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New Moon in Cancer

27 Jun

“Game birds feathering their nest” is the Sabian symbol for this New Moon in Cancer and some of you may be doing just that.  Jupiter has been in Cancer for the past year now putting home, family and domestic life first.  It’s possible you have a new place to call home; maybe you are buying or selling or doing renovations or redecorating and just making your home feel more spacious and comfy.  Some may find that their family is growing or maybe you’re living with an extended family.  This New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time for making plans on the home front.  This New Moon is also in a favorable aspect to Neptune in Pisces so you can dream and imagine it all.  You may be quite inspired today flooded with images at this time or reflecting on the past.  Moods, feelings and emotions may also be heightened and sensitized now.  Your ESP and gut reactions could be very telling.  Water and liquids of all types become important at this time also; oceans, lakes, flooding, etc.  Also oil.   Feelings could also be intense at this New Moon in an opposition to Pluto.  We may feel strongly about something at this time even to the point of obsession.  It may also be that we are being forced to confront how some of our instinctual and self-protective responses may create limitations, often self-imposed and how we might be able to let go of that.   It seems we may be ready for this now. 

This New Moon is also coming just a few days after the opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This aspect is unpredictable and could have brought you something new, exciting and surprising or something angry and unexpected.  These energies are still present at this time.  It may have involved agreements and equality or new groups and friends just as a quick example. 

Jupiter in Cancer forms a T-square to the Nodal Axis in Aries/Libra suggesting that we learn from our battles of the past (inner and outer) and challenges us to seek peace or to find a way to strike a balance in the future.