Christmas Full Moon

22 Dec


This Full Moon takes place in the sentimental sign of Cancer. It falls on Christmas Day when many people will be spending time at home with their families.  Now we may be getting in touch with our roots and celebrating our traditions and starting some new ones.  We could feel moody or nostalgic at this Full Moon with a deep connection to the past.   The Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces giving things an even more emotional vibe. We could be flooded with feelings and perhaps reflecting on foggy and indistinct memories.  You may feel as if you’re floating through the day.  That floating could also be alcohol induced since Pisces is involved here so know when to say when.  Perhaps you are bringing in the spirit of Christmas Magick cozy and comfy at home with an intimate group of those we care for.  It doesn’t seem to be the year for a lot of hoopla and fanfare and we’re just fine with that.

Mercury is in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio and trine Jupiter in Virgo; this has our minds on the things that matter. We want depth and sharing in our relationships while also wanting to know how we can grow and do better.  At this time, we want meaning in our lives and in our experiences.

Uranus is stationary direct at the time of this Full Moon; some of the changes that we’ve felt churning inside are beginning to move forward now.

Ceres in Aquarius is sextile Uranus in Aries at the time of this Full Moon and there could be a change in our family ties, or our feeling of belonging. We could be aware that something is clearly different now.  There is a new vibe and we realize that we’ll have to do things in another way.  This could also mean including more friends into our tribe or perhaps our good will extends toward all of humanity.  It’s the perfect time of year for that!

Blessings at this Full Moon and Merry Christmas!



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