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Sagittarius Full Moon

17 May


The Full Moon on May 21st  is the FIRST of TWO FULL MOONS in the sign of SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius is the sign of the Seeker.  It is the part of the zodiac where we are full of wonder and guided by a sense of knowing.  This is where we are filled with a spirit of adventure and experience a broadening of our horizons. There is a lot of emphasis on Sagittarius this year as Saturn, a.k.a The Lord of Karma, is about half way through his 2 ½ yearlong tour, deepening our lessons and experiences; while Mars The Motivator has an unusually long stay due to his retrograde motion.  During this time, it seems that our growth has slowed in order to focus and to give meaning as we are in search of our own truth.

I can imagine that the Universe is saying something like this: If we are to co-create our lives and our reality and a New Earth, then we better get in alignment with our own truth.  So it appears we’ve been given the opportunity.  Remember, this is a year #9 in numerology signifying a year of completion and tying up loose ends.  At this point, we are nearly half way through the year already.

At this Sag Full Moon situations may come to light that brings up our faith, our beliefs and our feelings about what “God” means to us; whether it’s Spirit, Creator, Universe, etc.   With the Sun across the sky in Gemini, we may be questioning our beliefs, our existence and our supposed understanding of Life, Faith, Spirit and Soul.  Mars retrograde in Sagittarius is very close to this Full Moon so this is a very personal and internalized feeling as we come to our own conclusions.  For some, what has been taught, told or read will not suffice.  Some may even feel angry toward “God” at this time. Boundless Neptune in Pisces is at a distant orb from this Full Moon blurring the lines and enlivening the Mystery of All That Is. Maybe it is that no one knows anything at all.

On another level, it could be that we see a turning point in a legal matter.  Perhaps there is a questioning of morals, ethics or judgement as well as motives.  Additionally, there could be situations involving advertising, promoting, broadcasting, publishing or sales. Writing and speaking may also be highlighted now. Travel could be indicated too.

It may also be that our will and focus on factual communication or small talk is difficult as it faces off with an impulse for something more meaningful or a deeper understanding. It could also be that someone is forcing their opinion or rushing to judgement and feels the need to speak it.  There could be anger over a sense of right and wrong.  Alternatively, it is a good time to be outdoors; to get in touch with nature and to be active.  There may be a spirit of competition and we could be feeling adventurous and acting with daring confidence.

Jupiter is the ruler of this Full Moon and has been visiting Virgo since Mid-August of 2015 and will continue until September.  Jupiter only visits a sign once every twelve years.  During his time in Virgo, our growth has come through our every-day experiences.  It’s like on the job training.  During his stay, we may have an increased work load and many chores. We could be getting organized and problem solving; knowing how and where things fit and what needs to be done.  It is a time to improve our everyday lives and to find the significance in the seemingly ordinary.

Mercury is Stationing Direct in Taurus at the time of this Full Moon giving us the green light and a concentrated focus on some of our thoughts and plans having to do with security, comfort and values.

Mercury is in a favorable aspect to Jupiter in Virgo. This is a grounded energy. This suggests that financial plans are hinged on getting organized, improving systems and increasing productivity. Mercury is also in a quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius indicating that some tweaking is still needed in regard to shrinking excess, growing a business, increasing authority or expanding structures.  On another level, we may have thoughts about self-worth and self-acceptance that is conditioned by being able to move beyond any feelings of insecurity or inferiority; some tweaking is still needed in this regard as we continue working with crystalized beliefs and limiting patterns while learning to move beyond some of our boundaries.


Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!

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Sagittarius Full Moon

2 Jun

sag pic

This Full Moon falls in truth seeking, adventure loving Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is a sign associated with freedom, exploration, truth, our faith, our beliefs, philosophy and religion. The law and legal issues, and higher education as well as publishing, promoting, advertising and selling also fall in this category.  At this Sagittarius Full Moon we could see a culmination or turning point with any of those matters.  Also there could be dealings with people at a distance, foreign affairs, as well as matters of right and wrong, ethics, and faith. The Patriot Act seems to illustrate these energies.  It is set to expire just before this Full Moon and has been a hot topic.  It’s a Law where we have an invasion or interception of communications that must be modified to limit a consolidation of power and is also being debated as needing to make a trade off due to the necessity of gathering communications in order to block destructive forces.  That’s the debate in a nutshell with both sides of the argument in typical Gemini fashion.

Jupiter is the ruler of this Full Moon.  Jupiter has been in fun loving Leo since last summer and is in favorable aspect to this Full Moon.  During this period, we’ve been experiencing growth in the areas involving children, playing, creativity, our own inner child, love and romance. We may have had more opportunities to be playful and creative or expressive.  It has also given us growth in the area of our own inner sense of self, self-esteem and confidence.  We’ve been given the opportunity to get in touch with who we truly be; to grow into our own essence without apologies, without needing approval.  We are developing faith in ourselves and our abilities.   Jupiter is quincunx Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting there is an adjustment or modification needed.  We’ve been in the process of clearing away some of our old blocks and inhibitions and the things keeping us from being who we truly are in all of our authenticity.  While Jupiter is also in a good aspect with Uranus in Aries this is allowing for us to get in touch with a new frequency, raising our vibration to a new level.  We’ve been at this for some time now.  Saturn is a stabilizing influence is in Sagittarius, keeping us from going too far too fast.  The situation with Bruce Jenner unveiling himself as Caitlin Jenner is a good example of these energies.

Across the sky from this Full Moon we have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini where there seems to be an urge to communicate or debate. There could be heated words, aggressive moves, or fast talk, and it may be that someone is trying to push their point or to promote their agenda.  Be careful while driving.  There also seems to be a lot of comings and goings, twists and turns or many points and sides to a situation.

Mercury is retrograde right now, and again touches the 7th degree of Gemini and aligns with the North Node in Libra. It would seem that there is a message repeated that we may have missed, something we’ll need to re-learn, to listen or to hear again, listen.  We may be covering old ground with a certain conversation, or a piece of correspondence or information or perhaps our perception of any of those things.  We may have to look at things from a different perspective in order to see our path and to move forward.

Neptune in Pisces is challenging the clarity of anything said, or written so this is not a good time for signing anything.  Actions taken now may lead you to an unintended outcome.  Again, watch driving and water on the roads or flash floods.  On another level, Neptune could inspire nonverbal communications or visions; perhaps heightening and sensitizing our perceptions.  There could also be thoughts and conversations about religion, faith or spirit the days surrounding this Full Moon.

Jupiter Rx in Cancer

7 Nov

Today, Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion will retrograde in Cancer until early March 2014.  During this time we may have to turn inward and to test society’s  beliefs, including religious beliefs, philosophies, prejudices, morals and sense of right and wrong against our own when it comes to ideas of family, home, comfort, tradition, race, ethnicity, roots, nurturing, care taking, security, safety and even ‘homeland security’.  It’s a time of inner expansion where you can find out how you feel about those ideas. They’ll need to be measured and tested against your own and you’ll have to judge things for yourself and come to find your own truth. 

A few examples of the manifestation of this energy can be seen in the local news.  This week on the “Today Show” they are highlighting stories of adoption.  There was a segment on the NBC news last night about ‘unconditional parenting’.  There was also a story on the news about people taking issue with prayer at a town board meeting.  This was because the prayer was of one faith while leaving out another board members’ faith.  These are just a few minor examples and you may see how this is relevant in your personal life.