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Libra New Moon

5 Oct

soulmatesThe Libra New Moon October 8th puts the focus on relationships and getting along with others, working and cooperating with them, coming to compromise, agreements and peace, negotiating a fair deal, considering opposing and/ or alternative views. This is the time for bringing things into alignment if things have tipped too far to one side.

Venus in Scorpio, the ruler of this New Moon, went retrograde on the 5th, just days before the New Moon.  Venus is taking a deep dive into the underworld, uncovering what is important to you at a soul level when it comes to love, relationships and values. Venus here can expose the darker side to one’s love nature, things that are taboo or tendencies that are obsessive – compulsive or even abusive.  Scorpio is a sign that goes under the surface- and it ain’t all pretty– sometimes it’s downright disturbing. During this period, it’s time for re-evaluating what you want in relationships and what’s important to you. Do you still want what you thought you wanted? As we grow and change, our values can also change this is a good time to bring things into alignment with who you are becoming.

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Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius are poking at each other creating sexual tensions- a have your cake and eat it too vibe- as Venus in Scorpio wants a deep connection and Mars in Aquarius wants to break free and assert individuality.  These two will stay in this alignment for more than a week.

Ceres is also closely linked with this New Moon bringing up feelings of belonging with a certain someone or with a particular group- the connections and alliances to these people and whether you feel supported by them or supportive of them. This link up also suggests the relationship patterns and/or complexes imprinted upon you from your upbringing and parents.  This period could bring these things to light in order to become aware and to begin anew as Ceres also corresponds to cycles or growth and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “a boat landing washed away” coupled with the Sabian Symbol for the degree Venus stations retrograde in is, “a drowning man rescued”.  The watery theme is symbolic of the emotions, and of structures, forms, outlines or templates being washed away, being saved and saving what is salvageable and able to be rebuilt; what is more, The Sabian Symbol for Ceres is, “circular patterns” implying continuity and those things passed down from early conditioning, ancestral patterns perhaps.

The New Moon also tangles with Neptune in Pisces bringing things that were hidden, obscured or that blind-sided you, victimized you, weakened you or tripped you up out in the open to be confronted. Perhaps someone steps out of the shadows as a competitor or opponent.  Alternatively, you could trade your solitude and seclusion, and your work behind the scenes for mixing, mingling and teaming up with another.

Pluto in Capricorn also takes a whack at the New Moon giving the power to do away with the stumbling blocks in coming to an agreement or into alignment- what’s been throwing you off balance.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Jupiter Enters Libra

9 Sep

equality-picJupiter enters Libra today, September 9th.  The last time Jupiter was in Libra was back in 2004.  Look back for a common theme. For the past year Jupiter has been in Virgo increasing our powers of discernment, helping us to problem solve and find solutions for ways we can improve our everyday lives.  Now that we’ve cleaned our houses and gotten things in order, we’re now ready to invite others in.

During this next year while Jupiter is in Libra, relationships, business or personal will play a bigger role in our lives now. This includes competitors and those with opposing views.  Perhaps there is a relationship with someone from another culture or abroad, in another country.  Our opportunities and benefits may come through others and we’ll have to learn to get along, cooperate and collaborate with each other.  At this time, we may also feel more supported in our relationships.    Our growth will come through our associations with other people and relationships can be really positive now. Partnerships started now could be really beneficial in the future.  It’s also possible that there is a relationship that you’ve outgrown or a way of relating and/or relationship patterns that are no longer fitting.

Libra is the sign of the scales and while Jupiter is in Libra, we are aiming to Increase the balance, even out the playing field and level things off.  We now want more diplomacy, equality, more give and take and agreements that are fair.  Many social issues dealing with equality and justice will come more into focus during the coming year. Several come to mind.

Increase the peace!!!! Should be our mantra for Jupiter in Libra!  The world sure needs it!

It would be nice to see more generosity, tolerance and tact in the way in which we treat and relate to others as it is a reflection on ourselves anyway.

On the flip side- the scales could tip too far to one side causing extreme imbalance and making it the elephant in the room kind of thing that you must address; you have no choice, you can no longer ignore it and move forward.  The ultimate goal is to come to some kind of compromise; to bring balance, peace and harmony.  It just might take some doing to get there.

If you are dealing with legal issues, an agreement could be reached during this period.

In matters of health, we may see issues related to kidneys, bladder, the urinary tract, diabetes or any kind of imbalance as well as lower back and needing to get things back in alignment.

This could also be a good time to hire a lawyer, consultant, designer/decorator or gynecologist to name a few.

On another level, we may feel really creative at this time.  Our sense of style is heightened now and we could enjoy making things beautiful or luxurious.  There could also be more social opportunities during the next year; contacting and connecting with others more.  We may now want to team up and get input from others.  Watch for competition and comparisons go for inclusiveness and cooperation instead.  We may need to look for alternatives or to look at things from another’s perspective.  We can also agree to disagree as we are all entitled to an opinion and you know what they say about opinions. We have a whole year ahead to benefit from Jupiter’s wisdom so make the best of it!

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