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Virgo Full Moon

19 Feb

I am ready to healThe Virgo Full Moon February 19th could bring matters of health and healing to a head.  It may be that some health issue is clearing up or requires attention. Maybe you start a new diet or exercise routine or find a new doctor, healer or protocol that resonates with you.  As the sign of work and service, it could be your job, employment or skills that are emphasized now.  Perhaps a situation with co-workers, employees, an apprentice, a helper or ‘handy man’ enters the picture.

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Virgo rules over details and organization so this is a great time to clear the clutter and put things in their proper place.  This is the time to make sure all your systems are running smoothly and to make corrections to perfect processes, programs and practices.  Efficiency and function are key as the what and how of what needs doing or fixing comes to light at this Full Moon.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, recently back in Aries and set to stay for the next seven years, contacts this Full Moon suggesting new or alternative techniques for self-healing, by making aggressive adjustments and corrections regarding health matters which may include a detox, cleanse or surgery to attack and correct.

Uranus in the last degree of Aries connects to the Full Moon assisting in making changes to your work, health and daily routines.  You can inject some excitement into your everyday to dodge the doldrums.

Mars in Taurus connects favorably to the Full Moon suggesting that you’re making deliberate attempts in reworking your daily routines. You can be firm in your pursuits, able to make sustained efforts at improving, correcting and mending and   the changes that you set in motion are likely to stick.

Just one day before the Full Moon, Venus and Saturn meet up in Capricorn seeding a new cycle for your financial goals and/or relationship status. You could be establishing a financial structure, dealing with long-term investments, retirement plans, etc. or maybe you’re trying to cut back on spending and curb cravings, using discipline, focusing on essentials only.  Perhaps you’re outlining a business, an organization, a timeline or a schedule.  You may be laying down boundaries in relationships or recognizing your role and responsibilities in a partnership or to those high-ranking relationships. You may only want to deal with people that are ‘real’ now.

Mercury and Neptune meet up in Pisces seeding a new cycle, blending intellect and imagination while connecting with Saturn in Capricorn. Your mind may want to wander, or you could feel spaced out, facts are fuzzy and information is unclear. You could experience misunderstandings so pay attention to what is being said so you’re not misled.  Luckily, stern Saturn in Capricorn connects favorably bringing some stability, assisting you to focus and concentrate, contrasting your reveries with reality.  Watch signing paperwork, it could contain errors and omissions and could obligate you for a long time.

On another level, this influence has a finely tuned creative sensitivity enabling you to be very perceptive, able to get subtleties and undercurrents of what is being said as words, images and feelings merge. You may even be able to attract and create what you imagine, able to visualize the details, molding and forming things to your liking.  Be mindful of your thoughts.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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