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2nd Libra Full Moon

19 Apr

mirrorsApril 19 is the Libra Full Moon- this is the second Full Moon in Libra – a rare occurrence, as the Universe gives a double dose of lessons on relationships, partnerships, give and take, agreements, compromise, cooperation, competition, indecision and opposition.  It also gives another opportunity to bring matters out into the open to be confronted.

This is an important message given by the Universe as it’s a rare occurrence to have two Full Moons in the same sign.

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Venus in Pisces, the ruler of this lunation, contacts the Full Moon suggesting that you may have to modify your expectations of others to avoid disappointment and bring relationships into alignment with who you are and who you are becoming while dealing with others as they are and not as you wish them to be.  You must be true to yourself if you want any of your relationships or arrangements with others to stand a chance.  Those mis-aligned will fade out of the picture.

You may recall back in 2018, Venus, the ruler of Libra, retrograded through her own sign, Libra and then Scorpio; drawing attention to all of your associations, how you get on with others, the mirroring of yourself through others, how you feel about yourself, your self-worth and how you allow others to treat you.  Many relationships and even karmic ties ended or changed dramatically during that period.

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Juno in Gemini aligns perfectly with this lunation allowing for discussions and intellectual rapport in partnerships.

Mercury and Chiron also connect in Aries now bringing healing conversations and mental health.

Full Moon Blessings and Good Vibes to ALL!


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Friday the 13th Full Moon

12 Jun

Friday the 13th Full Moon in Sagittarius

This Sagittarius Full moon may have us feeling a bit adventurous or maybe we feel the need for some freedom or room to roam, perhaps we want to travel and explore or learn something new but we’ll have to move out of our comfort zone if we’re to fulfill any wanderlust we may feel at this time. It could also be that we have learned of an opportunity or a truth that requires that we modify our former assumptions or opinions. 

At this full moon, it is also possible that we could be turning a corner in regard to a legal issue, or an advertising, publishing or promotional campaign possibly requiring us to modify our niche; to do things a bit out of our ‘norm’; and to adjust the way that we’ve always done things.  We have been being urged by Jupiter in Cancer for the last year to come out of our shells and to move beyond conditioned responses and habitual patterns, and to stop being so overly protective or insecure. 

Jupiter in Cancer may have also put real estate, property, home and family matters in the forefront for the past year.  Whether you were buying or selling, remodeling and expanding or even growing your family, Jupiter has been broadening our horizons on the domestic scene for nearly a year now.  Jupiter will move out of Cancer in mid-July not to return for twelve years. 

Jupiter is the ruler of this Sag Moon and in quincunx aspect requiring our beliefs, assumptions or opinions from the past to be modified with our faith in the future and to live with our current truth.

Mars in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn at the time of this Full Moon.  This is not an easy aspect and in some extreme cases could produce violence.  Mars has been in Libra since the beginning of 2014 and the planet of action isn’t all that comfortable in the sign of Peace and harmony.  We’ve all been feeling that tension for a while now.  It may be that you were feeling that you were spinning wheels trying to come to some kind of agreement or decision, and you may have felt that you were getting nowhere.  It could be that you or someone else (like an opponent) has been trying to upset the peace, or force a confrontation.  There may have been a lot of things to be considered, options to be weighed, decisions needing to be made but things seemed stalled or ‘up in the air’.  It may also be that you need to initiate contact, cooperation or collaboration with another to help eliminate some of the things that seem to hold you back. 

Mars is now in direct motion and will soon cross the degree of the Cardinal Grand Cross that peaked back in late April.  If you felt extreme tension then, this issue could surface again.   It could also be that there is a break in an agreement or a breach of contract that is challenging something that may have seemed guaranteed and set in stone, there could be a violation of trust or ethics, or the power and control of some authority may be challenged or there’s an upset to a consolidation of power.  Perhaps it is financial such as a commitment of resources like a loan or mortgage.  In fact, issues regarding joint finances or resources, shared responsibilities, insurance claims and policies, inheritances and estates, taxes and even divorce or divorce settlements may be important at this time. 

Saturn in Scorpio and Venus in Taurus are also in an opposition at the time of this Full Moon.  This is not a very fun aspect either as it pits comfort, pleasure and security against duty, obligation and responsibility.  Boo.  It may also be that what we attract or desire runs counter to our commitments or to the reality of our resources.  This could be felt in our love lives and relationships or in our wallets. We may also want to recognize our consumption vs. conservation where our resources are concerned even natural resources like water.  It is possible to make the most from this aspect if you are willing to work to build something up in the long term and delay gratification. 

Chiron, The Wounded Healer is also very important at this time and in a favorable aspect to Saturn and Venus (to the exact degree and minute!).  It could be that if you can’t get what you want at this time, then it may affect your sense of self-worth.  Or it may be that a psychological button is pushed causing the need to refine and reform our value systems, beliefs and structures that we’ve built our lives upon.  It is also possible that Chiron’s presence here acts as a bridge to materialize that which we desire at this time. 

Blessings and good Vibes to All on this very rare and special Friday the 13th Full Moon