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Libra Blue Moon

28 Mar

This Full Moon in Libra on March 31st is the second Full Moon within the month making it a rare Blue Moon.  This could be a trying time as you struggle to find your center or the middle ground on some matter. You may feel that you are between a rock and a hard place as you assess, evaluate, weight options or procrastinate. Relationships, reaching agreements or a fair deal could be a challenge now. There may be negotiations and the need for cooperation and collaboration as you try to knock someone off a fence to bring them over to your side while being faced with overcoming competition, opposition and resistance.

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Mars and Saturn in Capricorn are in a harsh aspect to this Full Moon, adding to the tension and frustration.  These two only get together like this about every two years; so, it’s a seeding time for long range goals and things that you’re obligated and committed to for the long haul. You could be initiating business setups, schemes, structures, frameworks schedules and/or timelines; or asserting your authority, expertise and professionalism and cementing your position. Maybe you’re recently in a position of authority or under new management.  Perhaps there are new rules of engagement, new policies, procedures or protocol, new timelines, schedules and operations.   This is a time for disciplined and measured action.  This influence also stresses the importance of focusing on only the essentials and the things that stand the test of time.  Anything began now can reach far into the future and has staying power, but it also requires patience and perseverance. You could feel that nothing’s happening fast enough or you may feel like your efforts blocked, ambitions frustrated as things may be slowed, delayed or halted.  Don’t expect instant success.

About those timelines and schedulesMercury retrograde in Aries is opposite this Full Moon, conjunct the Sun in Aries. You might want to give yourself some extra time as Mercury retrograde can bring delays and the need to cover old ground.  You could be rethinking some of your actions, reconsidering your approach or plan of attack in some situation. Take time to think about what pushes your buttons and to question your motives.  There could be, new plans, bold ideas, thought provoking information, harsh words and a defiant tone. It may be a time to initiate talks and negotiations, retrace your steps, bounce ideas off others to get their input and opposing views and to recognize your own limitations.


Venus in Aries is the ruler of this Libra Full Blue Moon.  Just a few days before the Full Moon, Venus, Goddess of beauty and love, and money and values too, met up with Uranus the awakener; perhaps shaking the stability of an important relationship, or maybe you felt it in your bank account.  There could be new friends or connections coming out of the blue, or that fill you with excitement.  Maybe you become involved with a group of some sort, join a club or a movement.  It’s possible to have a change in values and worth or unexpected income or expenses. Maybe you just get pushed out of complacency and a comfort zone.  Venus moves into her own sign of Taurus by the time the Full Moon arrives, and things may settle down by then but don’t expect to remain in your comfort zone for long.  Uranus will move out of Aries and into Taurus come mid-May and that is going to push everyone out of their comfort zones; but more on that later.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Blue Moon!

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Libra Full Moon -Grace Under Pressure

7 Apr


March was a difficult month and although April has it’s set of challenges; several planets will be retrograde suggesting a need to slow down and cover old ground.

Saturn in Sagittarius will Rx April 6th through August 25th.  This is a time to look inward and ask what success means to you, do your goals align with your Truth? Do you believe in what you’re doing career wise or “out there” in the world? We can also ask ourselves what beliefs we have that our limiting us and how we may move beyond that.

Mercury in Taurus will Rx April 9th through May 3rd and we may be re-thinking or re-planning where our finances, earnings and expenses are concerned as well as what we need to feel comfortable and secure.  It is also a time to consider where we may be stuck in our mindset or perhaps time to probe questions of our own self-worth and how that may be inhibiting or contributing to our wealth.

Venus is still Rx now in Pisces and will turn Direct on April 15thTax Day here in the U.S.  During her backtrack, we’ve been given the opportunity to re-evaluate what it is that we want, what we want from others as well as what we’re willing to give.

Pluto will retrograde later in the month, April 20th through September 28th.  Pluto is an outer planet, one that shapes generations but it’s change in direction may not be as apparent as say, a Mercury Rx period but nevertheless it still serves a purpose.  During this period, we may be restructuring on an inner level, reforming some of our inner framework; perhaps on what we glean from going back and going within.

The Full Moon on April 11th is at 21 degrees Libra.  Relationships, agreements and negotiations will be in the spotlight at this Full Moon and without a doubt, there will be some challenges and changes now, some quite unexpected.

Three planets are bearing down hard on this Full Moon; Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have a major influence now.  The typical Libra energies of balance, politeness and poise get tossed out the window in this current energy weather.

As we want our relationships, associations, agreements and arrangements to be fair and equitable, in alignment with our Truth, with what we believe and with our sense of right and wrong, we may be willing to make a break for it and go solo or make some big and radical changes as we come up against a consolidation of power or needing to reform rules, structures and policies which no longer apply in this situation.  We may see breakups and shakeups, radical revisions, renege or renegotiations on a deal, power struggles and strange or unusual alliances.

Venus, the ruler of this Full Moon goes direct in just a few more days on April 15th but she will linger in this degree for several days.  Our goddess of beauty and love is getting the smack down as she is approaching a meetup with Chiron in Pisces and square Saturn in Sagittarius; while Saturn is still conjunct the Galactic Center.

We may need to clear some karmic relationship ties and patterns; and the meaning of an experience, perhaps with a past association, may become clear now. We may be made aware of our injured parts dealing with relationships and self-worth as it may be activated by limiting beliefs. There could be issues related to abandonment, separateness or feelings of not being enough. Maybe you fall into savior victim mode in relationships and it becomes clear that not everyone wants or needs saving. Alternatively, maybe no one wants to keep bailing you out.

Venus in Pisces is very idealistic when it comes to love and relationships; wanting the perfect love, the universal love, the soul mate, the unavailable or unattainable. It may seem as if our real relationships are disappointing, never measure up or a feeling as if there is something missing. It may also be that this is how we feel about ourselves. Chiron may show us, in a not so pleasant way, how that has caused us to suffer and Saturn in Sagittarius lends a big dose of reality.  The reality is that no one person or relationship is perfect no matter how fated it feels.

Venus also governs over things of value and money and we may be very fearful of loss, not having enough, doing without or failing; feeling insecure and that there is just so much to do, so many responsibilities, so many obstacles, again, this may be based on limiting beliefs and scarcity consciousness.

Mars and Ceres in Taurus connect with this Full Moon suggesting that we may need to do some tweaking with our efforts at establishing a place, a sense of belonging or a Tribe and to make certain that we reach out, have an even exchange and meaningful connections that are in alignment. On another level, this may suggest that there is a need to correct an imbalance requiring some adjustments in the way that we nurture ourselves, our diet and how to act to stabilize things.  This may also have to do with Women’s gynological issues like periods, pregnancy or menopause or with the Thyroid.  This is also related to feeling comfortable in our bodies, our body image and sense of self-worth.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!




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Libra New Moon

29 Sep


The planetary picture looks and feels a lot different these days.  This may be a sigh of relief to many. Aaaaaaah.  Others may be wondering when things will let up some. This Libra New Moon is the time to regain our balance.  Things may have felt dizzying and unsteady lately but we are beginning to get past this now.  At the time of the Libra New Moon, it’s time to sow the seeds of love, equality, harmony, peace, and inclusiveness.

What’s so funny ‘bout peace love and understanding?

If there is something that you feel is unfair, it will really be a sticking point now. Relationships fall under the domain of Libra too, so you could be pairing up, teaming up, coupling up or collaborating with someone new these days.  This is also a good time to seek out a professional, specialist or consultant such as a lawyer, doctor, gynecologist, decorator, coach or astrologer/energy healer (wink wink) as just a few examples. Alternatively, there could be an opponent or someone working against your interest that comes into focus now.

Generous Jupiter is very close to this New Moon.  Jupiter entered Libra earlier this month for the first time since 2004. You can read my previous post about that here:  http://www.spellboundastrology.com/single-post/2016/09/09/Jupiter-Enters-Libra

Jupiter may have been holding out on some of his benefits as he waits for the Moon to greet him.  The Universe has even given us a rare second New Moon in September for the occasion. Now he is ready to show some of his offerings and wisdom as this New Moon kicks off his yearlong stay. It’s time to get connected. Our opportunities, benefits and growth come from others now.  We can also improve many of our existing relationships now.  Alternatively, it could be that we’ve outgrown certain associations or even relationship patterns and decide it’s time to move on.

Venus in Scorpio is the ruler of this New Moon and is in a favorable aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  This can provide lots of Magickal mystery in matters of love – especially over the weekend.  There could be a deepening of relationships, passion, trust and sharing of visions.  Maybe you feel bewitched and dazzled by someone; as if there is some special connection between you. You could feel intensely enchanted and amorous. Perhaps you have a secret admirer, or you’re the one crushing on someone.  It may also be that you have high ideals and unrealistic expectations from your relationships and loved ones.

This is also a fantastic time for creative projects too; whether its music, art, photography, painting, dance, drama, etc.  Spiritual and psychic senses are heightened now too.  In financial matters, shared resources, mortgages, taxes, loans, credit, inheritances, insurance, etc are highlighted at this time.  There could be confusion surrounding it or something that is unclear or missing. It’s also possible to attract resources now right out of the thin air as if by Magick.

Mars is energizing this New Moon and it may be that our effort toward our goals and to build something long lasting stimulates the need to include others.  Since Jupiter is involved, it’s big. It may be a LOT of effort or a big compromise.  Go big or go home says Mars square Jupiter; just watch that you don’t overdo it.  There could also be legal matters or negotiations. Perhaps we’re weighing our options on some matter; maybe we’re undecided, vacillating and procrastinating, maybe we have to consider alternative views and opinions.  Perhaps you are involved in sales, promotion or advertising or publishing, broadcasting and prospecting clients. It is also possible that there is a boss, parent or some other authority figure that is giving you grief; even blocking your actions, wanting to keep you in your place that sparks some competition or opposition.

Mars has recently moved into Capricorn.  This is a very different energy than we’ve had in a while.  All of 2016, Mars, the driving force behind our actions, has spent his time in Scorpio and Sagittarius.  During that time, we had to dig deep and find if what we wanted and what we were going after was still valid and if it was really true for us. Now our actions are very deliberate, there is substance behind them and they are geared toward the long haul. Some of the moves we make now have staying power as we climb our way to our goals and aspirations.

Saturn in Sagittarius is in a supportive aspect to the New Moon helping to keep us grounded and focused on what matters.

Neptune in Pisces also contacts this New Moon and it may be that surrendering to and releasing some of our faults and flaws now gives way to a more centered and even keeled self.

Mercury is now direct but still in Virgo and opposite Chiron in Pisces, and quincunx Uranus in Aries.  This influence is assisting us with scrutinizing facts and information; continuing to confront flaws, mistakes and weak spots. A critical mind. Altering our perception could yield a break through or in initiating changes and a turning point. There could be a mental excitement and flashing thoughts, feelings, visions and perceptions coming and going quickly.

May you find PEACE at this Libra New Moon and may the Starz always shine upon YOU!

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As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin’ for light in the darkness of insanity.
I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside,
There’s one thing I wanna know:
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding? Ohhhh
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

And as I walked on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

Cause each time I feel it slippin’ away, just makes me wanna cry.
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding? Ohhhh
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

Cause each time I feel it slippin’ away, just makes me wanna cry.
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding? Ohhhh
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding? Ohhhh
What’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?


Jupiter Enters Libra

9 Sep

equality-picJupiter enters Libra today, September 9th.  The last time Jupiter was in Libra was back in 2004.  Look back for a common theme. For the past year Jupiter has been in Virgo increasing our powers of discernment, helping us to problem solve and find solutions for ways we can improve our everyday lives.  Now that we’ve cleaned our houses and gotten things in order, we’re now ready to invite others in.

During this next year while Jupiter is in Libra, relationships, business or personal will play a bigger role in our lives now. This includes competitors and those with opposing views.  Perhaps there is a relationship with someone from another culture or abroad, in another country.  Our opportunities and benefits may come through others and we’ll have to learn to get along, cooperate and collaborate with each other.  At this time, we may also feel more supported in our relationships.    Our growth will come through our associations with other people and relationships can be really positive now. Partnerships started now could be really beneficial in the future.  It’s also possible that there is a relationship that you’ve outgrown or a way of relating and/or relationship patterns that are no longer fitting.

Libra is the sign of the scales and while Jupiter is in Libra, we are aiming to Increase the balance, even out the playing field and level things off.  We now want more diplomacy, equality, more give and take and agreements that are fair.  Many social issues dealing with equality and justice will come more into focus during the coming year. Several come to mind.

Increase the peace!!!! Should be our mantra for Jupiter in Libra!  The world sure needs it!

It would be nice to see more generosity, tolerance and tact in the way in which we treat and relate to others as it is a reflection on ourselves anyway.

On the flip side- the scales could tip too far to one side causing extreme imbalance and making it the elephant in the room kind of thing that you must address; you have no choice, you can no longer ignore it and move forward.  The ultimate goal is to come to some kind of compromise; to bring balance, peace and harmony.  It just might take some doing to get there.

If you are dealing with legal issues, an agreement could be reached during this period.

In matters of health, we may see issues related to kidneys, bladder, the urinary tract, diabetes or any kind of imbalance as well as lower back and needing to get things back in alignment.

This could also be a good time to hire a lawyer, consultant, designer/decorator or gynecologist to name a few.

On another level, we may feel really creative at this time.  Our sense of style is heightened now and we could enjoy making things beautiful or luxurious.  There could also be more social opportunities during the next year; contacting and connecting with others more.  We may now want to team up and get input from others.  Watch for competition and comparisons go for inclusiveness and cooperation instead.  We may need to look for alternatives or to look at things from another’s perspective.  We can also agree to disagree as we are all entitled to an opinion and you know what they say about opinions. We have a whole year ahead to benefit from Jupiter’s wisdom so make the best of it!

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Libra Lunar Eclipse

22 Mar

libra 1At this time of year we are trying to strike a balance between “I vs. we “and how we can negotiate and come to an agreement.  There is a need for fairness, equality and diplomacy. We want things to be even Steven.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines its light- illuminating issues surrounding our efforts at compromise, cooperation and collaboration and also how we may feel about competition.  This is the time when our efforts at autonomy faces off with the need to partner up; whether this is in the romantic or business sense.  We may see negotiations come to a head at the time of this Lunar Eclipse or it could be that an important relationship turns a corner at the time of this Full Moon.  We could also see a turning point in some creative or artistic project we’re involved in.

Mercury in Aries is opposite this full moon and it may be that tact and diplomacy are out the window. There could even be angry words, or impatience in the tone of your voice or you are quick to voice your opinion.  It may also be that you have to make quick decisions or put together a plan of action.  It is best to think before speaking.  You may have to ‘bite your tongue’ in order to keep the peace.

Mars in Sagittarius is sextile the Full Moon lending some extra energy.  Things are spirited now and we could be feeling more adventurous and pushing our luck.  It could be that we are in the pursuit of knowledge or truth or fighting for freedom or rights.  There could also be an increase in aggressiveness or someone asserting their opinions and beliefs.  On another level, we may just want to get moving and get going; get outside into nature. It’s a good time to be active, do something physical like walking, running, biking or sports.

Jupiter in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius at the time of this Full Moon suggesting that now it is time for improving our systems and techniques, perfecting our skills and expanding our knowledge of our craft in order to secure our future. Competence and efficiency are being challenged and tested.  Health and well-being can be improved now by cutting out any excesses. We’re now able to be focused, disciplined and to use good judgement. This is also a good opportunity to get organized since we’re also able to be scrutinizing now knowing what is essential. This can also be a time when the workload is piling up and the responsibilities are numerous.    This time also gives us an opportunity to move beyond limiting beliefs that may be the source of feelings of insecurity, inferiority, fears of success, etc.

Jupiter in Virgo is also still engaged in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that if we are disciplined and work hard, we can eliminate obstacles and blocks; the things that have been in our way, the things that we’ve held on to for a long time now. This could be in the form of limiting beliefs, bad habits or perhaps you’ve collected a lot of ‘junk’ over time and just need to clean out your closets.  Either way it is a good time to clean house and transform structures.

Saturn will retrograde just two days after this Eclipse so we have until August to give a once over to our accomplishments, goals or ambitions.  This backwards motion may feel as if our progress is being slowed or that we are being deliberately held back.  We may also have to re-evaluate what success means to us in our very own personal way and it may be quite different from what it means to the rest of society or what is thought of as socially acceptable. It could be that we need to take another look at our public role, parental role or reputation; or perhaps we need to review which areas of our lives where we’ll need to cut back or to show more discipline, authority or accountability.

Ceres, Chiron and the South Node are still traveling together in the same degree of Pisces at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, reminding us how we are all connected to nature, the natural world and the natural cycles. We need to get back to that and incorporate that wisdom into our everyday lives; giving our lives practical wisdom and spirituality.  Knowing our place and our role within these natural cycles and rhythms helps to give meaning to our lives.  These are important things to learn and live and equally important to teach these things to our children.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!


I am also happy to report that the DARK act and efforts to block the labeling of our food was defeated in Congress last week!  YAY!


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Libra New Moon

12 Oct

libra 1

Relationships were a major theme in the last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and continue to be a dominant theme at this Libra New Moon. 

After last month’s Lunar Eclipse energy, we’ve dealt with some endings, or perhaps something was illuminated or revealed having to do with relationships.  We may have decided or discovered that we can no longer go on solely with our own agenda and that we need to include others. We need to collaborate and cooperate!  It may have also been that some of our personal commitments ran counter to our relationship commitments.  There could also be a culmination to some of the projects that we’ve initiated or had involvement in recently.

This New Moon in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries and our need for collaboration or cooperation may face off with the need for unique individuality.  There is electricity in the air and an element of unpredictability with Uranus involved. Agreements could be difficult to come by. There could even be sudden breaks in relationships or agreements seemingly out of the blue.  Or perhaps it is time to break free from any tendencies toward codependency in relationships.  It could also be that you insert yourself into a group with common goals and interests and collaborate on a project, or maybe you are a leader within a group or organization or singled out in a crowd for a social or fashion faux pas or for being different or unconventional.  Perhaps you are singled out in a favorable manner too.  There could be an opponent or competition that takes you by surprise or even a surprise attack.

The New Moon is also quincunx Chiron in Pisces and adjustments need to be made where we may feel victimized, taken advantage of or overlooked by others.  We can learn that cooperation means coming to agreement and balance.  It doesn’t mean someone has to totally give up on their dreams and ideals nor should it be that only one person is always giving in.  See which way the scales have been tipping for you and your important others and work at leveling them out.  We may have to initiate some changes in order to come to a compromise and even things out.

Mercury has recently gone direct and is conjunct the North Node at the time of this New Moon.  Many of our conversations and agreements could point the way to our future path although we may still be covering old ground.  Pay attention to what is said.

Venus in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius and it may be that our love for what is practical or useful stimulates our discipline and has us cutting back.  Also our desire for purity and perfection may have us limiting any excess.  Saturn is recently back in Sagittarius after retrograding in Scorpio for the last several months.  At this time we are working to solidify our goals for the future and narrow our focus and our options and possibly increasing our work load and responsibilities.

Jupiter and Pluto are also meeting in a trine.  Powerful stuff here.  This influence lends the power to transform structures and eliminate blocks as we work toward our future.  Mars in Virgo is moving closer to a conjunction with Jupiter indicating that our actions are geared toward improvement and efficiency.  Mars gives this already powerful trine much more oomph and energy.  We’re motivated to push beyond boundaries and fears and given the opportunity to eliminate them or to transform them and use as our strength. We have the opportunity to pierce through and penetrate a powerful resistance.  There is much much work to be done but we’re happy to have the opportunity.  Now is the time for practical pursuits as we are working toward the future.

Blessing to All at this New Moon!

Libra Lunar Eclipse

3 Apr

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th could be a difficult one.  Luna finds herself at odds with the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto.  Although just a few weeks ago did we see the last of seven squares between these two Cosmic Heavy Weights, (they’ve been at odds since 2012!) this eclipse illuminates these energies and reminds us that we are not yet “out of the woods”. In fact, this eclipse hovers close to some of the points of the Cardinal Grand Cross of last April. So you may see remnants of issues that surfaced then. Hopefully this marks a culmination to the lessons we were to learn during these last few years of intense change.  This Eclipse falls at 14’24” Libra indicating that we need to strike a balance between self-assertion and compromise, the need to act in our own best interests vs the need to relate to another.  What can happen is hard to say especially with Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon at this time.  Expect the unexpected.  That doesn’t mean that we should be fearful.  A lot depends on where things have been heading for you during these last few years.  If you know your chart, you can check and see if you have any planets or angles within a couple degrees of 14 degrees of any Cardinal sign since those signs will feel the most stress (Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn).  Libra is the relationship sign but with Uranus in Aries opposite this Libra Lunar Eclipse, there is an urge to assert individuality and uniqueness; or a need to break free so cooperation, negotiations or coming to some kind of agreement could be difficult to say the least.  It could be that there is an opponent or someone or something acting counter to your interest that shows up quite suddenly and surprisingly.  Venus is the ruler of this eclipse but makes no major aspects during this time, giving the goddess of beauty, love, relationships, peace and harmony a bit of a ‘wild horse’ energy.  Jupiter is in a favorable alignment with this Eclipse which could be a protective influence or it could just make the issue larger than life.  With Jupiter involved, there could be legal issues, opportunities for travel, or even to learn something new and out of the ordinary and these opportunities and situations may come seemingly out of the blue.  There could be issues involving fairness, ethics, the law, our own personal truth, “right and wrong” as well as religious or spiritual beliefs that could also surface at this time. A good example may be the new law passed in Arkansas that allows a business to deny service to same sex couples due to religious beliefs. This is sparking much debate and outrage throughout several states.

Either way it appears this Eclipse could bring in some big changes for better or worse. At this time it is best to be flexible and open.  If you can avoid or delay major decisions, that may be best as the situation could be very changeable.

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

8 Oct

October 8, 2014

This Lunar Eclipse falls at 15’07” Aries.  This is close to the degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross which transpired back in April.  Remember the intensity of April?  I’m sure many of you do. Some of the issues that were prevalent then may resurface at this time.  It may have been difficult to find solutions or resolutions at that time and they may reach a turning point in the days surrounding this Eclipse.  It may also be that an issue or situation that popped up during last year’s October Lunar Eclipse resurfaces at this time.   Hopefully for the last time since this Eclipse is also close to the South Node, indicating things from the past and things we’re leaving behind.

Uranus the planet of surprise and unexpected happenings is closely conjunct this Eclipse so you can expect the unexpected.  In fact, this Eclipse finds itself tangled in the long standing and much talked about square between Pluto and Uranus.  Change is in the air for sure and nerves may be a bit frayed.  Relationships are also a target during this time, as Venus the love planet in her own sign Libra is opposite this eclipse and square Pluto in Capricorn.  During this time we may want to make changes in relationships, or changes are happening within our relationships regardless.  It could be that you or someone else wants to break free and eliminate the ties that bind or any responsibility or that there just needs to be an element of excitement injected, or that someone does something that comes as a surprise and we could be challenged to reform and revive a long standing or stale situation. It may be that it is a difficult balance to do what you want as an independent individual vs.  cooperating and playing nice with others.  Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio at the time of this eclipse and our thoughts may be deeply intense and we’re likely to keep those thoughts to ourselves.  Within days of the Eclipse, Mercury RE-enters Libra.  This influence may have us needing to re-evaluate or making comparisons in order to figure out what it is we need in our relationships.  Competition or opposition may also be a factor. We need to figure out how to walk that tightrope of me being me while you can still be you and how we can work to make an us.  We may be able to have these conversations in the days to come but there may be a lot of renegotiating and going back and forth.  It is also always a possibility while Mercury is retrograde that people or situations from the past re-enter our lives somehow even if only briefly.

There is also a Fire Grand Trine in the days preceding this Eclipse with Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries.  There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm with this pattern.  In fact, this Lunar Eclipse emphasizes these energies.  The actions that we take now seem to be based on our personal truth and we feel confident to initiate changes and feel that we must be true to our hearts.  We may be willing to take risks since we could have increased confidence and a belief in oneself.    We have to be careful at this time that we don’t overreach or over shoot or to promise more than we can deliver.  There is also a danger that we could try and force our opinions or point of view on others, becoming arrogant and self-righteous causing rifts with people.  It could also be at this time that there are new friends or groups that we’ve recently become involved with or perhaps there’s a cause that is close to our hearts that we feel enthusiastic and excited about.  It could be that you’re feeling fired up willing to change your approach and wanting to actively explore creative or romantic opportunities.

On the world stage, the U.S. could be in for more shocking and outrageous happenings involving military groups. It may be that the air strikes are working well to promote the popularity of angry religious fanaticism.  (The Sun in the chart of the U.S is directly affected by this Eclipse.)

Hygeia, the Goddess of Health and Hygiene is at 13’ Cancer (The degree of the U.S. Sun) and forms a Grand Cross pattern.  This can illustrate the health crises on our hands with the Deadly (Pluto) Ebola virus and also the Enterovirus D68, a respiratory virus that has several children throughout the U.S. very sick and even causing paralysis (Uranus).  The 13th degree of Cancer is considered a “critical degree” by many Astrologers stressing their importance.

Libra Lunar Eclipse

14 Apr

April 15 Lunar Eclipse

April has been set up in the heavens to be a month of an enormous amount of change; with two Eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross.  It was apparent at the very beginning of the month that many people were already feeling the tension.  This doesn’t have to be all bad mind you; even changes that you want and need to make can be stressful.   It seems though, that the landscape may look dramatically different once May arrives. 

It appears that the theme of finding balance, peace, cooperation or an agreement continues at the time of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  In fact, it seems that since the end of last year that there’s been an emphasis on relationships. December of last year right into the New Year did we have Venus retrograde in Capricorn asking us what is important to us in a relationship and what things do we need to feel secure.  Also, we’ve had Mars, the planet of aggression in peace loving Libra since late last year where he’ll remain until late July.  Mars’ job here is to push for an agreement, fight for fairness, equality or cooperation. If in relationships, we normally keep a lid on things for the sake of peace, then that has been extremely difficult as of late.  On the other hand, if it happens that you are the one always imposing your will and wants then someone may have a problem with it and let you know.  These types of issues may reach a critical culmination during this time.    

Ceres is exactly conjunct this Lunar Eclipse so it may be that there are issues with the work force or labor unions coming to a head at this time.  In the news, we’ve seen the topic of ‘equal pay’ for women coming up.  Ceres also governs over the land, agriculture, nutrition and ‘Mother Earth’ so there could also be issues coming up regarding these subjects as well. Juno is also prominent at this Eclipse and again highlighting the issues of relationships.  Juno also governs over weather, climate and the environment. It would seem that at this time there is also an emphasis on our relationship to the Earth.  We need to become aware that our actions do in fact affect others and that we all need to make a commitment to work together and make radical changes.  The U.N has recently stated that climate change is indeed a fact and that there will be no one on the planet unaffected by these changes.  The Earth is part of our heritage and it is our responsibility to learn to live in harmony with it.  Child rearing and other ‘women’s’ issues also fall under the domain of Ceres.  It may be that you need to create a balance between work and raising children as so many do.  Perhaps you’ll need to strike a balance between you and your partner in regard to child rearing and responsibilities.  Or maybe you are in a labor union and talks trying to come up with an agreement in the workplace.   It seems we need to strike a balance between nurturing ourselves and others. 

At the time of this Eclipse Mercury moves to conjunct Uranus in the degree where all the action is taking place later in the month for the Cardinal Grand Cross.  It may be at this time we hear some surprising news, or possibly have an unexpected argument.  Thoughts and conversations tend to come quickly or maybe they’re erratic and scattered.  It could be that you hear from someone out of the blue or have a conversation that is unusual.  It may also be that there needs to be an honest conversation about how you feel and it is possible to break down some walls that stand between you and another.  This could be liberating but probably not without some ruffled feathers or hurt feelings first.  If you are traveling, please use caution and pay attention. 

Valentine’s Day Full Moon in Leo

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day Full Moon

This Full Moon in Leo may have us turning a corner in any creative projects, children’s matters, or in the romance department.  That could be a good thing since its Valentine’s Day.   This full moon could have you in a playful or feisty mood perhaps bringing out the drama and childishness.  Mars is supportive of this Full Moon but he’s in Libra a sign not comfortable for Mars.  Creative projects could involve some sort of risk or speculation.  Some ‘might’ may be needed in making things look pretty.  We may be working at something physically in order to make it beautiful.  It could be that we need to initiate contact and involvement. It could also be that you are pushing for some kind of agreement but it seems there will be a lot of back and forth with negotiations, with options being weighed and decisions needing to be made.  Mercury is Rx until the very end of the month and March starts with Mars (action) going Rx.  It may be a while before anything gets settled.  There may be a lot of quibbling or an ultimatum.  There could even be an opponent and arguments.  The square from Saturn in Scorpio suggests that there are some obstacles and that patience is needed.  Timing could be off.  Saturn will also retrograde on March 2- July 20; also slowing things down.  This could involve insurance, taxes, estates, joint finances, shared responsibilities, etc. or possibly issues with commitments, closeness, sharing, intimacy and even divorce. 

 Ok, so we have the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day and it IS in the romantic sign of Leo which could be a good thing.  I’ve always thought it to be sort of unusual that a day about celebrating love and romance is while the sun is in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is not really known to be romantic or emotionally close.  But it IS known to have a love of humanity, brotherly love and platonic love.  Well I guess all you need is LOVE and LOVE is all you need. 

A Full Moon in Leo asks that we get in touch with our passions and what makes us feel special and feel fully alive, feel our ‘lust for life’ willing to take risks and have an open heart and to be in touch with our inner child.  Ask yourself what it is that you love about yourself.  It all comes down to self-love; without it we cannot truly love another and cannot fully benefit humanity.  “We got to let LOVE rule!” 

With the long stay of Venus in Capricorn and recent retrograde, there has been a focus on relationships. It has been important to define what we need from them to feel secure, what’s important, what matters, what’s been proven and stands the test of time and also our responsibility to the people that we love.  Relationships are responsibility. Relationships and love are what shapes and defines our lives and gives it more meaning. We may have been learning these important lessons lately.   

Mars is in Libra for an extended stay also.  Here we go again with the planet of strife in the sign of relationships, harmony and equality.  Do you think the Universe is trying to send a message? It is stirring up some stuff here with ourselves vs. others and how we relate and how we’re treating one another, and what we consider to be fair and what we are willing or not willing to compromise.  At the time of this Full Moon, Mars is only one degree from the place where he’ll retrograde on March 1st until May 20 and he’ll be in Libra until later in July so these energies aren’t going away any time soon.  We have some time so that ‘we can work it out’. 

Full Moon Blessings to everyone and Happy LOVE Day!