Pisces Lunar Eclipse

14 Sep


This Pisces Lunar Eclipse on September 16 is looking to be a time of higher sensitivity, on both the emotional and psychic planes.  There are several complex energies at work now and lot’s going on behind the scenes.  Things that were hidden may come to light. This is a South Node Eclipse so there is a lot coming up that is tied to the past.

Chiron pairs up to this eclipse and it could be very emotional. There is a lot coming up from the depths as we are reconciling many of our past wounds.  OUCH!

This is like a turning point or a threshold.

 Mercury Rx in Virgo is also connected to this eclipse and our critical minds must also confront many images; some quite unpleasant. For some, there could be faded memories coming up of random conversations and thoughts, more dreams or even nightmares, images and feelings running through our minds perhaps going over it again, analyzing it.  Faults, flaws, mistakes, imperfections, inadequacies, addictions, victim mentality, guilt, shame, images, ideals, illusions and delusions all come to light.  If this should happen, surrender to it. Just go with this and be in it for a time instead of trying to escape it and mask it so that you can release it once and for all

We’ve been in a process of purging and this is like the last squeeeeeeeeze, the final push.

There is a lot happening on other planes, on a psychic level.  Many people may not be all that aware of it but there are many people that feel that something is going on.  We may be going over these instances, occurrences, odd experiences and effects in our minds, reviewing, analyzing or questioning some of our experiences; trying to make sense of it.  Good luck as it doesn’t really fit in to our designated box.

We are challenged to strike a balance between some of our higher senses and make practical use of it.

On a more mundane level, we may also be re-doing plans as we need to reconcile it with a much grander vision.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  You might be going over paperwork and getting things sorted and ordered. You could be re-doing, re-ordering or re-working something to bring it closer to your vision but in a way that works in real life not just in our imagination, though it starts there.

The Saturn Neptune square is still very much a part of the energies tied to this eclipse.  We are confronting many fears and illusions and having to get real on many fronts.  Perhaps there is a need to sacrifice something.  Saturn in Sagittarius has been increasing our responsibilities, slowing our growth, limiting our opportunities and narrowing our focus. The lines are blurred and our faith is being tested big time.  On another level, there are porous boundaries now between reality and the fantastic. It’s as if there are holes in our reality constructs, the veil is thinner and time dissolves.   It is difficult to navigate.

Mars the Motivator in Sagittarius connects in a tense angle with this Eclipse.  Our aims are at getting to the truth.

The actions that we take must be aligned with what is true for us; something that we believe in, something that feels right to us.

 If it’s not true for you it’s not going to work.  The challenge is that things are not clear and confusing, there are many unknowns and all the while we want it to work perfectly according to our plans. Aaaaaaaah silly humans!  Not only that but it’s as if we want or need a guarantee and there are none right now.  The only thing getting us by is our faith and belief that we’re on the right track.  But what if we’re not?  Then the fear sets in.  The question, I guess, is to ask yourself if you’re going to manifest a fear based reality or one that is in alignment with who you actually are.  None of this is easy.  In fact, it may be downright fucking terrifying.  Hang in there.

Mars is also square Chiron in Pisces and there may be some zings of truth that needles a sore spot making us want to retreat and escape; whatever escape means to you, drugs, food, sex, sleep, etc. The truth hurts they say and this could be one of those instances.  Watch using the “truth” to hurt people on purpose.  Hurt people hurt so let’s try and be mindful and break this cycle. Go for forgiveness and compassion instead.  We’re truly all in this together. Hold your breath count to ten.


Don’t despair!! As shitty as Mars square Chiron can feel, Mars makes a favorable aspect to Uranus in Aries and we could see a break through, liberation or breaking free. Things feel as though they’re speeding up after the slow pace all year.

There is a push for expansion, exploration and freedom that could give rise to a new awareness and awakenings, and a few aha moments so that you can make adjustments and initiate changes.  There is a new frequency, a new vibration, an excitement. There could also be new friends or groups. Networking and technology could also play a role in this.

Venus is in her own sign of Libra but this Goddess of beauty and love is taking a few hits at the time of this Eclipse.  In matters of love, we could have break-ups, shake-ups or, perhaps there could be someone new and out of the blue. Finances can be unsteady and unstable too.

Alternatively, we could also be connecting with others, attracting support, or have more social engagements with those that have common goals and interests.

It could be that we are sizing up our relationships and important others, we may be assessing what is important to us, or perhaps we are evaluating our finances, we may even be doing an appraisal of our own self-worth. Any and/or all of these things coming up will show us the weak points so that we’re able to do some tweaking, initiate some changes and try to regain our balance.

Dizzy…I’m so dizzy my head is spinning…..

The good thing is that Venus and Mars are in an agreeable aspect so what we desire and how we go about getting it are working harmoniously.  When we evaluate our values and take actions based on what is true and right for us, we feel in alignment. We’re going for honesty and authenticity and willing (or forced) to make the changes to get there.

May the Starz shine upon YOU at this Pisces Lunar Eclipse!

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