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Cancer New Moon

17 Jul

transformative startsWhew! You made it through this Eclipse Season! Give yourself an “ata boy” pat on the back!  Eclipses bring a period of heightened energies, shifts and surprises, along with a feeling that things are suddenly moving along quickly, very often with sudden beginnings and endings.  It could be that a way of life, a job or relationship comes to its conclusion.  Just know that this is the way the Universe puts you on path to make room for something more suitable to you, although while it’s happening it may seem chaotic, emotional and not at all clear.  As they say, “when one door closes, another opens.” You just have to wait for the cosmic dust to settle a bit.

This time around, the Universe granted a rare bonus third Eclipse as they usually come in pairs. This concluded a series of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn over the past couple of years closing out karmic clutter while providing space for figuring out feelings about fitting in and belonging, status and achievement, emotions and dependency, authority, measuring up and boundaries, rules and discipline, parenting and patterning passed along or developed early on,  your goals and the discipline to attain them.  It’s been a tall order!

On July 20th, the Universe delivers a rare second New Moon in Cancer!  Wow!

The previous Cancer New Moon June 5th  was also a Solar Eclipse, in the earliest degree of the sign; now we have a second Cancer New Moon in the later degrees of the sign, setting off a whole new cycle involving your home, family, domesticity, land and property.  Or on another level, there are fresh starts regarding your lifestyle, habits, practices and patterns.  You may feel you’ve found your place and discovered your role.

Although this lunation is a New Moon, it has a Full Moon feel- feeling a bit emotionally heavy and restrictive and “under the thumb” courtesy of Saturn retrograde directly across the sky in Capricorn.  You may be met with responsibilities, obligations and restrictions.  You could be called to account or to own your authority, maybe you face consequences causing a confrontation with your feelings of doubt, limitation and insecurity.  Perhaps you encounter some aspect of yourself, recognizing emotional patterns.    You may need to set rules, boundaries and timelines that you can live with; be realistic about who you are on an inner level.  Perhaps you’re re-establishing your position, re-working your business or re-defining goals and aspirations more fitting with the lifestyle you’re creating.

Jupiter and Pluto are also across the sky in Capricorn and their powerful presence is felt at this lunation.  These social shaping heavy hitters continue their collaboration and the messy process of dismantling and reconstructing systems and beliefs that you’ve established your life and reality around. Long standing stumbling blocks that seemed permanent, can be gotten rid of now, melting away any resistance.

Synchronously, there’s progress as your wisdom develops out of experience and maturity, you’re able to come to an understanding of deeper meanings and truths, concerning the past, automatic responses and gut reactions, along with emotional blocks or dependency grown from overcoming disappointment or adversity, often as a means of protection and security.  While recognizing and owning patterns and conditioning, you possess an insight and sensitive awareness that’s transforming your views and restoring your faith.  All three of these planets are retrograde signaling that this current evolutionary adventure is an inside job for now.

Mercury in Cancer has dealings with Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus suggesting that talking about your feelings or thinking of times gone by may be uncomfortable and may bring a few tears, even fond memories may make you emotional but it’s a necessary step in moving forward in your process of healing and becoming.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Solar Eclipse in Cancer

1 Jul

clown tearsThe upcoming Cancer New Moon July 2nd is a Total Solar Eclipse.  Eclipses are significant in Astrology.  They’re like powerful portals of energy that propel life forward by shifting your trajectory and altering your path.  This can seem like a single incident, happenstance or perhaps a series of events that seem to put you right where you need to be.  This Eclipse is very close to the future oriented North Node suggesting that you’re about to land in a place that feels right at home.

“I’m on my way.  I’m on my way.  Home sweet home”

The Sabian Symbol for the Eclipse degree is, “a clown making grimaces” implying that masks are dropping as you express your emotions.

Cancer is the sign of home, family, feelings, moods and emotions and a solar eclipse is a powerful New Moon that sets the tone for the year ahead.  There could be new developments within these areas, perhaps starting new traditions and making new memories.

Across the sky, Saturn sits sternly, sharing the same degree with the South Node in Capricorn—representing what has once been the standard, the establishment, the old guard. Fears, doubts and uncertainties could have you clinging to status quo.  Now it’s time to learn what’s proved to be a reliable model or framework and to let go of what’s limiting and restrictive so that you can foster what feels right.

The pressure builds through July 9th.  A situation may call for striking a balance in caring for and looking after others while setting some boundaries and rules.   Perhaps obligations or scheduling crunches are weighing on you. There could be a culmination to goals set in the beginning of the year, especially those dealing with property, land, building or structuring business.

Mars enters Leo for the first time in nearly two years, firing up your feelings, sparking your spontaneity and encouraging your enthusiasm.  You may be pushing your luck, taking chances and operating from deep within your heart of hearts.

Mars and Mercury move closer to another meetup; this time in Leo, as Mercury pauses before backtracking for the rest of the month while extending the effects of their encounter.  You may want to act on creative plans, perhaps those that were put on the backburner for whatever reason.  During this period, you could revisit old favorites and pastimes. It’s possible you reconnect with childhood friends, long forgotten passions and even former flames.  You want involvement and participation, to play with ideas, to entertain or be entertained and to do things that make you feel vibrant and alive.  It’s as if something’s awakening your heart and mind as you’re feeling pleased with your mental musings. Alternatively, you could have heated conversations and strong words that may be full of hot air, bragging or self-importance.  Additionally, you could be enjoying time with children or children’s activities, playmates, teaching and learning may also play a role now.

Venus enters Cancer just one day after the Eclipse and you may enjoy being with your closest loved ones, entertaining at home, or even spending money on decorating and design, making your home more comfortable and beautiful.   Real estate prices and home values may be important now.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces all connect with the Nodal axis, shaping the future for generations to come.  This influence suggests altering beliefs and widening your views as there is no room for limitation based on your fears and doubts, there is more opportunity and possibility than you can imagine.


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Winter Solstice Full Moon

21 Dec

full moon winterThe Cancer Full Moon on December 22nd comes on the heels of the Winter Solstice and is the last Full Moon of 2018.

Home, family, feelings of belonging, memories of the past and traditions are highlighted now.

Uranus in late degrees of Aries sends vibes to this Full Moon enabling you to introduce changes to familiar things and to break free of certain patterns and habits.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is, “a sailor, ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one”.

It seems to be a fitting image to close out the year as 2018 required you to uncover and shed anything extraneous and focus on essentials.

Mercury and Jupiter meetup in Sagittarius and your mind is on big things and big news, full of optimism, plans and ideas about the future. Talks now are honest and straightforward and conversations can be lengthy, wanting to discuss your beliefs.  You may be running here and there or going a bit out of your way or out of town interacting with a variety of people, perhaps of different cultures or with different views.

Venus in Scorpio links with Neptune in Pisces creating a bit of magick and mystery and a desire to connect and share on a deeper level.

Full Moon Winter Solstice Blessings and Happy Holidaze to ALL!

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Cancer Full Moon

31 Dec

full moon winter2018 begins with a Full Moon in Cancer and starts the year in a more reflective, nostalgic and private mood.  This time of the year marks a turning point with all things domestic; home, property, food, family matters, roots and traditions, your patterning, habits, rhythms and things that are familiar.  Cancer is about who and what you care about, how you care for yourself and others and how you feel cared for by others.

You may feel very content to cozy up at home all day on New Year’s Day.  Neptune in Pisces makes a favorable connection to this Full Moon heightening emotions, sensitivity, including psychic sensitivity, loving care and compassion.  Alternatively, there could be a moody sense of loss of what used to be, feeling victimized, deceived, overlooked or ignored and wanting to withdraw and escape.

This Full Moon faces off with Venus in Capricorn highlighting your financial obligations, responsibilities and commitments to others, the things that you value and what you find worth in. Venus in Capricorn prefers quality over quantity and the things and people that stand the test of time when it comes to relationships and things you appreciate.  Alternatively, this may be expressed as feeling a lack of affection, support or means.

The Full Moon also goes up against Pluto in Capricorn which draws attention to the breakdown, decay and need to reform many of the structures, systems and frameworks, schedules and timelines that shape your life. It may also show your evolving role, career, authority, influence or expertise. This has been happening over a period of time.

We know things are different. They’re changing. They’ve changed. You’ve changed. And it’s never going back to what it used to be.  This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing; it just is. You may be thinking about what to keep, what to scrap, renew, restore, revive or re-establish as the year begins.

Mars and Jupiter are moving closer to their meet up in Scorpio and this suggests that there are tremendous efforts at transformation. That may mean transforming beliefs or a major uncovering of truth, peeling layers, building trust and a growing closeness.  There is a need to cut out excess, get down to the bare bones and focus on the essentials. On another level, this may have to do with benefits from joint finances and ventures, taxes, insurance, or an inheritance. This energy continues to build for the next week or so as it connects with the Pluto, The Sun and Venus becoming a powerful driving force in altering views on love, appreciation, worth and wealth and eliminating what stands in your way, enabling you to restructure your affairs, agreements, alliances and finances.

The next day, Uranus turns direct in Aries, inspiring and motivating change, innovation and acceleration.

This is a strong start to 2018 as the year begins with all planets in forward motion.  We haven’t had this kind of cosmic support in the last few years!

Happy New Year and Full Moon Blessings to ALL!

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Cancer Full Moon

11 Jan

cancer-crabThe first Full Moon of the year is in the sign of the Crab. This may be an emotional Full Moon having some wanting to retreat into their shells. This lunation forms a Cardinal Grand Cross which creates a lot of tension and pressure, feeling as if you’re being pulled in four different directions and not able to accomplish much.

We all need a little shelter… just a little helper…to get us by…

The other planets involved in this pattern are Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, and Pluto is not far from the Sun in Capricorn. This implies that big changes are happening and they’re happening fast, leaving us with a sense of insecurity; perhaps feeling that the things that are familiar, safe, traditional or stable are being threatened. Alternatively, it can be exhilarating and exciting as some things that may have been lingering too long and are in need of some excitement.
This is the time of year when we need to balance our domestic, private, home and family life with our lives out there in the world but now we also have the added pressure from Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This makes things very unpredictable. We could see a number of things coming to light that may be quite surprising and shocking. What comes up may even instigate our sense of fairness and right and wrong or aggravate our moral code. This may involve family situations or private matters as well as situations involving our reputations, careers, parents, bosses and some of our goals and achievements. We could see breaks in relationships or even sudden or unusual alliances and associations. We could also see agreements made and/or broken at this time. On another level, there is a new vibration that is bringing things into alignment which could bring sudden eruptions, outbreaks or ruptures within the body and/or the need to extract something.
Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius connect with this emotional Moon requiring the need for some tweaking concerning our maturity, accountability, partnerships, agreements and long term commitments. There seems to be a need for more adulting. There may also be shared beliefs and working closely with another toward building something up. It may also be that we can turn to our long term and committed relationships or our partner as a source of comfort and stability amid all of these rapid changes and uncertainty. Alternatively, it could also be that it is our committed relationships or our actual partner that these changes are affecting. There may be a need to be on more equal footing and to have more give and take or to collaborate, cooperate and include others which takes one’s need to assert their individuality, independence and have it their way head on.
Chiron in Pisces also connects with this Cancer Full Moon perhaps creating a sense of homesickness or nostalgia for what used to be as we’re flooded with images and memories as well as some tears. It would be good for the soul to go and be in or near water now. There is a need to cleanse and let go. Be careful of trying to drown our sorrows in alcohol, drugs or food. It’s as if we’re all looking for an escape, a loophole or a way out or through.

There are places I’ll remember all my life… though some have changed
some forever not for better…some have gone and some remain
all these places have their moments…

Another manifestation of this energy exchange involving Saturn and Juno in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces connected with this lunation is that it could bring issues related to domestic violence, abuse, sexual abuse or incest into the spotlight at this Full Moon. Situations dealing with victimization and abuse of authority and power may also come up now. We could also see topics involving the rights,laws, protection and security of such victims.
2016 was a year number Nine in Numerology marking the completion of a cycle and it was undeniably in our face all year. There was much that came up from the past, many situations that met their demise and whole ways of life that came to a conclusion. Now we have a year number One; this is very fertile ground to begin anew. We can choose what moves on into our new beginning and what gets left behind for good. Right now, we also have a lot of planets and points gathering in Pisces suggesting that there is still some unfinished business to take care of and all is not as it seems. Things are not exactly clear and there may be hidden motivations or your intentions may not be clear. Relationships and agreements can also be a bit fuzzy or too idealistic. Mercury is now direct and in the last degree of Sagittarius at this Full Moon, enabling us to get a broad overview of a situation before re-entering Capricorn just a short time later where we can start to make more concrete plans.
Blessings to YOU and your family at this Full Moon!

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New Moon in Cancer

27 Jun

“Game birds feathering their nest” is the Sabian symbol for this New Moon in Cancer and some of you may be doing just that.  Jupiter has been in Cancer for the past year now putting home, family and domestic life first.  It’s possible you have a new place to call home; maybe you are buying or selling or doing renovations or redecorating and just making your home feel more spacious and comfy.  Some may find that their family is growing or maybe you’re living with an extended family.  This New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time for making plans on the home front.  This New Moon is also in a favorable aspect to Neptune in Pisces so you can dream and imagine it all.  You may be quite inspired today flooded with images at this time or reflecting on the past.  Moods, feelings and emotions may also be heightened and sensitized now.  Your ESP and gut reactions could be very telling.  Water and liquids of all types become important at this time also; oceans, lakes, flooding, etc.  Also oil.   Feelings could also be intense at this New Moon in an opposition to Pluto.  We may feel strongly about something at this time even to the point of obsession.  It may also be that we are being forced to confront how some of our instinctual and self-protective responses may create limitations, often self-imposed and how we might be able to let go of that.   It seems we may be ready for this now. 

This New Moon is also coming just a few days after the opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This aspect is unpredictable and could have brought you something new, exciting and surprising or something angry and unexpected.  These energies are still present at this time.  It may have involved agreements and equality or new groups and friends just as a quick example. 

Jupiter in Cancer forms a T-square to the Nodal Axis in Aries/Libra suggesting that we learn from our battles of the past (inner and outer) and challenges us to seek peace or to find a way to strike a balance in the future. 

January 15 Full Moon in Cancer

15 Jan

This first Full Moon of the New Year may have us a bit more moody and emotional than usual, especially in regard to relationships and money.  This Full moon is in Cancer and Cancer is the natural ruler of the Moon itself.   Both govern the feelings and emotions, the Home, the Mother and the past. 

The Love planets Mars in Libra and Venus Rx in Capricorn are experiencing some friction at this time and Jupiter in Cancer is there to make it an even bigger deal. There could be anger over something that is ‘not fair’ and we might feel we’re ready to upset the peace.  Jupiter in Cancer stresses the importance of being honest about how we feel which may threaten the security of old ways or it may help to eliminate any obstacles that may be preventing an ‘even playing field’.  This may have to do with boundaries either crossed or walls built up in relationships.  We may also need to deal with the issue of what we need to feel secure and if it is worth it.  Money issues also come to a head at this time too and could be at the root of the issue.  Joint finances, estates, retirement plans, insurance, properties, etc. are all highlighted at this time. 

Ceres also makes her presence known at this Full Moon bringing issues about parenting and child care into the spotlight.  It could be that you may need to balance nurturing vs. discipline, or it is possible you’re trying to balance home vs. career, or maybe there are even mother vs. father; single parent and custody issues.  Ceres could also shine a light on women’s issues such as pregnancy and menopause.  This doesn’t have to be a bad thing since we need a little friction at times to get things going and to make a move or to make it happen.  If you’ve wanted to grow your family, this Cancer Full moon could be as good a time as any to give it a go.  What have you got to lose by trying? Ceres also has to do with our family ties, our sense of belonging and clan membership and it could be that this is also contributing to some of the relationship woes you may be experiencing. 

Ceres does also correspond to the work force and agriculture so these types of issues may also come to light at this time.  Stories in the news have talked of employment equality as well as a major cereal (Ceres) company no longer using GMO products.

Mercury in Aquarius is in a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries and we may be able to come up with new ideas.  Thoughts may be coming and going quickly or a conversation or piece of correspondence may surprise you.  It may be that we have unusual conversations possibly having to do with our freedom and independence; or it is possible that we can come up with solutions that are good for everyone. 

Saturn is supportive of this Cancer Full Moon and may mark the completion of some lesson or test.  And it may have to do with joint finances, shared responsibilities, closeness, intimacy, sex and also about conserving our resources.  Whether we’ve passed or failed remains to be seen I suppose.  But it is at least a bit of a stabilizing influence. 


Water Grand Trine

19 Jul

While thinking about this Water Grand Trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the issue of race came to mind. It’s a hot topic lately here in the U.S. especially after the Trayvon Martin verdict. Cancer rules over things like race, lineage, our roots, etc.  The law, courts and legal decisions fall under the realm of Jupiter as well as our sense of right and wrong. The issue of race has also made the news recently with the Paula Dean scandal and also with a Cheerios commercial a few weeks back that featured a bi-racial family that ‘offended’ people.  It seems that we need to explore this taboo subject and break down the fears and barriers and realize that we are all connected. We are one race, the human race.  Sure there are differences among us that may be specific to particular groups but so what? That’s what adds a little flavor and variety to life. Why do minor differences divide us?  We should be able to acknowledge differences without out it causing hate. No one really wants to have an honest talk about it. Why is it black or white? Why does one group have to blame or play victim to the other? It seems that the Universe is conspiring to have us honestly acknowledge the subject of race and cultural lineage and differences along with some of our beliefs, assumptions and prejudices in this regard.  Mars will conjunct Jupiter and move into this Water Grand Trine on July 20th  possibly bringing all of this water energy to a boil with emotions and anger as people try to assert their own ideologies, opinions and beliefs.  There is also another Grand Trine between Mercury in Cancer, The North Node in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces.  This could indicate that healing could come by having these emotional conversations that are critical in order to birth a new path and destiny. We also still have the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto causing social unrest and upheaval around the world until 2015. These planets met up in a conjunction in the late sixties.  During that time, here in America, there was a lot of racial tension and Martin Luther King Jr. was killed during that period.  It appears that this theme is upon us once again.  So what are we going to do about it?  Can we ever get beyond the issue of race?   

Cancer New Moon

8 Jul

July 8, 2013


Today’s New Moon is in the Nurturing and Motherly sign of Cancer.  Cancer governs over our home, family and our early childhood conditioning.  It is ruled by the Moon and is associated with our moods and feelings as well as our memories of the past. Mercury is close to this New Moon enabling us to communicate some of our feelings and emotions.  This New Moon in Cancer also makes a quincunx to Juno in Aquarius requiring an adjustment or modification in the ways we give and receive support within our relationships. It may be that we can modify some of our own childhood conditioning and to create new and different types of relationships.  We may also become aware of the adjustments we need to make in order for us to have some independence and an identity outside of our relationship, marriage and children.  I think that the trine with Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries further supports this.  We have a need to be valued for our own special-ness along with our unique individuality.  Venus in Leo is also quincunx Chiron in Pisces possibly suggesting that we may have been blind to our deepest wounds and to learn to appreciate our inner child and that may be the key to our healing and wholeness.  Jupiter the Great Benefactor of the Universe has recently moved into Cancer on June 26 until mid-July 2014.  This is a favorable position for Jupiter as it is supportive of our growth.  We may be expanding or improving our home or families during this time.  Look to your natal chart to find out where Jupiter in Cancer is for you personally.  One of the things I’ve noticed since Jupiter entered Cancer is that a number of people that I know personally have recently moved or are planning to move soon.  This New Moon should help to ‘kick off’ those energies.  Also at the time of this New Moon, Saturn in Scorpio goes direct.  He’s been retrograde since February 18th.  Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces are moving into a Grand Water Trine, an easy flow of the water energies but more on that in a few days. 

 On a VERY personal note:  About a week ago, we had some intense thunderstorms here. As I was running to my house from the car trying not to get soaked, the smell of the summer rain as I entered my house catapulted me into an early childhood memory.  I was reminded of my grandparents’ house when I was a child.  It was a place I loved to be and that I always felt comfortable and safe in. My grandparents were more like parents to me. I suddenly felt sadness with a mix of another feeling that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  All I know is that I wanted to cry.  And I did for a brief moment.  As I stood in my hallway somewhat surprised by my sudden emotional outburst, I realized what the unfamiliar feeling was.  I was homesick.  I suspect that the feeling was so alien to me because I had never had a real home. As a child, moving around was a regular occurrence and sometimes without any prior notice. I also never felt that sense of belonging to my family. I’ve never felt that I belonged with anyone until I had a child of my own.  This little boy has taught me so much.   In fact, I’ve learned much in this past year.  Since I’ve started a family of my own, I had been struggling because I’ve never had a family model.  I realized I didn’t know how to be a family.   In my mind, I had this fantasy of what a family should be and because of that I felt that I was failing miserably. I was falling short on my own expectations and that made me depressed. It was one of those ‘aha’ moments and once I figured that out, I started to let go, forgive and recover. Awareness is key after all.