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New Moon in Leo

26 Jul

The Leo New Moon officially welcomes Jupiter to this creative sign. Jupiter moved into Leo on July 16th and hasn’t visited this sunny sign since August 2002- August 2003. This lunation sets the energy in motion. This Leo New Moon is conjunct Jupiter and fun is in order. Over the next year while Jupiter tours Leo, our growth can be experienced through our children, our creative self-expression and by giving recognition to our own inner child. We may be presented with creative opportunities and can even receive a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Mars also changes signs and moves into Scorpio just before the Leo New Moon, after a very long stay in Libra. All of 2014 so far! While most of 2014 may seem like a ‘lost year’ so far with very little forward movement, things will take on a different vibe. It’s possible you’ve needed to come to a decision or agreement lately or possibly pushing for cooperation or initiating contact with an important other but just kept spinning wheels or going back and forth and just couldn’t get there. It may have seemed like you took one step forward and two steps back but now with Mars in Scorpio, no more ‘up in the air’ or vacillation. Things seem more all or nothing or a do or die type of energy. At this time, we may also start to feel more vital and alive, confident and passionate with renewed vigor and energy. Hot Blooded

This New Moon is also square Mars (then Mars and Jupiter perfect their square in a few days so this influence will linger.) We could even see a mix of tempers and threats sparked by egos and opinions with this aspect so be careful not to put on too much of a show. The positive is there is an intense drive for heart centered activities, for fun and enjoyment and for things that make us feel special. During this transit we may also feel magnetic and passionate, theatrical and romantic, and daring to be a bit dramatic.

Valentine’s Day Full Moon in Leo

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day Full Moon

This Full Moon in Leo may have us turning a corner in any creative projects, children’s matters, or in the romance department.  That could be a good thing since its Valentine’s Day.   This full moon could have you in a playful or feisty mood perhaps bringing out the drama and childishness.  Mars is supportive of this Full Moon but he’s in Libra a sign not comfortable for Mars.  Creative projects could involve some sort of risk or speculation.  Some ‘might’ may be needed in making things look pretty.  We may be working at something physically in order to make it beautiful.  It could be that we need to initiate contact and involvement. It could also be that you are pushing for some kind of agreement but it seems there will be a lot of back and forth with negotiations, with options being weighed and decisions needing to be made.  Mercury is Rx until the very end of the month and March starts with Mars (action) going Rx.  It may be a while before anything gets settled.  There may be a lot of quibbling or an ultimatum.  There could even be an opponent and arguments.  The square from Saturn in Scorpio suggests that there are some obstacles and that patience is needed.  Timing could be off.  Saturn will also retrograde on March 2- July 20; also slowing things down.  This could involve insurance, taxes, estates, joint finances, shared responsibilities, etc. or possibly issues with commitments, closeness, sharing, intimacy and even divorce. 

 Ok, so we have the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day and it IS in the romantic sign of Leo which could be a good thing.  I’ve always thought it to be sort of unusual that a day about celebrating love and romance is while the sun is in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is not really known to be romantic or emotionally close.  But it IS known to have a love of humanity, brotherly love and platonic love.  Well I guess all you need is LOVE and LOVE is all you need. 

A Full Moon in Leo asks that we get in touch with our passions and what makes us feel special and feel fully alive, feel our ‘lust for life’ willing to take risks and have an open heart and to be in touch with our inner child.  Ask yourself what it is that you love about yourself.  It all comes down to self-love; without it we cannot truly love another and cannot fully benefit humanity.  “We got to let LOVE rule!” 

With the long stay of Venus in Capricorn and recent retrograde, there has been a focus on relationships. It has been important to define what we need from them to feel secure, what’s important, what matters, what’s been proven and stands the test of time and also our responsibility to the people that we love.  Relationships are responsibility. Relationships and love are what shapes and defines our lives and gives it more meaning. We may have been learning these important lessons lately.   

Mars is in Libra for an extended stay also.  Here we go again with the planet of strife in the sign of relationships, harmony and equality.  Do you think the Universe is trying to send a message? It is stirring up some stuff here with ourselves vs. others and how we relate and how we’re treating one another, and what we consider to be fair and what we are willing or not willing to compromise.  At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is only one degree from the place where he’ll retrograde on March 1st until May 20 and he’ll be in Libra until later in July so these energies aren’t going away any time soon.  We have some time so that ‘we can work it out’. 

Full Moon Blessings to everyone and Happy LOVE Day!

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

18 Oct

This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so it is an especially powerful lunation.  This Full Moon brings a culmination or a turning point to an issue that you may have stood alone on or a project that you alone are responsible for or something that you have initiated or are the leader in.

 Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces at this Lunar Eclipse.  We need to use our powers of discrimination to sort through any fog, forgeries, falsities or illusions.  We may need to make order from chaos.  It could also be that an active agenda may run counter to the unforeseen events, wasted energies and the need to withdrawal.  This is a good aspect for creative work because not only do you have the inspiration but the willingness and drive to put the work into it.  It could also be that you have a very active dream life during this time or restless sleep or even sleepless nights.  Also, watch with alcohol and drugs.  It seems that our urge to purify takes on the addictive patterns that contribute to our own undoing but really only serve to avoid the underlying issues.  We are able to penetrate into the layers at this time.

 Mercury in Scorpio is trine Jupiter in Cancer at the time of this eclipse.  Mercury is moving very slowly now since he will begin his retrograde period on the 21st.  Since Mercury began his tour of Scorpio, our thoughts and conversations lately may have been deep, obsessive, or private.  During this time we may really turn inward – into the abyss.  With Mars in Virgo complementing this energy this is set to be a very (self) analytical time.  Scorpio is an ‘all or nothing’ type of energy.  It is very thorough and cutting to the core.  Virgo is very discriminating so everything could be up for examination and possibly on the chopping block. We may be zeroing in on why we think what we think, and say what we say and do what we do.  This process of thorough examination, discrimination and elimination is necessary in order to move beyond our comfort zone.  We may be able to have an honest talk about feelings regarding sex, money, death, insurance, divorce, occult and other taboo subjects as well.   Conversations could be brutally honest with harsh words and truths.  Try not to ruffle too many feathers or trample on too many feelings.