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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

23 Jul

change and uncertaintyThe Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27th will keep you on your toes.  The change factor is cranked up now and this may have you feeling unsettled or anxious at the uncertainty and unpredictability.  Give yourself some space the days surrounding this Eclipse.

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Eclipses are noteworthy events in astrology and can give the impression that matters are moving quickly and being propelled forward.  A single incident or chain of events could have you changing course.  A situation may reach a turning point or conclusion, or something is revealed and brought to light.

It is possible that some of the seeds planted at the Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse back in February may start to bear fruit now.

This lunation may bring matters to a head concerning some of your far-off goals. Situations involving friends, groups, causes, communities, networks and technology will be highlighted now.  Aquarius is a sign that has an interest in humankind and wants to create solutions that are a win win for everyone involved.  New trends may reach defining moments and milestones.

Mars Rx and the South Node are very closely connected to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, bringing the past to light.  A time for reviewing past actions, or unexpressed anger or hostility.  You may have to do an about-face and regroup on some of the new directions you’ve taken recently.

Just one day ahead of the Lunar Eclipse, Mercury in Leo also turns retrograde on the 26th, adding to the slowdown in the sky and the need to cover old ground.  Reconsider and rediscover what’s in your heart, why you do what you do; talk to your inner child and see what warms you. Maybe you revisit some creative pastime or reconnect with childhood friends.  Of course, the typical rules of retrograde Mercury apply, like not buying electronics, vehicles, appliances or signing documents and communicate as clearly as you can.

Uranus in Taurus is the ruler of this Eclipse and sends a jab to the Leo Sun and Moon and Mars Rx in Aquarius generating excitement and volatility.  This is an impulsive, spontaneous and unstable influence. There’s a charge in the atmosphere, a simmering unrest like the feeling of a ticking time bomb. Be careful driving, using machinery, tools and sharp objects or working with electricity.  On another level, you may have sudden break throughs or aha moments of genius and inspiration.  There are sudden moves and changes of direction that get you out of your comfort zone.  Additionally, there may be unexpected expenses, pricing changes and fluctuating markets.  There could also be technological breaks or a breach in security.

Mars and Uranus had a confrontation back on May 16th.  Think back to the days surrounding and see if a theme is revealed for you. Events that took place then may be relevant to what is happening now.

Chiron in Aries connects with the Sun in Leo and the Moon, Mars Rx, and the South Node in Aquarius symbolic of the simmering unrest over things from long long ago, a group memory, perhaps even from lifetimes ago; hinting to a collective arousal and awakening leading us into unfamiliar territory. Everyone, in your own individual way, is experiencing this within and around you.  Some may be taken by surprise or irritated and incensed. This stirring of Humanity reminds us of infinite potential; that we can be more and do better by recognizing your creator-self, your inner essence and radiance and to follow a path with heart.  This influence may assist in healing the past while at the same time, bringing a sense of being at the threshold of something new.

The axis of Leo and Aquarius wants integration and reconciliation of one’s individual nature and talents contributed and reflected upon that of the larger society.

Uranus, the ruler of this Lunar Eclipse also makes a favorable connection to Saturn retrograde in Capricorn providing a bit of a stabilizing influence amidst rapidly changing circumstances. This suggests that the changes happening are constructive even if it doesn’t seem so. There’s a merging of the old and the new, focus on the essential, on what’s relevant, discard the rest and get down to the bare bones of a situation, altering and shifting outmoded frameworks, structures, paradigms, templates, forms, rules, policies and guidelines. You don’t have to scrap everything, just what’s proven no longer sustainable and rework it, so things are more doable.  Use this time to reconsider what’s socially acceptable or to redefine your goals and standards and to measure things on your own terms.   You don’t have to follow the crowd or seek approval, be true to you.  As old models shift and merge with fluctuating feelings and changing desires, tastes and values you’re able to make alterations without giving up essentials and things of importance, able to be firm in your position without being too rigid.

Markets, costs and pricing fluctuations and instability is also included here.

Venus in Virgo connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn favoring reforming structures and schedules and getting organized; getting things like form and function or time management and productivity to join forces.  Now you can oil your machine and initiate the necessary changes on several levels, whether this is your business, your work or your everyday world like your schedule, chores, your health routines, regimens, diet and exercise.  Introduce adjustments, corrections and improvements and get out of comfort zones.  An appropriate time to clear out closets and cupboards and give a once over to your processes, procedures and systems to make things run more efficiently. You could hire and train employees, an apprentice or assistant now.  You may hire a handyman, make cosmetic improvements and transform or reform your space.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

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