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Scorpio New Moon

25 Oct

rocky shoreThe New Moon in Scorpio October 27 is buzzing with excitement.  Change is in the air as Uranus in Taurus sits across the sky facing off with this New Moon giving it an amped up Full Moon feel. This lunation points to awakening, revelation, liberation, revolution, rebellion, evolution and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon reads, “a massive rocky shore” and things may be tough going now as you’re not sure of your footing, feeling unstable and uncertain with situations turbulent and changeable.

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Scorpio represents death, rebirth and the cycles of life.  Death in the symbolic sense, it isn’t always meant as a physical death.  We die many deaths throughout our lives as part of our growth, development and evolution.  After each transition, there comes the time of rebirth as we rise from the ashes of our past, of what once was and reinvent ourselves, continuing our path of becoming.

Would you say that you or your life is the same as just a few years ago?  Over the last several years there’s been an acceleration of growth and change that hasn’t always been pleasant, for some it’s been grueling.  Sometimes we must break down and bust open to rid the layers of the not self and see what we’re made of.

Scorpio is a sign that gets down to the core, to the nitty gritty to show the unseemly, unmentionable and the unthinkable.  During this phase, conditions feel raw and urgent as you face the shadows and darker parts, surprised at what bubbles to the surface while receiving startling revelations and aha moments of insight and clarity flooding your awareness. Your psychic sensitivities and intuition are tuned in and turned all the way up now.  It is said that the veil between worlds is thinnest this time of year and this period could attest to that.  This New Moon is pressing for change, transformation and reinvention.  Time to level-up on the evolutionary – vibrational plane.

On another level, fluctuating finances and markets are featured at this lunation which can bring any of the following – changes in earnings, commissions, royalties, costs or currencies/electronic currencies, unexpected expenses, variations or modifications of loans, debts, insurance, taxes, wills and inheritance, etc.  You could adjust, correct and overhaul your budget and bank account, maybe you’re seeking to consolidate, refinance or do a reset of some sort.  There could be loopholes to contracts or maybe you’re looking for an opening or an out.  This could also involve technology, electronics or electricity.

There’s added pressure and tension as Mars in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn clash and connect with Neptune in Pisces.  It’s a trying time that’s not easy to navigate as there are many unknowns, uncertainties and things you were not aware of coming out to be confronted. You may want to trade your behind the scenes status of invisibility and anonymity for engagement, collaboration and cooperation, but it doesn’t come easy.  You could feel blocked at any attempts at a compromise or agreement, there could be resistance to your advances or efforts to make contacts and connections or forge alliances. You want those that have substance and can stick it out for the long haul – social niceties and lip service have no place now. Patience is called for with this influence; good things come to those who wait – so they say. It’s easy to feel frustrated as if you’re getting nowhere fast, struggling for balance while faced with limitations, obstruction and resistance.  On another level, there’s anger over inequality, fighting for justice or peace, or a push back of opposition; moving against authority, policy and/or the establishment.

In addition to so much happening, Mercury, Venus and Pallas all meet in Scorpio, sitting across the sky from Vesta in Taurus, suggesting that you want involvements and discussions that plunge the depths, connections and encounters are magnetic and words are passionate and persuasive as you think and feel things deeply now.  Intuition is sharp with penetrating perceptions and an ability to cut through complications, lay everything out, shedding light on things kept locked up, shielded and protected or what’s had your unwavering dedication, commitment or allegiance.

Jupiter and Ceres meet up in Sagittarius.  Among other things, Ceres’ symbolism is associated with death, the dying process and cycles of renewal, further emphasizing the Scorpio theme; while placed in Sagittarius and connected to Jupiter, you may want to explore these topics and come to a deeper understanding of natural laws and cycles.  On another level, this hints at beliefs about self-worth, self-image, self-esteem, body image and being “enough”.

One last thing, as a friendly reminder, Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio October 31 – November 20th.  Your mind may be on critical matters and more introspective.  The usual rules of Mercury Rx apply, i.e. practice communicating clearly, don’t assume another understands what you mean, watch when sending emails, texts, letters, memos, etc. that they go to the correct party, without typos and errors.  It’s not the best time to enter into new contracts and agreements, watch signing paperwork.  Also, not the best time for buying electronics, appliances, or a vehicle.  When a planet is retrograde, it’s best to back track and cover old ground, revisit, re-imagine, re-investigate, re-examine, reconsider – you get the picture.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

Have a Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


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Taurus New Moon

10 May

surpriseThe days surrounding the New Moon on May 15th feel full of excitement and astonishment.  This very special New Moon in Taurus heralds some of the biggest cosmic news in years.

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Taurus is the sign of values, money, possessions, comfort and security.  It’s the part of the chart where we can count on sustained efforts, stability, continuity and predictability.  It may even show where you’ve been stuck.  All of that is going to change as your comfort zones are about to get rocked like never before.  Most of us haven’t experienced this transit in our lifetime. Uranus is taking his last breath in Aries before moving into Taurus for the first time since the years 1934-1942.  Uranus will work his ground-breaking magick in Taurus through 2026. Uranus is known as the awakener and branded as being revolutionary, unpredictable, erratic, out of the box and eccentric.  Uranus in Taurus makes the predictable unpredictable, teaching us that the only thing constant is change.

Taurus is a financial sign, so this influence brings changes, fluctuations and instability within the markets.  There could be unexpected gains and/or losses.  This could bring changes in banking and currency; particularly electronic banking and electronic currency.  The value, worth or cost of something you own or something that you want to buy could suddenly change, there could be changes in the costs or value of electricity too.  You could alter your feelings of self-worth and prosperity consciousness resulting in changes in your earning capacity. Perhaps you experience a financial revolution, this could even spell financial freedom for some.

Taurus is an Earth sign and this influence can bring changes in Gaia herself.  There could be geological changes, inconsistencies, variabilities, anomalies, abnormalities or disruptions, rumblings, vibrations, frequency and/or earthquakes. Hawaii is already experiencing this while Uranus is in the last degree of Aries.

Taurus also rules over the five senses and you could undergo an awakening or electrifying of the senses accompanied with this influence.  You may also experience changes in the throat, throat chakra, even your voice; also, the thyroid and thymus or there could be fluctuations in weight.

Taurus is ruled over by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.  This influence may alter your feelings of fondness. Perhaps you experience changes in how you show your affection or appreciation.  Maybe your values or your tastes have changed or will change over this period of time. Do you still want or like the things you used to?   Maybe you have an awakened appreciation for beauty, love, art and creativity.  Perhaps you get zapped by a lightning bolt of love or inspired by feelings of gratitude and abundance. Stay open to change. Everything is possible.

Although Uranus in Taurus is a longer lasting influence, the Universe kicks it into gear with a nudge and a jolt that may produce some shock and awe situations.

Mars is also at the very last degree of Capricorn and poised to enter Aquarius just hours after this New Moon, amplifying the edgy uncertainty.  Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will be in an antagonistic mood.  This is a very volatile and erratic combination generating surprises, astonishment or disbelief.  There could be changes of direction, sudden moves, erratic behavior or unexpected shifts.  There could even be anger, rebellion, revolt and revolution or progressive movements and/or militant groups.  The last time Mars entered Aquarius was back in November of 2016; election night in the U.S., which was a stunner to several, sparking revolt and protests across the country.  On another level, take care when driving, using sharp objects or tools and with fire or electricity.  Alternatively, you could become involved in new groups, networks or friendships that are exciting or different and provide stimulation and a change of pace or rattle and unsettle you somewhat, perhaps involving the internet, technology, a technological break-through, internet security or the cost of these things.

The Taurus New Moon also connects favorably with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting tangible steps to reforming structures, frameworks, status quo, policies, rules, business, authority and/or management.  Some of your realizations and attainments may become evident now.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is in a tense aspect with the North Node in Leo, suggesting that there are modifications to be made as you re-define your goals, priorities and things of importance and get into alignment with what’s in your heart.

Blessings, good vibes, abundance and gratitude to all at this extraordinary New Moon!

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Pisces Solar Eclipse

18 Feb

waves-and-lighteningThere is so much happening during this block of time February 20th through the first week of March, that if it is at all possible, give yourself some space and room to breathe and open yourself to change and revitalization.

Many celestial bodies are gathered in Pisces for this New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26th; The Sun, Moon, Mercury, The South Node, Pallas and Chiron are all positioned in Pisces right now. Emotions and sensitivity, including psychic sensitivity will be heightened now. We could feel hopeless, helpless or victimized or alternatively, creative, inspired and connected to something much larger than ourselves; perhaps somewhere in between or all of the above. 

With so much energy in watery Pisces, liquids and Water itself will be important or featured in some way.  This may involve our oceans, the tides, marine life, floods or the quality, availability or protection of drinking water. Flint Michigan, Standing Rock and Fukashima come to mind as just a few examples.

Mercury has just moved into Pisces so our mental faculties may not be so sharp but our sixth sense may be in full force. It’s possible now to know something without knowing how you know it; perceiving images and feelings.  Of course, it’s also possible that contracts have information missing or omitted or you could be confused or misled by something someone says.  Perhaps there is someone trying to deceive you or maybe you are the one using colorful language to avoid, escape or deceive.

This is a South Node Eclipse linking it to the past, suggesting that there are still some issues to be dealt with but it is also a New Moon Solar Eclipse indicating fertile ground for the future and a new beginning.

Eclipses are very significant in Astrology and have a way of speeding up events.  It’s the way the Universe accelerates our growth and puts us on path.  Sometimes it’s a bit messy at first.  All this Pisces energy points to a need to go with the flow.  All will not be clear just yet.

Things will be very unpredictable now as Mars in Aries squares off with powerful Pluto just days before this Eclipse; and at the time of this Eclipse, Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries and opposite Jupiter in Libra. Changes, volatility and excitement fills the air.  Things are speeding up and changing at a very rapid pace and it will be difficult to determine which direction things are taking.  This is a very unstable influence yet it can also be exciting, thrilling and full of surprises.   Use caution when driving or operating machinery.

We could see break-throughs and break-downs where relationships and agreements are concerned.  There could be new friends or new groups, new technology, innovation and experimentation.  Perhaps there is a change of direction, erratic or unexpected actions and unusual alliances.  Deals and decisions may be made or broken now.  There could be ruptures, breaks and leaks.

This aspect of Jupiter opposite Uranus first formed at the end of 2016.  This is an aspect of social change, justice and revolution; and we’ve seen the rise of different social groups and causes fighting for Peace, Equality, a fair shake or share or to be heard and included.  There is also a new movement that’s formed as well as a growing opposition to this. Now Mars enters the picture and energizes or antagonizes this pattern.    We could see violence or volatility associated with any of these groups now.  It’s also possible that we see a new group or faction come into focus now.    This could be a very contentious time with confrontations difficult to avoid.

On another level, there is a stirring and swiftness to a great awakening that is taking place.  There is a new vibration or frequency that is pushing to bring things into alignment with Natural Law.

Jupiter in Libra is now retrograde for the next several months giving us the opportunity to backtrack, review and re-evaluate some of our agreements, relationships, decisions or laws.  We must weigh whether situations are in alignment with the Truth of who we are.  Some deals and decisions may need to be re-thought due to not being fair or ethical or on a more personal level, if something just doesn’t feel right to us.

Saturn, the Manifestor of 3-D reality is linked up to the Galactic Center for the first time in nearly three decades!  The Galactic Center is like the Sun of our Sun which divine wisdom and guidance is said to pour through.  This could be a very powerful time to give form to something with the inspiration coming straight from the center of the galaxy!  Pay attention now to your intuition. Manifestations are happening quickly now and it is especially critical to be conscious of what exactly we are creating at this time. This is our responsibility.

Saturn has been touring Sagittarius now since late 2014.  During this time, we have learned some big lessons, dealt with some major obstacles and setbacks, increased our responsibilities, discipline or accountability, our growth or progress has been slowed, our faith tested, our enthusiasm curbed; there has been a whole lot of adulting going on.  At the same time, we’ve been growing in experience and expertise and slowing down enough to really get the meaning of an experience.  Saturn still has more of his tough love to give and will move from this placement later this year.

Venus is currently in Aries and is the ruler of Libra. Peace loving Venus doesn’t feel quite comfortable in Aggressive Aries; and she is just one degree from the place she will retrograde just days after this Eclipse.  Venus will retrograde March 4th through April 15th. This suggests a re-evaluation of our motivations is in order and wanting or doing what is in our own best interests.  We may see some friction in our relationships or going back and forth in negotiations with no one wanting to make compromises or concessions in trying to come up with an agreement or arrangement that will work for all and it will be a struggle to strike a balance.

Venus is a planet that’s associated with art, beauty and design so if you are doing creative work, you may back pedal out of some of your choices and decisions.  It may also be that things must be roughed up, requiring some muscle or torn apart before we get to the beautiful result that we desire.

On another level, Venus Rx is not a good time to change your looks with a new hairstyle, clothes or cosmetic surgery. Buying and selling is also not advisable as you may pay too much for an item only for it to go on sale later. Or you could get a lower priced offer on something you are selling.  It is also not an ideal time to get married or to begin a new relationship.  Relationships from the past can also re-enter our scene when Venus is Rx.

Blessings to All at this New Moon Solar Eclipse!




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Libra Lunar Eclipse

3 Apr

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th could be a difficult one.  Luna finds herself at odds with the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto.  Although just a few weeks ago did we see the last of seven squares between these two Cosmic Heavy Weights, (they’ve been at odds since 2012!) this eclipse illuminates these energies and reminds us that we are not yet “out of the woods”. In fact, this eclipse hovers close to some of the points of the Cardinal Grand Cross of last April. So you may see remnants of issues that surfaced then. Hopefully this marks a culmination to the lessons we were to learn during these last few years of intense change.  This Eclipse falls at 14’24” Libra indicating that we need to strike a balance between self-assertion and compromise, the need to act in our own best interests vs the need to relate to another.  What can happen is hard to say especially with Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon at this time.  Expect the unexpected.  That doesn’t mean that we should be fearful.  A lot depends on where things have been heading for you during these last few years.  If you know your chart, you can check and see if you have any planets or angles within a couple degrees of 14 degrees of any Cardinal sign since those signs will feel the most stress (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).  Libra is the relationship sign but with Uranus in Aries opposite this Libra Lunar Eclipse, there is an urge to assert individuality and uniqueness; or a need to break free so cooperation, negotiations or coming to some kind of agreement could be difficult to say the least.  It could be that there is an opponent or someone or something acting counter to your interest that shows up quite suddenly and surprisingly.  Venus is the ruler of this eclipse but makes no major aspects during this time, giving the goddess of beauty, love, relationships, peace and harmony a bit of a ‘wild horse’ energy.  Jupiter is in a favorable alignment with this Eclipse which could be a protective influence or it could just make the issue larger than life.  With Jupiter involved, there could be legal issues, opportunities for travel, or even to learn something new and out of the ordinary and these opportunities and situations may come seemingly out of the blue.  There could be issues involving fairness, ethics, the law, our own personal truth, “right and wrong” as well as religious or spiritual beliefs that could also surface at this time. A good example may be the new law passed in Arkansas that allows a business to deny service to same sex couples due to religious beliefs. This is sparking much debate and outrage throughout several states.

Either way it appears this Eclipse could bring in some big changes for better or worse. At this time it is best to be flexible and open.  If you can avoid or delay major decisions, that may be best as the situation could be very changeable.