Gemini New Moon

31 May

gemini imageWhoa! This New Moon on June 4th has a lot going on. Be open to being open and be prepared to multi-task! We now have several planets putting their two cents in as this New Moon aligns in the Mutable Grand Cross pattern.

Here’s the break-down: Venus, the Sun and Moon link up together in the same degree of Gemini at this time. The other three planets involved in this pattern, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are slower moving and have been connecting with each other all year. We seem to be pulled in different directions simultaneously making it difficult to commit to any one in particular. This is posing a challenge and we may feel restless, scattered and lack focus. The key is to remain flexible and adaptable. There is a lot of change, movement and adjustment needed at this time in many areas of our lives. This is a contrast to the energies of the last few years where we had a lot of changes; some of those changes may have been sudden, unexpected, revolutionary, fated and irrevocable. Now, the current changes are more about making the adjustments to a new normal ; this is more of a transitional period at the end of a cycle before we begin anew. It is also a year number Nine in Numerology which symbolizes completion. The Universe is giving us the opportunity to slow down, get our ducks in a row so that we can wrap things up before moving on to the next phase.

This New Moon is in the cerebral sign Gemini. Gemini energies govern how we perceive information and communicate. At the time of this New Moon we are to sow seeds in these areas. Its as if we are being challenged now in the way that we think and speak. You may want to ask yourself what type of inner dialogue that you have going on that’s based on outdated patterns of belief that hold you back and keep you blind to the Truth.

The Universe is giving us two Full Moons in Sagittarius, the sign of the Seeker. We’ve had one already. At the last Full Moon we may have seen a turning point where our beliefs and opinions are concerned. Maybe something came to light for you. Perhaps we found ourselves questioning some of the things we thought were true, or our internal sense of right and wrong, and our judgment scale to make sure that we still feel that way…or not. Now at this Gemini New Moon we can sow our seeds so that our thinking is aligned with our Truth. If perception creates our reality, then we better get clear on what we think and believe. Right?

Mercury is the ruler of this New Moon and is now moving forward in Taurus. This may have our thoughts grounded and providing us with enough mental stability to be able to keep plodding along. Alternatively, it may be that in some areas of our lives, we are mentally stuck, spinning our wheels.

Mars the Motivator is still retrograde, now in the sign of Scorpio and making his way to a confrontation with Mercury in Taurus. This is enabling us to dive into murkier waters so we may penetrate the core of some of the darker aspects of life. The kind of things that ignite our passion or spark feelings of jealously, resentment, bitterness, hatred, violence etc. so we can try to understand where these feelings originate from, what affect it has and what we can do about it. This may allow us to recognize and let go of these things so that we can establish new patterns of reasoning.

Venus is very close to this New Moon and we may be attracting communications and interactions with others. Maybe we’re bouncing ideas off of others or need the opinion of someone older and more experienced. Perhaps we have some friendly chats with neighbors or maybe we are spending time with siblings. We may desire variety or swiftness at this time. Nothing will be happening as fast as we want and we may not be able to keep up if it did. It’s also possible that we are enjoying gossiping, small talk, or just driving around the neighborhood or close by, running errands here and there. It could also be that we are captivated by certain facts or enjoy learning something now. You may even be dealing with financial documents calling for some legal authority or advice.

Saturn Rx in Sagittarius is across the sky and has his say at this New Moon. This suggests we may have to integrate some new thoughts or facts into a limited world view or they may even go head to head with some rigid opinions. Gemini energies are a bit superficial, skimming the surface while Sagittarius wants to get at the meaning behind the words; and Saturn here demands it. Saturn has been testing our faith and our knowledge lately as well as our grasp on reality. Saturn also demands that we slow our growth, cut excess, take responsibility and to find the meaning of our experiences in ordinary every day life and to see the interconnected oneness and significance while integrating this into our thinking. This may seem to run counter to Gemini’s fickle nature and need to compartmentalize.

We may also be gaining experience, increasing our authority, stepping up with accountability or playing a bigger role; this is stimulating a need to get organized, increase efficiency, take on more in our schedules, problem solve and make improvements as is suggested by Jupiter in Virgo.  At the same time, Neptune in Pisces has us dreaming a dream and challenging us to manifest it into reality. There is a larger distant vision that we’re working toward. This requires a lot of work and step by step practical application. We just need to beware of some of our vices and bad habits or of piquing any blind spots or weak points.

This New Moon also makes a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn which suggests that we’ll be tweaking our thinking and making adjustments. Some of our limitations may have to give way to a new dialogue being written. We can rise up to the challenge and turn some of those limitations and perceived weaknesses into our strength and power.

Blessings to ALL at this New Moon!

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