Scorpio Full Moon

19 Apr

This Full Moon on April 22 may have the intense energy of a roller coaster ride especially where love and money is concerned.  At this time of year when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is full in Scorpio, our security needs are front and center. This is the time when we will also need to strike a balance between our need for accumulation and consumption with our need to release and relinquish or recycle. This seems very fitting with this Full Moon falling on Earth Day.  Matters of life and death and the things that are important to us may be brought to light at this time. 

Financial matters could also turn a corner now.  It may have to do with taxes, estates, wills, loans, insurance settlements, credit, commission or compensation of some kind.

Both the modern and ancient rulers of Scorpio have gone retrograde just one day apart from each other; Mars in Sagittarius on April 17th and Pluto in Capricorn on the 18th.  During their back track we’ll be covering old ground when it comes to any of those matters above but also to our motivations and our deepest yearnings.  We’ll have to conclude one way or the other if our motivations fall in alignment with our true being; at the depth of our core.  We’ll have to be honest about if what we’ve been aiming for is in accordance with who we are.  We’ll need to know that it feels right and if it’s something we truly believe in in order for it to be part our future direction.  We may have to restructure some of our goals and ambitions. It may also be that we’re restructuring or revisiting matters related to retirement, insurance, wills etc. Perhaps we need revive or resurrect something from our past.  We may also be revisiting a situation that brings up feelings of or about intimacy, trust, intensity, passion, lust or anger, violence, revenge, power, and control; it may be some of the darker or more taboo aspects of life.  Pluto and Scorpio energies have a depth and raw intensity about them; all or nothing.

Surgery is not recommended while Mars or Pluto are retrograde.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus finds herself in the fray between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn all week long.  We could find that finances and relationships are unstable, unreliable and unpredictable at this time.  There may be changing values, income or possessions that brings a need to conserve our resources or consolidating debts.  There could be breaks or changes with agreements; upsetting the peace, comfort and stability.  Relationships could start or end quite suddenly or maybe there is an unusual or exciting quality to the association.  Perhaps there are new friendships or people you get together with for a common cause.  This also shows people coming together for a common cause to challenge an established power.  We can clearly see this in the current American politics.  It could be that there are competitive relationships or a break in a relationship or perhaps just need some space and/or independence.


Blessings to ALL at this Full Moon!


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