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Libra New Moon

26 Sep

joining handsThe New Moon in Libra September 28th is an opener for negotiations, exchanges and fair deals it’s time to aim for balance and equality. Time to even it up.

Many of the planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, that were recently gathered in Virgo, have moved on to meet up in Libra; putting an emphasis on give and take in relationships and the need to assess some of your associations.

Mars and Juno hang back in Virgo a bit longer continuing to support problem solving and course correcting especially regarding your involvements and arrangements.

Chiron in Aries is across the sky from this New Moon suggesting that you could be healing rifts in relationships, perhaps there’s an upset that needs to be resolved, or loopholes in agreements.  Maybe you’re on the mend and working to regain your center.

Uranus in Taurus contacts the Libra New Moon, which may bring a few surprises to your affairs or finances.  You could see fluctuating or unexpected costs, payments, earnings or commissions altering balances and accounts. You can shift your single focused-ness or what you thought is a sure thing, by considering alternatives. A collaboration could help dislodge where you’ve been stuck or maybe some competition serves as a shake-up to the comfort, ease and predictability of a relationship.  It could also be that the appeal of independence needs tweaking to compliment the contrast and compromises of coupledom.

On another level, you could feel wobbly or woozy as irregularities, abnormalities or anomalies affect stability and equanimity.  This also brings the need for adjustments to balance the throat charka or thyroid into the picture.  There’s a need for correction and regulation.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra New Moon connects with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces encouraging you to trade in your aloneness or anonymity and reach out to your broader social contacts to team up, collaborate and cooperate.  It’s a good time to bounce ideas off others, brainstorm and compare views and opinions.  You want to deal with people that are upright and worthy and to have meaningful exchanges that promote progress and advancement.  Alternatively, you may be required to shift of your ideals and expectations of others.  Maybe you disengage or disconnect from comrades and companions.  Perhaps you’re being deceived or deluding yourself, it’s ok to have faith but not blindly so, but Jupiter in Sagittarius helps you deal with the truth for what it is and not what you wish it to be.  It’s important to pay attention to what people show you of themselves.  It may be that what you’re shown is somehow a reflection of your own beliefs, doubts and uncertainties.

Additionally, you could deal with legal agreements, negotiations or mediation.  It’s possible there are amendments and adjustments to contracts, collaborations or deals compromising them perhaps to nullify or invalidate it.

Just a couple days after the New Moon, Venus tangles with Pluto in Capricorn bringing some tension and ruffling feathers in your dealings with shared responsibilities, boundaries and trust which could change the status quo but you should be able to get through what’s standing in your way of peaceful co-existence.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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Jupiter Enters Libra

9 Sep

equality-picJupiter enters Libra today, September 9th.  The last time Jupiter was in Libra was back in 2004.  Look back for a common theme. For the past year Jupiter has been in Virgo increasing our powers of discernment, helping us to problem solve and find solutions for ways we can improve our everyday lives.  Now that we’ve cleaned our houses and gotten things in order, we’re now ready to invite others in.

During this next year while Jupiter is in Libra, relationships, business or personal will play a bigger role in our lives now. This includes competitors and those with opposing views.  Perhaps there is a relationship with someone from another culture or abroad, in another country.  Our opportunities and benefits may come through others and we’ll have to learn to get along, cooperate and collaborate with each other.  At this time, we may also feel more supported in our relationships.    Our growth will come through our associations with other people and relationships can be really positive now. Partnerships started now could be really beneficial in the future.  It’s also possible that there is a relationship that you’ve outgrown or a way of relating and/or relationship patterns that are no longer fitting.

Libra is the sign of the scales and while Jupiter is in Libra, we are aiming to Increase the balance, even out the playing field and level things off.  We now want more diplomacy, equality, more give and take and agreements that are fair.  Many social issues dealing with equality and justice will come more into focus during the coming year. Several come to mind.

Increase the peace!!!! Should be our mantra for Jupiter in Libra!  The world sure needs it!

It would be nice to see more generosity, tolerance and tact in the way in which we treat and relate to others as it is a reflection on ourselves anyway.

On the flip side- the scales could tip too far to one side causing extreme imbalance and making it the elephant in the room kind of thing that you must address; you have no choice, you can no longer ignore it and move forward.  The ultimate goal is to come to some kind of compromise; to bring balance, peace and harmony.  It just might take some doing to get there.

If you are dealing with legal issues, an agreement could be reached during this period.

In matters of health, we may see issues related to kidneys, bladder, the urinary tract, diabetes or any kind of imbalance as well as lower back and needing to get things back in alignment.

This could also be a good time to hire a lawyer, consultant, designer/decorator or gynecologist to name a few.

On another level, we may feel really creative at this time.  Our sense of style is heightened now and we could enjoy making things beautiful or luxurious.  There could also be more social opportunities during the next year; contacting and connecting with others more.  We may now want to team up and get input from others.  Watch for competition and comparisons go for inclusiveness and cooperation instead.  We may need to look for alternatives or to look at things from another’s perspective.  We can also agree to disagree as we are all entitled to an opinion and you know what they say about opinions. We have a whole year ahead to benefit from Jupiter’s wisdom so make the best of it!

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Libra New Moon

4 Oct

This New Moon is in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony and that is precisely what is difficult to come by now.  Since this particular Moon gets herself in a tangle with the ongoing square of Uranus and Pluto, this could be a very unsettling time.  We may be looking for peace, equality, agreements, justice or compromises but it won’t come easy and probably not without some surprises or reversals.  It could be that an opponent or competitor isn’t playing fair or comes out of nowhere and takes you by surprise.  Relationships could also be strained or difficult. 

Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries are in a quincunx aspect with one another at the time of this New Moon. This is their third meeting. This suggests that there is an adjustment needed between the old and the new as there have been many endings and beginnings and ‘new norms’ that we are still getting used to.  We know that there are old ways that aren’t working for us any longer but we’re still figuring out new ways that will actually work. We’re still in the process of deciding what to eliminate and what’s worth salvaging.  Uranus in Aries wants to be revolutionary and do it his way or on his own and wants it done quickly while Saturn in Scorpio is on a power trip and pulling rank saying “not so fast” being slow and very thorough.  It would work better to be able to initiate changes while eliminating the things holding us back, building trust and lasting structures that are progressive enough to move us forward.   

Mercury entered Scorpio at the end of September having our thoughts and conversations getting deep and penetrating to the core, possibly leaning toward being obsessive.  There could even be morbid thoughts, talks of death, wills, estates, insurance and contracts may be on the forefront of your mind at this time as well as financial talks where there is jointly held money or where trust is an issue.  Agreements tend to be all or nothing and it is possible there is some kind of ultimatum. Mercury meets up with the North Node within hours of this New Moon so thoughts, conversations, contracts etc hint at the path of the future.  Pay attention to these things at this time.

The New Moon is at 11’ 56” Libra and the Sabian Symbol is “Miners emerging from a mine”.  It seems we’ve been doing some digging around in the dark, to come into to the light.  It may hurt our eyes at first as we are still adjusting but if we’re lucky, maybe we’ve uncovered a few gems or something of value.