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Taurus New Moon

22 Apr

rainbowMuch is happening in our Universe these days and I hope this finds you well…

The Taurus New Moon April 22nd opens us to gratitude and appreciation.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon reads, “a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”, and that sounds good to me!  Rainbows need rain, coming after the storm, with the sun’s illumination reflecting and refracting light’s brilliant shades. Things may begin to suddenly look brighter.  Yay!

Taurus is an Earth sign so get outside, get your hands dirty in the garden and connect and ground with Mother Earth whenever and wherever you can.  It’s good for the Soul and also helps build your immunity!

Taurus is also a financial sign governing money, values and possessions – earthly goods, while the New Moon is the time for new starts and planting your intention out into the universe.  You may surprise yourself in what you’re able to manifest.

Uranus is closely connected to this New Moon, so surprises are quite likely. The atmosphere is buzzing with restless excitement and uncertainty.  You may see changes to your earnings and spending, market instability, volatility, alterations to prices and costs of goods and products such as beef, dairy, energy and oil or to the value of currencies.

Stickler Saturn in Aquarius takes a stab at this New Moon bringing slowdowns and delays in moving forward or resistance to the latest guidelines for establishing a new normal.  Some stand out subjects involve the assured security of science and technology, irregular models and the cost of freedom encouraged by a progressive agenda. On the other hand, there’s love of liberty and independence inspiring the establishment of communities of responsible citizens and movements for sovereignty providing power to the people.

On another level, senses are awakening, coming online as Earth frequencies incite timeline shifts.

Venus in Gemini is the ruler of this lunation, connecting with Mars in Aquarius– this influence is very social and perhaps a bit restless.  This influence craves connections, conversations, mobility and variety.  You want to get out and about and gather with others although it may still have to be through technology for the time being.  You may want to initiate friendships, claim your free expression, to speak with others while favorable words and ideas move the masses or offer a change of direction.

Jupiter and Pluto continue their close connection in Capricorn, which was exact on April 4th.  This is a powerful pairing that doesn’t happen every day, in fact this comes around about every thirteen years. This influence speaks of significant changes to the structure of our society.  There is a major overhaul and restoration underway on several fronts simultaneously.

On the same day, April 4th, there was a global meditation resulting in a spike in the Schumann Resonance, the vibration, frequency or heartbeat of the Earth, for a full 24 hours, demonstrating the power of intention and the inherent power of Humanity.

It’s important to recognize that as certain realities are dismantled and deconstructed, and the restoration process ensues, to be mindful of the new reality/timeline that we’re choosing to collectively co-create presently.  We all have a role to play.  Every moment presents choice, while templates and timelines are shifting. So, know that while times are uncertain, do not be full of fear.  While everyone has their moments, know that these are indeed vital and exciting times that we’re living in. There is opportunity in adversity.  If we’re honest, most would agree that life pre-plannedemic was full of flaws.  Focus on what you’re for – not against.  What if now you’re able to choose what is worthy of returning to normal and what should be scrapped and/or recreated at a new level?   What would you choose?  Now would be the time to put intention into the things you value, to those people, places or things that you love and appreciate, and what it is that you admire, find beautiful and on what foundation or what fundamentals your life is built upon.

For the moment, all planets are moving forward until April 25th when Pluto retrogrades bringing an internal evolution, inner renewal and revival of infrastructure for the next five months.  Mid-May begins a turnaround as three more planets cover old ground; Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius retrograde in the weeks and months to follow.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

Taurus Full Moon

11 Nov

gratitudeThe Full Moon in Taurus calls your attention toward comfort and ease, the things that make you feel good, who and what you’re attracted to and how you show love, affection and appreciation.  It’s feeling the security of having enough; enough money to surround yourself with what you find beautiful, your values and ownership, what something is worth to you, your own self-worth and gratitude for having what you have.

As much as Taurus appreciates the good life, it’s a sign also known for persistence, stamina and sustained efforts.

Vesta is closely connected to the Full Moon marking a high point to what you’ve given your strong focus and commitment to.  Your sacrifice and dedication in meeting your goals may very well bring noticeable results and evident outcomes with staying power as Saturn in Capricorn also favorably connects.

On another level, this influence brings to light matters of sexuality and sexual complexes- anything from impotence, infertility, celibacy, pornography, extra-marital affairs, and more, enabling off limits topics to be discussed.

The Scorpio Sun, across the sky, closely connects to Mercury retrograde bringing a depth of perception that is formidable and laser focused, especially as Mercury crosses the Sun just the day before the Full Moon – a rare astronomical event.  You could be reconsidering ideas or revising plans, time to take another look, re-examine and re-focus on the bare bones essentials.

Pluto in Capricorn also connects to the Full Moon enabling you to discard what isn’t working, remove what is standing in your way and to reconstruct and recreate something worthwhile that stands the test of time.

The interaction between Chiron in Aries, Juno in Libra and Uranus in Taurus puts pressure on relationships – calling for healing rifts or bridging a divide and adapting or adjusting to dislodge what has become a wedge between you and others.  Perhaps you instigate a split that’s calling for counseling.  It could be that your tastes or style has changed, what was appealing or enjoyable before, may be different now moving you to assess your partnership and relationships and to be open to connection.

On another level, this influence can bring to light matters associated with healing and victimization from sex crimes, child abuse or domestic violence.

Mars in Libra connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius suggesting that you reach out and touch someone.  You’re open to people that promote growth, positivity and understanding or that advance your possibilities and opportunities.  There’s a push for what’s fair, just, upright ethical and honorable.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is also closing in on a connection to the Galactic Center, the Sun of our solar system, a place that is said that Divine Energies pour forth with direct knowing, wisdom and guidance and Jupiter here only amplifies it.  Keep an open mind and your antenna up and listen what the Universe is telling you.  Things will move along quickly.  This roughly two-week window is a rare once in twelve-year opportunity.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Taurus New Moon

3 May

gardenThe Taurus New Moon May 4th is time for sowing seeds of sustenance and satisfaction in money matters and the material world, appreciating all that you have and what is yet to come as you persist in laying the groundwork in some area of your life.

Saturn in Capricorn gives a nod to the New Moon aiding in defining goals and establishing your position.  This also lends a hand in your ability to be disciplined, focus on essentials and to keep on keepin’ on.

Neptune in Pisces adds some sparkle to the hard-nosed sensibility of these influences serving to keep you inspired.

Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini are in Mutual Reception during the first week of May; put simply, they’re getting on well and reinforcing their energies bringing lots of mental stimulation and activity, calls, talks, news and messages.

Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius face off at this New Moon bringing a culmination of efforts that began when these two met in Scorpio back in January 2018.  This could involve marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns along with broadcasting, media and publishing.

It could be that your efforts to communicate are met with resistance insisting you shift perspective a bit or alter your messaging to remove reservations or hesitation. Legal issues and/or documents may also come to light now.

It could be that a thought-provoking message is being pushed, requiring an open mind; there can be harsh words and forceful opinions where you’re faced with deeper truths and understanding. It may be that what’s being said runs counter to what you believe or to your inner knowing; ethics may come into question. Who’s right and who’s wrong?  There’s lots going on in your headspace – profound thoughts,  wanting to act on ideas and interests, expand your worldview or to speak your truth which some may refuse to accept, calling for resigning to do away with old fears, doubts, limitations, boundaries or restrictions once and for all, before restoring support, rebuilding trust or renewing your position.

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn want to have their say too.  This influence that’s been in progress, operating in the background, illustrates the breakdown, dismantling and deconstruction/reconstruction of many structures and systems in place for a long time – we’re talking lifetimes of limiting reality constructs.

Pallas in Libra and Ceres in Sagittarius nudge this New Moon posing a bit of a catch; suggesting shifting beliefs about self-worth and self-acceptance and attempting to reconcile that with what’s being reflected back to you from others by how well you get on with them, how they treat you or make you feel.

On another level, it may bring up situations involving the law, justice or ethics or being a warrior for truth and equality.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde for the next several months; pointing to the process of growth, development and a search for meaning as an inside job based on your personal truth, measuring things by your own standards and being accountable and solely responsible for your role and your own internal evolution.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!!


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Taurus Full Moon

23 Oct

lightningThe Full Moon in Taurus October 24th may have a few surprises in store as Uranus is closely connected to this Lunation.  Taurus is a sign that likes comfort, ease, sustained efforts and stability while Uranus is a disruptor, an awakener, a        non-conformist.  Taurus is also the sign of money and possessions and Uranus brings instability and change in these areas taking you out of your comfort zone.  This phase may bring about a turning point to events set in motion in mid-May.

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Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, sits across the sky, close to the Sun in Scorpio and still retrograde, diving deep into the underworld to reevaluate the people and things most important to you.

Taurus and Scorpio are signs that deal with emotional and financial security. This Full Moon may be pushing those buttons making you feel unsettled.

During this period of reassessment, you may want to ask yourself questions like:  Do you feel secure in your relationships? Or with finances?  Do you feel supported in emotionally or financially?  Do you trust those that are close to you?  How do those important relationships make you feel?  Do you feel close and connected?  Are they in alignment with who you are becoming?

Venus makes her way to an exact opposition with Uranus on October 30th -31st bringing an encore performance as they tangled this way back on September 11th and 12thsee if there is a theme or connection surrounding these days.  Financial markets could be very unstable now.  In matters of love, there could be deep desires or connections that shake up the stability of a relationship, or maybe you’re making changes to the predictable by reinvigorating or reinventing a relationship.  You may become aware that some relationships are changing if they are to survive, while others may end altogether. There may be a longing to feel close, connected and secure that is met with a desire for freedom or that costs you your freedom.  On the other hand, you could be altering something to beautify it as in remodeling, recycling, repurposing or upcycling.  Perhaps you’re making modifications to your finances, cutting costs or consumption or eliminating payments or there could be changes in costs, charges, payments, worth or value.

Saturn in Capricorn makes favorable connections to the luminaries and Venus, showing what and who you can count on and lending stability to the fluidity of the moment enabling you to focus on the essentials, define goals, establish standards, schedules or timelines and outline boundaries, rules or policies. There may be long lasting effects and consequences to what happens now.

Additionally, the Nodal axis forms a Fixed Grand Cross with the Luminaries at this Full Moon creating tension and frustration, bringing a defining moment where deep desires and changing values presents you with following the old crowd or the path with heart.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to All

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Taurus New Moon

10 May

surpriseThe days surrounding the New Moon on May 15th feel full of excitement and astonishment.  This very special New Moon in Taurus heralds some of the biggest cosmic news in years.

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Taurus is the sign of values, money, possessions, comfort and security.  It’s the part of the chart where we can count on sustained efforts, stability, continuity and predictability.  It may even show where you’ve been stuck.  All of that is going to change as your comfort zones are about to get rocked like never before.  Most of us haven’t experienced this transit in our lifetime. Uranus is taking his last breath in Aries before moving into Taurus for the first time since the years 1934-1942.  Uranus will work his ground-breaking magick in Taurus through 2026. Uranus is known as the awakener and branded as being revolutionary, unpredictable, erratic, out of the box and eccentric.  Uranus in Taurus makes the predictable unpredictable, teaching us that the only thing constant is change.

Taurus is a financial sign, so this influence brings changes, fluctuations and instability within the markets.  There could be unexpected gains and/or losses.  This could bring changes in banking and currency; particularly electronic banking and electronic currency.  The value, worth or cost of something you own or something that you want to buy could suddenly change, there could be changes in the costs or value of electricity too.  You could alter your feelings of self-worth and prosperity consciousness resulting in changes in your earning capacity. Perhaps you experience a financial revolution, this could even spell financial freedom for some.

Taurus is an Earth sign and this influence can bring changes in Gaia herself.  There could be geological changes, inconsistencies, variabilities, anomalies, abnormalities or disruptions, rumblings, vibrations, frequency and/or earthquakes. Hawaii is already experiencing this while Uranus is in the last degree of Aries.

Taurus also rules over the five senses and you could undergo an awakening or electrifying of the senses accompanied with this influence.  You may also experience changes in the throat, throat chakra, even your voice; also, the thyroid and thymus or there could be fluctuations in weight.

Taurus is ruled over by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.  This influence may alter your feelings of fondness. Perhaps you experience changes in how you show your affection or appreciation.  Maybe your values or your tastes have changed or will change over this period of time. Do you still want or like the things you used to?   Maybe you have an awakened appreciation for beauty, love, art and creativity.  Perhaps you get zapped by a lightning bolt of love or inspired by feelings of gratitude and abundance. Stay open to change. Everything is possible.

Although Uranus in Taurus is a longer lasting influence, the Universe kicks it into gear with a nudge and a jolt that may produce some shock and awe situations.

Mars is also at the very last degree of Capricorn and poised to enter Aquarius just hours after this New Moon, amplifying the edgy uncertainty.  Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will be in an antagonistic mood.  This is a very volatile and erratic combination generating surprises, astonishment or disbelief.  There could be changes of direction, sudden moves, erratic behavior or unexpected shifts.  There could even be anger, rebellion, revolt and revolution or progressive movements and/or militant groups.  The last time Mars entered Aquarius was back in November of 2016; election night in the U.S., which was a stunner to several, sparking revolt and protests across the country.  On another level, take care when driving, using sharp objects or tools and with fire or electricity.  Alternatively, you could become involved in new groups, networks or friendships that are exciting or different and provide stimulation and a change of pace or rattle and unsettle you somewhat, perhaps involving the internet, technology, a technological break-through, internet security or the cost of these things.

The Taurus New Moon also connects favorably with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting tangible steps to reforming structures, frameworks, status quo, policies, rules, business, authority and/or management.  Some of your realizations and attainments may become evident now.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is in a tense aspect with the North Node in Leo, suggesting that there are modifications to be made as you re-define your goals, priorities and things of importance and get into alignment with what’s in your heart.

Blessings, good vibes, abundance and gratitude to all at this extraordinary New Moon!

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Taurus Full Moon

2 Nov

gratitude wishThis is a powerful Full Moon that can provoke significant changes.

This Full Moon in Taurus highlights the Security Axis of the horoscope.  This means material security, financial security, emotional security and trust and just how secure you feel in your relationships.

This Full Moon will push these security buttons. This influence could be upsetting to any fixed ideas or stuck patterns.  Alternatively, it can be exciting and enlivening in changing situations that have been immoveable or jammed up for too long.  You could see a turning point to any sustained efforts at building something up.

Neptune is favorably connected to this lunation and it could also be a creative or inspired time.  There is potential to bring forth some of your visions in a tangible way.  You’re not just imagining it, you can see, feel, taste, smell or hear it as Taurus rules over the five senses and Neptune, our 6th sense and beyond.   These are working together now.  This could also involve, the voice, voices, the throat and throat chakra.

Taurus is a sign that likes to feel comfy, cozy, loved and appreciated and this lunation may draw attention to some of the ways you feel or receive these things.  Or not.  So, this period may also present situations that bring up anger, rage, abuse, resentment and jealousy; and may bare what you’re willing to risk, give up or eliminate.  Or it could be that games of control and manipulation that you or another uses to get what’s desired is revealed now.

Things may seem very unstable and unpredictable as Venus; the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is opposite Uranus in Aries.  Relationships and finances can have shake-ups and break-ups and deals and arrangements can be made or broken now.  There could also be new contacts, friends and associations out of the blue or that are different from your norm.  Financially, there could be unexpected costs or earnings. In some cases, it may be difficult to come to a compromise or cooperation as it bumps heads with a need to break free, assert your individuality and do things your own way.


I know it must sound as if I’m repeating myself here and I AM. The Universe has a repeated message for us all.  Relationships have been a dominant theme all of 2017 and the Universe wants you to have those that are fair, inclusive, equal and in alignment with who you truly BE. This means all relationships, personal and business not just that with your marriage partner or significant other.

The good news is that Saturn in Sagittarius is in a favorable aspect to both Venus and Uranus now lending stability.  This influence has been active all year and enables the blending of the new within old frameworks and structures and there’s a nice mingling of freedom and discipline and independence within the rules. There could be new friends, groups, networks and causes or modern technology and automation that can stand the test of time or becomes the new norm.  There could be an increase in responsibility, accountability, maturity, experience or expertise, or playing a larger role now that readily assists in initiating changes. On another level, there is a new vibration and frequency, new awakenings and awareness that’s allowing an expansion of your reality frameworks.   You may now realize that there is much more possible than you thought.

Ceres in Leo is also connected with this Full Moon urging you to nurture your inner child, your talents and abilities, the things that make you feel special and bring you joy and your creator self.  This influence will also bring to light matters of confidence, self- acceptance and self-worth.  On another level, child rearing and education may be highlighted now.

Another aspect that is important to note is The Chiron Saturn square which perfects again just days prior to this Full Moon.  This influence has been active all year and has not been easy at all.  If you haven’t noticed, you most likely have some bubble of Divine grace and protection and you better thank your lucky stars because this has been brutal for many people. BUT there is healing potential in the seemingly senseless suffering.  This influence has slapped some people with some harsh realities; there may have been illness, pain and loss in a very real way.

On another level there’s a struggle with limiting beliefs that aggravates a sense of overwhelm, unworthiness, not being enough, not measuring up or meeting the test. This influence brings self-sabotaging, self- undoing, feelings of victimization or being addicted, feeling a deep void or wanting to escape it all, and it goes on and on.  Events and situations from the distant past may replay in your mind needling your sore spots, weak points and vulnerabilities and it doesn’t feel too good.  This could also manifest in chronic physical ailments. Lately, life may feel like you’re moving a boulder up a mountainside with what seem to be insurmountable obstacles and limitations every step of the way, testing your faith.  Chiron is the Wounded Healer and shows where our wounds are; physical and emotional. Saturn deals with structures, and in Sagittarius, the beliefs that you’ve structured your life around.  Most go through life on a kind of auto pilot and form a life based on beliefs that often aren’t true to one’s inner essence of who you truly BE.  So, at this time of growth and growing into who you are becoming and co-creating and manifesting, you are being made of aware of these things so you can create a life that is more in alignment, authentic and honest.  Saturn is making his way back to the Galactic Center, the center of our galaxy where it is said that Divine Energy and consciousness pours through.  Keep this in mind and be mindful of your creations and manifestations as Saturn will not again visit this area for nearly three decades.

Venus will briefly tangle with these two so there may be some adjustments needing to be made in some of your relationships, agreements, arrangements as well as your money, values, finances, etc.

Lastly, Taurus also rules over gratitude and this is a perfect time to fill yourself with it.  It’s easy to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives, but this Full Moon can be an opportunity to also be grateful for some of the tougher times you’ve faced and survived. You may come to realize the meaning and larger lesson of these experiences and those weaknesses can become your strength.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon


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Taurus Super Moon

12 Nov


The Moon is full in the sign of the Bull on November 14th and it is a Super Moon, one we haven’t seen the likes of in nearly 70 years! It will be big and bright and shining a lot of light, illuminating dark places. Both Taurus and Scorpio are signs that deal with security; emotional and material security. We must reconcile which things we are to hold on to and what we need to let go of. Situations dealing with what we’re comfortable with, what or who we trust, issues of life and death, who we love, our possessions, resources, finances and the things that we value will come up now. We may see a turning point in some area that we’ve been plodding along in or a project that we’ve been building up. Taurus is an Earth sign and is also associated with gratitude, Gaia and her resources; these things are highlighted now. During this time of year, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. honoring Earth’s abundance and the things that we’re thankful for.
Uranus is connecting with this lunation suggesting that there are changes and adjustments to be made. This may inject an element of surprise and unpredictability which may not be welcomed as some of our security buttons are being pushed; perhaps even a security breach or a breach of trust. Alternatively, there could be a shake up to a situation that’s been stuck and stagnant. It may also involve new groups, new friends or new technology. This influence can threaten something stable or energize a stale situation. Obviously, this may cause some discomfort even when these changes are the very thing we’ve wanted and needed.
Venus, the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is in conservative Capricorn. This has us feeling cautious in matters of love and money. We value things of substance or things that are traditional and that stand the test of time. We’re willing to invest in the long term now. We are not into frivolous spending or casual relationships right now. We can also be made aware of the responsibilities that we have to our loved ones and how some of these important relationships help to shape our lives.
At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury and Juno conjunct in Sagittarius connecting with Mars in Aquarius; again, highlighting the importance of meaningful relationships. This may mean that speaking our truth and engaging in honest conversations in regards to relationships, partnerships and agreements has potential to create spontaneous actions, unexpected moves or a show of independence. Expanding our perception and making future plans could also mean a change of direction.
Neptune is conjunct the South Node in Pisces suggesting that we are letting go of old illusions, mistakes, blind spots and escape routes. This is an emotional process.
Chiron in Pisces also connects favorably with this lunation providing some compassionate healing and to ease our suffering a bit.
Jupiter is moving in to contact Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s ruler. This is a positive interchange and stabilizing influence. These two social planets will be in close proximity into 2017. We can be cautiously optimistic and able to work on opportunities for growth. There could be are career opportunities or opportunities for advancement that also comes with responsibility. We may need to evaluate options and make long range decisions. This also suggests that we are more conservative and cautious, cutting back, narrowing our options -also in regard to our associations and agreements. It also points to our growing responsibility to conserve and to increase the balance and even it up.

Jupiter in Libra is also closing in on a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an important aspect that doesn’t happen often. We’ll see these two go at it again in the coming months. This is one of the major shapers and /or players of 2017.

Jupiter is a social planet dealing with subjects like our world view, opinions, beliefs, religion, sense of right and wrong and the Law. Libra deals with fairness and equality and balance. Pluto is a slower moving, generational planet and a force that pushes for evolution and brings forth powerful transformations in whatever it comes into contact with; Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and represents the structure and framework of our society, the rules, authority and what is considered to be socially acceptable. These energies squaring off will challenge and transform some of these areas and change the social fabric within our society for generations. We must be mindful and try to take the high road, to be fair and inclusive and to co-create a world that we all want to live in.

We’re being faced with a challenge to reform structures and even out the playing field. Jupiter in Libra asks that we have faith in others and to give them a fair shake without labels and with more tolerance. The flip side of that is that we can become overly judgmental or excessively moral and righteous. Follow the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated! It’s pretty simple. This is the right thing to do as one human being to another and deep down we we know this to be true.

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn wants us to have fair dealings that are mutually beneficial; there is an increasing opposition that challenges a consolidation of power and dares a destruction to things that may seem to have been set in stone and a reformation, a new framework upon which we build our lives and our society. Faith in others, tolerance and an increase in peace and harmony can stimulate the rebuilding of structures, rules, policies, etc. We need agreements and rules we can all live with and must be able to see things from another side, or to seek alternatives.

On another level, we can experience growth and opportunity through our associations and we’re able to outgrow and move beyond other relationships or patterns of relating. Our contact with others can increase now and we can be pushed to eliminate any blocks or resistance. The relationships and agreements we enter into now have the power to change our lives for better or worse.

Jupiter in Libra is also a very creative influence and pitted with Pluto in Capricorn, we could be rehabbing, recycling and up-cycling. We want to improve and refine, turning trash to treasure and making shit shine.

New Moon Blessings to ALL and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Taurus New Moon

3 May

green picThis New Moon on May 6th is in the Earthy sign of Taurus and it makes several aspects this month. This could be an enlivened or eventful time in regard to our sense of security and worth.

Aside from money and values, Taurus is in charge of the five senses; this is when we want most to appeal to our senses and indulge; to revel in how beautiful something looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds.   We may want nothing more than to cozy up in the comfort of beautiful surroundings and feel our Earthly connection.  This is a great time for “Earthing”; that is, to walk on the Earth barefoot; I never could keep shoes on my Taurus baby outside in the back yard; or perhaps you could plant some beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables.  It doesn’t matter what you choose; our rapport and attunement to nature and gratitude for all its abundance is what matters now.

Venus is the ruler of this New Moon and she’s on her home turf now in Taurus.  With Venus now in her own sign, we very much want to feel good. We’re able to attract abundance. We just need to watch that our contentment doesn’t turn to complacency or that we don’t overindulge or over-spend.  We want to feel valued and appreciated and to also show our love and affection to others.  We may be creating something of value or beauty now; or perhaps there could be appreciation and accolades coming your way.  Venus is also engaged in a tense aspect with her lover Mars so at this time they don’t see eye to eye and one may have to give way to the other. In other words, what we want and how we go and get what we want is in need of some tweaking.  Someone may try to force their opinion or it may be that we must now make adjustments in order to align our values with our emerging truth.  We may have to ask ourselves if what we’re doing for money or security is in line with the truth in our hearts and if we are honest about our intentions and motivations.  We may be rethinking and re-prioritizing.

At this time, we now have FIVE planets retrograde.   It is very rare to have so many planets retrograde at once.  This means that there is a lot of review, backtracking and covering old ground at this time with very little forward movement.  This has been the theme all this year.  The Universe has been repeatedly making us aware that there is a lot of work to do; and that we should be spending this time problem solving, troubleshooting, improving systems and tying up loose ends not trying to gain ground.  We have to get things right before we can move on to the next level.

The planets that are currently retrograde are:

Mercury the Messenger in Taurus ; giving us the opportunity to revisit any financial plans and to rethink our security needs, Mars the Motivator in Sagittarius allowing us to pursue things that have meaning for us and that are more in alignment with our emerging truth, Generous Jupiter in Virgo providing an overview of how the pieces fit, what needs to be fixed and how to do it, Saturn the Manifestor in Sagittarius limiting anything extraneous so we can narrow our focus and Pluto the Transformer in Capricorn eliminating what holds us back and assisting us in recognizing our own power and the reforming, recycling or resurrecting of structures, policies or roles.

Mercury Rx in Taurus is very close to this New Moon giving us time to review our thoughts on security and financial planning. We may need to revisit the details of an account or an association. People and relationships from the past could crop up now.   It is also possible to attract money at this time.  We may also be thinking about the things and people we love and about what is important to us and the steps we need to take in order to be remain or become sound.

Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn both make a favorable aspect with this New Moon.  We can use this time to problem solve, get organized, learn and perfect a skill, do home improvement, improve diet and exercise routine, promote services, improve systems, see what needs doing and remove any obstacles.

On another level this is also about the removal of walls built and moving beyond any beliefs and feelings of insecurity or inferiority and experiencing a sense of self-worth.

The New Moon forms a tense aspect with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius suggesting that in order to feel comfortable and secure that we are going to have to cut back on any excesses and indulgences. We may have to make adjustments in our wants and our priorities.  This may require a tighter budget or stricter diet. It may be obvious that our schedules are full and responsibilities are many.  It may also suggest that what we’re doing to provide comfort and security may have to be tweaked so that we’re in alignment with something that provides more meaningful experiences as well as a solid future.  This may have us testing our faith or certain beliefs and assumptions and reviewing our ideas and thoughts on security and what achievement, accomplishment and success mean to us.  The biggest question to ask is, Is it true for me?

This Taurus New Moon may help us to get a handle on just what it is they we find valuable and what we need to feel secure.

Blessings of Abundance to ALL at this Taurus New Moon!

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Taurus Full Moon

24 Oct


Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon on October 27th is a time of the year when we must reconcile our need for acquisition and consumption with our need to let go.  There may be much that we’ve been holding on to in the name of ‘security’ or comfort and the time has come to release it.  It may be something material, a relationship, an idea or even a habit or belief that no longer serves us.  Be brave.  Confront it. Let it go.  Both Taurus (Moon) and Scorpio (Sun) deal with issues of security; Taurus deals with material security and Scorpio emotional security.  At the time of this Taurus Full Moon, it may come to light the things that we’ve been holding onto that must be released.

What issues may have come up for you? 

This Full Moon may also mark a turning point in any financial matters as both Taurus and Scorpio are money signs.  Worth equals wealth ~ know that YOU ARE WORTHY!

Saturn the Task Master and Manifestor makes his presence felt at this Full Moon.  Saturn in Sagittarius has us consolidating, curbing our enthusiasm, slowing our growth, focusing on our future, limiting our opportunities and any excess while testing our faith. It seems we’ll need to make adjustments accordingly where our finances are concerned.  We’re now shouldering more responsibility and there is a need to cut back.  It is a time to slow down, take deliberate action and to have more meaningful experiences.

This Full Moon is also in a favorable aspect with Neptune in Pisces giving potential to create our vision slowly, one step at a time or on the flip side, to unravel everything that’s been built.

It is also a time to value, appreciate and marvel at the mystery of the interconnectedness and oneness in ALL.  Create something Magickal!

Taurus is ruled by the love planet Venus, so issues surrounding relationships and appreciation continue to surface so that we may reconcile them and put them to rest once and for all.  Right now Venus is in Virgo, not her favorite sign to be in and she’s in opposition to Chiron in Pisces and quincunx to Uranus in Aries.  We may be made aware of underlying psychological issues that affect our relationships with others and to ourselves and how we may begin to heal. By bringing this unpleasantness to awareness, being present with it and sending it healing energy and  love we can break free from feelings of insecurity, inferiority, shame and a lack of self-worth that keep us imprisoned. Let go of the need to be overly critical or desiring perfection. We can help the process of healing by realizing that we are all one and we are all in this together.  This is hard work but we are changing the world one person at a time starting with ourselves! Healing ourselves and how we relate to one another helps heal the world. It is time to move beyond some of these things that may cause stress, anxiety or depression that then finally manifest in physical disease. Dis-ease!

When my Taurus Sun son was very small, just starting to talk, he would spread himself on the sofa and frantically yell, “I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I would have to drop everything I was doing and help him get himself ‘unstuck’, peeling him from the sofa and then I’d reassure him that he wasn’t stuck at all.  I would show him how easily he could ‘free’ himself. After several months he finally outgrew that.  At the time of this Full Moon ask yourself where you have been stuck.  Often it goes on without realizing it because it’s been hidden from our awareness, operating unconsciously. Commit to letting go and freeing yourself.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!

P.S The time of the Taurus Full Moon is a good time to show gratitude and appreciation.  Big Love and Big Thanks to all of you that read and subscribe.  I would soooo appreciate it if you would share the love and spread the word.

Shine Bright and Reach for the Starz!!


New Moon in Taurus

15 May

Taurus New Moon

This New Moon in the early hours of May 18 is in determined sign of Taurus. The polarity of Taurus/Scorpio emphasizes our security needs.  Taurus needing material security and comfort while Scorpio has emotional security needs.  Both signs are also related to finances. Lately we’ve been having the Full Moon before the New Moon so it seems that there are things that we’ll need to uncover, become aware of or finish up before planting our seeds of the New Moon.  What I mean by this is that we have twelve signs in the Zodiac making six polarities. Typically, we have the New Moon in its respective sign and then about two weeks later we’ll have the Full Moon in its opposite sign but this is not the case lately.

Taurus rules over money, values and the material, but it also rules over things such as pleasure, comfort, joy, love, appreciation, affection and gratitude.  It is also about self-love, and self-worth.  It may be time to show your appreciation, love, affection or gratitude or maybe it’s time some came your way.  If you’ve felt unloved or unappreciated, consider how you feel about yourself and try being kinder, gentler and more loving to yourself.  Try also to have an attitude of gratitude for the things that you do have. It could be that some of the insights received at the Scorpio Full Moon made you aware of an imbalance between emotional and material needs. You can now allow yourself feel worthy enough to allow those things into your life that you may have been missing or that you feel are lacking.

Perhaps there were some long standing issues illuminated at the light of the last Scorpio Full Moon. Some of the things that came up may have had to do with letting go, or possibly the revival or resurrection of something considered to be a dead or resolved issue.  Situations involving finances and resources that are jointly owned, or perhaps with insurance, taxes, wills and estates could have come up.  Scorpio also rules over the deeper and darker aspects of life.  Matters of life and death. That is why words like transformation and intensity are always associated with Scorpio, once we have waded in some of the murkier waters of Scorpio, we cannot go back to the way we were before.  We cannot “un-know” something.  Scorpio also has dominion over such things as sex, intimacy and trust, power, control, passion and lust, things that are “taboo” and even divorce as well as psychic and occult matters.  These are just some of the things that may have reached a climax or turned a corner around the time of the Full Moon.

With the lunations being a bit off lately, it seems that we need to shift gears a bit and make adjustments in regard to our material and emotional security because they need to co-exist equally and to compliment and balance one another. We may have concluded that these things have been “off” for a while now and it’s also possible that we’ve even traded one for the other. The time has come to make necessary corrections.  Jupiter formed a T-square with the last Full Moon and some undeniable truths may have cropped up posing a direct challenge to some our security needs.  Whatever it was that came up seems to be BIG.

Venus in Cancer is the ruler of this Taurus New Moon and is in a favorable aspect with Neptune in Pisces.  Both are water signs and harmonize nicely with Earthy Taurus.  This is a good aspect for art, music or any kind of creative activity.  It can also be a very romantic and glamorous aspect but beware of illusions and delusions; all that glitters is not gold so watch that you are not deceived or the one deceiving someone else or even yourself. Venus is also moving into an opposition with powerful Pluto in Capricorn.  Relationships or finances could be in for a bit of an overhaul. These energies again illustrate the pull between material and emotional security; it could be that a love of home, family and domesticity faces off with changing up the status quo or feelings of love and affection facing off with eliminating walls, wanting privacy vs. eliminating blocks and walls, nurturing vs. discipline, home values vs. powerful organizations, home concerns vs. career, as just a few examples.

This New Moon also highlights the energies of the Mars in Gemini – Saturn in Sagittarius opposition that perfected just days before.  These effects could still be lingering.  Conversations and communications could be contentious or angry but we may not be able to do anything about it.  We may want to act on some of our ideas but are prevented from going any further.  It could be that tricky or cunning words are trying to persuade but those words could fall on deaf ears if there is no truth to them.  Maybe there is just a complete lack of communication or you can’t seem to find the right words. There could also be legal obstacles to some kind of agreement. Avoid signing paperwork or agreeing to anything if it is possible.

Mercury is also stationing retrograde in his own sign of Gemini at the time of this New Moon.  You can expect delays and mix-ups with communications and routine travel.  It may even be that you have to cover old ground, repeat or re-do something.  Plans may need to be scrapped or revised.  Forward movement may be difficult if not impossible during this time.  There could also be more involvement and comings and goings with your neighbors, neighborhood or siblings.

The New Moon is also quincunx Pallas in Sagittarius, suggesting that while we may be able to see the big picture, we are in the process of problem solving and we may need to make some corrections and adjustments to our long term plans and things that we’ve been building for a long time now.

It appears that at this time, we will need to go over things, repeat, correct and adjust. With the New Moon in the tenacious sign of Taurus, we’ll at least have the energy to keep at it until we get it right.