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Sagittarius Full Moon

8 Jun

truth2This is the time of year when facts and logic faces off with faith and knowing. This Full Moon in Sagittarius brings to light the beliefs which shape our life and how this has an impact on our perception. You may be able to clarify and define some of the limiting beliefs that have stunted your growth and held you back. This is as good a time as any to learn how to think differently and make space for new thoughts and beliefs. Additionally, legal issues may come to a head or there could be a turning point with matters traveling abroad or with an advertising, broadcasting or publishing campaign.

Saturn is close to this Full Moon injecting the atmosphere with an emotional reserve.  The vibe is serious and conservative with feelings kept under wraps. Saturn has been in Sagittarius now since late 2014, and we’ve been getting ‘schooled’ in the areas of truth, beliefs, growth, opportunity, luck and success; just to name a few.  At times, this has tested our faith, judgment and worldview or required us to show up with more discipline, accountability, maturity and responsibility. More adulting.  This has also enabled you to concentrate your energies, narrow your focus and gain in experience, expertise and professionalism.  Saturn so close to this Full Moon can also provide us with an awareness of our options and the ability to find the opportunity within an apparent setback. There may be a reconciling with your grasp of a situation and knowing the deeper meaning of the experience.

Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon turns direct less than an hour after the exact fullness of the Moon at a critical degree in Libra.

I’m always amazed at how the Universe sets up these Celestial events.

Balance is key. Since early February, Jupiter has been backtracking through Libra working to ensure that the relationships or agreements that we enter are in alignment with our Truth and the truth of who we are becoming; that things are fair with equal give and take.  This presented the opportunity to dive deep and explore outgrown relationships and patterns and move on from them. You may have gotten a glimpse of the naked truth and even your own doing as your role is not exempt from the equation here either.  There is an accountability, acknowledgement acceptance, forgiveness, correction and growth.

If the scales have been tipped too far to one side in the past, the pressure got unbearable and you had to even it up.  We can no longer keep up associations that are not a vibrational match. Some may have had to move beyond certain relationships whether or not it was by choice and some may experience growing pains which are not always easy. Jupiter’s forward movement suggests that you can increase your contacts and connections now, even with people at a distance or foreign relations.  Now you may start to see some progress regarding your associations, agreements or legal negotiations.  These alliances and allies will be the right kind of connections, in alignment and mutually beneficial.  There won’t be the need to compromise too much just to maintain the association.

Ceres is also close to the Gemini Sun at this Full Moon and she pulls in the energies of other Asteroid Goddesses, Juno in Capricorn and Vesta in Leo.  This Trio engages in a Finger of God pattern, a Yod.  This presents a dilemma and the need to adapt and modify.  This rings of the climate deal; suggesting there are adjustments to be made with a treaty or contract (Vesta) and the environmental or climate (Juno) regulations (Capricorn) with the workforce, farmers and ecology (Ceres).  Pluto is in the mix so perhaps there will be a restructuring of the agreement. Or is this Sagittarian optimism?  Jupiter in Libra is at a critical degree emphasizing the importance in the balance of Natural Law.  Other topics that may be spotlighted and in need of adjustments could involve early education and child care, nutritional information and labeling and farming restrictions, or making adjustments and commitments with diet, exercise and personal health routines.

Venus in Taurus is also in favorable alignment to Mars in Cancer.  Venus is now in the early degrees of Taurus, a place she is very much at home in. Since early February, peace loving Venus was touring Aries, the sign of aggression. While that’s not such a comfortable place for her, it enabled us to get in touch with the things we want, and to be willing to act in our own best interest or fight for it if need be.  Now on her home turf in Taurus, things should easily appeal to our liking.  Mars in Cancer could fire up your affections and acting on your emotions could attract what you desire. Conversely, there could be family feuds or rifts or maybe a certain patterning is instigated producing gut reactions and responsiveness and seeking comfort and security in spending and indulgences. This influence may also bring some hoopla on the home front. Maybe you’re involved in purchasing property, moving or rearranging, redecorating or remodeling your home to make it more comfortable. Or maybe you’re living it up, entertaining family and friends at home.  Enjoy!





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Sagittarius Full Moon

17 May


The Full Moon on May 21st  is the FIRST of TWO FULL MOONS in the sign of SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius is the sign of the Seeker.  It is the part of the zodiac where we are full of wonder and guided by a sense of knowing.  This is where we are filled with a spirit of adventure and experience a broadening of our horizons. There is a lot of emphasis on Sagittarius this year as Saturn, a.k.a The Lord of Karma, is about half way through his 2 ½ yearlong tour, deepening our lessons and experiences; while Mars The Motivator has an unusually long stay due to his retrograde motion.  During this time, it seems that our growth has slowed in order to focus and to give meaning as we are in search of our own truth.

I can imagine that the Universe is saying something like this: If we are to co-create our lives and our reality and a New Earth, then we better get in alignment with our own truth.  So it appears we’ve been given the opportunity.  Remember, this is a year #9 in numerology signifying a year of completion and tying up loose ends.  At this point, we are nearly half way through the year already.

At this Sag Full Moon situations may come to light that brings up our faith, our beliefs and our feelings about what “God” means to us; whether it’s Spirit, Creator, Universe, etc.   With the Sun across the sky in Gemini, we may be questioning our beliefs, our existence and our supposed understanding of Life, Faith, Spirit and Soul.  Mars retrograde in Sagittarius is very close to this Full Moon so this is a very personal and internalized feeling as we come to our own conclusions.  For some, what has been taught, told or read will not suffice.  Some may even feel angry toward “God” at this time. Boundless Neptune in Pisces is at a distant orb from this Full Moon blurring the lines and enlivening the Mystery of All That Is. Maybe it is that no one knows anything at all.

On another level, it could be that we see a turning point in a legal matter.  Perhaps there is a questioning of morals, ethics or judgement as well as motives.  Additionally, there could be situations involving advertising, promoting, broadcasting, publishing or sales. Writing and speaking may also be highlighted now. Travel could be indicated too.

It may also be that our will and focus on factual communication or small talk is difficult as it faces off with an impulse for something more meaningful or a deeper understanding. It could also be that someone is forcing their opinion or rushing to judgement and feels the need to speak it.  There could be anger over a sense of right and wrong.  Alternatively, it is a good time to be outdoors; to get in touch with nature and to be active.  There may be a spirit of competition and we could be feeling adventurous and acting with daring confidence.

Jupiter is the ruler of this Full Moon and has been visiting Virgo since Mid-August of 2015 and will continue until September.  Jupiter only visits a sign once every twelve years.  During his time in Virgo, our growth has come through our every-day experiences.  It’s like on the job training.  During his stay, we may have an increased work load and many chores. We could be getting organized and problem solving; knowing how and where things fit and what needs to be done.  It is a time to improve our everyday lives and to find the significance in the seemingly ordinary.

Mercury is Stationing Direct in Taurus at the time of this Full Moon giving us the green light and a concentrated focus on some of our thoughts and plans having to do with security, comfort and values.

Mercury is in a favorable aspect to Jupiter in Virgo. This is a grounded energy. This suggests that financial plans are hinged on getting organized, improving systems and increasing productivity. Mercury is also in a quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius indicating that some tweaking is still needed in regard to shrinking excess, growing a business, increasing authority or expanding structures.  On another level, we may have thoughts about self-worth and self-acceptance that is conditioned by being able to move beyond any feelings of insecurity or inferiority; some tweaking is still needed in this regard as we continue working with crystalized beliefs and limiting patterns while learning to move beyond some of our boundaries.


Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!

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