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Capricorn Full Moon

25 Jun

full-moon accountableThe Capricorn Full Moon on June 28th is arm in arm with task master Saturn, highlighting your duties, obligations and limitations.  Saturn is also the ruler of this Full Moon; time for adulting and putting on your big girl (or boy) pants.  Career related matters could come to a head now.  You may be called to account or need to demonstrate your competence. How do you show up? Measure up?  Own up? Or meet the test?  Perhaps you’re being recognized for your accomplishments, expertise or experience. Alternatively, you may be dealing with time management and scheduling or with establishing business, management or parenting structures, frameworks, guidelines, rules, regulations, boundaries and restrictions.  Saturn is retrograde, so you may be redefining your goals, achievements or position, or reconsidering your commitments.

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Uranus in Taurus sends favorable vibes to this Full Moon adding zing.  Old standards shift with changing values.  This will be evident on several levels– from inconsistent feelings and desires or unreliable associations to unexpected costs and fluctuating markets.

Just days before the Full Moon, June 26th Mars retrogrades in Aquarius, until August 27th.  This means there’s covering old ground in some of the new directions you’ve taken or new networks you’re involved with.  This also hints at a simmering anger within the larger collective, groups of civil unrest fighting for a cause important to them.  Additionally, this period is not an appropriate time to have surgery.

Mars Rx in Aquarius is poking the Sun in Cancer; changes of direction, new networks or groups or causes you’ve recently gotten involved with leads you to come out of your shell or conversely, makes you want to retreat. This influence also suggests some fine tuning regarding a focus on race and the simmering anger in the collective.

It is important to note:  At this point of the year we really start to feel a slow down as several planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde and not operating in their full capacity.  Keep this in mind as it will be difficult to make progress for the next several weeks. Expect a summer slow-down.

The Sun – Saturn showdown on the 27th adds to the slow down.  This brings a sobering or depressing vibe or feeling ‘up against it’ with timelines or schedules, or a clash between your personal and career lives.  You may have to strike a balance between caring and controlling.

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Full Moon Blessings and good vibes to All!

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Libra Lunar Eclipse

22 Mar

libra 1At this time of year we are trying to strike a balance between “I vs. we “and how we can negotiate and come to an agreement.  There is a need for fairness, equality and diplomacy. We want things to be even Steven.  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines its light- illuminating issues surrounding our efforts at compromise, cooperation and collaboration and also how we may feel about competition.  This is the time when our efforts at autonomy faces off with the need to partner up; whether this is in the romantic or business sense.  We may see negotiations come to a head at the time of this Lunar Eclipse or it could be that an important relationship turns a corner at the time of this Full Moon.  We could also see a turning point in some creative or artistic project we’re involved in.

Mercury in Aries is opposite this full moon and it may be that tact and diplomacy are out the window. There could even be angry words, or impatience in the tone of your voice or you are quick to voice your opinion.  It may also be that you have to make quick decisions or put together a plan of action.  It is best to think before speaking.  You may have to ‘bite your tongue’ in order to keep the peace.

Mars in Sagittarius is sextile the Full Moon lending some extra energy.  Things are spirited now and we could be feeling more adventurous and pushing our luck.  It could be that we are in the pursuit of knowledge or truth or fighting for freedom or rights.  There could also be an increase in aggressiveness or someone asserting their opinions and beliefs.  On another level, we may just want to get moving and get going; get outside into nature. It’s a good time to be active, do something physical like walking, running, biking or sports.

Jupiter in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius at the time of this Full Moon suggesting that now it is time for improving our systems and techniques, perfecting our skills and expanding our knowledge of our craft in order to secure our future. Competence and efficiency are being challenged and tested.  Health and well-being can be improved now by cutting out any excesses. We’re now able to be focused, disciplined and to use good judgement. This is also a good opportunity to get organized since we’re also able to be scrutinizing now knowing what is essential. This can also be a time when the workload is piling up and the responsibilities are numerous.    This time also gives us an opportunity to move beyond limiting beliefs that may be the source of feelings of insecurity, inferiority, fears of success, etc.

Jupiter in Virgo is also still engaged in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn suggesting that if we are disciplined and work hard, we can eliminate obstacles and blocks; the things that have been in our way, the things that we’ve held on to for a long time now. This could be in the form of limiting beliefs, bad habits or perhaps you’ve collected a lot of ‘junk’ over time and just need to clean out your closets.  Either way it is a good time to clean house and transform structures.

Saturn will retrograde just two days after this Eclipse so we have until August to give a once over to our accomplishments, goals or ambitions.  This backwards motion may feel as if our progress is being slowed or that we are being deliberately held back.  We may also have to re-evaluate what success means to us in our very own personal way and it may be quite different from what it means to the rest of society or what is thought of as socially acceptable. It could be that we need to take another look at our public role, parental role or reputation; or perhaps we need to review which areas of our lives where we’ll need to cut back or to show more discipline, authority or accountability.

Ceres, Chiron and the South Node are still traveling together in the same degree of Pisces at the time of this Lunar Eclipse, reminding us how we are all connected to nature, the natural world and the natural cycles. We need to get back to that and incorporate that wisdom into our everyday lives; giving our lives practical wisdom and spirituality.  Knowing our place and our role within these natural cycles and rhythms helps to give meaning to our lives.  These are important things to learn and live and equally important to teach these things to our children.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!


I am also happy to report that the DARK act and efforts to block the labeling of our food was defeated in Congress last week!  YAY!


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