Near miss Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

11 Aug


This Full Moon in Aquarius is a bit special. It’s a Lunar Eclipse in Astrology – although it’s a “near miss” in the Astronomical definition and won’t be visible here on Earth.  Eclipses are very significant in Astrology and can bring important changes.  Eclipses come in pairs and this Eclipse season we’re getting an ‘extra’ eclipse. This Eclipse August 18th will be the first of three; the others are not far behind kicking off the month of September.

August and September are very active energy wise and there’s a lot happening on a vibrational level these days as we start shifting gears.  You may have been feeling it already.

And now it’s time for a breakdown:

At this time we may see a turning point within a group or group project we’re involved in, with a friend or within our social circle, or perhaps it has to do with networking and social media or some futuristic utopian dream. Aquarius is the humanitarian and change maker of the zodiac so we may want to shake things up, or do things differently now.

You say you want a revolution…well ya know, we all want to change the world.

Uranus, the ruler of this Aquarius Full Moon is in a favorable aspect to the Moon.  There is potential to initiate changes that align with our futuristic vision and our new vibration. We get a little elbow room now to revel in our inner oddball or rebel.  As always with Uranus, there are revelations, awakenings and surprises in store and you can expect the unexpected.

Just days before this Full Moon, on August 13th, Uranus in Aries also connected with Jupiter in Virgo.  These two don’t come together often.

Jupiter has been in Virgo for the past year and will soon depart; Uranus connected and conferred with Jupiter just prior to this near miss Eclipse and just prior to Jupiter’s exit next month.  This suggests that there are adjustments and modifications underway. While Jupiter has been in Virgo these past months, it has increased our desire to do better and be better and in the process has given us great powers of discrimination and discernment.  The whole year has been about problem solving, trouble shooting, improving processes, systems and procedures; weeding things out and making repairs.

Sometimes this comes in the form of exaggerating and enlarging an issue in order to bring it to our attention so that we can find solutions. Whatever that may mean for you.

It could be that we’ve been working more, taking on more in our schedules, doing home improvements and chores, working on improving our health and trying to improve our everyday lives. It has also been just as important to find the meaning in the common and seemingly ordinary experiences as well as having a positive outlook and attitude toward service and the mundane.  On another level, we may be moving beyond certain insecurities, feelings of inferiority and outworn programming. We’ve been able to get a detailed overview which yields in us perhaps having a break through and initiating some long needed changes.  We have only a few weeks left to use the power of Jupiter in Virgo.

Roll up your sleeves, get to work and get organized because you won’t have this kind of backing for another twelve years!

Mercury in Virgo is on his way to a conjunction with Jupiter and is also in the mix with Uranus. There may be a lot of detailed information-information overload even.  It may even be that information is coming in quickly, erratically and changing. Technology and data could be unreliable. Perhaps a conversation or news you hear comes as a shock.  These are just a few examples. We may need to go over things with a fine toothed comb in a sense.  There are lots of conversations and big plans being made.  Everything will have to be put in its proper place. It’s like a long “to do” list.  Again, there are changes, modifications and adjustments.  There’s a whole lotta’ tweaking going on.  It may also have to do with technology, new friends or groups or even a change in direction.

Mercury will retrograde in Virgo at the end of the month so we will be covering old ground, revising, revisiting and repeating.

Mercury and Jupiter are also opposite Chiron in Pisces so health matters may also be highlighted at this time; even addictions and mental illness too. There could be conversations and questions about health or visits with doctors or healers.  Maybe you link up with the right healer or doctor for you. There may also be something missed or misdiagnosed, mis-information, wrong medications, allergies, reactions and symptoms.  Again, with Mercury going retrograde in its own sign at the end of the month we may be retelling and reiterating our stories and covering old ground. We may be able to get the big picture on how the pieces fit, what’s wrong, what needs to be repaired as well as some practical solutions and detailed plans for the future.

Keep in mind that 2016 is a year number nine in numerology.  This brings things to a conclusion.  We’ve also had a lot of Mutable energies this year, keeping things a bit unstable, fluid and changeable. It has been necessary to learn to go with the flow which is not easy for everyone.  Let’s look at it like this, The Universe gives us a whole year to make adjustments and prepare for a new cycle! Perspective right??

Venus in Virgo makes a favorable aspect to Pluto in Capricorn at this Full Moon suggesting that we now want things that are pure which leads to an elimination of blockages and build up and damage from long ago.  We could even spend money on healthier and purer ingredients or perhaps on health, healers and healing modalities. In matters of love and money we can be very practical now which works well with our shared commitments. Venus isn’t very comfortable in Virgo so we may be too picky for shopping or dating as we’re looking for the “One”. We may also desire perfection in our loved ones now to the point of being critical but meaning to be helpful or useful which can give rise to power struggles or resentment or alternatively, in disciplined control and authority.  We could also enjoy tidying up and getting things orderly and getting rid of old and outworn things or upcycling and finding practical new uses for old things.

Mars is also approaching a meetup with Saturn in Sagittarius.  Mars, the planet of action, was in retrograde motion from April until the end of June.  When Mars is retrograde our energies don’t have the full force behind them.  Saturn will turn to direct motion on August 13th.

It seems that just when we’ve got things going and moving along, Mars meets up with Saturn, slowing us down; if not halting us altogether.

Watch bones, knees and teeth. This aspect is exact on August 24th but we’ll already feel its effects by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  This is happening in Sagittarius, the sign of the Seeker. This sign rules over our faith, beliefs, opinions, world view, judgements, ethics and sense of right and wrong, as well as our growth, luck and optimism.  These are some of the things being tested and needled now.  Saturn has been in Sagittarius all year demanding that we slow down and cut out excesses; throwing blocks in our way and not allowing for any short cuts. We will have to make a disciplined and deliberate effort if we want to move forward at all.  It will be easy to be angry and frustrated now. Progress will be slow and patience is needed.  The good thing is that both planets will at least be in direct motion. It could be that our efforts have potential for long term effects on the future but don’t expect instant gratification.  Mars is also firing up the tension between Saturn and Neptune and sparking a demand for strict truth, a straight line and following the letter of the law while being challenged by confusion, lies, blind spots, flaws, weaknesses, addictions, illnesses, flubs and mistakes.  We’ve been dealing with their battle all year, the battle between fantasy and reality and the boundless vs. boundaries and blurring the lines.  Mars energizing this pattern can also be useful so that our actions are geared toward manifesting our goals and visions for the future and assisting in co-creating our reality.

May the Stars shine upon YOU on this Full Moon near miss Lunar Eclipse!

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