First New Moon of the New Year

10 Jan

Capricorn New Moon 2016

This first New Moon of 2016 is in the sign of Capricorn.  During this time of the year many of us may have set our goals for the New Year and are striving to approach them in a disciplined and mature way.  There is a lot of energy swirling around in Capricorn with the Sun, the Moon, Mercury Rx, Pallas and Pluto all taking residence in the sign of the Goat.  Accountability and responsibility may weigh heavily now.  Issues involving our role and social standing, career, parents and parenting and authority figures may come up now.  There is a concentration of energy here giving more focus and emphasis now.  Many of the goals we make at this time have staying power.  Or it could be that some of the situations that come up now are long standing ones and need to be addressed.

At the time of this New Moon, we start the year off with both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde so we need to retrace our steps in a few areas before we can move forward. It’s a time to go within. We may have already been able to feel the slow down since late December.  Things seem to be all business.  We are feeling focused and disciplined; Being responsible, held accountable, concentrating and cutting back.

Mercury Rx in Capricorn has our thoughts serious, our minds disciplined and conversations tend to be on subjects of importance.  There can be a tendency toward negative thinking and being overly-critical so use your words with caution; you may need to hesitate before you speak. At this time we may also be covering old ground in regard to our career or a business plan, retirement planning or even time management.  We could be reestablishing boundaries and rules or policies.  We may also put some thought into where we experience fears, blocks and rigid attitudes that have held us back.

Pluto is close to this New Moon lending much intensity and power for transformation; enabling us to restructure and eliminate many of those blocks.  At this time you can dig deep to get to the core of an issue; to see where the decay lies and what needs to be cut off or let go of.  There is a great need for restructuring and we cannot move forward until we do this necessary hard work.

With the help of Pallas also so close to this New Moon we can troubleshoot and strategize.

This New Moon is also in a favorable aspect to Jupiter in Virgo, conjunct the North Node.  This energy is helping us to scrutinize, and discriminate to find out what isn’t working, and how we may be able to improve some of our systems, techniques, processes and procedures.  We are able to be disciplined and to get organized.  We know how the pieces fit and are repairing our weak spots.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is in larger than life Sagittarius and conjunct Venus.  This again points to the need to slow our growth so that we can have more meaningful experiences.  There is a limiting of any excess or anything extraneous that no longer serves a purpose.   With Venus involved, we may also need to limit our spending or there may be increased financial responsibilities.   We may also need to get real where our relationships are concerned at this time because we want relationships that are real.  We may also learn a truth or find a solution to a long standing relationship issue.  It is a time for accountability and taking the high road.

Uranus also aspects this New Moon daring us to initiate some of those changes we wanted whether this means making new friends, getting involved in new groups or using some form of new technology.

Ceres in Aquarius is also quincunx Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo.  This may bring attention to changes in family ties or our need for belonging.  You may feel like the “odd man out” in some instances.  Learn to nurture your own uniqueness and find your own tribe of rebels, hippies, oddballs, outcasts or like-minded souls.  This energy also give us the opportunity to make adjustments and move beyond any insecurities or feelings of inferiority and into our own truth and onto our future path of healing and/or service.

This New Moon is also sextile Chiron in Pisces enabling a healing of some of these long standing wounds,  though being reminded of them may come with some tears. We can become aware that we are all damaged in some way and to have compassion for ourselves so that we may have compassion for others and stop the cycle of hurt.  Hurt people hurt.

All in all, there’s a whole lot of seriousness going on at the time of this New Moon with an emphasis on repairing and restructuring but we seem to have the stamina and discipline to do this necessary work now.

Blessings to everyone at this New Moon and Happy New Year!




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