealing the error of your ways while aiding in getting you on the right track. There are plenty of opportunities to work on developing and perfecting your techniques and systems and correcting your mistakes.

Saturn shifts into direct motion, just a few days after the Full Moon on the 18th; in a critical degree where it remains for a couple weeks.  It drops the hammer and calls for accountability or aids in establishing your credibility and expertise, cementing your position, enabling you to define and accomplish your goals.

Pluto in Capricorn favorably connects with the Full Moon allowing you to remove resistance – your own or others and to eliminate obstacles and what’s holding you back so that you can restructure, reform, remake and reorganize.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Aquarius Full Moon

13 Aug

cogsThe Full Moon August 15th is in Aquarius but there’s a planet party across the heavens in Leo with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno converging bringing lots of oomph to a sign known for drama and theatrics, which could produce quite a show and spectacle.  There’s focus on fun, creativity, love affairs and passion and the freedom for acting with confidence and authenticity, while taking chances playing the game of life. It’s like the whole world is a stage with many actors, each with a unique and special role contributing to the co-creation of the larger collective society.  The Aquarius Full Moon could bring a few well- meaning playmates or an appreciative audience your way.

Children and children’s matters may need extra attention now. 

Some of your hopes, wishes and visions for the future that were set into motion or changes that you made in early February at the Aquarius New Moon may reach a high point now.  This could involve your friends, peers, networks, community, groups you share common goals and interests with or technology and social media.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus is associated with humanity and the collective as well as freedom, liberty, independence, revolution, rebellion and revolt; topics around these themes may be emphasized now.

Both the Sun and Venus in Leo sit directly across the sky from this Full Moon highlighting passionate partnerships, creative collaborations along with projects and matters that are close to your heart.  This may include hobbies or a cause or movement that’s important to you, perhaps you champion a children’s cause or organization.   This could also bring attention to money matters.

Pluto in Capricorn also connects with the Sun and Venus in Leo signaling shifting and doing away with stumbling blocks, resistance, fears and doubts that keep you from love, centeredness and connection.  Additionally, you could be fine tuning some of your creations by reforming models, templates and frameworks or restoring, revamping, recycling, upcycling or giving it a make-over and staging it.

Uranus Rx in Taurus, the ruler of this Full Moon, nudges Mercury in Leo inspiring inventive and original concepts in your mind.  Conversations are stimulating but focus could be difficult as you’re jumping from one thought to the next, perhaps you keep changing your mind.  You could receive surprising information or exciting news.  Markets and finances may fluctuate sparking speculative plans and ideas.  You could see changes in costs for entertainment items, toys, games, electronics, etc.

Chiron in Aries also connects with Mercury bringing healing words spoken from the heart, though some tears may be shed.  Affirmations for self- love, self-worth, self-acceptance and confidence or writing a love song or letter could be means of healing now.  Other experiences could include out of the ordinary sense perceptions and changes or spontaneous healings.

The energies begin to shift just a few days after the Full Moon as your aims at fun and leisure move to rolling up your sleeves and getting things sorted as Mars enters Virgo on the 18th.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon.


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Sagittarius Full Moon

14 Jun

full-moon-and-stars-galaxy-fbThe Sagittarius Full Moon June 17th makes a powerful impact.  It’s the most magical Full Moon of the year, paving the way for the Solstice and the Eclipses to follow in July. Tune in.  During this time, you could be in direct communication or contact with higher sources of celestial guidance as this Full Moon is closely connected with the Galactic Center- the center of our universe from which Divine energies pour forth.    

This Full Moon brings to light matters regarding your thoughts and beliefs and how one influences the other to create your reality.  You could hear things that run counter to your views, and it may be time to question some of your assumptions or to speak your Truth.  It could be that some bit of information now is made known.  Situations could come to a head involving broadcasting, publishing, advertising, marketing, promoting, or disseminating information via media, news and other avenues of communications.  Legal issues could also turn a corner now.  Freedom of speech comes to mind. 

There’s quite the show down in the sky now as several planets converge on one side of the heavens in Gemini and Cancer- intellect and emotion- while another collection sits across the universe in Sagittarius and Capricorn- wisdom and experience creating quite the conflict of contrasting energies.  Buckle up.

Mercury and Mars are closing in on their meetup while remaining close to the North Node in Cancer.  You’re filled with ideas and conversations that fire up your feelings, a message makes its mark, stirring gut reactions and automatic responses.  You may want to act on plans fueling the future and what’s yet to come.  You could be compelled to talk about your feelings, memories, anger and resentment from the past, built over time, especially involving family dynamics.  If these things bubble to the surface, it’s because it is long overdue and time to face it, let it go and to start new stories and fresh practices and habits.

Meanwhile, across the sky, sits Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn all putting their two cents in.  This very much suggests the dismantling of old ways, the establishment and old systems of thought. It’s time for letting go of the limitations and fears of the past, discarding all the things that no longer serve your purpose, they’re no longer relevant to who you’re becoming.  However, do keep what supports and reinforces you and use those bare bones as the framework for renewal.

This is all easier said than done of course and you could feel discouraged. You may want to act on some of your deeper ideas, visions, expectations and plans for the future, yet there are still obstacles to overcome.  There may be old fears, doubts and negative thinking standing in your way.  Notice your resistance.

Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon, at home in Sagittarius, suggests that shifting some of those things you accept with certainty can lead to deeper understanding and greater opportunities while enabling you to do away with stumbling blocks.  It could also be that obligations or time restrictions prevent you from making a move. You’ll have to do some fine tuning, perhaps adding to your schedule, or extending your reach to move past it; even going out on a limb with only your faith to guide you.

Neptune in Pisces also adds ambiguity to the situation, questioning which moves to make, what to scrap, what to keep in order for it all to feel right and to fit into place.  It may all seem so unclear, overwhelming or even hopeless.  Don’t give in to despair but instead focus on essentials and what can be done; prioritize and organize, roll up your sleeves and get to work.  You got this!

The days surrounding this Full Moon hold some important and rare influences which have been operating in the background all of 2019, shaping generations to come.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are all strong in their own signs and acting on your behalf.  This is a very spiritual influence full of hope and expectation but also grounded in reality; in fact, these are the tools to create it.  This can help you to gain knowledge on things happening behind the scenes, to develop faith even if the outcome is unknown and to use your wisdom and experience to create results that you want.   There may be a deeper understanding of some of life’s mysteries and the finer interconnectedness of all that is- but you’ll have to come to your own conclusion on what is truth and what is illusion.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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