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Virgo New Moon

28 Aug

puzzle piecesThe Virgo New Moon August 30th is time to roll up your sleeves and get down to the nitty gritty.  Several planets are now gathered in Virgo – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno, putting an emphasis on work, productivity and efficiency.

Virgo is good at assessing a situation, knowing what needs doing and how to go about doing it.  You’re hyper-focused on what’s workable, doable and practical as your mind is methodical and analytical pouring over specifics and sorting things out.  This period favors problem solving, organizing, ordering and systematizing. You can break down a situation to its finer points and parts along with the steps needed to make things run along smoothly.

There may be an emphasis on your skills, services or your craft now; perhaps you introduce something new which gets you noticed.  Maybe you’re open to learning new skills or seeking new employment or hiring employees, an apprentice, helper or handyman, maybe you’re one yourself.

Health and healing matters are also in the realm of Virgo and with so much planetary power in this sector of the sky, these topics call your attention now.  Perhaps you’re on the mend or in therapy.   This phase is promising for embarking on new diet and fitness routines, for detox and purification or for finding the right healer, doctor or protocol.  The theme of healing is further presented with the presence of Chiron in Aries, Ceres in Sagittarius and Hygiea in Gemini influencing this New Moon, suggesting that there are alterations and adjustments in this healing phase linking body, mind and spirit – applying alternative healing practices and modalities, energy healing, body work, eating the right foods, herbs, supplements and getting out into natural surroundings.

Mars closely connected to this New Moon gives loads of get up and go to your plans and projects.  We haven’t had Mars’ oomph in this slice of the heavens for nearly two years! You’re now aiming for improvement and course correction, feeling nothing short of perfection will do.

Uranus in Taurus connects with Mars, the New Moon and the rest of the gang now positioned in Virgo, energizing and progressing things along quickly, perhaps quite suddenly.  It will be an eventful time possibly bringing a few shockwaves to your system but you’re able to easily make changes, get unstuck and fast forward.  These shifts will be unmistakable, clear, constructive and practical, becoming the new normal.

Saturn in Capricorn contacts the crowd in Virgo helping you to narrow your focus so you concentrate only on the essentials, zoning in on your goals, being vigilant, disciplined, discerning and realistic, classifying things by usefulness or functionality, enabling you to get down to the bare bones and discarding anything irrelevant or unimportant.

This period is optimal for getting your shit together by clearing the clutter and organizing, creating healthy habits and routines or systemizing and streamlining processes and procedures perhaps involving technology or automation. This also means clearing your mind of blocks, habits and programs that have outlived their usefulness or associations and situations no longer sound or suitable.  The Universe has your back, so changes happen almost effortlessly while providing the strength to stick it out for the long haul.

New Moon Blessings and Healing Vibes to ALL!

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Virgo Full Moon

19 Feb

I am ready to healThe Virgo Full Moon February 19th could bring matters of health and healing to a head.  It may be that some health issue is clearing up or requires attention. Maybe you start a new diet or exercise routine or find a new doctor, healer or protocol that resonates with you.  As the sign of work and service, it could be your job, employment or skills that are emphasized now.  Perhaps a situation with co-workers, employees, an apprentice, a helper or ‘handy man’ enters the picture.

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Virgo rules over details and organization so this is a great time to clear the clutter and put things in their proper place.  This is the time to make sure all your systems are running smoothly and to make corrections to perfect processes, programs and practices.  Efficiency and function are key as the what and how of what needs doing or fixing comes to light at this Full Moon.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, recently back in Aries and set to stay for the next seven years, contacts this Full Moon suggesting new or alternative techniques for self-healing, by making aggressive adjustments and corrections regarding health matters which may include a detox, cleanse or surgery to attack and correct.

Uranus in the last degree of Aries connects to the Full Moon assisting in making changes to your work, health and daily routines.  You can inject some excitement into your everyday to dodge the doldrums.

Mars in Taurus connects favorably to the Full Moon suggesting that you’re making deliberate attempts in reworking your daily routines. You can be firm in your pursuits, able to make sustained efforts at improving, correcting and mending and   the changes that you set in motion are likely to stick.

Just one day before the Full Moon, Venus and Saturn meet up in Capricorn seeding a new cycle for your financial goals and/or relationship status. You could be establishing a financial structure, dealing with long-term investments, retirement plans, etc. or maybe you’re trying to cut back on spending and curb cravings, using discipline, focusing on essentials only.  Perhaps you’re outlining a business, an organization, a timeline or a schedule.  You may be laying down boundaries in relationships or recognizing your role and responsibilities in a partnership or to those high-ranking relationships. You may only want to deal with people that are ‘real’ now.

Mercury and Neptune meet up in Pisces seeding a new cycle, blending intellect and imagination while connecting with Saturn in Capricorn. Your mind may want to wander, or you could feel spaced out, facts are fuzzy and information is unclear. You could experience misunderstandings so pay attention to what is being said so you’re not misled.  Luckily, stern Saturn in Capricorn connects favorably bringing some stability, assisting you to focus and concentrate, contrasting your reveries with reality.  Watch signing paperwork, it could contain errors and omissions and could obligate you for a long time.

On another level, this influence has a finely tuned creative sensitivity enabling you to be very perceptive, able to get subtleties and undercurrents of what is being said as words, images and feelings merge. You may even be able to attract and create what you imagine, able to visualize the details, molding and forming things to your liking.  Be mindful of your thoughts.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Virgo Full Moon

27 Feb

lettinggo_compressedAt this Virgo Full Moon on March 1st, it’s time to clean up, clear out and cut through the bullshit.

Emotions, sensitivity and psychic sensitivity will be extremely heightened now.


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There are several celestial bodies gathering in Pisces, across the sky from this Full Moon in Virgo.  The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Juno are currently touring the misty realm of Pisces.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and sits in close opposition to the Moon.  There may be a lot of confusion, chaos, delusions, illusions, even outright lying and deceit. It may be hard to think clearly. You could feel overwhelmed, lost or adrift.

But Virgo’s super powers are discernment, scrutiny and discrimination, it knows how to categorize and prioritize. It can show you how to order things, which steps to take and how to go about it most efficiently. Virgo is our practical DIY’er of the Zodiac and can help to complete the task; whatever it may be.  Virgo can help to repair any weak spots.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A bride with her veil snatched away”, this symbol implies that there is an unveiling or an unmasking; that there is something that is being revealed now.  Perhaps quite suddenly or unexpectedly.

You could be dealing with paperwork or financial documents that seem confusing or overwhelming; perhaps with something omitted or even a loophole that goes unnoticed.  Maybe you’re in talks and negotiations behind the scenes.  Perhaps there are relationship talks or even clandestine affairs. There could be misunderstandings or a distortion of facts.  It may be difficult to think and communicate clearly or to articulate what you want.

Or, on another level, you could be so tuned into other realms, able to communicate without the need for words, having perceptions of the subtler energies, sensing a higher connection and a more universal love.  This time can be used for meditation, reflection, prayer, spirituality or creativity.

Virgo is the sign of the mundane, our day to day activities, routines and chores; and with all the energies across the sky in puzzling Pisces, it may be tough to stay on task.  Give yourself some space to daydream, reflect or to cry if that’s what you need.

Virgo is also the sign of health and healing, so these matters may come to light now.  It could be that a health issue you’ve been dealing with turns a corner now, or perhaps you get a diagnosis to something that’s had you stumped or a protocol you’ve been on starts to produce results, or something that was hidden now comes to light.  It is important to communicate clearly with your health care provider or healer as there could be misunderstandings or something overlooked.  Also watch with drugs and medications; be sure to take the right dosage or that you don’t have an adverse effect or allergic reaction.   Virgo is also about purging and purification, making it an appropriate time to detox, do a cleanse, or to start, renew or up-level your diet and/or exercise routine.

On another level, this is a time of purging karmic residue.  There is a lot that is coming up now for release.  You could feel like you’re being hit by a tidal wave of emotion and memories from the distant past.  Perhaps some things you thought you’ve worked through come up now, bringing anger, rage and resentment resulting from feeling wronged, mistreated, helpless or victimized in some way.

With so much energy in Pisces, water can be a dominant theme.  Watch for flooding, high tides or leaks. Also, the issue of the purity and cleanliness of water may gain attention now.  Other topics that are highlighted may include the condition of oceans, marine life and other liquids such as oil.

Fortunately, Saturn in Capricorn makes a favorable connection to this Full Moon suggesting you may be getting down to the bare bones and essentials.  This provides a grounding influence anchoring you from drifting out to sea and lending strength and discipline.  Things may be easier if you can focus on the step by step, immediate, details.  Organizing, prioritizing, ordering, cleaning, purging and purifying easily assists in establishing structures, solidifying your role or authority, forming frameworks, rules, policies, schedules and timelines.  On another level, this can also mark a conclusion and a release from parental structures or restrictions and programming that have caused stress, feelings of inferiority, inadequacy or worthlessness.

Mars in Sagittarius nudges Mercury and Venus in Pisces; pushing to get at the truth and cut through the mental fog, relationship put-ons, disingenuous associations, bogus charges, fabricated accounts or counterfeit worth or value. Alternatively, someone may force an opinion, view or point or is actively promoting something unfamiliar, otherworldly or obscure that attracts interest or triggers a conversation or memory.

Jupiter in Scorpio is in a favorable aspect to Mercury and Venus in Pisces; this further emphasizes the need to get at a core truth, do a thorough investigation and/or exploration as you uncover layer after layer bringing about growth, understanding and closeness in some matter.

Pluto in Capricorn also has a favorable exchange with Mercury and Venus helping to eliminate any blocks, obstacles or resistance concerning communication, cooperation, love, relationships, and money.

There are some growing pains associated with these influences but in the long run, this assists in lightening your load and becoming more authentic.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon

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Virgo Full Moon

11 Mar

virgoAt this Full Moon in Virgo we could see the culmination of job situation or work project, or perhaps there is an issue with a co-worker, employee, hired hand or apprentice that comes to a head now.  We could also see a health issue come to light or a turning point with a health issue we’ve been dealing with.  It may even be a good time to find the right healer for you.  Matters of health, health care and healing are highlighted at this time including mental health.

Virgo is a sign associated with our everyday lives; our routines, the chores the paperwork, getting clean and organized, establishing healthy routines with diet and exercise, being efficient and skillful, handling all the details and making sure life runs smoothly.  The thing is, at this Full Moon, we still have quite a bit of energy across the sky in other worldly Pisces which can make us feel overwhelmed and inept at managing our mundane lives as it may be in striking contrast to our high ideals and grand visions.  There can be a sense of depression, negative thinking and self-defeatist attitudes creating the feeling of wanting to run, hide and reach for a bottle of Fukitol.

Mercury the ruler of Virgo is also in Pisces; clouding our minds and confusing our communications.  Or perhaps we want to dream the day away or to just retreat into silence and not have to communicate at all. The brain fog will life when Mercury makes his way into Aries just one day after this Full Moon and we may be more inclined to initiate a conversation or to come up with a plan of action then.

This Full Moon is in a harsh aspect to Task Master Saturn slapping us with a big dose of Reality and a need to face things with maturity. There is a lot of work, loads of responsibility and accountability, big obstacles, limited opportunity and growth and a need to conserve.   We’ll need to muster up some more patience and perseverance and to focus on the things that really matter.

There is a lot of tension surrounding this Full Moon but it’s not completely hopeless. Virgo is a sign known for having powers of discernment. Virgo is a good problem solver because of it’s need for perfection, it can see what is wrong in a situation and how to correct it.  This Full Moon may shed some light on just where we’ve gone wrong and what steps we need to take. We may be able to sort things out and make sense of things in a way that is useful, practical and helpful.

Some of the seeds planted near the New Moon Solar Eclipse back in September may also reach fruition now.

It is also possible that this Full Moon could shed light on some of the programming that we’ve organized our lives around and we’ll have to discern what is valid and useful in furthering our goals and what is just causing stress by worrying over all our imperfections.

We also have Chiron and Pallas conjunct in Pisces so this could be a very healing time though not without a few distressing moments.  We may be able to perceive subtleties, undercurrents and the interconnections to a situation; and see where we’ve made mistakes or hurt ourselves or what is causing our pain and what is the way through and the next step.  In terms of alternative healing this is a very good placement.

The opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries also connects with the Sun and the Moon creating tension and a need for adjustments.  As we are correcting imbalances and bringing things into alignment, there may be a period of adjustment and maybe symptoms or side effects.  Watch side effects of medications too.  On another level, this can put a strain on relationships and agreements and we may be walking a fine line between asserting our independence and freedom and making compromises.

Meanwhile, Venus is retrograde in Aries until April 15th.  The goddess of beauty and love, has gone into the underworld in the sign of the warrior creating a passive- aggressive, push-pull vibe.  There’s anger and irritation regarding others. This is a time to re-evaluate and perhaps renegotiate as you consider what you’re putting into and getting out of some agreements and relationships or situations involving co-dependence/independence/inter-dependence and your interactions with others.

The good news is that Jupiter in Libra also wants relationships and agreements that are meaningful or beneficial to all parties, and in alignment with our Truth.

More good news! Mars and Venus are now in Mutual Reception or having a favorable exchange of energies and able to work together. Mars is now in the earliest degrees of Taurus lending us endurance and enabling us to make sustained efforts.  We are motivated to establish something tangible and of value; moving forward one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.  If we started to feel our energies burning out while Mars was in the last degrees of Aries, this can aid us in steadying out a bit.



Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!



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Sagittarius New Moon

23 Nov

space-doorwayThis New Moon on November 29th is in the sign of Sagittarius, the Seeker of Truth and Wisdom. Sagittarius is on a journey to explore, discover and encounter new worlds, new ideas and beliefs and new ways of life. Sag takes the high road and has faith and optimism about the future; and who couldn’t use a dose of that these days? On the flip side, Sagittarius can be too moralistic, preachy, self-righteous and judgmental.
These are some of the areas where the ground is fertile now; where new seeds may be planted. For some time now, we’ve had the task master Saturn in Sagittarius which has the effect of curbing our enthusiasm, slowing our growth, increasing responsibilities, testing our faith and limiting opportunities in order to narrow our options and focus. Yeah I know Saturn is all business and seems like no fun but there are valuable lessons here. Saturn is a bit far from this New Moon but we still feel his presence. In another way, Saturn in Sagittarius can have us viewing things from a limited world view. Saturn is also associated with reality or at least the 3D reality so Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is also about recognizing which beliefs shape our reality. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon reads, “rocks and things forming therein” this suggests that there are shifts happening and things going on under the surface before manifestation and co-creation.
Juno is very close to this New Moon highlighting relationships, agreements and shared beliefs

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds..

This New Moon is square to Neptune and the Nodal axis making this a pivotal time as we are at a crossroads now; somewhat caught between the past and the future and at a defining moment especially where our beliefs, our faith, our sense of knowing, our judgement, ethics and sense of right and wrong are concerned. These are all in Mutable signs so things are in a state of transition; there’s fluidity or changeability. With Neptune in Pisces involved, things are unclear, there is confusion and all is not as it seems. We may even find that the Truth is stranger than fiction. We may feel as if one door has closed but we’ve yet to walk through the new door and we’re hanging out in the spaces in between. The Nodal axis in Virgo and Pisces asks that we also use our intuition in a way that is practical, useful and integrate our spiritual life into our everyday lives, to find meaning, truth and purpose and to learn to listen to our higher guidance, intuition and knowing. The thing is, with Neptune so close, the lines are really blurred. We are being challenged to use discernment, let go of illusions and lies, learn from our mistakes and to course correct for the future.
On another level, at the Sagittarius New Moon, we could see beginings in situations involving legal issues, higher education, publishing, broadcasting or advertising come up now.

There is no political solution
to our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution
We are Spirits in the material world….

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in Libra increasing the importance of relationships, equality and agreements. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we need others; we have to live with, work with, tolerate, cooperate and partner up with others and we have to make arrangements that work for all because we’re all in this together. Jupiter is approaching a square to Pluto which will be exact on the 24th, Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. This can make for a contentious holiday since people may have strong opinions and beliefs, thinking their way is the best and only way and may try to change or challenge others. There are also major changes in store where it concerns our structures, government, rules and authority. There is an increasing opposition challenging consolidation of power and pushing reform.
This can mean the actual tearing down or rebuilding, rehabbing or remodeling of an actual structure or even earth movements and geological changes as in earthquakes, sink holes and aftershocks.

Rise up and take the power back
it’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
you know their time is coming to an end
time to unify and watch a flag ascend

This is an aspect that will shape much of 2017. I will be talking more about this and you can read some of my thoughts about this in a previous post http://www.spellboundastrology.com/single-post/2016/11/12/Taurus-Super-Moon

You can also read more on Jupiter in Libra http://www.spellboundastrology.com/single-post/2016/09/09/Jupiter-Enters-Libra
Venus, the ruler of Libra, is now in cautious Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries. It may be that the restraint or reserve we’ve shown recently in matters of love or money may be challenged or stimulated by surprises, fluctuations or instability.
New Moon Blessings to ALL and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Virgo Solar Eclipse

26 Aug


September starts off with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo.  Eclipses are very significant in Astrology and can bring important changes that seem to come suddenly or surprisingly.  Time and events seem to speed up during Eclipse season.  Knowing which part of your chart is activated by the Eclipses will give clues as to what area of your life is being energized and transformed.  This is a New Moon Solar Eclipse, a time of new beginnings.  For many of us, the New Moon is a time to seed our intentions out into the Universe and a Solar Eclipse puts a lot of power behind them.  It’s an extra powerful New Moon that reaches far into the future since it is also a North Node Eclipse.

Virgo is in charge of our our everyday affairs; how we take care of ourselves, our health, our healers and doctors, our diets, exercise as well as our work, our daily routines and chores and how we order our lives.  Virgo and the 6th house get the label of “mundane” but really, isn’t this just life??  It will be with these matters that we are to seed a new cycle.

This lunation finds itself in the ongoing tension between Saturn and Neptune.  While Saturn represents our boundaries and limits, Neptune has none.  Saturn represents structure and what we call reality and Neptune has been blurring the lines all year long.

What is real and what is an illusion?

 During this time our faith has been tested, we’ve had to get at the truth – our own truth, or get real on some issue, to be accountable, to discover what success means to us personally but also to go for our dreams.  That’s the thing, though these two energies are so very different, they need each other.  We can manifest our visions and deepest dreams.  Dreaming it into being.  We may have also needed to sort through our illusions and fears and there’s a lot coming to the surface to confront and deal with. Most of us are straddling amid these two energies.  It may go something like this:  at times feeling high on life’s possibilities and then overwhelmed with responsibilities, details and the sheer amount of work that lies ahead, being all too aware of our shortcomings wondering if you can measure up or make it happen then wanting to escape or to go back to old familiar ways. Or some version of this.  Go ahead and write your own story there.  Mars in Sagittarius is still close enough and continues to energize this pattern– pushing for freedom and honesty.

The good thing is that we’ve had help from Jupiter in Virgo all year giving our powers of discernment a boost and assisting us in moving beyond unproductive programming.  We can be aware of our shortcomings and flaws without letting it unravel us. Jupiter will move on to Libra on September 9th and won’t return to Virgo for twelve years.  There’s that number 9 again!  The ninth day of the ninth month in a nine year.

Number nine number nine number nine number nine number nine number nine number nine…


Recalibrating our perception

According to “The Zodiac by Degrees- 360 New Symbols” by Martin Goldsmith, the Sabian Symbol for this Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo reads,

“Balancing on a high rocky outcropping, a master surveyor argues with his apprentice about what they are actually seeing. Pulling the apprentice to his own position, the master surveyor hands him a pair of binoculars”

This suggests the need and/or ability to see things differently. Perception creates reality and here we’re given the opportunity to be the co-creators of our lives. Yay!  But scary too huh? Be mindful of your thoughts.  This is hard work and takes practice and integration into our everyday lives. What will you manifest? 

Pluto in Capricorn is in a supportive aspect to this lunation allowing a reformation of structures.

Mercury, the ruler of this Eclipse has just gone retrograde in his own sign of Virgo just two days before this Eclipse.  This suggests back tracking and covering old ground.  This may be with health issues, matters with work, co-workers or employees, an apprentice or handyman; maybe there is a need to re-organize or re-do something.  Reprogramming perhaps??

 Mercury Rx and Jupiter are also paired up giving us a broad overview and seeing how everything fits together.  We’ve been problem solving and troubleshooting and may finally have some solutions. It’s like before his departure, Jupiter bestows the wisdom he’s gathered during his stay in Virgo on to Mercury Rx so he can re-organize.

Chiron in Pisces is across the sky allowing for an awareness, confrontation and integration with some of our deeper wounds, our flawed parts. You know, that one thing that’s always lurking in the background ready to trip you up?  Yeah that.  Perhaps there’s an unknown or misdiagnosed illness or something illusive that you couldn’t quite pin down. There could now be health questions, answers, solutions and forms; there may be conversations reiterating, retelling of symptoms, effects, allergies and complaints. There could be re-checking and researching information or for the right doctor or healer or perhaps a plan or program of treatment.

May the Stars shine upon YOU and bless your life with health and happiness at this Virgo Solar Eclipse!


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Libra New Moon

12 Oct

libra 1

Relationships were a major theme in the last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and continue to be a dominant theme at this Libra New Moon. 

After last month’s Lunar Eclipse energy, we’ve dealt with some endings, or perhaps something was illuminated or revealed having to do with relationships.  We may have decided or discovered that we can no longer go on solely with our own agenda and that we need to include others. We need to collaborate and cooperate!  It may have also been that some of our personal commitments ran counter to our relationship commitments.  There could also be a culmination to some of the projects that we’ve initiated or had involvement in recently.

This New Moon in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries and our need for collaboration or cooperation may face off with the need for unique individuality.  There is electricity in the air and an element of unpredictability with Uranus involved. Agreements could be difficult to come by. There could even be sudden breaks in relationships or agreements seemingly out of the blue.  Or perhaps it is time to break free from any tendencies toward codependency in relationships.  It could also be that you insert yourself into a group with common goals and interests and collaborate on a project, or maybe you are a leader within a group or organization or singled out in a crowd for a social or fashion faux pas or for being different or unconventional.  Perhaps you are singled out in a favorable manner too.  There could be an opponent or competition that takes you by surprise or even a surprise attack.

The New Moon is also quincunx Chiron in Pisces and adjustments need to be made where we may feel victimized, taken advantage of or overlooked by others.  We can learn that cooperation means coming to agreement and balance.  It doesn’t mean someone has to totally give up on their dreams and ideals nor should it be that only one person is always giving in.  See which way the scales have been tipping for you and your important others and work at leveling them out.  We may have to initiate some changes in order to come to a compromise and even things out.

Mercury has recently gone direct and is conjunct the North Node at the time of this New Moon.  Many of our conversations and agreements could point the way to our future path although we may still be covering old ground.  Pay attention to what is said.

Venus in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius and it may be that our love for what is practical or useful stimulates our discipline and has us cutting back.  Also our desire for purity and perfection may have us limiting any excess.  Saturn is recently back in Sagittarius after retrograding in Scorpio for the last several months.  At this time we are working to solidify our goals for the future and narrow our focus and our options and possibly increasing our work load and responsibilities.

Jupiter and Pluto are also meeting in a trine.  Powerful stuff here.  This influence lends the power to transform structures and eliminate blocks as we work toward our future.  Mars in Virgo is moving closer to a conjunction with Jupiter indicating that our actions are geared toward improvement and efficiency.  Mars gives this already powerful trine much more oomph and energy.  We’re motivated to push beyond boundaries and fears and given the opportunity to eliminate them or to transform them and use as our strength. We have the opportunity to pierce through and penetrate a powerful resistance.  There is much much work to be done but we’re happy to have the opportunity.  Now is the time for practical pursuits as we are working toward the future.

Blessing to All at this New Moon!

Full Moon in Virgo March 16

15 Mar

March 16 – Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Virgo brings a culmination or a turning point to a work project. We may be wrapping up the details and loose ends of a project. This is the time for getting clean and organized, a time for clearing the clutter and for making order from chaos.  We can get a lot of work done if we can just take it step by step, staying practical, focused and knowing what is actually possible at this time vs. knowing all that needs doing. You must know going in that it’s going to take some work before anything is pretty, perfect or running smoothly. This Full Moon may also mark a turning point in a health matter.  You may be on the mend after a hospital stay or diagnosis and hopefully on the way to better health.  This is a good time to get rid of any negative health and eating habits; to cleanse and purify.  It is also possible that an issue with a co-worker or employee comes to light at this time. 

The Moon also makes a quincunx to Mercury in Aquarius, and making plans may be difficult since our minds could be changing rapidly or there could be new information coming in requiring us to modify and make adjustments to any details, discussions or paperwork.  There may also be unusual conversations and talks that may seem to come out of nowhere.  This could include talks with people or groups that you don’t normally have to deal with and possibly resulting in needing to make adjustments within the workplace. It could also be that information received requires an adjustment to your daily routine or schedule. You may also have to use your powers of discrimination in order to weed out what is actually going on and being said and possibly have to come up with solutions that are good for everyone. 

The Nodal Axis involved at the time of this Full Moon suggests that we’ll need to be able to be accommodating and reworking our ideas of what “I” want vs. needing to cooperate with others and we could be feeling the tension.  Our actions now are closely linked to our future path with Mars so close to the North Node and with Vesta also so close, we’ll need total dedication and commitment so it’s important to weigh options and come to cooperative agreements that work for everyone involved. 

Mars and Saturn are both still Rx so this vibe of “hurry up and wait” and of quibbling and “going back and forth” permeates the atmosphere.  It may feel as though you are just ‘spinning your wheels’ wanting to get going but are hit with delays and inconveniences.  There could be a situation that seems as if it’s “not fair” or maybe you’re working hard toward an agreement or cooperation.  It may involve finances, loans, estates, insurance, taxes, and shared responsibilities.  Things aren’t likely to get going and move forward for some time so if you can make slow progress it’s better than no progress at all.  Be patient. 

Saturn is in favorable placement to this Full Moon enabling us to eliminate any obstacles, walls and roadblocks that have stood in our way or held us back.  We will be able to transform and rebuild upon a more stable foundation.  This influence helps to manifest and give form to any imaginings we may have. Just know that it’s going to take some time, patience and hard work. 

Next Month, in April, will be very ‘active’ astrologically with two eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross so just ‘sit tight’, get what you can get done now but don’t be in a hurry to make any permanent commitments and decisions. That could get you in a bind as all is not revealed just yet.