Second Sagittarius Full Moon

20 Jun

summer solstice picThis Full Moon in the expansive sign Sagittarius is a rare and powerful Full Moon.  It’s the second Full Moon in this sign. It also falls in the last degree of a sign which is considered a “critical degree”; this represents an ending before a beginning; a turning point and choices.  It also happens to fall on the same day as the summer solstice where the symbolism suggests that we’re increasing in light; some suggest it is a gateway moving toward ascension.  At this time we may see situations regarding faith, beliefs and prejudice coming to a head now.  Other topics that may come to light or reach a turning point now may have to do with travel, people abroad, universities and higher education, broadcasting, publishing and legal issues.

Jupiter is the ruler of this Full Moon and links up with the North Node in Virgo; this suggests that there is reason to be optimistic and to have faith in the future.  Alternatively, it could be that our future path paves the way for discrimination and judgment for one’s faith or beliefs, life’s philosophy, etc.  Or we may see an increase of intolerance for people from other countries, cultures and/or ways of life etc.

Again, Choices right?

It appears that we’re being given an opportunity to be able to choose which thoughts, beliefs and opinions are going to shape our reality.

Just days before the Full Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces made another exact square.  They’ve been connecting with each other all year. This brings a clash between reality and fantasy.  This influence is testing our grip on reality, testing our faith and beliefs, our sense of right and wrong.  Jupiter in Virgo has also been connecting with these planets; with the three of them at odds, the challenge has been in letting go of illusions, addictions, afflictions, our blind spots and escaping the prison of our own making by moving beyond self-imposed limitations and limiting beliefs or a rigid world-view while increasing our responsibility and accountability.   The year has been full of problem solving and troubleshooting while trying to improve our systems, our processes, procedures, our health and daily routines; to learn by doing and gaining experience as well as improving our attitudes toward service. It is also important to just find the meaning and the magick in everyday experiences and how that is interconnected to something larger and that this indeed is just as much a part of reality.  The lines certainly seem to be blurred lately. Have you taken a look around lately and said to yourself, “is this really happening?” That can apply to several situations and circumstances; wouldn’t you say?


Mars is Rx in Scorpio and makes a tense aspect to Uranus in Aries conjunct Ceres.  This may suggest that efforts at transformation are on an inner level and yields a new frequency or vibration. We can shed our skin and have an awakening of identity by nurturing our unique selves and having a sense of belonging in our own skin.

Blessings to ALL at this special Full Moon!


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