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Virgo Full Moon

11 Mar

virgoAt this Full Moon in Virgo we could see the culmination of job situation or work project, or perhaps there is an issue with a co-worker, employee, hired hand or apprentice that comes to a head now.  We could also see a health issue come to light or a turning point with a health issue we’ve been dealing with.  It may even be a good time to find the right healer for you.  Matters of health, health care and healing are highlighted at this time including mental health.

Virgo is a sign associated with our everyday lives; our routines, the chores the paperwork, getting clean and organized, establishing healthy routines with diet and exercise, being efficient and skillful, handling all the details and making sure life runs smoothly.  The thing is, at this Full Moon, we still have quite a bit of energy across the sky in other worldly Pisces which can make us feel overwhelmed and inept at managing our mundane lives as it may be in striking contrast to our high ideals and grand visions.  There can be a sense of depression, negative thinking and self-defeatist attitudes creating the feeling of wanting to run, hide and reach for a bottle of Fukitol.

Mercury the ruler of Virgo is also in Pisces; clouding our minds and confusing our communications.  Or perhaps we want to dream the day away or to just retreat into silence and not have to communicate at all. The brain fog will life when Mercury makes his way into Aries just one day after this Full Moon and we may be more inclined to initiate a conversation or to come up with a plan of action then.

This Full Moon is in a harsh aspect to Task Master Saturn slapping us with a big dose of Reality and a need to face things with maturity. There is a lot of work, loads of responsibility and accountability, big obstacles, limited opportunity and growth and a need to conserve.   We’ll need to muster up some more patience and perseverance and to focus on the things that really matter.

There is a lot of tension surrounding this Full Moon but it’s not completely hopeless. Virgo is a sign known for having powers of discernment. Virgo is a good problem solver because of it’s need for perfection, it can see what is wrong in a situation and how to correct it.  This Full Moon may shed some light on just where we’ve gone wrong and what steps we need to take. We may be able to sort things out and make sense of things in a way that is useful, practical and helpful.

Some of the seeds planted near the New Moon Solar Eclipse back in September may also reach fruition now.

It is also possible that this Full Moon could shed light on some of the programming that we’ve organized our lives around and we’ll have to discern what is valid and useful in furthering our goals and what is just causing stress by worrying over all our imperfections.

We also have Chiron and Pallas conjunct in Pisces so this could be a very healing time though not without a few distressing moments.  We may be able to perceive subtleties, undercurrents and the interconnections to a situation; and see where we’ve made mistakes or hurt ourselves or what is causing our pain and what is the way through and the next step.  In terms of alternative healing this is a very good placement.

The opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries also connects with the Sun and the Moon creating tension and a need for adjustments.  As we are correcting imbalances and bringing things into alignment, there may be a period of adjustment and maybe symptoms or side effects.  Watch side effects of medications too.  On another level, this can put a strain on relationships and agreements and we may be walking a fine line between asserting our independence and freedom and making compromises.

Meanwhile, Venus is retrograde in Aries until April 15th.  The goddess of beauty and love, has gone into the underworld in the sign of the warrior creating a passive- aggressive, push-pull vibe.  There’s anger and irritation regarding others. This is a time to re-evaluate and perhaps renegotiate as you consider what you’re putting into and getting out of some agreements and relationships or situations involving co-dependence/independence/inter-dependence and your interactions with others.

The good news is that Jupiter in Libra also wants relationships and agreements that are meaningful or beneficial to all parties, and in alignment with our Truth.

More good news! Mars and Venus are now in Mutual Reception or having a favorable exchange of energies and able to work together. Mars is now in the earliest degrees of Taurus lending us endurance and enabling us to make sustained efforts.  We are motivated to establish something tangible and of value; moving forward one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.  If we started to feel our energies burning out while Mars was in the last degrees of Aries, this can aid us in steadying out a bit.



Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!



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Virgo Full Moon

21 Feb

virgoFMpicOn the Virgo Full Moon we could see matters concerning health come to a head.  Or it could be that we see a situation at work turn a corner. Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon is in Aquarius and conjunct Pallas so information could be coming in quickly or it could be that it keeps changing.  Situations with information and technology in the workplace may be highlighted during this time and there could be trouble shooting needed. It could also be that you are now willing to look at things from another perspective and think outside the box.  Change your thinking change your life.  Pallas in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius could also represent a champion for a cause.

This Full Moon is opposite Neptune conjunct Ceres in Pisces and it could be that information is not clear or you don’t have all of the facts yet.  On another level, it is important now to nurture ourselves and others with compassion, in particular those that may be afflicted with addictions or mental illnesses. Instead of being overly critical or judgmental, we need to be able to see their wounds reflected in ourselves and our own imperfections and to be willing to walk in the shoes of another. In matters of health and healing, alternative healing is highlighted now and the use of herbs, supplements, phytotherapy or hospice could also play a role.  Also, healing through vibration and crystals is also suggested or implied at this time.  It may be that these types of therapies are brought more into our awareness now and we may gain more knowledge about the healing effects of diet and using food as medicine as well as energy medicine. On another level, it could be that there are flooded crops or crops that are poisoned or toxic due to the effects of pesticides and GMO’s. These types of subjects may be brought to light and become more of a mainstream topic at this time.

We still have Jupiter and the North Node side by side in Virgo offering opportunities and guidance to our future path of service and/or healing and how to live our everyday lives to the fullest. We could be improving our health; learning a craft or deepening our skills; it could also be that mentor/apprentice relationships can play a role now.  This is also facing off with an opposition to Chiron in Pisces indicating that we are asked to go within and find our own inner truth, move beyond fears, insecurities and feelings of inferiority and to reconcile those wounds from the past and to let them go.  We need to learn from our mistakes. A major theme throughout the year suggests that we go back and finish old business.  With Mercury now in Aquarius, we may be able to look at a situation differently and can be open to a new approach.

Mars in Scorpio quincunx Vesta in Aries indicates that our dedication to our own self-interests may have to give way to efforts toward getting to the core of an issue for constructive or destructive purposes or for our aims at sharing or closeness.

Blessings to All at this Full Moon!


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Mars enters Virgo

15 Oct

October 15, 2013

Mars entered Virgo early this morning and will stay until December 6.  At this time our actions and energy is geared toward productivity, efficiency, and practicality. We’ll have nearly six weeks of this energy.  We can use this time to get clean and organized, or to de-clutter. So roll up those sleeves!  Virgo is the sign of work, service and health and it is a perfect time to start a new diet or exercise routine.  At this time we could be implementing a new schedule or creating new work habits in order to get the most out of each day.  We can use our powers of discrimination to see what works and what doesn’t.  Speaking of work, try to avoid any clashes with co-workers or it could be that you are doing some kind of activity or event, working on projects and spending more time with co-workers.  Virgo is also the sign of the craftsman (woman) so you may be working on a project of that nature.  With Virgo, practice makes perfect and it could also be that you are perfecting some sort of craft or technique.  We want to feel useful at this time.  If you fell a bit short on your goals at the Virgo New Moon back in September, you can certainly catch up now.  The last time Mars visited Virgo was back in mid November of 2011 for an extended stay (due to retrograde) until early July 2012.  You may want to think back to what projects you had going on back then.