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Taurus New Moon

3 May

green picThis New Moon on May 6th is in the Earthy sign of Taurus and it makes several aspects this month. This could be an enlivened or eventful time in regard to our sense of security and worth.

Aside from money and values, Taurus is in charge of the five senses; this is when we want most to appeal to our senses and indulge; to revel in how beautiful something looks, feels, smells, tastes and sounds.   We may want nothing more than to cozy up in the comfort of beautiful surroundings and feel our Earthly connection.  This is a great time for “Earthing”; that is, to walk on the Earth barefoot; I never could keep shoes on my Taurus baby outside in the back yard; or perhaps you could plant some beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables.  It doesn’t matter what you choose; our rapport and attunement to nature and gratitude for all its abundance is what matters now.

Venus is the ruler of this New Moon and she’s on her home turf now in Taurus.  With Venus now in her own sign, we very much want to feel good. We’re able to attract abundance. We just need to watch that our contentment doesn’t turn to complacency or that we don’t overindulge or over-spend.  We want to feel valued and appreciated and to also show our love and affection to others.  We may be creating something of value or beauty now; or perhaps there could be appreciation and accolades coming your way.  Venus is also engaged in a tense aspect with her lover Mars so at this time they don’t see eye to eye and one may have to give way to the other. In other words, what we want and how we go and get what we want is in need of some tweaking.  Someone may try to force their opinion or it may be that we must now make adjustments in order to align our values with our emerging truth.  We may have to ask ourselves if what we’re doing for money or security is in line with the truth in our hearts and if we are honest about our intentions and motivations.  We may be rethinking and re-prioritizing.

At this time, we now have FIVE planets retrograde.   It is very rare to have so many planets retrograde at once.  This means that there is a lot of review, backtracking and covering old ground at this time with very little forward movement.  This has been the theme all this year.  The Universe has been repeatedly making us aware that there is a lot of work to do; and that we should be spending this time problem solving, troubleshooting, improving systems and tying up loose ends not trying to gain ground.  We have to get things right before we can move on to the next level.

The planets that are currently retrograde are:

Mercury the Messenger in Taurus ; giving us the opportunity to revisit any financial plans and to rethink our security needs, Mars the Motivator in Sagittarius allowing us to pursue things that have meaning for us and that are more in alignment with our emerging truth, Generous Jupiter in Virgo providing an overview of how the pieces fit, what needs to be fixed and how to do it, Saturn the Manifestor in Sagittarius limiting anything extraneous so we can narrow our focus and Pluto the Transformer in Capricorn eliminating what holds us back and assisting us in recognizing our own power and the reforming, recycling or resurrecting of structures, policies or roles.

Mercury Rx in Taurus is very close to this New Moon giving us time to review our thoughts on security and financial planning. We may need to revisit the details of an account or an association. People and relationships from the past could crop up now.   It is also possible to attract money at this time.  We may also be thinking about the things and people we love and about what is important to us and the steps we need to take in order to be remain or become sound.

Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn both make a favorable aspect with this New Moon.  We can use this time to problem solve, get organized, learn and perfect a skill, do home improvement, improve diet and exercise routine, promote services, improve systems, see what needs doing and remove any obstacles.

On another level this is also about the removal of walls built and moving beyond any beliefs and feelings of insecurity or inferiority and experiencing a sense of self-worth.

The New Moon forms a tense aspect with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius suggesting that in order to feel comfortable and secure that we are going to have to cut back on any excesses and indulgences. We may have to make adjustments in our wants and our priorities.  This may require a tighter budget or stricter diet. It may be obvious that our schedules are full and responsibilities are many.  It may also suggest that what we’re doing to provide comfort and security may have to be tweaked so that we’re in alignment with something that provides more meaningful experiences as well as a solid future.  This may have us testing our faith or certain beliefs and assumptions and reviewing our ideas and thoughts on security and what achievement, accomplishment and success mean to us.  The biggest question to ask is, Is it true for me?

This Taurus New Moon may help us to get a handle on just what it is they we find valuable and what we need to feel secure.

Blessings of Abundance to ALL at this Taurus New Moon!

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