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Scorpio New Moon

5 Nov

phoenixThe Scorpio New Moon November 7th brings major energy shifts with it.  The Sabian symbol reads: “a girl’s face breaking into a smile”.   I hope the Universe gives you plenty of reasons to smile.

Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, transformation and renewal- like the phoenix rising from the ashes. 

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The Scorpio New Moon transpires just in time to bid farewell to Jupiter, as his yearlong transit through Scorpio’s Underworld comes to a close.  Jupiter will enter his home turf – Sagittarius- just one day later and remains until December 2019. 

During the past year, Jupiter has brought the light of truth to many dark corners, a period of shedding layers of all that isn’t true for you, learning to trust your intuition and higher knowing, a time for growth at the soul level.  Now with the New Moon in Scorpio, it’s time to hit the reset button in these areas and to be transformed by the knowledge gained during this year long passage.  There’s lots to look forward to.  More about Jupiter here.

Another shift in energies occurs just one day before the New Moon– as Uranus, in retrograde motion, re-enters Aries on November 6th.  Until mid-May, when Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time in over 75 years, Uranus spent the past seven years in Aries, shaping those years with excitement, unpredictability, and a fair share of shocking events, break through moments and technological breaks and break ins. It’s been a time for introducing changes, instigating freedom, independence, rebellion and revolution, together with new friends and networks, new movements and causes, a new vibration and the emergence of an awakening.   Uranus will cover old ground in Aries until early March 2019.

Jupiter and Uranus act as instruments of growth and change and are now entangled in a tense angle the days surrounding this lunation suggesting the need to shift and adjust. Jupiter in Scorpio has helped you to grow at a soul level, uncovering layers, learning to trust your intuition and guidance, rising into your power allowing you to fine tune a new frequency.  There’s a deeper truth, a growing connection and leveling up on an evolutionary level leading to break through moments inspiring change.    The atmosphere may feel exciting and unsettling as a major metamorphosis is taking place within and at the collective level.  And because everything is reflected in the outer, there could be anger or violence at an extreme level so be mindful.

Additionally, Neptune in Pisces connects with the luminaries creating an enchanting atmosphere with heightened emotional and psychic sensitivity.  Artistic activities are favored as there’s no shortage of vision and imagination. Alternatively, there could be confusion, concealments, uncertainty, mistakes or misrepresentation.

Pluto in Capricorn, the ruler of this New Moon, makes a favorable connection, helping to eliminate obstacles and reform structures, frameworks, standards, rules, policies or schedules and timelines.  Perhaps you’re involved in the renewal, recycling, upcycling, re-purposing or recreating of something.  You could be establishing your power or influence, restructuring a business, re-inventing your career, rehabbing a property, re-organizing your finances or consolidating debt as a few examples.

But wait, there’s more…

Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius make a favorable connection at this New Moon which is very promising for socializing and get togethers.   These two cosmic companions haven’t gotten on this well in a while.  Venus is still covering old ground, advising a re-evaluation or re-negotiation of your relationships, associations, agreements, worth, self-worth, money, values, or costs that assists in making changes or changing directions, initiating friendships or group participation.   There’s an ability to assert your independence and the freedom to do you that also supports cooperation, collaboration and partnering up – you’ll be weighing the give and take factors, what it’s worth to you or the price you pay for playing nice or maybe you’re the one not giving your fair share.  If the scales have been tipped too far compromising values, then Mars in Aquarius will allow you to introduce changes while still being able to come to an agreement.

Ceres is also close to Venus Rx in Libra, bringing up relationship patterns imprinted from early conditioning, parent/child dynamics as well as issues surrounding rejection and abandonment, self- image, body image, self-esteem and self-worth.  Ceres was also very prominent at the previous New Moon as the Universe is very creative, always sending repeated messages.  Now, Chiron in Pisces and Juno in Taurus also join in, presenting the opportunity for healing vulnerabilities and weaknesses due to these patterning imprints from early conditioning, lack of self-worth, or not being enough that gives way to more reliable relationships and stability. This could involve separation or the need for counseling for some.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this exciting and transformative time!


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Taurus Full Moon

23 Oct

lightningThe Full Moon in Taurus October 24th may have a few surprises in store as Uranus is closely connected to this Lunation.  Taurus is a sign that likes comfort, ease, sustained efforts and stability while Uranus is a disruptor, an awakener, a        non-conformist.  Taurus is also the sign of money and possessions and Uranus brings instability and change in these areas taking you out of your comfort zone.  This phase may bring about a turning point to events set in motion in mid-May.

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Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon, sits across the sky, close to the Sun in Scorpio and still retrograde, diving deep into the underworld to reevaluate the people and things most important to you.

Taurus and Scorpio are signs that deal with emotional and financial security. This Full Moon may be pushing those buttons making you feel unsettled.

During this period of reassessment, you may want to ask yourself questions like:  Do you feel secure in your relationships? Or with finances?  Do you feel supported in emotionally or financially?  Do you trust those that are close to you?  How do those important relationships make you feel?  Do you feel close and connected?  Are they in alignment with who you are becoming?

Venus makes her way to an exact opposition with Uranus on October 30th -31st bringing an encore performance as they tangled this way back on September 11th and 12thsee if there is a theme or connection surrounding these days.  Financial markets could be very unstable now.  In matters of love, there could be deep desires or connections that shake up the stability of a relationship, or maybe you’re making changes to the predictable by reinvigorating or reinventing a relationship.  You may become aware that some relationships are changing if they are to survive, while others may end altogether. There may be a longing to feel close, connected and secure that is met with a desire for freedom or that costs you your freedom.  On the other hand, you could be altering something to beautify it as in remodeling, recycling, repurposing or upcycling.  Perhaps you’re making modifications to your finances, cutting costs or consumption or eliminating payments or there could be changes in costs, charges, payments, worth or value.

Saturn in Capricorn makes favorable connections to the luminaries and Venus, showing what and who you can count on and lending stability to the fluidity of the moment enabling you to focus on the essentials, define goals, establish standards, schedules or timelines and outline boundaries, rules or policies. There may be long lasting effects and consequences to what happens now.

Additionally, the Nodal axis forms a Fixed Grand Cross with the Luminaries at this Full Moon creating tension and frustration, bringing a defining moment where deep desires and changing values presents you with following the old crowd or the path with heart.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to All

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Libra New Moon

5 Oct

soulmatesThe Libra New Moon October 8th puts the focus on relationships and getting along with others, working and cooperating with them, coming to compromise, agreements and peace, negotiating a fair deal, considering opposing and/ or alternative views. This is the time for bringing things into alignment if things have tipped too far to one side.

Venus in Scorpio, the ruler of this New Moon, went retrograde on the 5th, just days before the New Moon.  Venus is taking a deep dive into the underworld, uncovering what is important to you at a soul level when it comes to love, relationships and values. Venus here can expose the darker side to one’s love nature, things that are taboo or tendencies that are obsessive – compulsive or even abusive.  Scorpio is a sign that goes under the surface- and it ain’t all pretty– sometimes it’s downright disturbing. During this period, it’s time for re-evaluating what you want in relationships and what’s important to you. Do you still want what you thought you wanted? As we grow and change, our values can also change this is a good time to bring things into alignment with who you are becoming.

More on Venus Retrograde in Scorpio here

Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius are poking at each other creating sexual tensions- a have your cake and eat it too vibe- as Venus in Scorpio wants a deep connection and Mars in Aquarius wants to break free and assert individuality.  These two will stay in this alignment for more than a week.

Ceres is also closely linked with this New Moon bringing up feelings of belonging with a certain someone or with a particular group- the connections and alliances to these people and whether you feel supported by them or supportive of them. This link up also suggests the relationship patterns and/or complexes imprinted upon you from your upbringing and parents.  This period could bring these things to light in order to become aware and to begin anew as Ceres also corresponds to cycles or growth and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “a boat landing washed away” coupled with the Sabian Symbol for the degree Venus stations retrograde in is, “a drowning man rescued”.  The watery theme is symbolic of the emotions, and of structures, forms, outlines or templates being washed away, being saved and saving what is salvageable and able to be rebuilt; what is more, The Sabian Symbol for Ceres is, “circular patterns” implying continuity and those things passed down from early conditioning, ancestral patterns perhaps.

The New Moon also tangles with Neptune in Pisces bringing things that were hidden, obscured or that blind-sided you, victimized you, weakened you or tripped you up out in the open to be confronted. Perhaps someone steps out of the shadows as a competitor or opponent.  Alternatively, you could trade your solitude and seclusion, and your work behind the scenes for mixing, mingling and teaming up with another.

Pluto in Capricorn also takes a whack at the New Moon giving the power to do away with the stumbling blocks in coming to an agreement or into alignment- what’s been throwing you off balance.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Leo New Moon

11 Aug

Leo pic

This New Moon on August 14 is in fiery Leo may have us feeling fired up, playful and creative.  Venus retrograde is close to this New Moon and it may be that there are some creative longings or desires that creep up from the past.  You may have even forgotten about it because it’s been “shelved” so long. It could be one of those times when you say, “Hey I always wanted to do….” and now finally get an opportunity.  During this time we may be in the process of re-discovering or re-evaluating some of our talents, abilities and potential. It may be a time for finding your niche and what sets you apart.  In matters of the heart, we may be reconsidering what we need to feel loved or to feel special by getting in touch with ourselves at our core essence and to be able to feel valued and appreciated for just being ourselves.  When the love planet Venus backtracks in a romantic sign like Leo, you could also have encounters with old flames or relationships from the past.  Venus is also the planet of beauty but while she is retrograde, it’s not a good period to go shopping for new clothes or to change up your looks with new hairstyles or make-up.  You may not be happy with the results or maybe you would pay too much. This is definitely not a time for any cosmetic surgery.  Wait until after September 6th when Venus is in direct motion.

This New Moon is in a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries.  There’s a buzz of excitement in the air.  There seem to be new and exciting changes on the horizon. Some may be unexpected or it may seem that it’s all happening so fast.  We may feel courageous and able to break free and to be independent.  Many of us may be on high and feeling this new frequency or vibration.

With the New Moon in a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, these changes don’t come without some growing pains.  So there are adjustments needed but mostly in our attitude and confidence.  We should be ok as long as we’re not immersed in self-absorption or self-centeredness. We can’t just let our ego desires and wants or a sense of entitlement take over. Some tweaking is needed between being ostentatious or pompous and just surrendering to hopelessness and helplessness or playing victim. Try and find some middle ground. We are all in this together. It is helpful if we try to remain heart centered with the greatest good in mind.  Energy work could be very beneficial at this time in order to align or balance the heart chakra and attune it because of wounding from the past.  You can book your appointment with me.  Hint hint.

In matters of love, this could be a time when we reconsider or look back on relationships from the past and determine the role we may have played in our own wounding, or how we hurt another.  This time may be useful for learning forgiveness, for breaking free and releasing old karma.

Just days before the New Moon, on August 11th, Jupiter moved out of Leo where he’s been for the last year and into Virgo.  The last time Jupiter was in Virgo was in 2003-2004 so you can look back and see what kind of growth you experienced during that period. Jupiter will remain in Virgo for the next year.  This is a time when we can get uber organized.  We are able to break down a larger task into its smaller components now. Our attitude towards work or service can be optimistic and have us feeling generous. It is a good time to promote or advertise your services.  We can increase our efficiency and improve our techniques, procedures or craft.  During the next year, we may have a larger workload, a fuller schedule or an expanded routine.  It is a great time to also increase your exercise regimen or to start one and to improve the diet.  Overall it is a good time to recover, purify and heal the body.

Aquarius Full Moon- A Blue Moon

29 Jul


The time of the Aquarius Full Moon is the time to reconcile our need to feel special and our need to be an individual with the needs of the collective.  It is our time to use our special gifts or talents for the good of all and to create a win win situation.  At this time we may see a turning point or a culmination in the areas having to do with our social purpose and our social circles, our friends, and groups that we belong to or have a common link with.  Aquarius is known for being a humanitarian sign and we can ask ourselves at this time, what our contribution is to the betterment of the larger society.  Aquarius is a sign having to do with changes and new things.  We may see a turning point in some of the changes that have been stirring and our discontent may now turn to excitement about how some of these changes will shape our future.  This Full Moon is special. It’s a Blue Moon.  Things are changing and coming to a head now as we head toward September’s Eclipses.

The Asteroid Ceres makes her presence known at this rare Blue Moon. 

Ceres Rx in Aquarius is quincunx Venus Rx in Virgo at the time of this Full Moon. Venus re-enters Leo shortly after the Full Moon transpires. We may have a desire to purify now which could have us changing our diet, nutrition and exercise routines.  Food related disorders/illnesses or cures can come to light at this time.  Also any women’s issues such as gyno issues or hormonal symptoms could also be food related and therefore corrected or improved by altering the diet using phytotherapy or adding herbal supplements as an example.  Eat your medicine!  Body image also falls under the domain of Ceres and with Venus retrograding in the earliest degree of Virgo, we may desire beautiful perfection and be quite critical of ourselves or others when the ideal image is not lived up to.  The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Full Moon reads, “Beautifully gowned wax figures”.  We may need to learn to accept being perfectly imperfect.  Venus will retrace her steps through Leo, and we may have to re-evaluate what or who we consider to be beautiful or a Glam God or Goddess.  Perhaps we can fall in love with ourselves and appreciate the gifts and talents that we do have and to know our own value without the need for perfection or comparison.

Neptune in Pisces is also in aspect to the Leo Sun now, helping us to modify some of our ideal images with the essence of our personality.

Child care, child rearing and early education also fall into the hands of Ceres and Leo is a sign that is also associated with children so these issues may become more prominent now.  We may need to make adjustments with young children now.  Perhaps we are preparing them for school.  We may also have to reinstruct them and their values and make some changes.  The lessons may include teaching them that they’re not the only ones and the importance of their role within a larger group, how to participate and to wait your turn as well as make your contribution.  It may also be a good time to learn to appreciate and even enjoy our chores and routines and get some satisfaction from them.  We can learn to feel rewarded just from having a sense of accomplishment and success from our efforts. That is the prize. 

Ceres also has rulership over employment and the work force so there may also be some adjustments in work and employment situations and the money earned or paid and the value of work done or services provided.  Especially highlighted will be professions dealing with food and nutrition such as cooks, servers or even farmers and farm to table establishments, nutritionists, caretakers and caring professions such as child care, or hospice workers as well as counselors just to name a few.

Jupiter in Leo is square Saturn Rx in Scorpio at the time of this Blue Moon. Our opportunities for fun and enjoyment may be challenged due to limited resources or wanting to conserve some of our resources, or perhaps due to deadlines, schedules, duties and responsibilities.  There is hard work ahead but we know we can do it.  We have opportunities for creating and materializing our future now and our growth at this time is more concentrated and focused.  Our sense of enthusiasm for risk and adventure may be met with cautiousness.  It may also be a time where growth in our confidence is stimulated by reforming and resurrecting our discipline.  It is a time to dig deep, find what you are made of at your core, and get in touch with your grit and determination in order to act on or take advantage of chance opportunities.

Full Blue Moon Blessings to All!!!