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Pisces New Moon

13 Mar

prismThe healing theme continues as this Pisces New Moon is arm in arm with Chiron, The Wounded Healer.  Leading up to the last Full Moon in Virgo, many things may have been brought to light that needed to be treated, corrected or released.  Continue to make room for the New in all areas of your life.

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Chiron isn’t just about pain and suffering, Chiron is also a doorway, a threshold, a turning point or an initiation; like being on the brink of some matter while the Universe is ready to reveal to you a whole new level of experience.

Pisces is the sign of the mystic, the hidden, the mysterious, the unknown and Chiron is a bridge, a portal, a space between worlds.  It is time to tune in and adjust your dials.

The Sabian Symbol for Chiron at the time of this New Moon is, “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism” – a prism separates white light into its component colors.  This symbol suggests insight and analyzation and breaking things down. You may become aware of a wider spectrum of possibility as you start to see things in a different light. Or maybe you are even able to perceive things on the subtler levels like auras and such.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is, “A Harvest Moon”.  What have you been tending to, culling and cultivating?  What in your life is beginning to bear fruit? This symbol implies reaping what you sow, and as co-creators, we need to be especially mindful of what we are putting out there into the ethers.   Easier said than done right? This may be another reason that so much has been brought to awareness, to be released and not repeated.

Chiron is also known as a “maverick”, one that does things a bit differently, doesn’t go along with status quo or the common consensus, yet not a total rebel, but more quietly unconventional.  This New Moon brings an opportunity to do things differently.  You get to behave differently or react differently in an all too familiar situation which could typically leave you feeling wounded, weak or just uncomfortable in some way.

Chiron also has dominion over the healing arts, alternative healing methods, energy healing, crystal healing, chiropractic, homeopathy, music therapy, flower essences and things that operate on more subtle planes of existence.  These things may be more in plain sight for you now.

Just days before this New Moon, Mars in Sagittarius contacts the Galactic Center, a point which is believed by some that Divine Energies come through- while connecting favorably with Uranus in Aries, bringing on a shift in energies, changing directions, excitement, acceleration and even a few surprises.

At the time of the Pisces New Moon, Mars is in the very last degree of Sagittarius and in a tense angle to this New Moon and Chiron.  This can needle a sore spot for you, even catching you off guard, and unaware of your vulnerability.  Take note of this.  You could be shown, “the error of your ways” as Mars in Sagittarius has been pushing for truth, growth and progress so there could be some growing pains as you break free from an old story before moving on. Shortly after the New Moon, Mars will move on to Capricorn putting you in pursuit of your goals and ambitions.

Jupiter Rx in Scorpio makes a favorable connection to this New Moon enabling you to penetrate the layers, eliminate anything excess and get right to the core of some matter; assisting in the recovery and healing process.

I see this New Moon as Chiron’s farewell to Pisces.  Chiron has been touring Pisces’ watery depths since 2010 and will move into Aries next month.   Chiron’s journey through Pisces has made us more aware of collective suffering, weaknesses, blind spots, mistakes and the understanding that we are all in this together.  It brought issues like addiction and mental illness into the light, as we realize there is no stigma, there is no separation, as these things can affect all ages, classes, colors, creeds or sexes; and how none of us are untouched or unscathed, this affects us all, changing the way we look at it and hopefully, leading to changes in the way we treat it.

Many Blessings and Healing Vibes to ALL at this Pisces New Moon!

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Virgo Full Moon

27 Feb

lettinggo_compressedAt this Virgo Full Moon on March 1st, it’s time to clean up, clear out and cut through the bullshit.

Emotions, sensitivity and psychic sensitivity will be extremely heightened now.


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There are several celestial bodies gathering in Pisces, across the sky from this Full Moon in Virgo.  The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Juno are currently touring the misty realm of Pisces.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and sits in close opposition to the Moon.  There may be a lot of confusion, chaos, delusions, illusions, even outright lying and deceit. It may be hard to think clearly. You could feel overwhelmed, lost or adrift.

But Virgo’s super powers are discernment, scrutiny and discrimination, it knows how to categorize and prioritize. It can show you how to order things, which steps to take and how to go about it most efficiently. Virgo is our practical DIY’er of the Zodiac and can help to complete the task; whatever it may be.  Virgo can help to repair any weak spots.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A bride with her veil snatched away”, this symbol implies that there is an unveiling or an unmasking; that there is something that is being revealed now.  Perhaps quite suddenly or unexpectedly.

You could be dealing with paperwork or financial documents that seem confusing or overwhelming; perhaps with something omitted or even a loophole that goes unnoticed.  Maybe you’re in talks and negotiations behind the scenes.  Perhaps there are relationship talks or even clandestine affairs. There could be misunderstandings or a distortion of facts.  It may be difficult to think and communicate clearly or to articulate what you want.

Or, on another level, you could be so tuned into other realms, able to communicate without the need for words, having perceptions of the subtler energies, sensing a higher connection and a more universal love.  This time can be used for meditation, reflection, prayer, spirituality or creativity.

Virgo is the sign of the mundane, our day to day activities, routines and chores; and with all the energies across the sky in puzzling Pisces, it may be tough to stay on task.  Give yourself some space to daydream, reflect or to cry if that’s what you need.

Virgo is also the sign of health and healing, so these matters may come to light now.  It could be that a health issue you’ve been dealing with turns a corner now, or perhaps you get a diagnosis to something that’s had you stumped or a protocol you’ve been on starts to produce results, or something that was hidden now comes to light.  It is important to communicate clearly with your health care provider or healer as there could be misunderstandings or something overlooked.  Also watch with drugs and medications; be sure to take the right dosage or that you don’t have an adverse effect or allergic reaction.   Virgo is also about purging and purification, making it an appropriate time to detox, do a cleanse, or to start, renew or up-level your diet and/or exercise routine.

On another level, this is a time of purging karmic residue.  There is a lot that is coming up now for release.  You could feel like you’re being hit by a tidal wave of emotion and memories from the distant past.  Perhaps some things you thought you’ve worked through come up now, bringing anger, rage and resentment resulting from feeling wronged, mistreated, helpless or victimized in some way.

With so much energy in Pisces, water can be a dominant theme.  Watch for flooding, high tides or leaks. Also, the issue of the purity and cleanliness of water may gain attention now.  Other topics that are highlighted may include the condition of oceans, marine life and other liquids such as oil.

Fortunately, Saturn in Capricorn makes a favorable connection to this Full Moon suggesting you may be getting down to the bare bones and essentials.  This provides a grounding influence anchoring you from drifting out to sea and lending strength and discipline.  Things may be easier if you can focus on the step by step, immediate, details.  Organizing, prioritizing, ordering, cleaning, purging and purifying easily assists in establishing structures, solidifying your role or authority, forming frameworks, rules, policies, schedules and timelines.  On another level, this can also mark a conclusion and a release from parental structures or restrictions and programming that have caused stress, feelings of inferiority, inadequacy or worthlessness.

Mars in Sagittarius nudges Mercury and Venus in Pisces; pushing to get at the truth and cut through the mental fog, relationship put-ons, disingenuous associations, bogus charges, fabricated accounts or counterfeit worth or value. Alternatively, someone may force an opinion, view or point or is actively promoting something unfamiliar, otherworldly or obscure that attracts interest or triggers a conversation or memory.

Jupiter in Scorpio is in a favorable aspect to Mercury and Venus in Pisces; this further emphasizes the need to get at a core truth, do a thorough investigation and/or exploration as you uncover layer after layer bringing about growth, understanding and closeness in some matter.

Pluto in Capricorn also has a favorable exchange with Mercury and Venus helping to eliminate any blocks, obstacles or resistance concerning communication, cooperation, love, relationships, and money.

There are some growing pains associated with these influences but in the long run, this assists in lightening your load and becoming more authentic.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon

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Aquarius Solar Eclipse

9 Feb

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15th, will be anything but boring.   Things may feel exciting, fast paced, unpredictable and accelerated.

Eclipses are noteworthy events in astrology and can give the impression that matters are moving quickly and being propelled forward.  There may be an incident or chain of events that changes up your path.  A Solar Eclipse is like an amped up New Moon and a time for new beginnings that can have lasting effects throughout the year.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is no different.  Look to your personal chart to see where this is happening in your life.

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Aquarius is a futuristic sign pointing to the latest trends.  It is also the sign of the humanitarian, the visionary and the sign where groups of like minded come together for a common cause to affect change.

At this time, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and the asteroid Goddess Juno are all closely connected in Aquarius.

Mercury so closely linked to this Eclipse makes communication a key factor now.  News, information and conversations are fast tracked; coming and going quickly with twists and turns. There could be bombshell revelations. Something you hear could take you by surprise or unsettle you; maybe you have an unexpected exchange or visitor or a situation involving your neighbors or siblings. Your mind might be future focused with innovative ideas and plans, thinking outside the box or you could change your mind about something or perhaps there’s a change of plans.  You could have sudden thoughts and inspiration, insight or altered perceptions coming in like flashes of lightening.  It may be difficult to keep track of it all.

Juno being so prominent at this Eclipse puts an emphasis on relationships; more specifically, communication in relationships. Aquarius is the sign of the larger collective, community, brotherly (and sisterly) love and platonic relationships.  This influence suggests the freedom to relate, share, connect, communicate and to be emotionally responsive to others in a meaningful way.  Some could experience changes in their relationships or in ways of connecting; there could be new friends and associations or group relations. There may be a need to assert independence or leadership or a need for some elbow room in relationships. There could also be a need for relationship counseling or even separation in some cases.

Uranus in Aries is the ruler of this Solar Eclipse influencing a collective awakening, a movement of new ways of thinking and sensing, for being visionary, forward thinking, progressive and trail blazing.

Uranus connects favorably to the Eclipse energies. This is a time for break-through moments and changes put in play. There may be swift moves, unexpected actions, abnormal activity or changes of direction, perhaps due to new or unexpected information. This can involve new friends, networks, groups, causes, technology or automation.

Jupiter in Scorpio tangles with this Eclipse, Mercury and Juno, spurring you to go deeper, peel back layers, get to the core of a matter or the rot at the center, do a thorough exploration or investigation, enhance closeness, have faith and develop trust in your own knowing and inner guidance.

Mars in Sagittarius is closely connected to asteroid Goddess, Vesta which gets a nudge from Neptune in Pisces implying the impetus is to unlock the truth and push beyond what’s been hidden, veiled or covered up.  You may be striving to live your Truth and grow beyond masks and illusions and discover some closely guarded secrets.  There may be a commitment to some belief, even a core belief that may activate a false front.  It could be that you or someone you know may be trying to force opinions, drive a point, assert a belief, push propaganda or actively promote something that encounters doubt, disillusionment, confusion or skepticism because it seems too illusory, imagined and unattainable.  It could be that trying to go too far too fast may cause you to lose your way or meander about. On another level this may suggest actively exploring subjects and lifestyles dealing with faith, spirituality, nature and mysteries.  Outdoor activity in natural surroundings near water can be most helpful.

Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces have a favorable exchange.   There is a lot of creative promise with this influence suggesting the potential to manifest, materialize and draw to you the things you’ve only imagined and envisioned.  There’s the possibility and probability of tangible results, something or someone could appear in the flesh and may be even better than you’ve dreamed.     It could be that you’re establishing the structures and frameworks of a business, an actual building structure or forming schemes, policies, procedures, rules, guidelines, schedules or timelines that compliment, appreciate or assist in your distant vision. Alternatively, this influence aids in recognizing self- imposed limitations and blocks regarding self-worth, worth and wealth.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon Solar Eclipse!


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Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

29 Jan

projected imageThe first month of 2018 ends with a rare and powerful celestial event; a Blue Moon- Super Full Moon- Lunar Eclipse.  A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur within a single month; a Super Moon is when the Moon is closer to Earth and appears larger in the sky and a Lunar Eclipse is always a significant occurrence in Astrology.

Eclipses have a way of speeding up and accelerating events, activities and goings on; perhaps even changing the trajectory or course you were on through some incident or a series of happenings.  Don’t fear; this is one way that the Universe puts us on path. There is often a hint of the unexpected where Eclipses are concerned, emotions could be amplified so it is best to give yourself some space if you can.

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This time could mark a turning point in any creative endeavors or affairs of the heart that were put into motion at the Leo New Moon in July or even the Great American Total Solar Eclipse back in August.

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo brings to light many attributes of the Lion; being confident, proud and big hearted, showing courage, leadership and follow through.  Beware of being an arrogant braggart, showing off too much or displaying a sense of entitlement.

The North Node so close to this Lunar Eclipse points to the path with heart.  Follow it.  This period brings attention to your Creator-Self.

There is a lot of Energy building in Aquarius, across the sky from the Moon.  This suggests the desire for change, awakening, revelation and inspiration.

Asteroid Goddess Ceres makes the closest aspect to the Moon.  Her prominence suggests the need to nurture your inner child, your creative genius and your inner essence.  Pay attention to the things that give you joy, make you feel special and warm you. Nourish your gifts and talents. Be proud of yourself. Accept yourself.  Know your worth.

Neptune is also in a tense aspect with the Moon suggesting fine-tuning of one’s self-image and that its time to surrender the masks and illusions and trade them for authenticity.  Release those feelings of doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, inadequacy, anxiety, of being flawed, weak, abandoned or not enough and the things that keep you from love and from loving and fully expressing yourself and living your potential. This is also about body image, unrealistic ideals and being comfortable and confident with who you are, in your own right, in your own skin without the need for the approval of others.  CVS recently decided to ban photo retouching in their ad campaigns as just one manifestation of these energies.

Children and children’s issues are also front and center at this Lunar Eclipse.  Coupled with Ceres, this could illuminate matters involving child rearing and parenting, single parenting, custody, early education, child care, teachers or perhaps the arts in school or even meditation in classrooms. Maybe there is a child in your life that is feeling invisible these days and needs some extra attention.

This influence can also shed light on the need for making amends, alterations and corrections in situations involving the victimization of children. Especially things that are overlooked, ignored, secret or behind the scenes or if someone is turning a blind eye to and/or being complicit in inappropriate situations whether this is in Hollywood, the church, the Olympics or any other organized sports or schools.

Additionally, Ceres is also about family ties, feeling a sense of belonging and finding your tribe. This suggests that you should find yourself in the company of those that allow, accept and encourage you to be your most radiant, authentic self.  It is time to contribute and give your gifts and to know your place within a larger community.

On another level, this is tied to getting in touch with the natural energies of the Earth and the Solar energies.  Some could experience shifts and adjustments in the heart chakra or chest area or changes in sunlight that yields adaptations and modifications in the projection of images. Spend some time outside in natural sunlight and charge your batteries if you can.

Blessings and Good Vibes to All at this Super Blue Moon Eclipse!

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Capricorn New Moon

10 Jan

goal-setting-mountainJanuary 16th is the first New Moon of 2018 and the time for setting intentions and long-term goals.  Don’t worry if you didn’t yet make any resolutions for the New Year, this New Moon is the perfect time to do it.

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This New Moon in serious Capricorn is at a critical degree making it an extra important, all business, goal oriented New Moon.

Saturn is the ruler of this New Moon and has recently entered his own sign of Capricorn and will stay there until 2020.  This shift in energy makes 2018 a game changer and a time for defining goals, establishing schemes, structures and systems, a time for forming foundations and frameworks and for setting standards, schedules and timelines.

Venus sits very close to this New Moon suggesting the importance of lasting associations and how obligations and responsibilities to others help shape your life.  A relationship that begins now has a good chance of making it for the long haul.  Commitment is key at this New Moon and you may be drawn to people that are older now or perhaps you appreciate their experience on some matter. This is also an appropriate time to establish boundaries within your relationships or agreements if that has been an issue for you.  Venus also rules over money and worth, so this is a wonderful time for launching new business objectives, financial goals and commitments or long-term investments.  You may be curbing your spending or spending only on things that are essential or appreciate over time or where you would value lasting results.

Mars in Scorpio makes a favorable connection to this New Moon and Venus in Capricorn suggesting that there’s an intense force pushing you to transform the structure of your relationships, agreements and/or your finances.  This may come about by trying to eliminate excess and consolidate debt or cut spending. Or it could be that you want to connect at a deeper level and solidify your important associations.

Uranus in Aries contacts this New Moon in a stressful angle instigating change and challenging the establishment.  Ambitions, aims and financial objectives could incite inconsistent or erratic behavior or perhaps you’re initiating changes and doing things differently.  You could see shake-ups, breaks-ups, break-throughs or interruptions where love and money are concerned.  This could involve new friends, groups, networks and/or technology.

Jupiter in Scorpio connects favorably to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is a very potent aspect that perfects just one day prior to this New Moon so this energy is very much a part of this lunation. This time implies that you can transform beliefs and opinions, change your views and eliminate what holds you back or stands in your way.  Some relationships could experience a growing closeness and trust as walls and resistance come down. This is also an opportunity to get at the core truth, expose what’s been hidden, peel away the layers and do a thorough exploration or investigation that has the potential to reform structures and policies and change the rules where power and authority and the abuse of such things are concerned.  Additionally, changing guidelines and procedures could bring potential for tax or insurance benefits, extending a loan, improved lending programs or increased resources and revenue.

We’ll see this aspect two more times this year; in April and again in September so pay attention to what takes place during this time.

Chiron in Pisces also connects with this New Moon and Venus in Capricorn and with Mars in Scorpio suggesting that this pressing metamorphosis easily enables you to relinquish any feelings of shame, deficiency, defeat, weakness or loss. This can serve as a turning point, so these experiences now become sources of strength.

Blessings and Good vibes to ALL at this first and powerful New Moon of the year!

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Cancer Full Moon

31 Dec

full moon winter2018 begins with a Full Moon in Cancer and starts the year in a more reflective, nostalgic and private mood.  This time of the year marks a turning point with all things domestic; home, property, food, family matters, roots and traditions, your patterning, habits, rhythms and things that are familiar.  Cancer is about who and what you care about, how you care for yourself and others and how you feel cared for by others.

You may feel very content to cozy up at home all day on New Year’s Day.  Neptune in Pisces makes a favorable connection to this Full Moon heightening emotions, sensitivity, including psychic sensitivity, loving care and compassion.  Alternatively, there could be a moody sense of loss of what used to be, feeling victimized, deceived, overlooked or ignored and wanting to withdraw and escape.

This Full Moon faces off with Venus in Capricorn highlighting your financial obligations, responsibilities and commitments to others, the things that you value and what you find worth in. Venus in Capricorn prefers quality over quantity and the things and people that stand the test of time when it comes to relationships and things you appreciate.  Alternatively, this may be expressed as feeling a lack of affection, support or means.

The Full Moon also goes up against Pluto in Capricorn which draws attention to the breakdown, decay and need to reform many of the structures, systems and frameworks, schedules and timelines that shape your life. It may also show your evolving role, career, authority, influence or expertise. This has been happening over a period of time.

We know things are different. They’re changing. They’ve changed. You’ve changed. And it’s never going back to what it used to be.  This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing; it just is. You may be thinking about what to keep, what to scrap, renew, restore, revive or re-establish as the year begins.

Mars and Jupiter are moving closer to their meet up in Scorpio and this suggests that there are tremendous efforts at transformation. That may mean transforming beliefs or a major uncovering of truth, peeling layers, building trust and a growing closeness.  There is a need to cut out excess, get down to the bare bones and focus on the essentials. On another level, this may have to do with benefits from joint finances and ventures, taxes, insurance, or an inheritance. This energy continues to build for the next week or so as it connects with the Pluto, The Sun and Venus becoming a powerful driving force in altering views on love, appreciation, worth and wealth and eliminating what stands in your way, enabling you to restructure your affairs, agreements, alliances and finances.

The next day, Uranus turns direct in Aries, inspiring and motivating change, innovation and acceleration.

This is a strong start to 2018 as the year begins with all planets in forward motion.  We haven’t had this kind of cosmic support in the last few years!

Happy New Year and Full Moon Blessings to ALL!

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Sagittarius New Moon

15 Dec

Galactic-Center-1There is a major shift in energies at this last New Moon of 2017.

This final New Moon of 2017 on December 18th is in Sagittarius and is the most powerful of the year as it is conjunct the Galactic Center, where it is said that Divine energies pour forth.  The intentions you set now could have far reaching effects.

Sagittarius is a sign that deals with future and possibility, optimism, faith, beliefs, luck, success and expansion just to name a few.  For the last few years, you may have felt that some of these qualities were in short supply due to Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius which felt restrictive and limiting; limiting beliefs and hindered opportunities that tested your faith, slowed your growth and progress, urging you to use an abundance of caution and a whole lot of patience with responsibilities mounting all the while throwing some sizeable obstacles and major setbacks in the way.    It has been a tough road, but this is all coming to an end now.  You made it! Yay!

This New Moon can be a time for Regaining faith in life and receiving a lucky boost from the Universe after the heavy energies of Saturn in Sagittarius.

Just one day later, Saturn exits Sagittarius where he has toured since December of 2014 and enters his own sign of Capricorn for the next few years.  Saturn is the Manifestor and he is king of the 3D reality.  Manifestation and materialization are not only possible, it’s happening. 

It’s as if this New Moon ushers in this new energy, solidifying and cementing all the Sagittarian lessons of the past few years.   After all, Saturn transits may not always be pleasant, but they do serve a purpose.  There is wisdom and experience gained and some lessons and realizations that are invaluable.

Several of our heavenly bodies, (the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus) are in Sagittarius awaiting the once in nearly thirty-year departure of Saturn. This is a magickal time

Mercury Rx in Sagittarius is reviewing ideas and plans for the future, questioning beliefs, views, opinions and assumptions and seeking solutions, seeking the truth.  While Venus in Sagittarius loves freedom and adventure, she also appreciates honesty, integrity and things that are more straightforward and wants relationships that are meaningful.

Saturn is crossing into his home turf now, this late in the year, means that 2018 will be a year to narrow your focus, define goals and fortify your position.  This won’t just happen.  Saturn always requires discipline and effort and you may have to prove yourself by demonstrating accountability and commitment.  You may also see the effects and consequences of some undertaking or the achievement or realization of objectives.  Intentions are manifesting.

During Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, it will be a time to pull back, focus and concentrate on the things that are important, the things that matter and on what is essential, getting down to the bare bones.  It will be a time to set standards, rules, policies and boundaries and to establish schemes, structures, frameworks, timelines and schedules.

This New Moon connects favorably to Uranus in Aries bringing a sense of excitement, liberation, and wonder.  You could feel an awakening of possibility or a new vibration that makes you aware of your connection to nature or new intuitive insights and guidance bringing some peace of mind if only for a moment, but it would be a meaningful moment.

On another level, there may be situations involving new friends or groups that share similar views and philosophies, or perhaps friends or groups of another culture; maybe you are traveling to meet them, or they are at a distance, maybe there is a meeting of the minds, perhaps there are circumstances involving legal issues and law suits concerning a group, party, assembly, congregation, etc.

Pallas also combines her energies to Uranus and the New Moon highlighting revolutionary political activism and ethics.  This brings to mind the “woman in a man’s world” and the Me-too movement in our current culture and the steps taken in the near future.  Things will never be the same again.  Alternatively, this could involve new strategies and troubleshooting technology, networks and laws; net neutrality comes to mind.  Perhaps you are promoting, publishing or advertising and expanding your reach using technology and social media networks.

Venus in Sagittarius connects favorably with Uranus and Pallas in Aries and there may be some promising changes to relationships or money, there could be new friends or technology that aids in an increase in earning.  This is also about the revolution pushing for women’s equality, including equal pay.

Chiron in Pisces square the New Moon could put a slight damper to your enthusiasm as you are made aware of flaws, mistakes and vulnerabilities and some of the beliefs that our lives have been structured around, now is the time to surrender that to the past and put that old story to rest, use this time as a starting point for new beliefs, a new story…a new future.

Ceres pairs with the North Node in Leo and contacts Pluto in Capricorn suggesting there is a shifting happening, eliminating what holds you back from nurturing your inner essence, so you can radiate feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance.  On another level, there is a shifting happening by means of the relationship with nature, earth’s energies and solar energy that allows the morphing and changing of fundamentals and frameworks.

The Solstice, another potent point of energy, is just days after this New Moon. The Winter Solstice represents the rebirth of the Sun so although this is the longest night, we celebrate the increasing light until the Summer Solstice.

Blessings to and Good Vibes to All at this potent Last New Moon of 2017!

Wishing you Happy Holidaze and a prosperous New Year!

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Gemini Full Moon

29 Nov

blow-mindThe last Full Moon of 2017 will blow your mind.

Communication is key at this Full Moon in Gemini on December 3rd.  Mercury is the ruler of this Full Moon and is stationing retrograde in Sagittarius from December 3rd through the 23rd.  When Mercury is retrograde, communications can go a bit haywire including all the electronic devices so avoid buying any at this time.  It could also be that plans are delayed, canceled or put on hold in some way.  Mercury also affects shipping and during this busy shopping season, many people order packages so perhaps they are delayed or even go missing. If you’re traveling during this period, reconfirm plans, arrangement, flights, directions, etc.

Mercury retrograde requires covering old ground.   You might even be backpedaling on some of your opinions, views or attitudes when reviewing a situation with firm honesty.

There may be some facts that come to light at this time that could go against your beliefs or your code of ethics.

This time could mark a turning point in some idea you’ve had or plans you’ve been making.

Jupiter in Scorpio also connects with this Full Moon suggesting that there’s an adjustment to your thinking after learning the core truth of some matter that’s been hidden.

Neptune in Pisces is in a challenging angle to both the Sun and the Moon during this lunation.  This creates even more confusion, misperception or misrepresentation of the facts and makes matters very fluid and changeable.  This is not a time for cryptic conversations, say exactly what you mean. What is left unsaid might be just as important.  There could also be lies, deceit, secrets, cover-ups and talks behind the scenes.  You don’t know what you don’t know or what you thought you knew.

On another level, you may have very creative or spiritualized thoughts and conversations. Perhaps you feel that you’re so in tune or magickly connected with someone that you have no need for speaking.  You could be picking up on others’ thoughts or have subtle insights like never before as words, thoughts, images and feelings come together as one. Or maybe you’re just delusional.  It may be very hard to tell the difference during this period.

Whatever the case may be, you will perceive things very differently after this Full Moon has passed. 

Mercury is also arm in arm with Saturn suggesting that our thoughts and conversations now may take on a more serious tone.  Perhaps you need to rethink an idea or reexamine plans and focus on the sticking points or to reconsider some viewpoint that now seems limited and restrictive.

Mercury and Saturn also connect with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

Mars and Uranus make an exact opposition just two days before this Full Moon on December 1st   so the impact is still strong at this lunation.  This is a very erratic and unpredictable influence and what comes up may totally catch you by surprise. This could feel exciting and liberating like an awakening of some kind or perhaps there’s an unexpected change of direction.   It could be that trying to make connections or efforts to negotiate or cooperate faces off with the need to assert your independence, individuality or sovereignty.  This could involve new friends, networks, technology or social media. On another level, there is a new frequency that may throw you off balance and you may be working to regain your stability.  Saturn in a favorable angle assists in grounding.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this last Full Moon of 2017!

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Scorpio New Moon

16 Nov

phoenix risingThis New Moon in Scorpio on November 18th is a time of regeneration, re-calibration and renewal. Scorpio is the most famous sign in the Zodiac, and for good reason.  It’s deep, dark and intense, obsessive, compulsive, jealous, sexy and taboo.  This is the sign ruling over the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.  Think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes or the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  The area that this New Moon touches in your natal chart is an area of your life that you may feel needs a revival.

Chiron in Pisces connects favorably to this New Moon and it may mark a completion of a process of healing; whatever that means to you.  It may be on the physical level with illness, addiction or some kind of loss, or on the psychological, emotional or spiritual level.  This influence may readily assist in recovery from weak points and vulnerabilities by allowing surrender, letting go, forgiveness, compassion and regaining or rebuilding trust.

Uranus in Aries also mixes with this New Moon and it may be that you’re starting to see results of some of the changes you’ve made. There are still adjustments to be made along the way.  This could involve new friends, social groups, networks or technology; or maybe it has to do with how you assert your independence and freedom. On another level, there’s a new frequency or vibration that’s being fine-tuned bringing forth a rebirth and reawakening.

Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Center and sending vibes to this New Moon in Scorpio.  Saturn is a master Manifestor merging with what is said to be Divine Energies, creating reality here on New Earth.  Saturn will soon exit this area not to return for nearly three decades.

Saturn and Uranus also connect favorably lending stability while going through a sort of metamorphosis. They’ve been cooperating with each other all of 2017. Their alliance has enabled changes within an expanding structure, framework or timeline.  There is a nice blend of freedom and discipline, independence and responsibility, autonomy and accountability, the old and the new.  This influence also assists in breaking free and liberating yourself from limiting beliefs or feelings of lack, scarcity and being small.

Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio and are tangled in a tense angle with each other at this New Moon.  There is a lot of effort and power towards making changes. Mars in Libra is moving toward balance and peace, making fair agreements and arrangements, working on compromise and cooperation, initiating contact and making connections but is still confronting a strong resistance or a consolidation of power. Maybe you must stop wavering, ruffle some feathers, disturb the peace or knock someone off a fence and are pushing your way through, eliminating obstacles and the things holding you back.   It could be that you’re involved in a project and in the process of reformation, restructuring, remodeling or recycling and the balance may be upset or things may look as if they are in shambles at least temporarily as you labor to restore alignment, harmony and beauty.

Mercury in Sagittarius is also in the mix with Mars and Pluto and you may want to communicate your truth, big plans, ideas and thoughts about the future; to have straight talk and meaningful conversations and you want to include others in this and have collaborative efforts.  There could be a lot of power in this positive thinking but just keep in mind that there are still some snags and hurdles to overcome.

Also as a quick reminder that Mercury will retrograde December 3rd through December 23rd so buy your holiday electronic gifts before then and double check travel plans, routes and arrangements.


Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon!


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Taurus Full Moon

2 Nov

gratitude wishThis is a powerful Full Moon that can provoke significant changes.

This Full Moon in Taurus highlights the Security Axis of the horoscope.  This means material security, financial security, emotional security and trust and just how secure you feel in your relationships.

This Full Moon will push these security buttons. This influence could be upsetting to any fixed ideas or stuck patterns.  Alternatively, it can be exciting and enlivening in changing situations that have been immoveable or jammed up for too long.  You could see a turning point to any sustained efforts at building something up.

Neptune is favorably connected to this lunation and it could also be a creative or inspired time.  There is potential to bring forth some of your visions in a tangible way.  You’re not just imagining it, you can see, feel, taste, smell or hear it as Taurus rules over the five senses and Neptune, our 6th sense and beyond.   These are working together now.  This could also involve, the voice, voices, the throat and throat chakra.

Taurus is a sign that likes to feel comfy, cozy, loved and appreciated and this lunation may draw attention to some of the ways you feel or receive these things.  Or not.  So, this period may also present situations that bring up anger, rage, abuse, resentment and jealousy; and may bare what you’re willing to risk, give up or eliminate.  Or it could be that games of control and manipulation that you or another uses to get what’s desired is revealed now.

Things may seem very unstable and unpredictable as Venus; the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is opposite Uranus in Aries.  Relationships and finances can have shake-ups and break-ups and deals and arrangements can be made or broken now.  There could also be new contacts, friends and associations out of the blue or that are different from your norm.  Financially, there could be unexpected costs or earnings. In some cases, it may be difficult to come to a compromise or cooperation as it bumps heads with a need to break free, assert your individuality and do things your own way.


I know it must sound as if I’m repeating myself here and I AM. The Universe has a repeated message for us all.  Relationships have been a dominant theme all of 2017 and the Universe wants you to have those that are fair, inclusive, equal and in alignment with who you truly BE. This means all relationships, personal and business not just that with your marriage partner or significant other.

The good news is that Saturn in Sagittarius is in a favorable aspect to both Venus and Uranus now lending stability.  This influence has been active all year and enables the blending of the new within old frameworks and structures and there’s a nice mingling of freedom and discipline and independence within the rules. There could be new friends, groups, networks and causes or modern technology and automation that can stand the test of time or becomes the new norm.  There could be an increase in responsibility, accountability, maturity, experience or expertise, or playing a larger role now that readily assists in initiating changes. On another level, there is a new vibration and frequency, new awakenings and awareness that’s allowing an expansion of your reality frameworks.   You may now realize that there is much more possible than you thought.

Ceres in Leo is also connected with this Full Moon urging you to nurture your inner child, your talents and abilities, the things that make you feel special and bring you joy and your creator self.  This influence will also bring to light matters of confidence, self- acceptance and self-worth.  On another level, child rearing and education may be highlighted now.

Another aspect that is important to note is The Chiron Saturn square which perfects again just days prior to this Full Moon.  This influence has been active all year and has not been easy at all.  If you haven’t noticed, you most likely have some bubble of Divine grace and protection and you better thank your lucky stars because this has been brutal for many people. BUT there is healing potential in the seemingly senseless suffering.  This influence has slapped some people with some harsh realities; there may have been illness, pain and loss in a very real way.

On another level there’s a struggle with limiting beliefs that aggravates a sense of overwhelm, unworthiness, not being enough, not measuring up or meeting the test. This influence brings self-sabotaging, self- undoing, feelings of victimization or being addicted, feeling a deep void or wanting to escape it all, and it goes on and on.  Events and situations from the distant past may replay in your mind needling your sore spots, weak points and vulnerabilities and it doesn’t feel too good.  This could also manifest in chronic physical ailments. Lately, life may feel like you’re moving a boulder up a mountainside with what seem to be insurmountable obstacles and limitations every step of the way, testing your faith.  Chiron is the Wounded Healer and shows where our wounds are; physical and emotional. Saturn deals with structures, and in Sagittarius, the beliefs that you’ve structured your life around.  Most go through life on a kind of auto pilot and form a life based on beliefs that often aren’t true to one’s inner essence of who you truly BE.  So, at this time of growth and growing into who you are becoming and co-creating and manifesting, you are being made of aware of these things so you can create a life that is more in alignment, authentic and honest.  Saturn is making his way back to the Galactic Center, the center of our galaxy where it is said that Divine Energy and consciousness pours through.  Keep this in mind and be mindful of your creations and manifestations as Saturn will not again visit this area for nearly three decades.

Venus will briefly tangle with these two so there may be some adjustments needing to be made in some of your relationships, agreements, arrangements as well as your money, values, finances, etc.

Lastly, Taurus also rules over gratitude and this is a perfect time to fill yourself with it.  It’s easy to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives, but this Full Moon can be an opportunity to also be grateful for some of the tougher times you’ve faced and survived. You may come to realize the meaning and larger lesson of these experiences and those weaknesses can become your strength.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this Full Moon


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