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Winter Solstice Full Moon

21 Dec

full moon winterThe Cancer Full Moon on December 22nd comes on the heels of the Winter Solstice and is the last Full Moon of 2018.

Home, family, feelings of belonging, memories of the past and traditions are highlighted now.

Uranus in late degrees of Aries sends vibes to this Full Moon enabling you to introduce changes to familiar things and to break free of certain patterns and habits.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is, “a sailor, ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one”.

It seems to be a fitting image to close out the year as 2018 required you to uncover and shed anything extraneous and focus on essentials.

Mercury and Jupiter meetup in Sagittarius and your mind is on big things and big news, full of optimism, plans and ideas about the future. Talks now are honest and straightforward and conversations can be lengthy, wanting to discuss your beliefs.  You may be running here and there or going a bit out of your way or out of town interacting with a variety of people, perhaps of different cultures or with different views.

Venus in Scorpio links with Neptune in Pisces creating a bit of magick and mystery and a desire to connect and share on a deeper level.

Full Moon Winter Solstice Blessings and Happy Holidaze to ALL!

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Winter Solstice New Moon

19 Dec


The New Moon on December 21st falls at 0 degrees of cautious, conservative Capricorn. This is the Last New Moon of 2014 and it comes with a sobering influence. It falls on the Winter Solstice and Yule, marking the longest night. It also comes just a few days after the latest spat between Uranus and Pluto which has been shaking us up since 2012. At this time, many planets are in the sign of the Goat.  Mercury, keeping our thoughts and minds on the things that matter, Venus, having us conserving our money and appreciating persons and things of quality rather than quantity and perhaps enjoying traditions.  Venus is also very close to Pluto and square Uranus at the time of this New Moon and it is possible we are changing our value structure and perhaps quite suddenly.  It could be that finances are unstable or that the market in general is very unpredictable now.  Venus also rules over relationships so perhaps it is in this area that you experience changes and excitement to say the least.  Vesta is also in Capricorn keeping us dedicated, disciplined and focused.  We are serious about commitments now.  In fact, we can start our resolutions for 2015 at this New Moon instead of waiting until January.

There is even more big planetary news helping to further emphasize this theme of conservative cautiousness. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, will move out of Scorpio’s murky depths where he’s been since October 2012, (you can read about Saturn in Scorpio) http://www.spellboundreading.net/blog/2013/07/13/Saturn-in-Scorpio.aspx and into expansive Sagittarius.  Your world may seem a bit smaller with this influence.  Saturn in Sagittarius automatically tells us to curb our enthusiasm. We may be required to pull back wherever we’ve overextended ourselves.  If you’ve over committed yourself or promised more than you can deliver, you’ll have to pull back and prioritize.  Whatever section of our chart Saturn visits is where we are forced to slow down, concentrate, focus and ‘get real’.  It may seem that we have limited opportunity during this time but it is really a time of consolidation.  Saturn in Sagittarius can have us working very hard for our future goals and we may be able to manifest some of them during this period.  We just can’t rely only on luck or faith at this time, we’ll have to put the time and effort in. Shortcuts are not permitted at this time.  During Saturn’s trek through Sagittarius, our optimism could take a beating and faith could be tested.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t pass the test but that we’ll have to work hard to prove it’s something worthwhile and enduring. It may also be that the things that you believed to be true for you may be in for a bit of an overhaul.  Now, you will start to form opinions based on experiences rather than assumptions.  You can now gain the wisdom of experience.  It may also be that we learn our lessons and are focused in the areas of Religion, Legal issues, long distance travel, higher education, or publishing all of which fall under the domain of Sagittarius.

Sag’s ruler Jupiter, has been in fellow fire sign Leo since July providing creative or romantic opportunities and perhaps has us even pushing our luck and taking risks.  Saturn comes along into Sagittarius and helps to temper that energy, enabling us to slow down and to make the most out of any of these opportunities that come our way so that we may have real and solid gains as well as gaining experience at this time.

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Enjoy this New Moon and Happy Holidaze to all!