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Gemini Full Moon

21 Nov


The Gemini Full Moon November 22nd -23rd brings attention to your perceptions, your ways of thinking or the way you see a situation. You can expect a few truth bombs to be lobbed into your thought bubble during this period.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius sits across the sky, close to the Sun giving a broader view and more understanding, while faced with beliefs, opinions and judgments of yourself or others that provokes or upsets some of the thought patterns and mental tapes rolling in your mind.

Mars in Pisces also takes a stab at this Full Moon.  Mars has spent most of the year in Capricorn and Aquarius due to being retrograde for some time and has just recently made his way into the emotional depths of Pisces.  Mars is fiery action and assertion – and in watery Pisces, can seem to lose his way.  This phase could arouse some of your self-destructive actions, doing things that aren’t good for you, fueling feelings of futility, doubt and uncertainty, bringing awareness to your mistakes, weaknesses and blind spots.    If this happens, know that it is being brought into your awareness so that you can make corrections.

Gemini also rules communications and information, there could be news you receive that runs counter to some of your beliefs.  There may be confusion now as there are twists and turns to a story or a multifaceted issue or situation with many players or moving parts containing undercover actions or moves behind the scenes that challenges ethics, the law or your sense of right and wrong.  It may be that something just doesn’t sit well with you.

This period could also bring a culmination to some of the plans and intentions set back in mid-June at the Gemini New Moon.  News, information or something you learn could add to your growing knowledge and wisdom, broadening horizons, increasing your opportunities and exploring your options stirring your imagination and distant vision inspiring you to act on intuition and faith.  Your dreams motivate you to encompass more and fit it into your daily comings and goings and surroundings.

Siblings, in-laws and neighbors are also highlighted now.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius is the ruler of this Full Moon and suggests some backtracking on your big plans for the future.  Mercury in Sagittarius is a “big picture” kind of thinker and if you’ve overlooked details, you may need to review and revise them now. Perhaps something you hear or learn has you doing an about face on some of your views and assumptions.  You know what they say when you assume.  Keep an open mind.  Mercury retrogrades from November 16th through December 6th, just in time for the holiday shopping season.  It’s not the best time to buy electronics, automobiles, appliances or anything with moving parts so save those purchases until Mercury is moving forward.

Additionally, Venus in Libra, now in forward motion as of November 16th is moving into a direct confrontation with Uranus in Aries, for the third and final time this year on November 30th.  Both are in critical degrees making this a grand finale of sorts. This brings shake-ups and break-ups to relationships and pocketbooks.  Look at September 11th -12th and October 30th – 31st to see if there is a common theme for you.

New Moon blessings and good vibes to all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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