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Aries New Moon

3 Apr

Open-DoorThe New Moon in Aries April 5th begins a new cycle of initiation and action.  Mars, the ruler of Aries is now in Gemini you may be thinking and acting quicker, on the move and able to multi-task.  Get up and get going – walking, running or bike riding are good ways to use the energy.

Mars also connects with Chiron and Vesta in Aries, providing motivation and dedication in self-healing, being vigilant in your new routines. You could feel energized, like you’re on the threshold of something new, access granted with keys in hand as you’re ready to enter this new phase.  Alternatively, there could be security a breach or loophole. Vesta is also associated with sexual complexes and topics involving new ways of healing or dealing with these matters could come up now.

Saturn in Capricorn throws a dig at the New Moon reminding you to slow down, focus on essentials, concentrate on what’s important, be disciplined and define goals.

Mercury and Neptune are still closely connected so the details may be a bit fuzzy but soon you will begin to put form to visionary plans for the long term when Mercury contacts Saturn in just a few short days on the 7th.

April 10th   Jupiter in Sagittarius will retrograde April 10th through August 11th this is a time for growth and development from within, and an inner search for meaning and truth.

Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL at this New Moon!

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Aries New Moon March 30

29 Mar

This New Moon in Aries is closely conjunct Uranus making things surprising, unpredictable and possibly exciting.  It certainly shouldn’t be boring and if it happens to be, than you may breathe a sigh of relief and consider yourself somewhat lucky.  This New Moon could have us wanting to ‘break free’.  On some level, in some area of life, a change is indicated or needed, though not always welcomed.  This lunation could also clue you in on what is to come in the near future when the Cardinal Grand Cross perfects later in April. (More on that to come) Many people are being challenged beyond their breaking point lately.  Please try and find your inner strength and hang in there! We are all being urged if not forced to make radical changes in our lives.  It’s not all bad though.  Some may feel a sense of excitement and exhilaration about the future. 

Juno also makes her presence felt at this New Moon and could affect our relationships with the people we’re close to.  We may sense a feeling of wanting ‘something different’ or the need to ‘break free’ or there’s some sort of a new beginning in the relationship department.  This could ruffle and rattle you or it could be a welcomed breath of fresh air. 

Mars has been retrograde in Libra upsetting the peace and the balance, pushing for cooperation, agreements and equality.  There could be fighting about things that are “not fair”.  Mars in Libra makes a trine to his Lover Venus in Aquarius, suggesting that we can push for agreements and cooperation while appreciating our differences; possibly coming up with solutions good for everyone.  In relationships, if we’ve been keeping a lid on things just for the sake of peace, it may be the time to ruffle some feathers, pose ultimatums, or possibly make a break for it altogether.  This New Moon could highlight the fact that we can’t “all just get along” but with the recent shift of the North Node into Libra, we’re going to need to learn and align ourselves with a future path of peace.

The Aries New Moon shines in the place where we go after what we want, where we start something new, or we take the initiative and dare to be bold. At this time we may also be made aware of our aggressiveness, our impetuousness, and our selfishness, and where we make thoughtless choices that are unfair to others and cause alienation.