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Scorpio New Moon

25 Oct

rocky shoreThe New Moon in Scorpio October 27 is buzzing with excitement.  Change is in the air as Uranus in Taurus sits across the sky facing off with this New Moon giving it an amped up Full Moon feel. This lunation points to awakening, revelation, liberation, revolution, rebellion, evolution and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon reads, “a massive rocky shore” and things may be tough going now as you’re not sure of your footing, feeling unstable and uncertain with situations turbulent and changeable.

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Scorpio represents death, rebirth and the cycles of life.  Death in the symbolic sense, it isn’t always meant as a physical death.  We die many deaths throughout our lives as part of our growth, development and evolution.  After each transition, there comes the time of rebirth as we rise from the ashes of our past, of what once was and reinvent ourselves, continuing our path of becoming.

Would you say that you or your life is the same as just a few years ago?  Over the last several years there’s been an acceleration of growth and change that hasn’t always been pleasant, for some it’s been grueling.  Sometimes we must break down and bust open to rid the layers of the not self and see what we’re made of.

Scorpio is a sign that gets down to the core, to the nitty gritty to show the unseemly, unmentionable and the unthinkable.  During this phase, conditions feel raw and urgent as you face the shadows and darker parts, surprised at what bubbles to the surface while receiving startling revelations and aha moments of insight and clarity flooding your awareness. Your psychic sensitivities and intuition are tuned in and turned all the way up now.  It is said that the veil between worlds is thinnest this time of year and this period could attest to that.  This New Moon is pressing for change, transformation and reinvention.  Time to level-up on the evolutionary – vibrational plane.

On another level, fluctuating finances and markets are featured at this lunation which can bring any of the following – changes in earnings, commissions, royalties, costs or currencies/electronic currencies, unexpected expenses, variations or modifications of loans, debts, insurance, taxes, wills and inheritance, etc.  You could adjust, correct and overhaul your budget and bank account, maybe you’re seeking to consolidate, refinance or do a reset of some sort.  There could be loopholes to contracts or maybe you’re looking for an opening or an out.  This could also involve technology, electronics or electricity.

There’s added pressure and tension as Mars in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn clash and connect with Neptune in Pisces.  It’s a trying time that’s not easy to navigate as there are many unknowns, uncertainties and things you were not aware of coming out to be confronted. You may want to trade your behind the scenes status of invisibility and anonymity for engagement, collaboration and cooperation, but it doesn’t come easy.  You could feel blocked at any attempts at a compromise or agreement, there could be resistance to your advances or efforts to make contacts and connections or forge alliances. You want those that have substance and can stick it out for the long haul – social niceties and lip service have no place now. Patience is called for with this influence; good things come to those who wait – so they say. It’s easy to feel frustrated as if you’re getting nowhere fast, struggling for balance while faced with limitations, obstruction and resistance.  On another level, there’s anger over inequality, fighting for justice or peace, or a push back of opposition; moving against authority, policy and/or the establishment.

In addition to so much happening, Mercury, Venus and Pallas all meet in Scorpio, sitting across the sky from Vesta in Taurus, suggesting that you want involvements and discussions that plunge the depths, connections and encounters are magnetic and words are passionate and persuasive as you think and feel things deeply now.  Intuition is sharp with penetrating perceptions and an ability to cut through complications, lay everything out, shedding light on things kept locked up, shielded and protected or what’s had your unwavering dedication, commitment or allegiance.

Jupiter and Ceres meet up in Sagittarius.  Among other things, Ceres’ symbolism is associated with death, the dying process and cycles of renewal, further emphasizing the Scorpio theme; while placed in Sagittarius and connected to Jupiter, you may want to explore these topics and come to a deeper understanding of natural laws and cycles.  On another level, this hints at beliefs about self-worth, self-image, self-esteem, body image and being “enough”.

One last thing, as a friendly reminder, Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio October 31 – November 20th.  Your mind may be on critical matters and more introspective.  The usual rules of Mercury Rx apply, i.e. practice communicating clearly, don’t assume another understands what you mean, watch when sending emails, texts, letters, memos, etc. that they go to the correct party, without typos and errors.  It’s not the best time to enter into new contracts and agreements, watch signing paperwork.  Also, not the best time for buying electronics, appliances, or a vehicle.  When a planet is retrograde, it’s best to back track and cover old ground, revisit, re-imagine, re-investigate, re-examine, reconsider – you get the picture.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!

Have a Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!


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Scorpio Full Moon

15 May

rollercoaster ups and downsThe Full Moon in Scorpio May 18th will be an eventful and powerful one.  In a sign notorious for intensity, this lunation highlights the axis of security and desire.   This Full Moon will push those buttons of material and emotional security now.  It can be an unsettling time as things are unpredictable while Scorpio wants to be in full control.

Both luminaries light up the financial signs bringing money matters to a head; earnings, payments, compensation, commissions, royalties, loans, banking, taxes, insurance, estates and inheritance can be featured now.

On a more personal level, Scorpio has a depth of emotions, the dark and shadowy kind, that demands trust, sharing, support and intimacy.  Dealings with such things as power, abuse, corruption, resentment, revenge, anger, violence, vengeance, things that are unthinkable all fall under Scorpio’s realm.  These themes may be brought to light at this Full Moon.

Whichever area of your chart this Full Moon illuminates is calling for a reboot or renewal.  Discard what isn’t working, release and get yourself unstuck.

If you’ve been stumped as of late, don’t worry, the Universe has your back as Venus in her own sign Taurus, connects with Uranus serving to pry you out of your comfortably carved ruts and comfort zones.

Shake-ups and break ups in love or money matters may have you feeling flustered now.  You could be craving associates that are more stimulating, interesting and inspiring, keeping you on your toes, lively and buzzing with excitement.  Such a person(s) may well arrive on the scene now and sparks could fly.  You may want to connect with people that share your vision for the future or with a cause that is close to your heart.  Perhaps someone you thought you could count on flakes out or maybe you have some random, unexpected encounter.

Financially, things may be up-and-down, perhaps a source of income opens up or winds down suddenly, or there could be changes in payments and costs or unexpected expenses.  Markets could be unstable now.

Pluto, the ruler of this Scorpio Full Moon, is positioned in Capricorn, alongside Saturn and the South Node- This influence that’s been in progress, operating in the background, illustrates the breakdown, dismantling and deconstruction/reconstruction of many structures and systems in place for a long time – we’re talking lifetimes of limiting reality constructs.

This influence points to many of the old fears and limitations that have held you back enabling you to recognize and do away with those hang ups standing in your way.  It’s a process that’s not always pleasant.  It’s easier to allow these things than to cling to what clearly no longer holds relevance.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Scorpio New Moon

5 Nov

phoenixThe Scorpio New Moon November 7th brings major energy shifts with it.  The Sabian symbol reads: “a girl’s face breaking into a smile”.   I hope the Universe gives you plenty of reasons to smile.

Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, transformation and renewal- like the phoenix rising from the ashes. 

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The Scorpio New Moon transpires just in time to bid farewell to Jupiter, as his yearlong transit through Scorpio’s Underworld comes to a close.  Jupiter will enter his home turf – Sagittarius- just one day later and remains until December 2019. 

During the past year, Jupiter has brought the light of truth to many dark corners, a period of shedding layers of all that isn’t true for you, learning to trust your intuition and higher knowing, a time for growth at the soul level.  Now with the New Moon in Scorpio, it’s time to hit the reset button in these areas and to be transformed by the knowledge gained during this year long passage.  There’s lots to look forward to.  More about Jupiter here.

Another shift in energies occurs just one day before the New Moon– as Uranus, in retrograde motion, re-enters Aries on November 6th.  Until mid-May, when Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time in over 75 years, Uranus spent the past seven years in Aries, shaping those years with excitement, unpredictability, and a fair share of shocking events, break through moments and technological breaks and break ins. It’s been a time for introducing changes, instigating freedom, independence, rebellion and revolution, together with new friends and networks, new movements and causes, a new vibration and the emergence of an awakening.   Uranus will cover old ground in Aries until early March 2019.

Jupiter and Uranus act as instruments of growth and change and are now entangled in a tense angle the days surrounding this lunation suggesting the need to shift and adjust. Jupiter in Scorpio has helped you to grow at a soul level, uncovering layers, learning to trust your intuition and guidance, rising into your power allowing you to fine tune a new frequency.  There’s a deeper truth, a growing connection and leveling up on an evolutionary level leading to break through moments inspiring change.    The atmosphere may feel exciting and unsettling as a major metamorphosis is taking place within and at the collective level.  And because everything is reflected in the outer, there could be anger or violence at an extreme level so be mindful.

Additionally, Neptune in Pisces connects with the luminaries creating an enchanting atmosphere with heightened emotional and psychic sensitivity.  Artistic activities are favored as there’s no shortage of vision and imagination. Alternatively, there could be confusion, concealments, uncertainty, mistakes or misrepresentation.

Pluto in Capricorn, the ruler of this New Moon, makes a favorable connection, helping to eliminate obstacles and reform structures, frameworks, standards, rules, policies or schedules and timelines.  Perhaps you’re involved in the renewal, recycling, upcycling, re-purposing or recreating of something.  You could be establishing your power or influence, restructuring a business, re-inventing your career, rehabbing a property, re-organizing your finances or consolidating debt as a few examples.

But wait, there’s more…

Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius make a favorable connection at this New Moon which is very promising for socializing and get togethers.   These two cosmic companions haven’t gotten on this well in a while.  Venus is still covering old ground, advising a re-evaluation or re-negotiation of your relationships, associations, agreements, worth, self-worth, money, values, or costs that assists in making changes or changing directions, initiating friendships or group participation.   There’s an ability to assert your independence and the freedom to do you that also supports cooperation, collaboration and partnering up – you’ll be weighing the give and take factors, what it’s worth to you or the price you pay for playing nice or maybe you’re the one not giving your fair share.  If the scales have been tipped too far compromising values, then Mars in Aquarius will allow you to introduce changes while still being able to come to an agreement.

Ceres is also close to Venus Rx in Libra, bringing up relationship patterns imprinted from early conditioning, parent/child dynamics as well as issues surrounding rejection and abandonment, self- image, body image, self-esteem and self-worth.  Ceres was also very prominent at the previous New Moon as the Universe is very creative, always sending repeated messages.  Now, Chiron in Pisces and Juno in Taurus also join in, presenting the opportunity for healing vulnerabilities and weaknesses due to these patterning imprints from early conditioning, lack of self-worth, or not being enough that gives way to more reliable relationships and stability. This could involve separation or the need for counseling for some.

New Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this exciting and transformative time!


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Scorpio Full Moon

27 Apr

rebirth_by_delawer_omar-d7ji0itAt this Full Moon in Scorpio you could see a culmination to a situation that’s experiencing a process of transformation, recovery, restoration, regeneration or rebirth.  Things can seem messy and complicated but try to think of it like the decay that becomes compost and nurtures the soil making it fertile. On another level, there may be a turning point in finances involving joint ventures, taxes, bank loans, mortgages, inheritances, insurance settlements, royalties or commissions.  This lunation can also bring to light topics that are considered taboo and unthinkable.

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Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, had a meetup with Mars in Capricorn, creating a powerful, mighty force for transformation, pushing your way in pursuit of goals and ambitions, eliminating obstacles, insistent on reforming rules, policies, guidelines, codes, structures or frameworks. There may be changes in management, even the forced removal of a higher up, perhaps you are rising in the ranks, making the climb and stepping into your power.

This aspect has been building for the last few weeks, as mentioned in my last article, and was exact on April 26th   but will still be felt for the next week or so.  Go check it out. There is a changing of the guard that’s been happening as well as a shift in culture. There’s a force to push through barriers and obstruction revealing the truth about power, abuse and corruption.  The rules are changing.  Capricorn rules over father figures and authority and represents what is considered to be socially acceptable and/or aspired to, the standard.  On the day this aspect was exact, a guilty verdict was reached for “America’s father”, Bill Cosby.  The symbolism is clearly present in this situation on many levels.

Jupiter is also in Scorpio and although a bit far from the Moon, is expansive enough to reach out to this lunation and offer up his wisdom, know you can trust in your own inner guidance.  This influence begs to cut the shit, eliminate excess and thoroughly explore or investigate and get to the nitty gritty truth of some matter.

Asteroid Pallas in Gemini sends a tense vibe to Jupiter in Scorpio suggesting an adjustment or modification is needed as you explore thoroughly and get a larger view, and the meaning behind the words. Pallas is also associated with political and social activism and defending minority groups, in Gemini, this may involve young people or perhaps even the media with deeper truths being uncovered.

Saturn retrograde in its own sign, Capricorn, makes a positive connection to this Full Moon, lending some stability in times of change.  An appropriate time to measure aspirations and accomplishments on an inner level according to what is really important and essential to your being.  Goals and standards will be re-defined during this period.  You could also reconfigure structures, forms, a business, policies, rules, schedules, timelines or terms.

Neptune in Pisces also sends positive vibes to this Full Moon heightening emotions, senses, sensitivity and creativity as well as the connection and common thread with one another, lifting the veil.  Alternatively, it adds to the illusion, image, deceit or confusion.

There may be tension or frustration at this Full Moon in Scorpio as the Sun and the Moon engage in a Grand Cross with the Nodal axis. Taurus (Sun) and Scorpio (Moon) highlight issues of security- physical, financial, emotional and psychological.  This pattern in fixed signs causes friction and difficulty making moves at all since all sides dig in their heels.   It’s hard to make any headway and may be faced with what to hold on to and what to scrap.  It’s like being at a crossroads, needing to leave certain comfort zones behind and allowing a regenerative or rebirthing process to unfold while not falling into old patterns or to what comes easy or running with the pack, nor seeking approval or attention but by confidently moving forward being authentically you and following the path with heart.  This can push many, if not ALL of your security buttons.

Asteroid Goddess Ceres is also closely connected to the North Node and this lunation, suggesting nurturing your inner child and your creator-self is the way forward.  This can also needle feelings regarding self-acceptance and fitting in and/or belonging.  On another level, this can bring to light children’s issues, early education, the arts in school, teachers and/or children’s nutrition/school lunches. It may be that a disciplined structure gives way to a more creative or inspiring environment. There could even be adjustments made to school policies and procedures regarding the comfort, safety and security of kids. Some of the energy influence associated with this aspect also harkens back to the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse earlier this year when Ceres was so prominent and nearly in the same position as she is at this lunation. Go check it out.

Chiron and Juno also pair up in zero degrees Aries- a critical degree.  This is a seeding time for relationships suggesting new beginnings and new ways of relating and doing it a bit differently than it’s been done in the past.  This may imply healing a rift in a relationship or partnership or alternatively, maybe there’s recently been a split.  Perhaps you meet a mentor or become one or you meet someone that acts as a catalyst and brings you to a new level of experience in some area.

There is lots happening at this Full Moon and there’s much more to come!  Stay tuned!

Blessings and Good Vibes at this Full Moon!

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Scorpio New Moon

16 Nov

phoenix risingThis New Moon in Scorpio on November 18th is a time of regeneration, re-calibration and renewal. Scorpio is the most famous sign in the Zodiac, and for good reason.  It’s deep, dark and intense, obsessive, compulsive, jealous, sexy and taboo.  This is the sign ruling over the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.  Think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes or the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  The area that this New Moon touches in your natal chart is an area of your life that you may feel needs a revival.

Chiron in Pisces connects favorably to this New Moon and it may mark a completion of a process of healing; whatever that means to you.  It may be on the physical level with illness, addiction or some kind of loss, or on the psychological, emotional or spiritual level.  This influence may readily assist in recovery from weak points and vulnerabilities by allowing surrender, letting go, forgiveness, compassion and regaining or rebuilding trust.

Uranus in Aries also mixes with this New Moon and it may be that you’re starting to see results of some of the changes you’ve made. There are still adjustments to be made along the way.  This could involve new friends, social groups, networks or technology; or maybe it has to do with how you assert your independence and freedom. On another level, there’s a new frequency or vibration that’s being fine-tuned bringing forth a rebirth and reawakening.

Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Center and sending vibes to this New Moon in Scorpio.  Saturn is a master Manifestor merging with what is said to be Divine Energies, creating reality here on New Earth.  Saturn will soon exit this area not to return for nearly three decades.

Saturn and Uranus also connect favorably lending stability while going through a sort of metamorphosis. They’ve been cooperating with each other all of 2017. Their alliance has enabled changes within an expanding structure, framework or timeline.  There is a nice blend of freedom and discipline, independence and responsibility, autonomy and accountability, the old and the new.  This influence also assists in breaking free and liberating yourself from limiting beliefs or feelings of lack, scarcity and being small.

Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio and are tangled in a tense angle with each other at this New Moon.  There is a lot of effort and power towards making changes. Mars in Libra is moving toward balance and peace, making fair agreements and arrangements, working on compromise and cooperation, initiating contact and making connections but is still confronting a strong resistance or a consolidation of power. Maybe you must stop wavering, ruffle some feathers, disturb the peace or knock someone off a fence and are pushing your way through, eliminating obstacles and the things holding you back.   It could be that you’re involved in a project and in the process of reformation, restructuring, remodeling or recycling and the balance may be upset or things may look as if they are in shambles at least temporarily as you labor to restore alignment, harmony and beauty.

Mercury in Sagittarius is also in the mix with Mars and Pluto and you may want to communicate your truth, big plans, ideas and thoughts about the future; to have straight talk and meaningful conversations and you want to include others in this and have collaborative efforts.  There could be a lot of power in this positive thinking but just keep in mind that there are still some snags and hurdles to overcome.

Also as a quick reminder that Mercury will retrograde December 3rd through December 23rd so buy your holiday electronic gifts before then and double check travel plans, routes and arrangements.


Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon!


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Taurus Super Moon

12 Nov


The Moon is full in the sign of the Bull on November 14th and it is a Super Moon, one we haven’t seen the likes of in nearly 70 years! It will be big and bright and shining a lot of light, illuminating dark places. Both Taurus and Scorpio are signs that deal with security; emotional and material security. We must reconcile which things we are to hold on to and what we need to let go of. Situations dealing with what we’re comfortable with, what or who we trust, issues of life and death, who we love, our possessions, resources, finances and the things that we value will come up now. We may see a turning point in some area that we’ve been plodding along in or a project that we’ve been building up. Taurus is an Earth sign and is also associated with gratitude, Gaia and her resources; these things are highlighted now. During this time of year, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. honoring Earth’s abundance and the things that we’re thankful for.
Uranus is connecting with this lunation suggesting that there are changes and adjustments to be made. This may inject an element of surprise and unpredictability which may not be welcomed as some of our security buttons are being pushed; perhaps even a security breach or a breach of trust. Alternatively, there could be a shake up to a situation that’s been stuck and stagnant. It may also involve new groups, new friends or new technology. This influence can threaten something stable or energize a stale situation. Obviously, this may cause some discomfort even when these changes are the very thing we’ve wanted and needed.
Venus, the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is in conservative Capricorn. This has us feeling cautious in matters of love and money. We value things of substance or things that are traditional and that stand the test of time. We’re willing to invest in the long term now. We are not into frivolous spending or casual relationships right now. We can also be made aware of the responsibilities that we have to our loved ones and how some of these important relationships help to shape our lives.
At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury and Juno conjunct in Sagittarius connecting with Mars in Aquarius; again, highlighting the importance of meaningful relationships. This may mean that speaking our truth and engaging in honest conversations in regards to relationships, partnerships and agreements has potential to create spontaneous actions, unexpected moves or a show of independence. Expanding our perception and making future plans could also mean a change of direction.
Neptune is conjunct the South Node in Pisces suggesting that we are letting go of old illusions, mistakes, blind spots and escape routes. This is an emotional process.
Chiron in Pisces also connects favorably with this lunation providing some compassionate healing and to ease our suffering a bit.
Jupiter is moving in to contact Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s ruler. This is a positive interchange and stabilizing influence. These two social planets will be in close proximity into 2017. We can be cautiously optimistic and able to work on opportunities for growth. There could be are career opportunities or opportunities for advancement that also comes with responsibility. We may need to evaluate options and make long range decisions. This also suggests that we are more conservative and cautious, cutting back, narrowing our options -also in regard to our associations and agreements. It also points to our growing responsibility to conserve and to increase the balance and even it up.

Jupiter in Libra is also closing in on a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is an important aspect that doesn’t happen often. We’ll see these two go at it again in the coming months. This is one of the major shapers and /or players of 2017.

Jupiter is a social planet dealing with subjects like our world view, opinions, beliefs, religion, sense of right and wrong and the Law. Libra deals with fairness and equality and balance. Pluto is a slower moving, generational planet and a force that pushes for evolution and brings forth powerful transformations in whatever it comes into contact with; Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and represents the structure and framework of our society, the rules, authority and what is considered to be socially acceptable. These energies squaring off will challenge and transform some of these areas and change the social fabric within our society for generations. We must be mindful and try to take the high road, to be fair and inclusive and to co-create a world that we all want to live in.

We’re being faced with a challenge to reform structures and even out the playing field. Jupiter in Libra asks that we have faith in others and to give them a fair shake without labels and with more tolerance. The flip side of that is that we can become overly judgmental or excessively moral and righteous. Follow the golden rule and treat others how you want to be treated! It’s pretty simple. This is the right thing to do as one human being to another and deep down we we know this to be true.

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn wants us to have fair dealings that are mutually beneficial; there is an increasing opposition that challenges a consolidation of power and dares a destruction to things that may seem to have been set in stone and a reformation, a new framework upon which we build our lives and our society. Faith in others, tolerance and an increase in peace and harmony can stimulate the rebuilding of structures, rules, policies, etc. We need agreements and rules we can all live with and must be able to see things from another side, or to seek alternatives.

On another level, we can experience growth and opportunity through our associations and we’re able to outgrow and move beyond other relationships or patterns of relating. Our contact with others can increase now and we can be pushed to eliminate any blocks or resistance. The relationships and agreements we enter into now have the power to change our lives for better or worse.

Jupiter in Libra is also a very creative influence and pitted with Pluto in Capricorn, we could be rehabbing, recycling and up-cycling. We want to improve and refine, turning trash to treasure and making shit shine.

New Moon Blessings to ALL and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Scorpio New Moon

26 Oct


Scorpio is the sign associated with the mysteries and cycles of life, death and rebirth. We can easily see the living proof of this symbolism looking out our windows this time of year in this part of the world. The falling leaves from the trees that will once again be born anew come spring.

Must be the Season of the Witch…

All things having to do with magick, the occult, spirits, ghosts, psychic experiences and abilities are also in the realm of Scorpio. Scorpio needs to peer into, through, behind and underneath the surface of things; to research and get to the very core of the matter. It is very fitting that we celebrate Samhain and Halloween at this time of year when the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest. Even the recognizable symbol of Halloween, the jack o’lantern illustrates that we are merely a vessel for the light. This New Moon may seem extra magickal or other worldly as it connects with Neptune in Pisces and falls so close to Samhain.
Scorpio is a water sign, which governs over the emotional realm but the waters of the Scorpion are anything but placid. Churning, choppy and murky is more like it. Scorpio also has dominion over some of our darker qualities such as passion, lust, control, obsession, manipulation, power, anger, rage and jealousy and things that are considered taboo.

Come on baby Don’t fear the Reaper…

Where we find this lunation in our own charts is where we are likely to experience some of these matters or some sort of ending or transformation in our lives. This is the area of our lives where we may need to hit the reset button. You may have to ask yourself questions like: What am I passionate about? Who am I at the very core of my soul? What fills me with rage? What am I trying to control? What in my life needs “die”? What needs to be resurrected? This is a New Moon that is urging us to learn to give up control, let go and go with the flow.

Mercury is conjunct this New Moon in Scorpio and our thoughts and conversations can become deep and complicated. We could find ourselves questioning the deeper mysteries of life or discussions about death, spirituality, psychic experiences, visions, dreams, other worldly things, etc. We could be researching and observing these things. The more we question, the deeper we go, we discover an endless ocean of mystery.

On another level, we could be handling details or paperwork dealing with insurance, wills, estates, taxes, loans, mortgages or joint finances/ventures or even divorce. Words can be used to manipulate and with Neptune in the mix, all is not clear. You could be misinformed, or there could be information missing or omitted or someone is outright trying to manipulate and deceive.

Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra are also connecting in a tense aspect and they’ll do this a couple more times in the coming months. These two planets have much in common in the way of our ideals, beliefs, faith, intuition and spirituality. We may need to do some tweaking in these areas especially where it concerns our relationships and other people.

It could be that you’re dazzled by someone or you’ve projected an image onto someone that isn’t the truth of who they are and there is a call to move beyond a particular relationship or a relationship pattern. Maybe you have fallen victim or have been taken advantage of, ignored or overlooked and recognize some of the major compromises that are needed to make relationships or agreements work. Maybe you’re on the short end of the stick and fed up or you’re the one doing the taking and the other person has had enough. Jupiter in Libra seeks to balance things out. Perhaps you are feeling disenchanted, disappointed or disillusioned by some associations and feel the need to move on. It may be that in order to grow in relationships you have to let go of past mistakes or illusions and learn to accept people as they truly are. Jupiter in Libra wants relationships that are genuine, meaningful, honest and authentic and Neptune in Pisces begs us to surrender our illusions.

Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius further emphasizes that we want meaning in our relationships and associations that stand the test of time. We’re not in the mood for hollow connections now. In fact, we may be overly cautious or serious in matters of love. We may also feel conservative in regard to money also or perhaps only spending on things that increase in value over time or perhaps it is that we value time, knowledge and expertise.
Samhain Blessings & Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!


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Scorpio Full Moon

19 Apr

This Full Moon on April 22 may have the intense energy of a roller coaster ride especially where love and money is concerned.  At this time of year when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is full in Scorpio, our security needs are front and center. This is the time when we will also need to strike a balance between our need for accumulation and consumption with our need to release and relinquish or recycle. This seems very fitting with this Full Moon falling on Earth Day.  Matters of life and death and the things that are important to us may be brought to light at this time. 

Financial matters could also turn a corner now.  It may have to do with taxes, estates, wills, loans, insurance settlements, credit, commission or compensation of some kind.

Both the modern and ancient rulers of Scorpio have gone retrograde just one day apart from each other; Mars in Sagittarius on April 17th and Pluto in Capricorn on the 18th.  During their back track we’ll be covering old ground when it comes to any of those matters above but also to our motivations and our deepest yearnings.  We’ll have to conclude one way or the other if our motivations fall in alignment with our true being; at the depth of our core.  We’ll have to be honest about if what we’ve been aiming for is in accordance with who we are.  We’ll need to know that it feels right and if it’s something we truly believe in in order for it to be part our future direction.  We may have to restructure some of our goals and ambitions. It may also be that we’re restructuring or revisiting matters related to retirement, insurance, wills etc. Perhaps we need revive or resurrect something from our past.  We may also be revisiting a situation that brings up feelings of or about intimacy, trust, intensity, passion, lust or anger, violence, revenge, power, and control; it may be some of the darker or more taboo aspects of life.  Pluto and Scorpio energies have a depth and raw intensity about them; all or nothing.

Surgery is not recommended while Mars or Pluto are retrograde.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus finds herself in the fray between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn all week long.  We could find that finances and relationships are unstable, unreliable and unpredictable at this time.  There may be changing values, income or possessions that brings a need to conserve our resources or consolidating debts.  There could be breaks or changes with agreements; upsetting the peace, comfort and stability.  Relationships could start or end quite suddenly or maybe there is an unusual or exciting quality to the association.  Perhaps there are new friendships or people you get together with for a common cause.  This also shows people coming together for a common cause to challenge an established power.  We can clearly see this in the current American politics.  It could be that there are competitive relationships or a break in a relationship or perhaps just need some space and/or independence.


Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!


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Scorpio New Moon

9 Nov


Scorpio New Moon – November 11

At the time of the New Moon in Scorpio, it is a time to let go of all that is extraneous and unnecessary and to plant our seeds of renewal and rebirth in the area of our lives in which we receive this lunation.  The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this New Moon is “A woman drawing two dark curtains aside”.  We may have an opportunity to glimpse what is behind the veil.

This New Moon forms a Yod with Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus in Aries, while Chiron in Pisces has his say with a trine.  Here’s the breakdown:

Mercury in Scorpio is very close to this New Moon giving us a depth of perception and allowing us to talk about some of our hidden or shadowy aspects.  Our intuition is heightened now and there’s an awareness of what is below the surface.  On another level, we may be dealing with paperwork or details having to do with insurance, finances, loans, credit, taxes or estates.

Jupiter in Virgo is supportive of this New Moon, indicating that by letting go, there is potential to improve our everyday world.   We can experience growth in the depth of our character even when our faith is being tested at times.

Issues may be being brought to the surface and to our awareness to be dealt with.  We are being supported and helped to move beyond some of the things that cause us stress or anxiety.  Those things that may make us feel bad about ourselves, inferior or less than perfect keeping us down, stuck or imprisoned.    This is hard work and its deep stuff and not for those living on the surface of life.  Scorpio energy is all about getting to the nitty gritty and seeing what we’re made of.  There’s no fluff here so read on if you dare.

Uranus in Aries is quincunx this New Moon indicating that there are adjustments that need to be made in regard to some of the new changes that have been put in place or in order to break free.  We may need to recycle, revamp and revolutionize a project, process, technique or procedure.  This could even involve new technology.

Chiron in Pisces is also in trine to the New Moon and we are able to rise above the ashes of some of our old wounds of the past and become renewed by looking at them from another perspective.  This could mark a completion or a turning point to which there has always been a blind spot.  There could be sudden and penetrating insights which are ultimately healing but not without some tears.  This could be a pivotal time in understanding how some of our wounds reflect and project into our everyday lives operating unconsciously, lurking in the dark and waiting for an opportunity to trip us up.  If we’re able to resurrect from these wounds of the past, we can turn it into the strength from which we draw upon when we feel helpless, hopeless or victimized.  We will have to dig deep to uncover it as it’s been hidden from us but the energies are supportive of this at this time.

Pluto is also in alignment and in the mix here allowing some of the deep and penetrating thoughts and conversations to get to the core allowing a transformation and eliminating any blocks.  Core beliefs can be altered and replaced with new truths leading to a new vibration, a new freedom or break through; a sharper frequency.

We can re-write our story.

Jupiter and Uranus are planets that both have a future vision, and working with Chiron in Pisces, we can surrender and release from the past.  We can also realize that we really are all in this together and that everybody hurts at one time or another.  The human condition and suffering is part of a common thread that we all share.

It seems that relationships stabilize and find a balance now as Venus has recently entered her own sign of Libra.  Venus is also sextile Saturn in Sagittarius so agreements now can help with future goals as well as increase responsibilities.

Shortly after the New Moon, Mars, planet of aggression enters peaceful Libra.  This is not his favorite place to be.  The last time Mars was in Libra, he took a long tour from December 2013 to July 2014. During this time, we may be pushing for cooperation or fighting for equality.  It could also be that our actions are directed toward beautifying something such as redecorating or remodeling. Perhaps our efforts are toward our appearance and working out, toning and building muscle.  It could also be that we need to make more effort in our relationships in order to keep things running smoothly.  Mars will leave Libra in early January 2016.

Another important thing to mention is the Nodes changing signs close to this New Moon.  The Nodes are an axis that symbolizes our future path vs. the past.  The North Node will enter Virgo just days after this New Moon.  This transit can keep us focused with the here and now and with practical matters.  The goal is to take our spiritual awareness and to put it to use in our everyday lives and to find ways to be of service and helpful to others.  Virgo is also the sign of health perhaps with the Nodal axis in Virgo and Pisces healthcare could focus more on a holistic healing and know that illness and disease take place in the more subtle realms before they manifest into the physical body. More to come on all of this.

Blessings to All at this New Moon!  Plant your seeds, shine bright and reach for the Starz!

Taurus Full Moon

24 Oct


Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon on October 27th is a time of the year when we must reconcile our need for acquisition and consumption with our need to let go.  There may be much that we’ve been holding on to in the name of ‘security’ or comfort and the time has come to release it.  It may be something material, a relationship, an idea or even a habit or belief that no longer serves us.  Be brave.  Confront it. Let it go.  Both Taurus (Moon) and Scorpio (Sun) deal with issues of security; Taurus deals with material security and Scorpio emotional security.  At the time of this Taurus Full Moon, it may come to light the things that we’ve been holding onto that must be released.

What issues may have come up for you? 

This Full Moon may also mark a turning point in any financial matters as both Taurus and Scorpio are money signs.  Worth equals wealth ~ know that YOU ARE WORTHY!

Saturn the Task Master and Manifestor makes his presence felt at this Full Moon.  Saturn in Sagittarius has us consolidating, curbing our enthusiasm, slowing our growth, focusing on our future, limiting our opportunities and any excess while testing our faith. It seems we’ll need to make adjustments accordingly where our finances are concerned.  We’re now shouldering more responsibility and there is a need to cut back.  It is a time to slow down, take deliberate action and to have more meaningful experiences.

This Full Moon is also in a favorable aspect with Neptune in Pisces giving potential to create our vision slowly, one step at a time or on the flip side, to unravel everything that’s been built.

It is also a time to value, appreciate and marvel at the mystery of the interconnectedness and oneness in ALL.  Create something Magickal!

Taurus is ruled by the love planet Venus, so issues surrounding relationships and appreciation continue to surface so that we may reconcile them and put them to rest once and for all.  Right now Venus is in Virgo, not her favorite sign to be in and she’s in opposition to Chiron in Pisces and quincunx to Uranus in Aries.  We may be made aware of underlying psychological issues that affect our relationships with others and to ourselves and how we may begin to heal. By bringing this unpleasantness to awareness, being present with it and sending it healing energy and  love we can break free from feelings of insecurity, inferiority, shame and a lack of self-worth that keep us imprisoned. Let go of the need to be overly critical or desiring perfection. We can help the process of healing by realizing that we are all one and we are all in this together.  This is hard work but we are changing the world one person at a time starting with ourselves! Healing ourselves and how we relate to one another helps heal the world. It is time to move beyond some of these things that may cause stress, anxiety or depression that then finally manifest in physical disease. Dis-ease!

When my Taurus Sun son was very small, just starting to talk, he would spread himself on the sofa and frantically yell, “I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I’m stuck! I would have to drop everything I was doing and help him get himself ‘unstuck’, peeling him from the sofa and then I’d reassure him that he wasn’t stuck at all.  I would show him how easily he could ‘free’ himself. After several months he finally outgrew that.  At the time of this Full Moon ask yourself where you have been stuck.  Often it goes on without realizing it because it’s been hidden from our awareness, operating unconsciously. Commit to letting go and freeing yourself.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!

P.S The time of the Taurus Full Moon is a good time to show gratitude and appreciation.  Big Love and Big Thanks to all of you that read and subscribe.  I would soooo appreciate it if you would share the love and spread the word.

Shine Bright and Reach for the Starz!!