Aries New Moon

9 Oct


Things are coming to a head at this Aries Full Moon Super Moon and boy can we feel it!  What a contrast to the last ten months. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon reads, “An open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia”.  It may really feel like a breath of fresh air now and that life is full of abundance, opportunity and possibility.  It may come on quite suddenly and unexpectedly; like the flip of a switch.

Turn and face the strange ch ch changes….

Uranus is very close to this Full Moon so there is a buzzing of excitement and unpredictability.  Changes are happening and they’re happening fast.  There is a feeling that anything goes as we move into the future.  There are new friends and new groups. Networking and technology may also become important to you now. There may be breaks and break throughs, startling insights and revelations, changes are initiated and you may adopt new ways of acting or behaving. Life feels as if it’s  speeding up.

Juno in Scorpio also makes her presence known at this Full Moon and we may be making adjustments and reviving some of our relationships or reforming how we relate to others. Issues of power, control, jealousy, manipulation and abuse as it relates to women or women’s groups may come up now.   Alternatively Juno is also associated with hostessing, hospitality, etiquette, décor, enhancements and the arts; perhaps these matters come into focus for you now.

Well I won’t back down. No I won’t back down. 

You can stand me up at the gates of Hell but I won’t back down.

Mars is the ruler of this Full Moon and is currently in high reaching Capricorn. Mars is moving in on a meet up with powerful Pluto.  This is raw power here and we can move mountains at this time.  We are pushing toward our goals and making progress even if it is not immediately obvious or gratifying.  We could be breaking barriers and reforming structures. There could also be power struggles with authority. Use this energy wisely. 

Mars is also contacting Mercury and Jupiter in Libra and as we are pushing toward our goals, we’re moved to make commitments that stimulate lots of big plans, details, legal paperwork, contracts and negotiations. It is possible that some of these negotiations are also pushing our boundaries or requiring lots of maturity and adulting.  It’s also possible that we’re weighing our options, assessing our situation and what and where to direct our efforts now; motives are deliberate and  we are cautious about which actions we take or we could just be procrastinating and stuck in indecision.

Mars also aligns with the North Node suggesting that the concrete actions that we take, the responsibilities, work and all of details we’re dealing with serve a practical purpose in our future.

Saturn in Sagittarius is also squaring off the Nodal Axis.  This is challenging us to ground in practical wisdom, taking what we have learned from experience, a test of our faith and knowledge, sense of right and wrong  and in how we use our gifts and skills; how we use our intuition and guidance in a way that is practical, useful and of service.  The limitations that we may feel now could be in order to focus on the bigger picture.

Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!

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