Sagittarius New Moon

10 Dec




There is a buzz of excitement and unpredictability, perhaps even volatility with this Sagittarius New Moon as Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries are in an opposition and both planets are in alignment to this New Moon.

This energy also highlights the long standing feud between Uranus and Pluto.  These heavy hitting planets of change, transformation, revolution and awakenings had seven exact squares between 2012-2015.  They are moving farther away from each other now but their energies and influence is evident still.  We have been in a long cycle of change and now are making our efforts for stasis and stability that works well with our growth and our future potential.

“People cutting through ice for summer use” is the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon and this could suggest a break through that helps us with a future situation.

At this time we could be trying to come to some kind of agreement or compromise, fighting for peace or equality and perhaps finding it difficult with a lot of going back and forth as it seems everyone wants their own way and everyone has an opinion.  There could also be a shocking blow upsetting the balance in a situation or relationship.  There may even be sudden breaks in agreements or relationships.  With the Moon in Sagittarius it may have to do with legal issues, moral or ethical issues. It could even be that our intuition or higher guidance plays a big role in this.

Efforts to break free may run counter to our aims for compromise and feathers could easily be ruffled.  Alternatively, it could be that we are initiating contact or introducing ourselves to others or groups of likeminded people or those with which we share a common goal with and wanting to collaborate.  Perhaps you take the lead in a relationship or situation injecting an element of surprise and inspiration.  It could also be that you are working to make something more esthetically beautiful with art, design or creative things.  At this time, technology could play a role.  It may be unreliable or go haywire or perhaps there is some new breakthrough with technology.  Take extra care while driving or operating machinery.

This New Moon is in the sign of the seeker, the spot where we experience growth and opportunity; where we are to listen to our higher guidance; where we have a knowing and a wisdom that can’t be explained logically like the Gemini counterpart; where we’ll need to have faith. This is the time when we want to explore and to find the truth. We might even find that we knew it all along anyway.  Other subjects that fall under the domain of Sagittarius are religion, beliefs, other cultures, races and countries, as well as the law, legal issues, ethics and our sense of right and wrong.  Taking the high road is Sag territory but so are prejudice, righteousness and zealousness.  We can easily see this playing out on the world stage.

Jupiter is the ruler of this Sag Moon and makes a square to this New moon. We have issues regarding religious or racial discrimination that poses a challenge to the law, ethics and the legal system.  Again we see much evidence of this on the world stage whether it is about religious fanaticism, racial or religious discrimination and even excessive force from law enforcement, etc.  On another level, these energies can suggest that by improving our techniques or systems, our growth or promotion is stimulated. We can elevate. Also by improving our health, diet and exercise and increasing our routines, we can combat any expansion on our waist lines.

This New Moon is also square to Chiron in Pisces so we have to watch our indulgences and our health.  We also need to acknowledge that the key to our misunderstanding dares us to move beyond some of our assumptions.

Venus in Scorpio aligns beautifully with Neptune in Pisces at the time of this New Moon.  We now want more depth in our relationships.  This could be a very romantic time as there is a desire for passion, sharing and closeness that helps to dissolve any boundaries, elevating love to an almost spiritual experience making us feel on high.   There may be an attraction to the darker, more taboo aspects of life now that can play into our world of secret fantasy. We just need to be mindful of any intense desires we have for unrealistic images. That being said, this is also a good aspect for doing any kind of creative work in the arts such as film or photography possibly having erotic and mysterious undertones to it.  At this time, this sharing may also happen financially so we can also attract resources or compensation seemingly by Magick or having them somehow disappear or perhaps there is confusion surrounding it.  Hopefully it’s the former!

New Moon Blessings and Happy Holidaze to ALL!


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