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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

23 Oct


This New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the very beginning (zero degrees) of Scorpio, the sign the sign of death and regeneration.  It is a time of endings and new beginnings. This Eclipse seems to be pretty positive which is a welcomed reprieve.  If things don’t feel that way to you, give it a little time and things should be looking up.

Venus, the planet of beauty and love is close to this Eclipse, at the same degree, putting relationships in the spotlight once again.  To me, this seems to indicate some sort of ‘reset’ button where relationships are concerned. All relationships even the platonic ones.  We get an opportunity to start over in a way.  All of 2014 has had some degree of this relationship theme of to it.  With the Nodes in the Aries/Libra polarity for some time now, we’ve been learning how to get along with others and what we need from them.  We’ve been learning how we can be an individual and still work with others as well as learning that the actions that we take affect other people.  It’s not just about us; the world does not revolve around us.  We are realizing that there are others out there and that we want and need them in our lives.  No man (or woman) is an island.

It may be that at some point in the recent past, there have been changes and shifts where our relationships are concerned.  The changes may even be coming from within; possibly with our attitudes about the important people in our lives.   Some relationships may have recently ended. Perhaps because we have outgrown it or have come to the conclusion that it is not what we want or that it is no longer fitting for the person we are becoming.  Perhaps it was the other person that decided to leave.  Maybe you have been re-considering lately what is important to you in regard to relationships with others.  Possibly asking yourself questions like: what do I want in a relationship? How do I want to be treated? What do I need or expect in my dealings with others? What am I willing to give/give up or to put up with?  How do the relationships in my life make me feel about myself?  How do I treat others?  How do others respond to me? These may be some of the questions occupying our minds lately.  It is just as important to check in on your relationship to yourself, feelings about self-love and self-worth.

With Venus in Scorpio so close to this Eclipse feelings could be passionate and lusty.  Desires, attraction and magnetism are strong with this placement.  Venus in Scorpio is attracted to those that they feel they can love, trust and share with at a very deep and personal level.  There’s nothing superficial or hollow about this influence.   You could feel magnetically attracted to someone at this time with a feeling that you are fated to meet them.  This Eclipse along with Venus makes a lovely connection with Neptune in Pisces producing an enchanting almost Magickal vibe.  Keep your ESP sharp and your psychic antennae up and see what messages you receive. This combination is also very good for creativity and the arts.  Perfect for some spooky Halloween fun. 

Venus not only rules over love and relationships but also over our values and money in particular.  Venus in Scorpio is strong financially.  It may be at this time that you are able to attract certain financial resources.  Perhaps you are getting a loan or mortgage, settling an estate or an insurance claim, a divorce settlement or compensation for some other goods or services as a few examples.

Pallas is also so prominent at this Eclipse so that we are able to see the bigger picture and cut to the core of any psychological issues in the way we relate to others; such as any barriers keeping us from getting close, fears of intimacy or commitment etc. and how we may change that by using new strategies.  Saturn has also been in Scorpio for the last two years now and forcing us to ‘get real’ in our closest associations or with our attitudes toward or about them.  Pallas also makes this a good time for creativity and aesthetics, design; or for crafting things that require skill and artistry or even with musical instruments.

Mercury will station direct on the 25th, just days after the Eclipse and is opposite Uranus.  This could make communications, conversations, negotiations and travel surprising and unpredictable in the days that surround.  As if they weren’t already.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 26th where our actions and energies can be directed toward tangible achievements and goals.

At any rate, there are powerful and potent energies that surround this Eclipse. Enjoy!


New Moon in Leo

26 Jul

The Leo New Moon officially welcomes Jupiter to this creative sign. Jupiter moved into Leo on July 16th and hasn’t visited this sunny sign since August 2002- August 2003. This lunation sets the energy in motion. This Leo New Moon is conjunct Jupiter and fun is in order. Over the next year while Jupiter tours Leo, our growth can be experienced through our children, our creative self-expression and by giving recognition to our own inner child. We may be presented with creative opportunities and can even receive a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Mars also changes signs and moves into Scorpio just before the Leo New Moon, after a very long stay in Libra. All of 2014 so far! While most of 2014 may seem like a ‘lost year’ so far with very little forward movement, things will take on a different vibe. It’s possible you’ve needed to come to a decision or agreement lately or possibly pushing for cooperation or initiating contact with an important other but just kept spinning wheels or going back and forth and just couldn’t get there. It may have seemed like you took one step forward and two steps back but now with Mars in Scorpio, no more ‘up in the air’ or vacillation. Things seem more all or nothing or a do or die type of energy. At this time, we may also start to feel more vital and alive, confident and passionate with renewed vigor and energy. Hot Blooded

This New Moon is also square Mars (then Mars and Jupiter perfect their square in a few days so this influence will linger.) We could even see a mix of tempers and threats sparked by egos and opinions with this aspect so be careful not to put on too much of a show. The positive is there is an intense drive for heart centered activities, for fun and enjoyment and for things that make us feel special. During this transit we may also feel magnetic and passionate, theatrical and romantic, and daring to be a bit dramatic.