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Water Grand Trine

19 Jul

While thinking about this Water Grand Trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the issue of race came to mind. It’s a hot topic lately here in the U.S. especially after the Trayvon Martin verdict. Cancer rules over things like race, lineage, our roots, etc.  The law, courts and legal decisions fall under the realm of Jupiter as well as our sense of right and wrong. The issue of race has also made the news recently with the Paula Dean scandal and also with a Cheerios commercial a few weeks back that featured a bi-racial family that ‘offended’ people.  It seems that we need to explore this taboo subject and break down the fears and barriers and realize that we are all connected. We are one race, the human race.  Sure there are differences among us that may be specific to particular groups but so what? That’s what adds a little flavor and variety to life. Why do minor differences divide us?  We should be able to acknowledge differences without out it causing hate. No one really wants to have an honest talk about it. Why is it black or white? Why does one group have to blame or play victim to the other? It seems that the Universe is conspiring to have us honestly acknowledge the subject of race and cultural lineage and differences along with some of our beliefs, assumptions and prejudices in this regard.  Mars will conjunct Jupiter and move into this Water Grand Trine on July 20th  possibly bringing all of this water energy to a boil with emotions and anger as people try to assert their own ideologies, opinions and beliefs.  There is also another Grand Trine between Mercury in Cancer, The North Node in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces.  This could indicate that healing could come by having these emotional conversations that are critical in order to birth a new path and destiny. We also still have the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto causing social unrest and upheaval around the world until 2015. These planets met up in a conjunction in the late sixties.  During that time, here in America, there was a lot of racial tension and Martin Luther King Jr. was killed during that period.  It appears that this theme is upon us once again.  So what are we going to do about it?  Can we ever get beyond the issue of race?   


Saturn in Scorpio

13 Jul

This is a Mercury Retrograde re-post since Saturn turned direct earlier in the week. I am re-posting this from back in October.


Saturn has been touring the sign of Libra for the last two and a half years or more which has been forcing us to ‘get real’ in regard to relationship issues or maybe a relationship has become ‘solidified’ or ‘crystallized’ or permanent within your own life.  Issues of equality have also been in the forefront (remember Libra’s scales?).  We’ve even seen this very literal manifestation play out on the world stage with all the attention given to the issues of gay marriage and equality.  The focus is about to change as Saturn, A.K.A “Lord of Karma” and “The Task Master” enters murky Scorpio waters on October 5, 2012.  Saturn forces us to focus and consolidate our energy in whichever area of the chart He is posited in.  With Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, issues of power, control and authority are highlighted and things may seem to get down and dirty before all is said and done as Saturn will be in Scorpio for the next two and a half years or so.  The truth be told, there is nothing light or easy breezy about this transit.  Scorpio governs over the life and death cycles, sex, taxes and other peoples’ money but it goes way deeper than that.  This isn’t just about physical death or physical sex but more like intimacy and sharing and the transformation that follows.  True intimacy requires vulnerability and vulnerability requires trust.  It’s the kind of trust that asks, “Can I trust this person with my whole being?”  The part of a self that is secret and it’s ugliness locked away.  Scorpio is a psychological sign as well as ruling over things that are secret or taboo.   Scorpio territory is the underworld and these are exactly the kind of issues being tested when Saturn enters the realm of the dead.  Saturn here may break or build boundaries in any of these areas of our lives.  We may be faced with someone trying to exert authority over us where we become engaged in power struggles complete with issues of manipulation or jealousy.  It could be that we’ve been living with the status quo (Saturn) in order to keep the peace and harmony (Libra) only to be confronted by the demons (Scorpio) lurking below .  The time of the delicate and sometimes precarious balance of Libra has come to an end since Scorpio is more of an all or nothing type of energy.  Gone is the vacillation or the social niceties.  Saturn teaches us some of our toughest and most important lessons in life, hence the nicknames above.  The lessons of Saturn are practical in the truest sense, meaning:  learning by experiencing; there is no paging through the manual here-everything is earned including our scars.  This position of Saturn can test our resolve, break down our boundaries and even bring out our ruthlessness.  It may also give us strength and discipline to face our darkest fears and limitations and allow ourselves to be transformed and reborn anew.