Aquarius New Moon

7 Feb


This New Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of the Humanitarian, futuristic ideas, and individuality. This is the sign of brilliance, awakening, invention and innovation; of making changes and doing things differently.

The ruler of this New Moon, Uranus, has seven bodies aspecting it; the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Vesta.  There is a lot of energy buzzing at the time of this New Moon and we may start to feel the pace of things quicken quite a bit. This is also leading us right into the eclipses next month.  You can use this New Moon in order to get a feel for what some of the future trends may be. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A big white dove, a message bearer”.  Tune in.

This New Moon is sextile Uranus in Aries so it seems that we can easily make some necessary changes if we just put a little effort into it.

This New Moon also squares Mars in Scorpio creating some tension and it may be that our efforts at sharing are challenged by the need to have it our way and stand out.  Uranus is in Aries (ruled by Mars), conjunct Vesta and in a quincunx to Mars.  So it seems that while pursuing joint ventures and projects, you may have to put aside the assertion of your independence and dedication to your own self-interests and to ‘give way’ for the good of the group or for all involved.  There could also be a resentment or anger that’s been simmering creating a need for space or perhaps there is someone displaying some uncharacteristic or aloof behaviors. There could also be a breach of trust or undercover actions to undermine something or someone.

This New Moon is also quincunx Jupiter in Virgo and sextile Uranus in Aries suggesting that in order to reach long range goals; we will need to make adjustments and modifications in order to improve many of our processes, procedures, techniques and systems.  We may need to take a different approach or it may involve some new technology or automation in some way.  We could have piercing insights into which alterations to make in order to revolutionize a system.  It’s a good time to also organize your tech and clean out and organize files on your computer or to upgrade or rework software or to even learn all of its capabilities.

On another level, you may feel a need to revitalize a situation, and to move beyond any feelings of insecurity, doubt or inferiority. At this time, it may be necessary to cut out any decay in order to break free. We can use this time to for insight into some of the beliefs that we organize our lives around that may not necessarily be our ‘truth’ and come up with different options and solutions that bring us back in alignment.  We may have been living with these things for so long that it is like a new awakening.  It may even be that there is a need for actual surgery possibly involving lasers, laparoscopy or some new technology or even psychic and/or energetic surgery.

The energies now seem to support problem solving, troubleshooting, correcting and improving; for making the changes, and doing the work and doing it again if need be until we get it right.  It is also a time for cutting back, slowing down and learning from mistakes.  This is the theme for a good bit of the year so get used to it and roll up your sleeves.  Uranus and Saturn (The Modern and Ancient ruler of Aquarius) will get closer into their trine as the year progresses and we will better be able to blend, integrate and harmonize the old with the new.


Blessings to ALL at this New Moon!

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